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Nomads Eastern Cape November 2019 Magazine

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Published by iandavidgooden, 2019-11-24 00:21:52

Nomads Eastern Cape November 2019 Magazine

Nomads Eastern Cape November 2019 Magazine




Founded 1972

Edition 7

Score to be entered at club after Nomads round

Please putt out per the new SAGA Handicap rules system!
Nomads handicap ceiling in relation to club handicap is as follows.

A = 0-8 : No Change (0)
B = 9 - 14 : Minus One (1)
C = 15 and up - Minus Two (2)

SAMSON system

Cut one shot for every two over window...
It is not limited to 4 anymore

Important Notes

- Members to update Martin Kunhardt on any change of
personal details for our Database purpose.

- Only ten (10) tickets will be allowed to be sold per person
per game for the “Pick 3"

- Chino trousers are not allowed to be worn during play and
visitors to wear a jacket and tie for prize giving.

- We are playing “Ready Golf” not “Speedy Golf”
- Please adhere to Nomads Dress Code - only recognised

Nomads kit is allowed to be worn at a Nomads game!

Prospective Nomads in the November Publication

Tim Smuts Proposer: Shaun Ryan Seconder: Kenneth Snape

Mike Duff Proposer: David Koen Seconder: Marc Fresco

Jurgens van Onselen Proposer: Paul Hand Seconder: Kenneth Snape

David Wiblin Proposer: Brendon McNeill Seconder: David Gooden

Wayne Durant Proposer: Bruce Watson Seconder: David Koen

For sponsorship in the monthly magazine...

Contact: Ian Gooden (082) 458-6706


Support our National Sponsors

Captains News

Fellow Nomads,

Hello fellow Nomads, guest's and lady's welcome
to the November magazine, with only a couple of
days to go for the Gold cup.

The November game which formed part of South Easter challenge
against Southern Cape, which was also our National Chairman's
visit Neels Bezuidenhout. We played at St Francis Golf club on the
Sunday the 10th where we gave the Nash a feel of playing in a little
windy condition.

My thanks to my 4 ball - Neels Bezuidenhout, Greg Clack and
Chrisleo Botha.

The course was in good condition with the greens being fast.
Fairways are in good condition.

Thanks to St Francis Golf Club for hosting Nomads and to the bar
staff for looking after the Nomads.

Congratulation to the divisional winners and runners up, and all
the winners on the day.

That weekend also hosted the South Easter challenge at St
Francis Links, thanks to Jeff Clause, Tinus Kellar for hosting us on
the Saturday with the extra guests from Border at was a big field.

My four ball being Jeff
Clause, Chrisleo Botha,
Neels Bezuidenhout and
myself and in that order
Neels and myself took the
money. Lots of fun was had
on the day and it was a close
battle and at the end the
victors were EASTERN
CAPE by 0.2 of a point well
done Eastern Cape

Captain to Captain

Eastern Cape Nomads
welcome the

National Chairman!


Captains News

I would like to thank the ladies for assisting with
registration and prize sheet and hope to see them
at the table the rest of the year.
Thanks to all the sponsors that sponsor Nomads locally and our
main sponsors. Special thanks to Yonke Installations for
sponsoring Gold Cup
Our next game being the Gold Cup on the 8th December at Port
Elizabeth Golf Club. Please enter as the percentage of players at
our monthly games gives us a better chance to have higher
numbers at Nationals next year
John Nell
Club Captain

SouthEaster Challenge

Eastern Cape Nomads
2019 Winners

Vice Captain Update

Greetings fellow Nomads.

The weekend went off well and thanks to all for
assisting in setting up the alter and for assistance in
packing away. The South Easter challenge was
once again won by Eastern Cape, so well done,
chaps. To Southern Cape, thanks for always joining us for some
good fun and banter. It is always a little unfair when you are out
numbered and have some weather to contend with. It was good to
have our National Chairman, Neels Bezuidenhout with us and I know
that he had a very good time and I am sure he has gone back with
some great memories.

Gents even though we are here to have fun and play to the best of our
abilities, please let`s be respectful to our fellow nomads. This
includes playing a practical joke on someone, when it will affect their
play or mood. There is nothing wrong with having fun but refrain
from removing someone else`s personal belongings or equipment.
You would not like it, if it happened to you.

I would like to thank all that attended the weekend and assisted in all
the preparations, especially Christel, John, Cobus for hosting and
looking after the Nash.

Thank you to the sponsors, and to St Francis Links and to Jeff

For accommodating us for the weekend. A special thank you to Gary
& Elke Samson for hosting the National Chairman and the committee
on the Friday night.

Thanks to the Jeanne &
Christel for you continued
hard work you put in and
Dennis for making sure all our
equipment was there on time.


Paul Hand

Your Nomads Eastern Cape
monthly magazine is
proudly brought
to you by:

A big thank you to
Andre Weitz

Divisional Winners

Stuart Gavin Sean
McIver Ward-Able McQuaide

Divisional Runners Up

Frankie Tim Steve
Leibbrandt Pritchard

Drawn 4-Ball

Tom Wayne Andrew
Durant Steve Taylor


JVC News

Good day Fellow Nomads,

Well sitting @ 39,000 ft flying back from the
Nedbank golf challenge has its challenges. I am
tired but yet there is no better time to make than the
present to put fingers to keyboard and write my
newsletter article.

It's been a busy two weeks with first our South Easter Tournament
being held at St Francis Links, what else would you say that can
describe the experience that you have when dealing with Jeff
Clause other than WOW! Thanks to Jeff and his staff for a
memorable win for Eastern Cape Nomads vs Southern Cape
Nomads by a whopping 0.606 average points!!

Along with our South Easter can our Nash visit by Neels
Bezuidenhout, thanks Captain John for entertaining Neels for the
weekend, from all reports he enjoyed every minute of his visit.

Our monthly game on the Sunday was played at the town course
and we too must thank Justin and his staff, Jeff definitely had a
helping hand in making Justin what he is today.

The Nedbank Golf Challenge, Africa's Major call it what you want
it's an experience. Being inside the ropes definitely has its
advantages, from quick conversation with players and caddies to
watching the crowd cheer our South African players, even when
they don't perform on the day. I had the privilege to do the final
game on the Sunday but the result was far from what I expected.
King Louis hitting it away on the 11th and Zander making silly
choices on the 9th. Course management is probably more difficult
at that level than we think, a silly choice loses you thousands of
dollars. Well done to Tommy Fleetwood for an amazing final round
with 3 eagles.

Next round is our Gold Cup so please gentleman let's get our
entries in as soon as possible, the sooner we can do the draw the
more relaxed the golf can be.!!


Sober Snapper
Junior Vice Captain

SouthEaster Challenge

Best Playing 4 Ball

Andrew Ken Jacques Andre
Taylor Russell Theron Weitz

Altar Bunnies

Silveihn Paul Neale
Steenkamp Hand Kunhardt

Apologies: Mike Lourens

SouthEaster Challenge

Over 55’s


SouthEaster Challenge

Nearest for 2



Longest Drive


Nearest The Pin “Stella Artois” Winners

Whisky Winners

Fines Master



Best Playing Pair

Gavin Gary

Ward-Able Sampson

Not the “Best Playing Pair”

Silveihn Neale

Steenkamp Kunhardt

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Contact Orion Meyer Caps R 75.00
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The Nash
From DJ

The Nash



November December

Member Birth Date Member Birth Date

Heunis, Andre 01/11/1955 Gibbs, Ian 12/12/1951
Fresco, Marc 14/11/1976 Rohroff, Karl 16/12/1987
Lansdell, Rob 17/11/1966 Reid, Stuart 18/12/1967
Morrick, Alan 18/11/1966 Lipman, Howard 25/12/1954
Nell, John 25/12/1964
Pritchard, Steve 27/12/1959
Smith, Roger 28/12/1953
Watson, Bruce 28/12/1952

Captains Folly

Rob Gavin

Lansdell Ward-Able


Position Player Points

1st Place Mark Verwey 259

2nd Place Tyrell Polglase 258

3rd Place Chris Lessing 256

4th Place Cobus van Biljon 254

5th Place Stuart McIver 252

6th Place Rob Lansdell 251

Results after November monthly game 2019

Eastern Cape Nomads Golf Club

November 2019 - St Francis Links
Monthly Game

A Division

Kahn Properties - Nick Kahn Winner Stuart McIver (9) Pts 34

King Recruitment Solutions - Martin King Runner-up Tim Leibbrandt (SC) (6) Pts 33

B Division

Kahn Properties - Nick Kahn Winner Gavin Ward-Able (12) Pts 40
Filtertech - Gary Sampson Pts 35
Runner-up Steve Pritchard (11)

C Division

Kahn Properties - Nick Kahn Winner Sean McQuaide (14) Pts 34

Yonke Installation - Andre Weitz Runner-up Frankie Brown (SC) (14) Pts 32

Best Playing Fourball Ken Russell; Andrew Taylor Pts 125
Jacques Theron (SC); Andre Weitz
The Duck - Bryan McArthur

Best Drawn Fourball Andrew Taylor; Steve Pritchard Pts 124
Wayne Durant (v); Tom Gray (SC)
Steve Nix - Steve Pritchard

Worst Playing Fourball Neale Kunhardt; Michale Lourens Pts 98
Paul Hand; Silveihn Steenkamp (SC) Pts 69
EC Nomads
Gary Sampson
Best Playing Pair Gavin Ward-Able

Delport Tax - Kobus Delport

Worst Playing Pair Neale Kunhardt Pts 45
Silveihn Steenkamp (SC)
Walmer Woods Driving Range
Gavin Ward-Able
Captain’s Folly - Hole 3 Rob Lansdell

Preston Liquors - Peter Pitsiladi

Eastern Cape Nomads Golf Club

November 2019 - St Francis Links
Monthly Game

Eagle’s Nest (No Winner)

PDP - Dennis Jones

Wununda (No Winner)


Nearest The Pins

South African Breweries Hole 3 Rob Lansdell
- Riaan van Jaarsveld Hole 8 Andre Weitz
Hole 10 Christo Langenhoven (SC)
Hole 17 Dave Meyer (SC)

Nearest for 2 - Hole 11 Kenneth Snape Pts 19
Mark Verwey
Elbo Room Neale Kunhardt (16)

Longest Drive - Hole 9

Elbo Room

Most Golf (Teddy Winner)

EC Nomads

Short Hole Aggregate - Hole 13

Sunset Body Works - Gerrie Fourie (No Winner) Pts 59
Pts 35
Over 55's Steve Pritchard (11)

Christell van Biljon

Eastern Cape Nomads Golf Club

November 2019 - St Francis Links
Monthly Game

Glenbrynth Whisky Winners

1 Bottle Mark Verwey; Dan le Cordeur; Shaun Staffen (BOR)
2 Bottles Ian Gooden
3 Bottles Nick Nieman (SC)

Two Clubs John Nell; Mike Lourens; Ken Russell
Gavin Ward-Able; Steve Pritchard
CMS - Your Logistical Partner - Eben Naidoo Karl Rohroff; Rob Lansdell; Pops Govender
Dave Meyer; Chrisleo Botha
Christo Langenhoven; Weillington Senanze

Dave’s Harem 1st Prize Ian McTiffin R 175.00
2nd Prize Andre van der Putte R 105.00
3rd Prize David Gooden R 70.00

Andrew Mentis Draw 1st Prize Ian O’Connor R 340.00
Jason Saunders R 170.00
2nd Prize Sean McQuaide
3rd Prize R 85.00
(No Winner)
Pick “3” R 365.00

A Div - 34; B Div - 40; C Div - 34

Our Next Monthly Game 2019


Port Elizabeth Golf Club
Sunday 8th December 2019

Find the draw at:

Please report to the starter at least 30 minutes before your Tee Off Time
Please be on the tee 15 minutes before your Tee Off Time...
and please remember our Dress Code!

Nomad’s Notebook

A reminder to members of important information and upcoming events

Late withdrawal from Monthly and Special Games
-members are requested to notify Jean of their intended withdrawal before 17h00 on a Friday
before a game or be liable for the green fees. NO MEMBERS may enter or withdraw on behalf
of other members!

-Would all Nomads doing EFT or bank deposits please use your name as a reference.
Cheques to be made out to: Nomads Golf Club Eastern Cape

Divisional Trophies
-Those members who have been victorious at a monthly game are urged to return their divisional
trophies to the Equipment Officer before the next game or incur a R200.00 fine

Tee-Off Times
-the Starter is struggling to ensure that the field gets off the tee box on time at our various games
-we urge you to arrive in due time at the respective courses, bearing in mind all that must be done
before even teeing up your ball on the 1st

Early Leavers (You will be fined!!)
You will be charged R20.00 for apologies at Registration -
R40 for apologies after the game and R100 for not apologising at all.
“Note that prize giving is part of the day and we owe it to our sponsors to attend.”

Dress Code
-Regulation dress is required at all times. The correct attire can be obtained from Orion Meyer.
(See magazine for Orion's details and stock)

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