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Christian Hurst - Streck 2018 Colonial Ebook

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Published by Christian Hurst, 2019-05-23 08:16:44

Christian Hurst - Streck 2018 Colonial Ebook

Christian Hurst - Streck 2018 Colonial Ebook

Back in the colonial

By Christian Hurst

Table of Contents

3.Welcome to the 13 Colonies!
5.Your town
6.Jobs and the people you will meat
7What you will were
8 .Were you will live
9 How to cook and eat
10 a school day
11.what kids do?

13. Old fashen games?

Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

A colony is a place owned by another country. The 13
colonies in America were owned by England and ruled by King
George. 1400 explorers came to North America. They told the
Europeans that they was good land let's go take over. So in the
1600 England oned 10 collies later in the 1600 hundreds dutch
founded new netherlands. That is new york were we live. But
then the British took over new netherlands, because new
netherlands did not have enough weapons to fight down the
British war ships. So they sriderd their land to the king's brother
the Duke of York. So the Duke of york named it after his after
himself. Now the British had all thirteen colonies.

1620 1660

1400 1607 1653 Dutch
in the 1 colony Mayflow Ten
fourteen is made er english
hundreds comes colony.
came to

Your town

The colonial town is different than the town now. Let's talk about the buildings.
So most of the buildings are made of bricks.Only a few building’s are big. Most are
smaller. One of the buildings is a meeting house it holds parties, meetings, church,
and some time ‘s school. Another place is the post office it has mail and sells books. A
store you will see is an apothecary it sold medicine spices and candy. The workers
there used the pestle and the moto to grind up medicine.

Also there are things that that are different in towns from now to back then. Some
examples are back then people though thrash on the street. Now the garbage truck
comes.Also outside animals lived inside.Now outside animales stay out.

Fun fact

Towns were near were boats landed
from when they first Arrived

Jobs and people you will meet

There is a lot of jobs back then. So one of the jobs is to work at apothecary. What
the people did there is pulled bad teeth, sell spices , candy, medicine. Also they grind
up medicine by using mortar and pestle. Which is a wooden cup with a wooden stick
that is designed to crush food.Anther job is the wheel wright he makes and fixes
wheels. Blacksmith make tools out of iron.some of the things blacksmith make are
hammers farming tools and a iron cooking kettles. Another type of blacksmith is the
farrier they make horseshoes put horseshoes on houses and are a veterinarians. A
silversmith used melted silver coins to make fancy bowls and pitchers.A Job similar to
the wheel wights the cooper who made barrels. Anther Jod is the post office they
keep mail and sell books news paper. The last Job is the town cair he walks around
with a bell and when people stop to here the news he tells the the news.

slaves were forced to work without pay and not much freedom meny worked out

side a the plantations also grew crops and cared buckets of water from the well.


now Back then

Now days we wear shouts Men wore berchers that
and t-shirts and sweatpants are knee length pants
mostly not fancy stuff. and the shirts were
button up shirts. Also
Boring FACT they wore vest

The cloths where heavy. The girls wore a dress

that ankles to elboss

and wore aprons over

dress at home

Were you live

Back Then homes just made to give your shelter from the weather like the sun snow
and rain so let's see what is was like to live in on of these homes.

Most houses did not have more one room. So that means that you do not have
privacy .Like your bed is in the same room as the kitchen. Also the kitchen is a big
fireplace with two pots and a table. The kitchen was the middle of the house so that
were most people stayed.

So that is the inside of the house lets move to the outside. There is dirt around
the house I think that is the road .Next is the grass around the the house it is right up
on the edges of the house. In the back is small garden some time the are dependents
in the backyard. Some dependents are the smokehouse well house dairy house
and coops.

Fun fact

If you had a lot of money you
can add extra rooms to make the
house biger.

What you eat

There are different things to eat from now and back then let’s talk about the

Let’s start with breakfast mush with syrup, buckwheat pancakes, baken, putos
that is what they eat for breakfast.

Now let's talk about noon meal they have stew made of meat and vegetables.

Now it's supper time mush without syrup.

Now let’s talk on how they got food and cooked. So the kids fished clams and
oysters out of the sand. Men hunted rabbit, squirrel, and deer. Also they got food by

They cooked food in fireplace in pots. They had only one fireplace to cook and not
a lot of pots. They put the pot in the fire and that is how the food cooked.


Kids day

“Hi my name is Edward how do you fare.” “ I will be talking about my life as a kid.” “so
the first things I do is get up early to finish the chores before school some of the
chores I do are,gather eggs ,feed the chickens, clean the cafe pen, and feed the life

“Huzzah. Time for breakfast mush with syrup potatoes and bacon and
buckwheat pancakes. After breakfast I go to school. “

“After I go to school I have to do more chores like spreading hay around hay in the
stalls for animals like cows, oxen, claves, pigs and sheep. Another chore is milk the

“After I do that I have supper they had mush without syrup. Then I go to the
fireplace to keep warm and to play games like blocks and toy soldiers. Then at 9:00
o'clock I go to bed. “

“So that is what I do as colonial kid Good day.”


Back then Now school has 25 rooms
to 30.
The school only had one
room. We pay taxes once a year
to go to school.
Kids had to pay to go to
school every day. The school is heated.

Kids had to bring wood in If you get in trouble today
for fire. you go to the teacher or the
If you got in trouble you
got wiped.


People need entertainment so let's learn what they did to have fun.

One of the games was nine pins it is like bowling but the ball is smaller and the

ball and pins are wood. Also they could not play nine pins on sunday so they play it

with ten pins on sunday. Anther game is the stick and the weel how to Keep the

wheel moving longer than everyone else that is playing.The next game is still's the

game is to race or walk around on them. The stick and

the wheel.

Also stills

Nine The
pins stick

The Last years

Life was not great for the colonist they had better house and tasty food and
warmer houses but they had to pay taxes. But not Just that, they had no say about
paying taxes.

People did not like this they started to protest, boy cot , and tea prays like boston
tea party. At the boston harbor they dump lots of tea into the harber, the king did
not hat this but still did not like it. So he sent a ships to the haber to be a bolkade so
no boats can go in or out. Another thing the coolness did not like is they could not
believe what they wanted.

So the got agree and came up with the declaration of independence then a war
broke out because the king want the 13 colonies back so and the united states of


Travel was very hard back the let's see how hard it was.

Back then they did not have motorized vehicles so they had different ways to get
around. One of the ways to get a around was on foot that prodle was going to the
general store or something in town. The next way to get around is to ride a house
theses would prouble be used to to go all the way around the town.the next way is a
wagon pulled by a horse would get out as far around the out skirts of the town. The
next way to get around is to use a couch they can travel from town to town. Next way to
travel is to ride a stagecoach. They are called stage couch because it has stages were
you stop and the place is called an inn. You sleep and eat at a inn. The last way to get
around is to rid a boat that is if you live near the water.


Coop: A place where chickens stay.
Dairy house :cheese and butter were made in dairy house.

Dependent: A small room outside like a shed.
Huzzah:means yay.
Smoke house : A place to smoke meat.
Well house:has a well Inside a house.


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