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Nomads Eastern Cape Newsletter December 2018 - Gold Cup

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Published by iandavidgooden, 2018-12-19 13:13:24

Nomads Eastern Cape Newsletter December 2018 - Gold Cup

Nomads Eastern Cape Newsletter December 2018 - Gold Cup




Founded 1972

Edition 8



Score to be entered at club after Nomads round

Please putt out per the new SAGA Handicap rules system!
Nomads handicap ceiling in relation to club handicap is as follows.

A = 0-8 : No Change (0)
B = 9 - 14 : Minus One (1)
C = 15 and up - Minus Two (2)

SAMSON system

Cut one shot for every two over window...
It is not limited to 4 anymore

Important Notes

Ÿ Members to update Jeanne on any change of contact

numbers for diary purpose.

Ÿ Only ten (10) tickets will be allowed to be sold per

person per game for the “Pick 3"

Ÿ Chino trousers are not allowed to be worn during play and

visitors to wear a jacket and tie for prize giving.

Ÿ We are playing “Ready Golf” not “Speedy Golf”
Ÿ Please adhere to Nomads Dress Code - only recognised

Nomads kit is allowed to be worn at a Nomads game!

Prospective Nomads in the December Publication

Michiel Fourie Proposer: Martin Kunhardt Seconder: Stuart McIver
Marc Fresco Proposer: Alan Morrick Seconder: Des White

For sponsorship in the monthly magazine...
Contact: Ian Gooden (082) 458-6706

Support our National Sponsors


20 Year Tie 10 Year Tie

Ray Des
Hitzeroth White

Silver Salver


Captains News

Good day fellow Nomads,
I would like to again thank Andre Weitz for
sponsoring Gold Cup this year on 9th
December at the Port Elizabeth Golf Club.
Without support like our prize table would just
have not been the same, thanks Andre!

I also wants to thank Gary Sampson for attending Prize Giving with
us . I really hope you shoulder will be ready for Nationals 2019.

Congratulations to all our Prize winners on the day in the monthly
game and various Gold Cup competitions. A special well done to
David Koen on his 43 points. It is always nice to play with a golfer,
playing the way David did on Sunday.

Thanks to the Hill for giving us your course on Sunday. The course
was in good nick.

This is the last month of 2018 and for those of you going away for
the season please travel safely and the Nomads family look
forward to seeing you again in 2019

It is with sadness that we lost a few members in 2018 due to
medical reasons and those passing on. Gentleman we will miss

Our away tours have again been successful with wins at the
Seaboard trophy, Rough Ride and South Easter. We also had a
good year at Nationals. I really hope that we can bring the Burnt
Hunt trophy back to the Eastern Cape at the 2019 Nationals.

Gold Cup 2018

Title Sponsor

Established in 2005.

Level 2 BBBEE

52% Black Owned

Currently Installers of Vodacom, Ericsson (MTN), Nokia
(Telkom), Dimension Data, Vulatel, Coega CDC & NMB
Metro Telecommunication’s Infrastructure.

Scope of works:
Full Turnkey Telecommunication Services consists of
Network design, planning, building and commissioning

FTTS fibre to the site (Mobile)
FTTH fibre to the home
FTTB fibre to the Business

CPE customer premises equipment installation

RF/RAN – Installation of Feeder Cables & Microwave
equipment at Cellular Towers

CCTV Design, Installation & Off-Site monitoring
Thank you to Andre Weitz for his

generous sponsorship to Nomads Eastern Cape!

Captains News

We played two new courses this year, Belmont
and Warmer Golf Club. It went very well and I
hope that out incoming Captain, John will keep
them in his calendar for next year.

Our playing shirts have finally been agreed on and changed and we
eagerly await the arrival of them!

I also would like to thanks the committee for your support during
the last 8 months. You make my life as Captain of our Club an easy

We had 3 disciplinary hearings this year, nothing major but it
seems that overall members are making an effort now (certainly in
the last 2 months). Disruptions and noise levels at prize giving has
also greatly improved.

Our next game will be on 27th January 2019 at Humewood Golf
Club. I hope to see you all there.

Thanks for your support throughout the year

Have a blessed Christmas and
a Happy New Year.

Cobus van Biljon
Club Captain

Divisional Winners

Ian David Ian
Gooden Koen O’Connor


Engineering Services cc

General Precision Engineering Fabrication in all Steels

Bruce Watson
082 557 8659

COMSEC Centre Old Grahamstown Road Sydenham
PO Box 3989 North End Port Elizabeth 6056

Tel/Fax: (041) 484-1003 Email: [email protected]

Vice Captains News

Good day Fellow Nomads

The year of 2018 has come and gone. The Gold Cup was
played I good spirit and well done to all the winners on
the day of all the yearly competitions.

Well done to Cobus for all prizes on the day, went off

Thanks' to Andre Weitz for his continuous support for Gold Cup
sponsorship for the next 3 years, short round of applause to Yonke

Still to keep all informed I am going to introduce playing Saturday
afternoon's in the future. Have 3 Saturday afternoon games, 3 Sunday
morning and 6 Sunday afternoon games.

Thanks to my 3 ball for good comrade.

Thanks to the ladies and P.E.G.C. for allowing us to use the venue.

The next event for my AMT year will be the Golf day to be held at the Hill on
the 22nd Feb 2019,

Please gents and ladies the entry form will be sent out soon, so fill in and

It's that time of the year so all have an awesome Christmas and a happy new
year to all your families,

Good holidays and see you all next year at Humewood.

Your AMT Committee:

Gary Sampson (082) 656-6696 Martin Kunhardt (076) 103-0852
Iain Mctiffin (082) 780-5410 Mark Verwey (083) 207-6343
Ian Gooden (082) 458-6706 Paul Hand (071) 678-7788
Jason Aitken (072) 065-7670 Steven Pritchard (082) 659-2759
Andre Weitz (083) 417-3546 Kobus Delport (072) 732-1084

Yours in golfing to all EC Nomads.
John Nell
Vice Captain

Divisional Runners Up

David Alan Justin
Morrick Kleinenberg

Altar Bunnies

Brendon Roger Paul Marc
McNeill Smith Hand Fresco

Best Playing Pair
Not the “Best Playing Pair”

Over 55’s


Embroiderite Your Logistical Partner
47 7th Ave, Newton Park
Eben Naidoo
Stuart McLeod (082) 770-1772
Work: (041) 365-2633 [email protected]
Cell: (072) 615-2020
Email: [email protected]

JVC News

Good day Fellow Nomads,

The Gold Cup day went off very well, except for the delayed start by
the Hill, by letting in two societies before us.
All the competitions went down to the wire. The way it should be.
Congratulations to all the lucky winners.
To my four ball, Marc Fresco, Brendon Mc Neil & Roger Smith,
thanks for an enjoyable day. Just a pity the golf was not so good,
but at the end of the day it is about having fun.
Thanks to Cobus van Biljon for the help with setting up the Alter
and sorting out all of the prizes and trophies.
Thanks to my four ball and the Kuhnhardt`s, for your assistance in
packing away the Alter.
Thanks to Jeanne, Christelle and Bev for your time and hard work
that you all put in for us, as usual on the day.
It is that time off the year where festivities are going to be flowing
and I ask that you all please look after yourselves and loved ones.
Have fun and be merry, but be responsible, especially if you are
going to drive.
I wish you all, a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Paul Hand
Junior Vice Captain

Best Playing 4-Ball

Ian Cobus David Glen
Gooden van Biljon Koen Blom

Best Drawn 4-Ball

David Tyrell Chris
Koen Polglase Lessing


Ian Gooden


Ian O’Connor

Tel: (041) 581-2604
Cell: (082) 458-6706
Cell: (082) 895-5454

Glassware Cutlery Bar

Crockery Kitchen Uniforms

Nearest The Pin “Stella Artois” Winners

Whisky Winners


“FJ” “RJ”

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Than Ever Before

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Orion’s Pro Shop

Playing Shirts R 180.00

Contact Orion Meyer Caps R 75.00
Tel: (041) 581-3459
Cell: (084) 293-0493 Beanie R 50.00
178 Church Rd,
Walmer Floppy hats - White R 80.00

(between 11th and 12th) Trousers - Long & Short R 200.00

Waterproof top - L/S White R 120.00

Windbreaker - L/S Maroon R 180.00

Windbreaker - L/S White R 180.00

Belt - Leather R 125.00

Belt - Fabric R 150.00

Travelling Shirts R 150.00

Socks R 40.00

Hat Clips - Ball Marker R 40.00

Hold-All (Aubergine) R 450.00

Captains Folley


December January

Member Birth Date Member Birth Date

van der Westhuizen, Christo vPearson, Dave 06/01/1957
06/12/1957 Pitsiladi, Aristides 10/01/1949
Bester, Maree 13/01/1961
Gibbs, Ian 12/12/1951 Adonis, Rowlin 15/01/1966
Cunningham, Brian 16/01/1944
Rohroff, Karl 16/12/1987 Verwey, Mark 16/01/1972
Phillips, Pat 18/01/1943
Reid, Stuart 18/12/1967 Bester, Paul 20/01/1968
Mulder, Riaan 21/01/1963
Lipman, Howard (RJ) 25/12/1954 Heritage, Bernard 22/01/1973
Clack, Greg 23/01/1968
Nell, John (FJ) 25/12/1964 Newman, Roy 23/01/1936
Ryan, Shaun 27/01/1967
Pritchard, Steve 27/12/1959 Meyer, Orion 29/01/1943
McIver, Stuart 30/01/1961
Smith, Roger 28/12/1953 McTiffin, Ian 31/01/1968

Watson, Bruce 28/12/1952


Position Player Points

1st Place Paul Hand 261
2nd Place Stuart McIver 260
3rd Place John Nell 260
4th Place Ian Gooden 260
5th Place David Gooden 258
6th Place David Koen 258

Final Results for 2018

Eastern Cape Nomads Golf Club

Dec 2018 - Port Elizabeth GC
Monthly Game

A Division

Kahn Properties - Nick Kahn Winner David Koen (9) Pts 43
Pts 39
King Recruitment Solutions - Martin King Runner-up David Gooden (8)
Pts 37
B Division Pts 36

Kahn Properties - Nick Kahn Winner Ian Gooden (12) Pts 36
Filtertech - Gary Sampson Pts 35
Runner-up Alan Morrick (11)

C Division

Kahn Properties - Nick Kahn Winner Ian O’Connor (16)

Yonke Installation - Andre Weitz Runner-up Justin Kleinenberg (14)

Best Playing Fourball Ian Gooden, Cobus van Biljon Pts 136
David Koen; Glen Blom Pts 129
The Duck - Bryan McArthur
David Koen; Tyrell Polglase
Best Drawn Fourball Benjamin Zhang; Chris Lessing

Keg & Swan

Worst Playing Fourball Roger Smith; Brendon McNeill Pts 109
Marc Fresco; Paul Hand Pts 70
Imvusa Inks - Mike Lourens
Ray Hitzeroth
Best Playing Pair Ian O’Connor

EC Nomads

Worst Playing Pair Steve Pritchard Pts 52
Rob Griffiths
Walmer Woods Driving Range
Cobus van Biljon; Boetie van den Berg
Captain’s Folly Tyrell Polglase; Ray Hitzeroth

Preston Liquors - Peter Pitsiladi

Eastern Cape Nomads Golf Club

Dec 2018 - Port Elizabeth GC
Monthly Game

Eagle’s Nest (No Winner)

Sampson’s Group Of Companies - Dennis Jones

Wununda (No Winner)

Barclays Insurance Brokers - Larry Kozak

Nearest The Pins

South African Breweries Hole 2 Justin Kleinenberg
- Riaan van Jaarsveld Hole 5 Marc Fresco
Hole 14 Cobus van Biljon
Hole 17 Ian Gooden

Nearest for 2 - Hole 11 Boetie van den Berg Pts 22
Allen Bird Pts 51
None Neale Kunhardt (16) Pts 35

Longest Drive - Hole 9 Alan Morrick
Ken Russell (20)
Knorkhoek Wines

Most Golf (Teddy Winner)

Core Catering - Ian Gooden & Ian O’Connor,
Orion Meyer

Short Hole Aggregate - Hole 5

Fish River Sun - Stefan Ferreira

Over 55's

Ibhayi Fencing - Steve Pritchard

Eastern Cape Nomads Golf Club

Dec 2018 - Port Elizabeth GC
Monthly Game

Glenbrynth Whisky Winners

1 Bottle Dennis Jones; Paul Hand; John Nel
2 Bottles Howard Lipman
3 Bottles Ian Gooden

Two Clubs Ian Gooden; Cobus van Biljon
Brian Barendse; Ray Hitzeroth
CMS - Your Logistical Partner - Eben Naidoo Tyrell Polglase; Andre Weitz
Boetie van den Berg

Dave’s Harem 1st Prize Howard Lipman R 180.00
2nd Prize Ian O’Connor R 145.00
3rd Prize Ray Hitzeroth R 85.00

Andrew Mentis Draw 1st Prize Jason Saunders R 420.00
Des White R 210.00
2nd Prize Andre Weitz R 105.00
3rd Prize (No Winner)
R 2,665.00
Pick “3” (No Winner)
Juan Muller
A Div - 38B Div - 38; C Div - 38
Colin Battle
Joker Draw

Lucky Draw (R250 Bar Tab)

Steve Nix - Steve Pritchard

Amazing Hair Design

Anetje le Roux

December 2018 - Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Gold Cup

Eclectic Competition 2018 Winner Martin Kunhardt Pts 51
A Division Runner-up John Nell Pts 48
B Division
C Division Winner Steve Pritchard Pts 43
Overall Eclectic Winner Runner-up Brendon McNeill Pts 40

Winner Ian O’Connor Pts 38
Runner-up Rob Griffiths Pts 36

Winner Martin Kunhardt Pts 51

Eclectic Winners for 2018

December 2018 - Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Gold Cup

Andrew Mentis 2018 Winner John Nell Pts 177
A Division Runner-up David Koen Pts 174
B Division
C Division Winner Ian Gooden Pts 177
Overall Winner Runner-up Steve Pritchard Pts 173

Winner Rob Griffiths Pts 170
Runner-up Burt Botha Pts 158

Winner John Nell Pts 177

Andrew Mentis Winners for 2018

December 2018 - Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Gold Cup

John Handley 2018 Winner John Nell Pts 113
A Division Runner-up David Koen Pts 110
B Division
C Division Winner Patrick Gumunyu Pts 104
Overall Winner Runner-up Greg Clack Pts 102

Winner Ian O’Connor Pts 98
Runner-up Rob Griffiths Pts 94

Winner John Nell Pts 113

John Handley Winners for 2018

December 2018 - Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Gold Cup

Other Gold Cup Winners Winner Stuart McIver
Over 55's Trophy Winner John Nell
Golden Teddy Bear
Gary Play Knock-Out (Plate) Winners Ian Gooden
Winners Cobus van Biljon
Gary Play Knock-Out (Main)
Runners-up Dave Koen
Runners-up Glen Blom

Winners Gerrie Fourie
Winners Shaun Ryan

Runners-up Rob Griffiths
Runners-up Steve Pritchard

Over 55' Winner
Golden Teddy Winner

December 2018 - Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Gold Cup

GPKO - Cup Winners & Runners Up

GPKO - Plate Winners & Runners Up

December 2018 - Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Gold Cup

Other Gold Cup Winners Winner Cobus van Biljon
Dennis Jones Away Tours Winner Ian Gooden
Duke Nel’s Past Captain Winner Stuart McIver
Golfer of the Year

Dennis Jones Past Captains
Away Tours Trophy

Golfer Of The Year

December 2018 - Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Gold Cup

Gold Cup 2017 Winner David Koen Pts 42.5
A Division Runner-up David Gooden Pts 37.5

B Division Winner Ian Gooden Pts 36.7
Runner-up Patrick Gumunyu Pts 34.3
C Division
Winner Ian O’Connor Pts 37.0
Runner-up Justin Kleinenberg Pts 36.2

Gold Cup Divisional Winners 2018

Our Next Monthly Game

Humewood Golf Club
Sunday 27th January 2019

Find the draw at:

Please report to the starter at least 30 minutes before your Tee Off Time
Please be on the tee 15 minutes before your Tee Off Time...
and please remember our Dress Code!

Nomad’s Notebook

A reminder to members of important information and upcoming events

Late withdrawal from Monthly and Special Games
-members are requested to notify Jean of their intended withdrawal before 17h00 on a Friday
before a game or be liable for the green fees. NO MEMBERS may enter or withdraw on behalf
of other members!

-Would all Nomads doing EFT or bank deposits please use your name as a reference.
Cheques to be made out to: Nomads Golf Club Eastern Cape

Divisional Trophies
-Those members who have been victorious at a monthly game are urged to return their divisional
trophies to the Equipment Officer before the next game or incur a R200.00 fine

Tee-Off Times
-the Starter is struggling to ensure that the field gets off the tee box on time at our various games
-we urge you to arrive in due time at the respective courses, bearing in mind all that must be done
before even teeing up your ball on the 1st

Early Leavers (You will be fined!!)
You will be charged R20.00 for apologies at Registration -
R40 for apologies after the game and R100 for not apologising at all.
“Note that prize giving is part of the day and we owe it to our sponsors to attend.”

Dress Code
-Regulation dress is required at all times. The correct attire can be obtained from Orion Meyer.
(See magazine for Orion's details and stock)

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