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Storytime (November 2019)
The World's Best Story Magazine

Storytime is the UK's favourite illustrated monthly story magazine for kids aged 3 to 9, and we have subscribers in over 50 countries around the world!

Our colourful, educational magazine is filled with classic fairy tales, myths, legends, folk tales, fables, poems, rhymes, stories from around the world and new tales by new writers. You’ll remember some of our stories from your childhood, but you can also discover exciting new stories together.

Plus, in every magazine, there are story-inspired puzzles, activities and games – and free downloads on our site, too!

No plastic tat on the cover. No throwaway content. No adverts. Our magazine is printed on fine quality paper so you can treasure it forever. In fact, we hope you’ll read it to your little ones and, in time – as their reading skills develop – they’ll read it back to you. Our research shows that Storytime boosts literacy levels in our young readers and parents and teachers agree that it works too.
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