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Laser Piles treatment cost in Delhi range from Rs.52,500 to Rs.84,000, which depends on different factors, such as: Type of surgery, hospital, & room charge

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Piles treatment cost in Delhi - Factors affecting the cost

Laser Piles treatment cost in Delhi range from Rs.52,500 to Rs.84,000, which depends on different factors, such as: Type of surgery, hospital, & room charge

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Piles Treatment Cost in Delhi - Factors Affecting the Cost

What is Piles?

Piles are swellings or enlarged hemorrhoids that develop inside and around the anus, as well as
along the anal canal. In most cases, piles go away on their own but when they become larger in
size, a doctor is needed to treat them. Piles Treatment Cost in Delhi ranges between: -------------- -----

Piles Treatment

Out-patient Treatments for piles: You can get these treatments in the hospital, but you won't have
to remain overnight.

 Banding: - This is used mostly for second and third-degree piles, but you can also have it if
self-help treatments haven't worked for your first-degree piles.
A little elastic band will be placed directly above the pile by your doctor. The pile's blood
supply will be cut off, causing it to die and fall off after a few days. The raw region that was
left behind will heal on its own.

Cost of Piles Banding ranges between-------------------------------------

 Sclerotherapy: - This is an injection of an oily solution known as a sclerosant into first or
second-degree piles. As a result of the oil, the pile shrinks and falls apart.

Cost of Sclerotherapy ranges between-------------------------------------

 Laser Piles Treatment: is also known as Laser Treatment for Piles and is an outpatient
procedure that means the patient can go home the same day.

Cost of Laser Piles Treatment ranges between-------------------------------------

In-patient Piles treatments: - These are the kinds of treatments you'd get in a hospital. It's possible
that you'll have to stay overnight so that your physicians can keep track of your health.

Haemorrhoidectomy: - This is the surgical removal of piles. If you have third or fourth-degree piles,
or if banding or sclerotherapy haven't worked, your doctor may recommend a haemorrhoidectomy.
The operation is done under general anaesthetic. This means you will be sleepy and pain-free during
the procedure. You should not eat or drink for at least six hours before undergoing a general
anaesthesia. Some anaesthetists, however, allow a few sips of water up to two hours before the
To prevent bleeding, your surgeon will remove the pile away from the muscle beneath it and tie up
the blood veins. After that, the exposed wound will heal on its own. Stitches may be used to close
the wound by your surgeon.

Cost of Haemorrhoidectomy ranges between-------------------------------------

Piles treatment cost in Delhi

Laser Piles treatment cost in Delhi range from Rs.52,500 to Rs.84,000, depending on a variety of

Minimum price in Delhi Laser Piles treatment cost in Delhi
starts from Rs.52,500

Average cost in Delhi is approximately Rs.63,000

Maximum expenses in Delhi is up to Rs. 84,000

Price of Laser Piles Treatment change depending on the patient - Factors Affecting the cost

The cost of Laser Piles Treatment in Delhi varies from person to person for the following reasons:

 Hospital Charges-

You will have to pay for everything separately, from hospital admittance to discharge to bed
expenses. The sort of room you select to stay in will also affect the price. A private ward, for
example, will be more expensive than a general ward.

 Doctor fee

The first upfront cost is the consultation fee charged by the doctor. A consultation price for an
experienced and skilled doctor who gives best-in-class services will be greater than for a doctor with
less expertise.

 Diagnostic Tests-

 Type of surgery planned to be performed

 Post-surgical complications that are involved

 Age of the patient

 The severity of the Piles and Condition of the patient

It's more difficult to treat grade 3 and 4 piles than it is to treat grade 1 and 2 piles. If your problem
has progressed to the chronic stage, surgery will have higher risks and difficulties. As a result,
surgeons will have to take extra precautions, which will increase operation costs.

 Additional Expense

Aside from the Piles treatment cost, there are other costs such as pre- and post-surgery medications,
as well as travel expenses, that will affect the final cost of treatment at your end.

Is laser piles treatment covered under insurance?
The treatment of laser piles is generally covered by health insurance and Mediclaim programs.
You can check with your insurance provider to see if the treatment is covered under your plan.

What are the prices for the various components of the Laser Piles Treatment in Delhi?

Pre-procedure costs, operation costs, medicine costs, and post-procedure costs are all included in
the cost of Laser Piles Treatment.

The following is the cost of each component of Laser Piles Treatment in Delhi:

Pre-Procedure cost of each component of Laser Piles Treatment
(Blood test, Abdomen Ultrasound), UGI in Delhi:
Endoscopy Rs.2,500
Surgery cost Rs.7000
Medicine cost
Follow-up session cost Rs.73,500 to Rs.84,000
The duration cost Rs.1,500
Rs.600 (For 1 each, 2 may be required)
Rs.6,000 (2 days)i

How much are Piles Treatment procedures Cost in Delhi ?

Following are the cost of related to Laser Piles Treatment in Delhi:

The price of Laparoscopic piles surgery in Delhi different Piles treatments
The cost of Open surgery in Delhi Rs.68,250

Charges for Piles banding in Delhi Rs.52,500

Amount to be paid for Stapler piles surgery in Delhi Rs.57,750

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schedule and cost for piles laser treatment in Delhi.

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