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Ninja has a bad day getting to work but is it a dream????

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Published by Truit Birdsall, 2019-05-08 11:11:10

The Bad Dream....

Ninja has a bad day getting to work but is it a dream????

The Bad Dream...

By: Truit Birdsall

BEEP!, BEEP!, BEEP! On June 2, 1986, a man
named Ninja Who is lonely, 5ft 10in, and is a pro parkour
person. woke up and noticed he was late for work (work
starts at 8:00 he woke up at 10:00).He sprinted outside
really fast and got in his new yellow school bus.

He was almost halfway there when a supernatural
storm came in. Then he looked at the mirror and saw a big
black monster hand underneath his bus. Then he hit

He got out dizzily then he looked at the side of the
bus, and it looked like a deer hit him. But then he saw
webs. He went to touch it with his pointer finger but then it
burnt his finger.” acid webs?” Michal thought. So then he
started walking down the road to his work which was 5
miles away. But when he got there their was no academy
just his boss. His boss came up to him and started to
mumble in a deep demon-like voice,“You’re late...” over
and over again.

But then all of a sudden,“Lick, Lick, Lick.” He woke up
to his pug named Nin was that a dream?... So this time he
looked at the clock and noticed he woke up early. So he
took his time eating breakfast so then rolled down the
windows on his way to work.

When He got to work, he got a promotion. After work,
He went to Casey’s to fill up on gas. Then he went inside
and bought a lottery ticket and surprisingly won the lottery
of $100,000,000,000. Then he turned the school bus into a
purple Fortnite Gaming Bus, and left his job (or FGB for

“I feel happy that that was just a dream,” said Ninja.

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