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Barbie (October 2015)
Barbie has been around for more than 50 years and is arguably the biggest girl’s toy brand in the world.

Barbie magazine teaches young girls that they can aspire to be whatever they want to be. Barbie promotes the values of kindness, friendship and dedication – and Barbie magazine reflects this. With lots of educational
stories, activities and games, it keeps girls, aged 3 to 10, busy for hours and also encourages parent-child


Little girls will be excited to hear that their favorite magazine about their favorite doll, Barbie, is now available digitally. This means parents can Barbie magazine right onto their computer, iPad or Android tablet or phone to entertain their daughters with hours of glitz and glamour. Each issue is packed with fun Barbie activities that young ladies will have a blast trying out. They’ll learn to make Barbie cards and Barbie jewelry, figure out great puzzles, get instructions for seasonal crafts like snowflake picture frames and mermaid jewelry boxes, etc.


• Exciting stories featuring Barbie and her friends every month
• Previews about upcoming Barbie movies
• Competitions and giveaways
• Letters page allows little girls to write to their favourite characterand get responses
• Loads of activities to keep little girls entertained

In addition to the fun activities, each digital issue of Barbie contains confidence and self esteem building

articles like the “I Can Be…” series that highlights a different career in each issue that little girls may not have thought of such as becoming an architect or a doctor. They will receive cute fashion tips like adding sparkle to the closet and hair style ideas. They’ll also have chances to win great Barbie gear like swimming pools, DVDs, video games, and books. In addition to all that, they’ll read interesting (and tame) interviews with their favorite stars. Every little girl should have a chance to read this digital magazine.
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