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Chris Truman - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Copy CHOICE 1

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Published by Chris Truman, 2019-05-28 11:57:49

Chris Truman - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Copy CHOICE 1

Chris Truman - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Copy CHOICE 1


About the

By: Chris

Table of contents

1. Meet the 13 Colonies 9. Funtime for Kids and
2. Meet The Town Adults
3. Houses in Colonial Times 10. Jobs for adults

4. Houses back then and houses from now 11. I NEED BANDAGES!!!

5. Schools in Colonial Times 12. Glossary

6. Schools back then and schools from now 13. Bibliography
7. How Colonist Farm or Make Food

8. Nice Clothes Lad!

Meet the 13 The map of
Colonies the original

Whats a colony? Well it is a land where people Also some people are
came from Europe and was ruled by there own asking why the people come
kings. Starting in 1607. european settlers there cause they want to
came to new world(now called north america). have a new life,seeking

By 1750 did you also noticed there was the 13 adventure or kings or queen

colonies instead of 50 states from now.(see sent them,worship god,and

the map). Also did you know the 13 colonies for money. Also people

have different things to do the england asking what was the first

colonies, middle colonies, and the southern colony ever made? Well it

colonies the england colonies grow the food, was Williamsburg thats the

middles colonies grow crops and give them, first colony ever made

last the southern do cash crops for the money.

Meet The Town

In Colonial towns there were Family’s came from europe
silversmith shops and blacksmith. to build and stay in homes
The difference between and when more and more
silversmiths and blacksmiths people came it made villages,
shops. silversmiths melted silver and towns.
coins to make bowls or pans and
blacksmiths made everything made There were churches owned
out of metal even weapons. There by the government. Also the
were other shops like people in towns worked
cabinetmakers to make wooden together for bigger town.
furniture.They did not have
pharmacy shops back then. They Click here to play Treasure trek
had apothecaries instead of
pharmacy shops.

Houses in Colonial And also the houses
Times are not just made out
of wood it’s also made
There were more than out of bricks and you
one type of homes know bricks are
strong that is called
Colonial houses had protection!. The
plantation homes for furniture inside are
growing crops they had wood and metal for
different styles pans or plates.
and english. How people stay
warm? Well they had
City homes are smaller fireplaces and how
than plantation and also they kept warm but
if you were in colonial when they sleep? they
times the houses have had bed warmers or
wooden floors and pans
wooden walls.

Houses back then and houses
from now

There are some similarities and differences between houses and homes today
and colonial times. The similarities are that both today and in colonial times

1. Houses back then were made out of wood 1. House from now were mostly bricks and
2. Houses back then the furnitures were sometimes metal
made out of woods sometimes metal only 2. Houses from now the furnitures are
for pans and plates sometimes wood and mostly some metal
3. They had to have bed warmers to sleep 3. They had heaters to keep them warm
4. the kitchens were in other building when they sleep
4. The kitchens are in one building

Schools in colonial time

Did you know in colonial There were books called hornbooks.They
times they had one room helped a kid to learn to read and write. A
schools. One room schools cover of cows horn covered the one page
had all the kids of all ages. from getting ruined by mud. This helps a kid
The oldest kids sat in the learn lessons because they had a paper of
back of the room and the alphabets. If forgotten the kids will wear
youngest kids sat in the something called a dunce cap they wear the
front of the room. dunce cap if they forgot the lessons.

Did you know more boys go to school than
girls and girls studied at home.

The kids go to school in the winter rather
than the other seasons.

Picture of a colonial public

Schools back then and schools
from now

There are some comparison between schools from today and back in 1750.

1. Kids in all ages go to same 1. Kids from all age go to
school different schools.K-5
elementary school 6-9
2. All kids go into one room middle school and 10 12 high
3. Kids wear dunce cap if they school

forgot the lessons the 2. Schools have 100 different
teachers teach to the kids rooms for different grade

3. Teachers reteach the lessons
that the kids forgot

How Colonist Farm or Make


Men hunted Deers,Rabbits, and In all 13 colonies they grow Beans,
Turkey these are what the men Squash, Peas, Okra, Pumpkins,
hunted for food and also men did Peppers, Tomatoes, and Peanuts.
not just hunt meat they also grew
crops like Corn,Pumpkin and

Also people ask what do people
eat at lunch?? They might have
Meat,Vegetables and also Bread.

What do people have in dinner??
well they have Meat stew or Meat
pie or maybe Porridge.

Picture of meat stew

Hey Nice Clothes Lad

What did people wear back in colonial
times ?

Women and girls wore petticoats ,
leather shoes. in winter women or girls
wore ruffles that had wavy edges on
shirts or dresses.

Men and boys wore breaches ,long
shirts and leather shoes .In winter men
wore different coats from today it was
frock coats.

Also shoes has buckles instead of laces
and velcro and men wore this shoes.

Picture of a men wearing
colonial clothing

Funtime for kids and adults

What did kids play or do in colonial Kids playing

Men liked to race for fun. They also
liked to do shooting contestes.

Women went to corn husking also had
quilting ,where the town women go
together to quilt.

The kids though has special games
they had hopscotch, tag,hide and seek.
They play with marbles too.

Jobs For Adults

Men were sweaty,whatever the job For adults like men and women
was . some men made baskets , jobs are blacksmiths,making
cabinets. some men were farmers cabinets ,shoe makers , coopers ,
, and they cleared land ,planted gunsmiths, printer, tailors
crops and cut trees. men have a lot ,wheelwright,wig making.some
of jobs and men are hard workers. peoples say that women don’t do
Blacksmith? Or Silversmith well
Women were house wise they had you are incorrect my friend they
laundries, make food,cared for do.
children , and cleaned up houses.
That still hard work i say Also children do have jobs they do
a lot of work for summer,fall and
even spring thats so long and hard
working kids have determination.

Picture of a gunsmith


Some people had deadly diseases like smallpox,which is the worst. it
killed thousands of people.

Doctors did Bloodletting which cure the illnesses and they give
medicines that causes barfing and diarrhea

Wells for drinking water were often contaminated by unpenned
animals,causing many illnesses.

Malaria , tuberculosis, pneumonia, influenza were other deadly


Plantation - An area where plants are grown
Corn Husking - removal of the cover of a corn
Tailor - People that make dresses


The books used for the information for writing ebook:
Kids life in Colonial America by Sarah Machajewski and created in
The scoop on Clothes, Homes, and Daily life by Elizabeth Raum and
created in 2012
Gross fast about the American Colonies by Miva Vonnie and created in
Life in colonial town by Sallie Isaacs and created in 2001
Colonial community by Bobbie Kalman and created in 2008.

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