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Your Guide to 2018 Elections in your area

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Published by Cape Gazette, 2018-10-26 11:36:44

2018 Election Guide

Your Guide to 2018 Elections in your area


A special publication by

2 ELECTION GUIDE 2018 Cape Gazette

Officials: Midterm elections are crucial

Democrats want new national leaders; On the Republican side, Sussex County now must communicate with Republicans
GOP Chairman Don Petitmermet agrees in order to get many bills passed. While
Republicans want more seats in state Senate that voters need to vote in the midterm picking up a seat or two in the House
elections, but his reasons are different. would be nice, he said, he doesn't expect
With a razor-thin Republican major- Democratic control of the House to end
By Melissa Steele is an example for the need for improved ity in the U.S. Senate, he said, a win this election.
leadership on the national level, she said. by Republican challenger Rob Arlett In the state Senate, however, it will be a
[email protected] “Rushing the decision instead of taking over Democratic incumbent Tom Carper dogfight. Although many are focused on

As the midterm elections lie a little the time to have a thorough investigation would help Republicans keep control. the Kent County battle for the 17th District
more than a week away, both Democrats done is not a sound decision. When there “Delaware is not being served by the seat between Democrat Trey Paradee and
and Republicans are encouraging voters are charges alleged, they must be investi- current senator,” Petitmermet said, at- Republican Justin King, Petitmermet said
to come to the polls, although hoping for gated. They don't need to be swept under tributing recent economic success to the Sussex County races involving Repub-
different outcomes. the rug,” Hovington said. Trump policies that he believes should lican Senate incumbents Ernie Lopez and
“Our main concern is that people come During the primary election, Hovington be supported. “We're finally seeing some Bryant Richardson are just as important.
out and vote,” said Jane Hovington, chair- said, Sussex County voters had a strong economic recovery after being in reces- Lopez faces Democratic challenger Dave
woman of the Sussex County Democratic showing, but she wants to see more come sion for a decade.” Baker, and Richardson faces Democrat
Party. “We're registering people to vote out for the midterms. The same razor-thin majority is held in Robert C. Wheatley. In the state Senate
every day, but the most important is they “The best way to change is to let these Delaware's Senate, but by the Democratic District 18 race, Republican Dave Wilson
need to come to the polls and cast their legislators know that if they don't meet Party. Petitmermet said he has seen a faces Democrat James Purcell.
vote. Let their voice be heard. If there was our need, then we're going to find some- difference in the state Senate since the “Every one of the Senate races is tight,”
ever a time for Sussex County residents to body to replace them,” she said. Democrats lost a super majority, and they he said.
come to the polls, it is now.”
Hovington said she never dreamed the
country would be facing many issues “If there was ever a time for Sussex County “Delaware is not being served by the current senator.”

that it faces today, and sound decision residents to come to the polls, it is now.”
makers must be elected during this elec-



New voting machines
to make debut in 2019

Common Cause fights
for paper ballots

By Melissa Steele
[email protected]

New voting booths are coming to Dela- Voters will receive a paper ballot receipt of their ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE PHOTOS
ware for 2019 elections after Delaware vote.
officials agreed in September to purchase million price tag and said the state should DELAWARE HAS BOUGHT NEW VOTING MACHINES that will be used in 2019 elections.
new machines. consider a paper ballot that is marked by
hand. Jennifer Hill, program director for Editorial Content News Editor This Election Guide was created and
State Election Commissioner Elaine Common Cause Delaware, said her group Melissa Steele Laura Ritter published by the Cape Gazette
Manlove said new voting machines from is concerned about the new voting system Ron MacArthur
Omaha, Neb.-based Election Systems because it is untested. Associate Publisher Page Design
& Software will be used in 2019 during Chris Rausch Jen Ellingsworth
school and municipal elections. The big “We are worried that errors occurring Advertising
rollout will be for the 2020 presidential in other jurisdictions could happen in Cindy Bowlin Production Coordinator Cover photo
primary, she said. Delaware,” she said. Kathy McGinty Edwin Krumm Nick Roth
Amanda Neafie Production Cover design
During the last legislative session, legis- Ongoing maintenance costs could also Andrew Thomas Teresa Rodriguez Teresa Rodriguez
lators put aside $13 million to purchase a end up costing the state more in the long Kristin Sinnott Website
new statewide voting system. run, she said. Christopher D. Foster
Eric Lawson
Manlove said the new machines are bal- “Had the State of Delaware chosen tra- Tara Arjona
lot marking and provide a verifiable paper ditional paper ballots we would all know
audit trail. what we would be getting instead of bet-
ting on something that is costly and has no
The ES&S website describes the ma- track record,” she said.
chine with a 32-inch high-definition
screen that records and saves vote data to Hill said Common Cause is now work-
a flash drive. ing with lawmakers on writing future
legislation that would make paper receipts
The vote information can then be up- the ballot of record.
loaded to a software program to tabulate
votes. The system complies with the “Until the paper receipt is made the bal-
Americans with Disabilities Act, and it lot of record, we will have to rely on the
provides many layout options for ballot machine counts, and the paper will not be
information, the website states. recounted in the event of a close contest,”
she said.
While the state was still considering
the purchase of a new system, Common
Cause of Delaware questioned the $13

Cape Gazette ELECTION GUIDE 2018 3

a big difference
Here are some important events in U.S. history
It’s Election Day. Do you know “But I don’t know how to vote.” that were decided by just a few votes, according
where your vote is? If you’re General discomfort can be a to the State of Illinois:
keeping it in your back pocket,
you may be doing yourself and major factor in keeping many • Richard Nixon, not John F. Kennedy, would
those around you a civic disser- people away from the voting have become president of the U.S. in 1960 if one
vice. The fact is that your vote booth. person from each voting place had voted differ-
could make all the difference in ently
not only swaying an election, but If voting intimidates you or
in fulfilling your duty as a proud you need motivation in keeping • If just one U.S. senator had voted differently,
American citizen. it on your schedule, involve a U.S. President Andrew Johnson would have been
family member or acquaintance removed from office in 1867
“But my vote doesn’t count.” in your planning process. Coor-
We’ve all heard the claim from dinate to meet the morning of • Texas might not have become part of the
the election and head to the polls United States in 1845 if one U.S. senator had
nonvoters that their one vote together. voted differently. The vote in the U.S. Senate was
simply doesn’t mean much in 27-25 to invite Texas to become a state. If it had
the grand scheme of things, espe- Voting with a significant other, been a tie, Texas would not have been asked to
cially in the presidential election parent or close friend can help become part of the Union
that is determined by the Elec- calm any nerves and also keep
toral College. you from backing out. Add in
a breakfast, lunch or dinner to
Not so fast, say politicians and make the event a memorable one
pro-voting organizations. that you may turn into a regular

Polling Polls will be open across the
place info state from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.,
Tuesday, Nov. 6. In the Cape
Region, polling places include:

• Lewes Fire Hall – 347 Savannah Rd., • Milton Elementary School – 512 Fed- VOTING WILL BE HELD from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 6.
Lewes eral St., Milton
• Cape Henlopen High School – 1250 • Mariner Middle School – 16391 Harbe-
Kings Hwy., Lewes son Rd., Milton
• Rehoboth Fire Hall – 219 Rehoboth • H.O. Brittingham School – 400 Mul-
Ave., Rehoboth berry St., Milton
• Beacon Middle School – 19483 John J. • Cool Spring Presbyterian Church Hall
Williams Hwy., Lewes – 28842 Log Cabin Road, Lewes
• Lewes-Rehoboth Fire Station No. 3 – • Shields Elementary School – 910
21194 John. J. Williams Hwy., Lewes Shields Ave., Lewes
• Rehoboth Fire Co., Station 2 – 36027 • Lewes School – 820 Savannah Road,
Airport Road, Rehoboth Lewes
• Rehoboth Elementary School – 500 • Harbeson Church Hall – 18636 Harbe-
Stockley St., Rehoboth son Road, Harbeson

• Anyone without a fixed residence or who is homeless and is VOTE WE NEED.
otherwise qualified to vote in Delaware may register by com-
pleting the proper registration forms and providing two pieces DEMOCRATIC T U E S D AY
of identification containing their name; one of the pieces must
include the mailing address on the application, which may be a NOVEMBER 6
shelter or agency.

• A photo ID, such as a driver’s license, is the quickest way for
poll workers to check someone’s identity, but other acceptable
forms include a state ID, U.S. passport or signed documents such
as a Social Security card or vehicle registration.

• Convicted felons can vote as long as their sentence was com-
pleted, and they are not guilty of murder, bribery or felony sexual

• A 2016 law restored voting rights for felons who meet the
requirements but have not yet fully paid their fines and fees.

• For more information about voting in Sussex County, go to


4 ELECTION GUIDE 2018 Cape Gazette

DISTRICT 5 will have
new representation
after the Tuesday, Nov.
6 election. In District
4, Democrat Paulette
Rappa and Republican
Doug Hudson are vying
for the seat left open
by a retiring George
Cole. In District 5, Rob
Arlett stepped down to
run for U.S. Senate, and
Democrat Ellen Magee
and Republican John
Rieley are vying for that


• Voted to increase the real estate transfer tax.
• Voted to increase tobacco and alcohol tax.
• Voted to increase the minimum wage.
• Voted 20% reduction to fire companies/senior centers.
• Voted - ABSENT - 5 Points Working Group proposals.
• Proposed an increase to State income tax.
• NRA rated F.
• Voted for late term abortion

Cape Gazette ELECTION GUIDE 2018 5


NOVEMBER 6, 2018



★ Protections for our quality of life and our environment
★ Fiscally responsible and sustainable budgets
★ Investment in our infrastructure
★ Building a strong and equitable working class economy
★ Supporting our troops and veterans in war and peace
★ Securing the health and safety of all Delawareans
★ Supporting equal rights and opportunities for all


Paid for by the
20th Democratic
Committee. Not authorized
by any candidate or
candidate committees.

6 ELECTION GUIDE 2018 Cape Gazette


Prepare now for Election Day

Elections decide the leader- provisional vote, which will Deciding who to vote for
ship that guides legislation and then be considered after other requires more than just siding
enforcement of regulations. ballots are counted. with a particular political party.
The right to vote is something Read as much as you can on
many people take for granted, Once your eligibility has the candidates’ beliefs, con-
but elsewhere in the world been verified, it is important cerns and voter history. This
many people have no say with to know the dates of key elec- will help you make the best
regard to their political lead- tions. decision possible.
ers, which only emphasizes the
importance of participating in Local newspapers often print In the days leading up to
the election process whenever schedules and this informa- Election Day, confirm your
you’re afforded the opportu- tion can be found online as polling location and voting
nity to do so. well. Various local and federal options. advises that
elections occur each year, and if you need special assistance,
The first step to prepare for November is when nation- contact your local elections
Election Day is to confirm your al elections take place in the office for information, advice,
eligibility. Age, legal residency United States. and educational materials
and citizenship status are just about voting equipment and
a few of the factors that may UNDERSTAND THAT VOTER details on access to the polling
affect your eligibility to vote. INTIMIDATION IS ILLEGAL. place, including designated
County clerks, municipal of- NEVER FEEL OBLIGATED TO parking.
fices as well as the Division of VOTE FOR ONE CANDIDATE
Motor Vehicles should have BECAUSE YOU FELT BULLIED Understand that voter in-
voter registration forms, and INTO DOING SO. timidation is illegal. Never feel
additional information is avail- obligated to vote for one can-
able online. Before voting, voters should didate because you felt bullied
research the respective candi- into doing so. Your vote should
Voter registration may have dates for each election. remain private unless you want
to be filed several weeks to a to share your choice with oth-
month in advance of Election To better understand can- ers.
Day in order for you to be didates’ platforms, visit their
eligible. websites as well as those of Keep in mind that, in addi-
nonpartisan political organiza- tion to voting for candidates,
In the United States, when tions, such as The League of you may asked to answer ad-
voter eligibility is in question Women Voters. ditional questions about issues
at the time of an election, a impacting your local commu-
person typically may cast a nity.

Democrat Pete Polling places in
Schwartzkopf puts the 14th District:
the 14th District first.
Lewes Fire Hall
Vote on Cape Henlopen High School
Tuesday, November 6. Rehoboth Fire Hall
Beacon Middle School
#KeepPete fighting for us. Rehoboth Fire Co. Sta. NO. 3
Rehoboth Fire Co. Sta. NO. 2

Rehoboth Elementary School


14th District
DEMOCRAT for State Representative

Cape Gazette ELECTION GUIDE 2018 7

Voting: We can do better in the world where voting is a In the initial stages of voting,
point of cultural oppression. eligible voters were expected
Voter turnout in the United ers and 70 percent of frequent protect it. Think back to the early to not only research issues and
States fluctuates in national voters. American patriots who stood up You owe it to those who went candidates, but also speak on
elections but has never been as for the right to vote and literally before you to carry out your civic them at public meetings. Voting
strong as in other well-estab- One of the most precious as- gave their lives for that freedom. duty. was a privilege that citizens took
lished democracies. pects of voting is just how hard seriously, and it’s something that
people before us have fought to There are still many countries The founding fathers believed many members of our military
Only 60 percent of the voting- that an informed electorate was have fought hard to protect.
eligible population heads to the necessary to maintain an effec-
polls during presidential election tive society.
years, according to the Center for
Voting and Democracy.

This number drops to 40 per-
cent during midterm elections.

So where do Americans rank?
Some other countries are much
further ahead when it comes to
attracting and retaining voters.

• More than 90 percent: Aus-
tralia, Belgium and Chile

• More than 80 percent: Aus-
tria, Sweden, Italy.

Why so low?
The California Voter Foun-

dation recently released its
statewide survey on the attitudes
of infrequent voters. The num-
bers are indicative of the nation’s
feelings toward voting, according
to the CVF.

Here’s what they found:
• Too Busy: 28 percent of in-
frequent voters and 23 percent
of those unregistered to vote
said their schedules and time al-
lowances get in the way of them
• Contradiction: Even with
busy schedules, 93 percent of
infrequent voters agreed that
voting is an important part of
being a good citizen. Eighty-one
percent of nonvoters agreed.

Who are the nonvoters?
The CVF survey also found

that nonvoters are disproportion-
ately young, single, less educated
and more likely to be of an ethnic
minority than infrequent and
frequent voters.

Forty percent of nonvoters are
under 30 years old, compared to
29 percent of infrequent voters
and 14 percent of frequent voters.

Other numbers from the study
• Infrequent voters are much

more likely to be married than
nonvoters, with 50 percent of
infrequent voters married com-
pared to 34 percent of nonvoters

• About 76 percent of non-
voters have less than a college
degree, compared to 61 percent
of infrequent voters and 50 per-
cent of frequent voters

• Among nonvoters, 54 percent
are white or Caucasian compared
to 60 percent of infrequent vo-



Meet the candidates budget and finance committee
Top reason for running: Com-
Presented as received, candidates provided background bating waste, fraud and abuse;
information and reasons why they are running for elected offices bring a common-sense approach
to finding missed opportunities
and ways our state can operate
smarter, more efficiently, and
more effectively.

U.S. Senate Relevant experience: Worked Secretary of Health and So- REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN
for the space program which cial Services and Secretary of
Four candidates are running for makes me very experienced with Labor for two governors; CEO of Bernard Pepukayi James Spadola
Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat – bureaucracy Metropolitan Wilmington Urban
incumbent Democrat Sen. Tom Top reason for running: Running League; caseworker in congres- Age: 45 Age: 35
Carper, Republican Rob Arlett, because the federal government sional office Hometown: Hometown:
Libertarian Nadine Frost and is a mess and needs to be fixed, Top reason for running: To bring Middletown Wilmington
Green Party candidate Demitri and it’s gonna take an engineer people together to find com- Family: Father
G. Theodoropoulos. that thinks and not a politician. monsense solutions to Delawar- Family: Father to rescue dog
ean’s most pressing challenges. of two won- Hoss
DEMOCRAT derful sons, Education:
LIBERTARIAN Bernard V. MBA Wilming-
Sen. Thomas Carper ton University;
Nadine M. Frost Pepukayi Jr. bachelor of arts James Spadola
Age: 71 from University
Age: 52 REPUBLICAN and Bryce of Delaware
Hometown: Pepukayi Relevant experience: Former
Wilmington Hometown: Bernard Pepukayi underwriting manager; union
Family: My treasurer; investigative experi-
wife Martha Wilmington Scott Walker Education: ence involving financial crimes,
and I have been Bachelor’s degree, ClarkAtlanta frauds, felonies, misdemeanors
married more Family: Lovely Age: none University; juris doctor, Uni- as former Newark police officer;
than 30 years. given vice chairman and finance com-
We are the daughter and Hometown: versity of Iowa College of Law; mittee member of the Wilming-
proud parents Thomas Carper amazing son- ton Housing Authority
of two sons, in-law. Two Milford graduate, Harvard Kennedy Top reason for running: I have
Chris and Ben, and stepson Greg School of Government Execu- the necessary financial and
Education: Bachelor’s degree in perfect grand- Education: tive Education: State and Local investigative experience. Having
economics, Ohio State Universi- Graduate Bran- an auditor from outside the rul-
ty; MBA, University of Delaware daughters. dywine High Government Program ing party is crucial for maintain-
Relevant experience: Retired Education: ing checks and balances within
Navy captain, Vietnam veteran, Associate Nadine M. Frost School; bach- Relevant experience: Law clerk our government.
state treasurer, congressman, for president judge of Superior
governor, U.S. senator degree, busi- elor’s degree, Court; deputy attorney general, State Treasurer
Top reason for running: I am ness administration, bachelor’s political sci- Scott Walker
running to continue to grow our Delaware Department of Jus-
economy, protect our environ- degree political science with ence, University tice; deputy legal counsel, Office
ment and provide affordable, of Delaware; attended graduate
quality healthcare for all Ameri- honors, member Pi Sigma Alpha, of the Governor; commissioner,
cans. National Political Science Honor school, University of Delaware
Relevant experience: 2016 can- Family Court of Delaware; coun-
Society ty attorney, New Castle County;
Relevant experience: Member didate for Congress. Experienced
a full life of victories and defeats attorney, Delaware House of
of the Westside Neighborhood Representatives; and attorney,
Coalition and Fifth District Plan- Top reason for running: I enjoy
excellent health, I possess a Pepukayi Law LLC
ning Board; volunteer with the
profound faith in God and I am a Top reason for running: I am Three candidates are running for
Ministry for Caring; working with running for attorney general to state treasurer – incumbent
the Hilltop Lutheran Community self-taught legal expert in consti- Republican Ken Simpler, Demo-
tutional law. make our communities safer, crat Colleen Davis and Green
Center to establish a 4-H club Party candidate David Chandler.
keep families together, save
for our local youth; ran for 5th taxpayers’ money and end the
District Council seat in 2016.
school-to-prison pipeline.
Top reason for running: For
the future of the beloved fam- Attorney General REPUBLICAN
ily listed above, as well as all Two candidates are running for Ken Simpler
Rob Arlett attorney general – Democrat
Delawareans. Kathy Jennings and Republican Auditor of Accounts Age: 51
Age: 51 Bernard Pepukayi.
Hometown: Hometown:
Frankford Newark
Family: Wife, Rep. in Congress Two candidates are running for
Lorna; children state auditor – Democrat Kathy Family: Mar-
Justin, Jared Two candidates are running for McGuiness and Republican ried to my wife
Education: At- Delaware’s sole seat in the U.S. James Spadola. Liz for 27 years,
tended Univer- House of Representatives – in- three children
sity of Hawaii Rob Arlett cumbent Democrat Lisa Blunt DEMOCRAT Education:
and George Rochester and Republican Scott DEMOCRAT
Mason University Walker. Kathy Jennings St. Andrew’s Ken Simpler
Relevant experience: Sussex School, summa
County councilman; owner, DEMOCRAT Age: 65 Kathy McGuiness cum laude, 1985; Princeton
Beach Bound Realty Lisa Blunt Rochester
Top reason for running: To be Age: 56 Hometown: Age: 51 University, AB political econo-
an advocate for Delaware and Hometown: Hometown:
American families – economic Wilmington Wilmington Rehoboth my, summa cum laude, 1989;
growth, jobs, constitutional Family: Two Family: Two
liberty, national security and children, Alex adult children, Beach University of Chicago, MBA,
leadership. Bradley (Ebo- with honors, 1993; University of
ny) and Alyssa Billy and Becky Family: Hus- Chicago, JD, with honors, 1993;
Bradley; two band, three
sisters, Thea Lisa B. Rochester Education: children and University of Delaware, MPA,
Fowler and Juris doctor,
Marla Blunt-Carter; loving par- Villanova Uni- two dogs degree in process
ents Ted Blunt and Alice Blunt versity School
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Kathy Jennings Education: Relevant experience: Oversee
international relations, Fairleigh Bachelor’s de- the financial operations of a
Dickinson University; master’s of Law, bache- Kathy McGuiness government that spends $10
degree in Urban Affairs and Pub-
GREEN PARTY lic Policy, University of Delaware lor’s degree in English, University gree in biology, billion, carries $2 billion in debt,
Relevant experience: Deputy Florida Institute of Technology;
of Delaware invests $2 billion in taxpayer
Relevant experience: Former bachelor’s degree in science
Demitri G. Theodoropoulos pharmacy, Northeastern Univer- money and oversees plans with
chief deputy attorney general,
Age: 51 state prosecutor, criminal de- sity; graduate of the FBI Citizens $2 billion of savings. The four
Hometown: years I have served as state
Newark fense lawyer and chief admin- Academy
Family: Di- Relevant experience: Certified treasurer are backed up by a
vorced istrative officer of New Castle 20-year career as an investment
Education: Me- County fraud examiner; former inves-
chanical engi- tigator for State of Delaware; manager for a $25 billion global
neering degree Top reason for running: To make
from University Delaware a place where justice Rehoboth Beach commissioner investment firm and the CFO of
of Delaware a Delaware-based property and
is fair for everyone, where people for two decades; small business hotel management company
owner; served on countless non-
suffering from addiction receive profit boards, committees and Top reason for running: My
treatment, and where children
Demitri are safe from harm. commissions including the city mission is to create value for
Theodoropoulos all Delawareans. I am running

GUIDE 2018 9

for re-election because good REPUBLICAN pluses while serving as finance Top reason for running: We 14th Rep. District
finance is good government. director need forward-looking, new
Ernie Lopez Top reason for running: In- leadership with fresh ideas, who
DEMOCRAT crease major road improvement understand our rural roots. We
Age: 41 funding; clean water; open space need legislators who will listen Democratic incumbent Speaker
Colleen Davis Hometown: preservation; address the doc- to constituents and be indepen- of the House Rep. Pete
Lewes tor shortage and opioid crisis; dent. Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth, is
Age: 38 sustainable budget with middle- being challenged by Republican
Hometown: Family: Chil- class tax breaks. James DeMartino.
Dagsboro dren, Anna
Family: Mar- Christine and
ried to Anthony Claire Elizabeth DEMOCRAT
Davis; three State Senate District 21
children, Liam, Education: Pete Schwartzkopf
13, Desmond, Bachelor’s
9, Margaux, 2 Colleen Davis degree, Gettys- Ernie Lopez State Senate District 18 Age: 63
Graduate Indian River High burg College; master’s degree, Incumbent Republican Sen. Hometown:
School, 1998; bachelor’s degree, Bryant Richardson is challenged Rehoboth
Philadelphia University, 2001; University of Delaware; Ed.D., Former House Republican Dave by Democrat Bob Wheatley.
master’s degree, Philadelphia University of Delaware Wilson is running against Beach
University, 2003; working on Democrat James Purcell for the Family: Wife,
master’s degree, University of Relevant Experience: Incum- Senate seat vacated by retiring Carol; four chil-
Pennsylvania bent state senator elected in Gary Simpson.
Relevant experience: Financial 2012 and re-elected in 2014; REPUBLICAN dren; and six
consultant in healthcare industry
saving $13 million and assisting current Senate committees Bryant L. Richardson grandchildren
in strategy in alternative pay-
ment models, increasing revenue include health, children and Age: 72 Education: Pete
while driving down cost for Associate’s de- Schwartzkopf
patients, assisting in mergers/ social services, transporta- REPUBLICAN Hometown: gree in criminal
acquisitions. Funding strategies tion, and environmental natural
for Orphan Diseases including resources and energy; past Dave Wilson Seaford justice from
private and grant opportuni-
ties to help bring much-needed committees include educa- Family: Wife, Delaware Technical Community
medical intervention to patients Carol; three
Top reason for running: As a tion and joint sunset; employed Age: 68 children; and College; bachelor’s degree in hu-
person whose family had to Hometown:
rebuild financially, I understand since 1999 at the University of Lincoln five grandchil- man resource management from
that challenge, have successfully Wilmington College; graduated
overcome it and have a deep Delaware; admissions counselor, Family: Wife, dren Northwestern University School
passion to see Delaware thrive. 1999-2002; assistant director
Carolyn Education: Bryant of Police Staff and Command;
GREEN PARTY of undergraduate admissions, Education: Business col- Richardson
2002-2003; associate director graduated at the top of class at
David B. Chandler High school lege courses Delaware State Police Academy
of undergraduate admissions and numer-
Age: 69 Relevant Relevant experience: I have
Hometown: and coordinator of multicultural experience: ous seminars in journalism and
Newark recruitment, 2003-2006; 4-H Dave Wilson raised my family in the 14th Dis-
Family: Former register marketing
Mother, Mar- state volunteer specialist, Col- Relevant experience: Elected trict, worked as a lifeguard and
garet Chandler; in chancery, Register of Wills, state trooper. I have extensive
brother, John lege of Agriculture and Natural and current 35th District state state senator in 2014; serve on
Chandler; Resources, 2006-current background in public safety and
sister, Dorothy representative; involved in many Joint Finance Committee, Ag-
Saynisch; chil- David Chandler Top Reason for Running: I’m am active with several nonprofits
dren, Juanita regional and local organizations riculture Committee, Veterans including the Delaware Special
Shatley and Louis Broyles; running for re-election to build Affairs Committee, Elections and
grandchildren, Anthony Beblo upon a successful record of Top reason for running: I enjoy Olympics, Midway Lions Club,
and Matthew Beblo; great-gran- serving and representing my Government Affairs Committee
children, Ryan Beblo and Rhett substantive and bipartisan ac- and on Delaware Youth Drug Delaware State Troopers Asso-
Beblo constituents. I will represent the ciation, National Kidney Founda-
Education: Mt. Pleasant Jr. & Sr. complishments in the state Sen- 18th Senate District with experi- Prevention Curriculum Task
High School, 1967; M.I.T., bach- ate on behalf of all Cape Region tion and Gift of Life
elor of science in mathematics, ence and conservative values Force, authoring the resolution Top reason for running: As
1971; University of Delaware, MS constituents. that created the task force
and PhD in mathematics, 2004 that are important to the district. Speaker of the House, I am in
(combinatorics) Top reason for running: To fight
Relevant experience: I man- against the tragic disrespect for position to bring more resources
aged my own investments since to the district/county to address
I was a teenager, am a longtime DEMOCRAT DEMOCRAT human life and the unsustain- the many issues that we face.
supporter of the Green Party, able spending habits of our
and am active in the Coalition to
Dismantle the New Jim Crow David Baker James A. Purcell government, coupled with a con- REPUBLICAN
Top reason for running: The stant demand for higher taxes.
state treasurer sits on the Board Age: 66 Age: 48
of Pardons, which, with the ap- Hometown: James L. DeMartino
proval of the governor, has the Hometown:
power to reduce mass incarcera- Milton Milford
tion substantially. Family: Wife DEMOCRAT Age: 61
Family: McK- Hometown:
State Senate District 6 of 42 years enna, daughter;
Sandy; sons Robert C. Wheatley Lewes
Sen. Ernie Lopez, R-Lewes, is Judy Purcell,
being challenged by Democrat Jon, Jim, Rob Family: Proud
Dave Baker. mother; Eliza- Age: 61 father of two
and Joe who beth Keller and
graduated from Hometown: adult sons
Cape High, and Tina Callahan, Laurel
David Baker sisters James Purcell Family: Wife Education:
their wives; Education: Mil- Beckett
grandchildren Lily, Dylan, Caro- The Citadel James DeMartino
ford High School graduate 1988; Wheatley, with bachelor’s
line, Teagan, Tatum and Flynn University of Delaware, bach-
Education: Bachelor’s degree in daughter Emily degree in political science. Re-
elor’s degree, 1992; University Wheatley
accounting and sociology, Uni- ceived Juris Doctor from Ford-
of Delaware, master’s degree in Education: ham University School of Law
versity of Delaware; Wilmington public administration, 1997 Bachelor’s Robert Wheatley
Relevant experience: Currently
College, MBA Relevant experience: Director of degree in busi- a practicing attorney, managing

Relevant experience: Served business development and com- ness administration cum laude, a solo law practice in the areas
Sussex County for over 33 years,
including as accounting direc- munity relations, Dover Behav- Salisbury University of contracts and criminal law;

tor, finance director and county ioral Health, present; member Relevant experience: 40-year served as a U.S. Marine Corps
Milford school board; teacher
administrator; funding for half a in Milford School District for resident of western Sussex officer, initially serving as a judge
County, 24 years on the Sussex
billion dollars of Sussex central 30 years; executive director, County Planning and Zoning advocate then as an intelligence
officer; grew up in a family-
sewer and water infrastructure, Delaware Democratic Party Commission, small business
replacing thousands of septic owned small business; employed
1997-2001; manager of southern person (construction and real as a program manager sup-
systems to improve the environ- Delaware office of American Red
ment; purchased open space estate), outside director of a porting U.S. Navy projects; and
Cross of the Delmarva Peninsula, 13-branch local community
and farmland preservation ease- negotiated multimillion-dollar
2002; state director for Com- bank, public member of the business contracts
ments for thousands of acres; munities in Schools of Delaware,
collaborated with Delaware governing board of Delaware Top reason for running: Resolve
2005; member of the College Association of Professional residents’ concerns of overde-
Technical Community College
to establish the Airframe and of Education and Public Policy Engineers, leadership positions velopment, traffic congestion,
Alumni Association, University
Engine Mechanics Training Pro- in numerous business and civic healthcare costs/services and
of Delaware; and the Behavioral organizations
gram; increased Sussex County Health Consortium; appointed the constant increase in taxes.
Top reason for running: To bring
bond rating to AA1 during the by the governor to the Humani- energy, enthusiasm, and experi- n Continued on page 10

Great Recession; and balanced ties Forum in 2009 and to the ence to advocate effectively for » Continuing coverage:
annual budgets, including 15
consecutive years of annual sur- Delaware Mentoring Council in real needs and improve the lives
of all people in the 21st District.

10 ELECTION GUIDE 2018 Cape Gazette

Meet the candidates brother, Andy degree in music education,
Kelly University of Delaware
20th Rep. District Guard; member, Delaware REPUBLICAN Education: Relevant experience: Elected
Mobile Surf Fishermen; charter Lord Balti- to the Delaware House of Rep-
Republican incumbent Rep. member, Midway Lions Club; Bryan Shupe more Elemen- resentatives in 2014; farmed
Steve Smyk, R-Milton, is being former youth coach, Henlo- tary, Selbyville for over 40 years and currently
challenged by Democrat John pen Soccer Club, Milton Little Age: 34 Middle, Indian operates a small farm in the
Bucchioni and Libertarian League baseball and softball; Hometown: River H.S., 41st district; licensed insurance
Harry Smouse. member, American Legion Post Milford bachelor’s de- Meghan Kelly agent for 38 years and owned
17; immediate past president, gree, Univer- Access Insurance until March
Delaware State Troopers As- Family: Wife, sity of Delaware, juris doctor 2017; legislative liaison to the
sociation; past board member, Sherry and from Duquesne School of Law General Assembly for 13 years
National Troopers Coalition; daughter, Relevant Experience: Licensed for a nonprofit organization;
DEMOCRAT member, Endeavor Lodge, Evelyn, 2 to practice law, licensed to have served on many govern-
Milton teach. While in law school, ment committees and task
John Bucchioni Top reason for running: Public Education: interned with the Honorable forces
service is an opportunity to Bachelor’s Justice Thomas Hardiman, Top reason for running: To
Age: 67 advance the common good. degree in Po- Bryan Shupe nominee for U.S. Supreme protect personal liberties, keep
I will continue to effect posi- Court and current justice Third taxes low, reduce regulations,
Hometown: tive change on behalf of the litical Science, Circuit Court of Appeals. I’ve encourage job creation, defend
Milton residents of our district. reviewed and commented the Second Amendment and
University of Delaware on proposed laws for over 10 to make the American dream
Family: Mar- LIBERTARIAN Relevant experience: Two- years, and discovered I had a accessible to everyone.
ried, three passion to revise them to bet-
children and Harry R. Smouse Jr. term mayor of Milford; owner ter serve people I grew up with
of two small businesses in 36th and love
five grandchil- Age: 54 District, Fur-Baby Pet Store and Top reason for running: Two
dren Hometown: years ago, I found a lot of DEMOCRAT
Milton money not taxed by the state
Education: John Bucchioni Family: Top reason for running: My relating to out-of-state real es- Bradley S. Connor
Bachelor’s girlfriend; two tate title insurance companies.
degree and daughters experiences as a public servant I am stepping up to confront Age: 57
Education: and small business owner have the issue.
master’s degree Some college given me unique opportuni- Hometown:
Relevant 41st Rep. District Bethany
Relevant experience: Public experience: Harry Smouse ties to help improve our local
school teacher in North Phila- Environmen- Beach
tal technician with Dry-Tek economy, infrastructure and Family: Mar-
delphia; adjunct university pro- Environmental in Salisbury, water quality.
fessor; businessman; CEO for Md.; previously worked at Mr. ried, 36 years
Go-Glass for 17 years to wife, Penny.
various mid-sized international Top reason for running: I’m a Two children
dissatisfied voter who would
consumer product corpora- like to see change in Dover. 38th Rep. District Education:
tions; elected national presi- Graduate
dent of the National Associa- 36th Rep. District Republican incumbent Rep. Bradley Connor
Rich Collins, R-Millsboro, is
tion of Fundraising Companies; Republican incumbent Rep. being challenged by Democrat Indian River
Ron Gray, R-Selbyville, is be- Bradley Connor. H.S.; associate’s degree, Salis-
reoccurring panel member on ing challenged by Democrat bury State College
Meghan Kelly.
the Global Consulting Practi- Relevant experience: Sussex
cum, The Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania. County Association of Towns,
REPUBLICAN Delaware League of Local Gov-
Member of Milton Lions Club, ernment; mayor of Dagsboro,
Lewes American Legion Post
17, Sussex County League of REPUBLICAN Rich Collins Lions Club, Southern Sussex

Women Voters and The Beau Ron Gray Age: 69 Rotary, Dagsboro Planning and
Hometown: Zoning.
Biden Foundation Committee Age: 62 Millsboro Top reason for running: My
Family: Wife,
Top reason for running: Our Hometown: Susie; three government experience has
local future requires reforming children; five
the current political will. We Selbyville grandchildren afforded me many useful
Family: Wife, Education:
need representation for all citi- Democrat Donald Allan and Candice; Bachelor’s partnerships within the state
Republican Bryan Shupe are
zens of Harbeson, Lewes, and running for the seat vacated by sons, Zachary and its agencies. Those part-
retiring Harvey Kenton. nerships will be used to benefit
Milton, not a privileged few. and Maclean;
Rich Collins District 41.
daughter, Jac-
queline and
REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT son-in-law, Ron Gray

Stephen Smyk Donald M. Allan Jr. John Mumper Survey Says

Age: 53 Age: 37 Education: Indian River High 814 Cape Gazette readers responded to a recent poll
School, bachelor’s degree in in Cape Gazette print edition and at
Hometown: Hometown: civil engineering from Univer-
Harbeson sity of Delaware, master’s in
Family: Won- Family: Wife,
Carrie and business administration from
derful wife Indiana University
of 29 years, Josie, 4 Relevant experience: First
Judy; daugh-
Education: elected in 2012 as state repre-
ters, Leah and
Sydney, and Rising Sun sentative for the 38th District;
son Gabe operates several family busi- Q: Are state
Stephen Smyk H.S.; Cecil Donald Allan nesses in his district. officials
County School sufficiently
Education: of Technology; Top reason for running: To monitoring water
Sussex Central H.S.; associate’s quality in Sussex
degree in business adminis- Delaware Technical Commu- work as a business advocate County?

tration, Delaware Technical nity College to preserve existing jobs and 21% YES
promote new opportunities for
Community College; U.S. Relevant experience: Work- our children. To support more
ing in construction industry
Army technical and leader- in Sussex County since 2003, efficient and cost-effective 79% NO
ship schools, Warrant Officer
Course, Fort Rucker; federal installing kitchen cabinets and government. polluters are not
facing serious
and state law enforcement managing projects. I will bring a DEMOCRAT consequences
blue collar work ethic and men- Meghan M. Kelly
training courses in leadership, tality to our state Legislature Age: Not applicable. I am age-
traffic, criminal and counter- Top reason for running: Focus Hometown: Dagsboro
terrorism investigations Family: Father, Pat Kelly;
Relevant experience: Incum- on fixing water quality issues mother, Mary Batten Kelly;
plaguing Sussex County, strive sister, Amanda Kelly Gordines;
bent representative 2012-2018,
Delaware House of Represen- for equitable funding for public
schools, and ease the tax bur-
tatives 20th District; retired
den of middle- and working-
trooper, Delaware State Police; class Delawareans.
veteran, Delaware National

Cape Gazette ELECTION GUIDE 2018 11

Meet the candidates Roads, clean water, sewer and merce; Little League coach;
high-speed Internet are the founding board member, Sus-
Sussex Council District 4 growth, cleaner water, public Family: Three sons and lots of items people in the district sex Pregnancy Care Center
safety, and balance. In the 300- beautiful grandchildren seem to care about most. Top reason for running: Pre-
Two candidates are vying for year history of Sussex, only one Education: Principles and Prac- serve and protect our quality
the seat vacated by retiring woman has ever been elected tices of Real Estate; attended REPUBLICAN of life, expand and diversify
George Cole – Republican to county council. Delaware John Rieley economic opportunities in the
Doug Hudson and Democrat Age: 63 county, support responsible
Paulette Rappa. Technical Family: growth, keep taxes low.
Commu- Married 39
nity College; years to the VOTER INFO
Sussex Council District 5 Indian River former Lou
Ann Dorey; 12 • Deadline to register to
REPUBLICAN High School children vote passed on Oct. 13. The
Education: names of those who are reg-
Doug Hudson Two candidates are vying for graduate Bachelor’s istered will be compiled into
the seat vacated by Rob Arlett, Relevant degree with John Rieley a poll list for Election Day.
Age: 58 who is running for U.S. Senate. experience: Ellen Magee honors from
Hometown: Democrat Ellen Magee is Sussex County Rochester Institute of Technol- • Voters going to the polls
Bethany running against Republican Board of Adjustment; business ogy in business and economics Tuesday, Nov. 6, can do so
John Rieley. and managerial experience in a Relevant experience: Retired without a photo ID, but will
Beach multigenerational family farm financial advisor, we own and be asked to sign an affida-
Family: Wife operate Rieley farm; former vit affirming their identity,
of 28 years, business; know firsthand chal- chairman of the Sussex County according to the Delaware
DEMOCRAT lenges that business owners Republican committee; two- Department of Elections.
Dr. LouAnn term president of Greater
Hudson; son, Ellen Magee and farmers face Georgetown Chamber of Com-
Top reason for running: I will
Jake do my best to preserve the
Doug Hudson Age: 59
Education: HometowJBnu:cScheilobnyi_v3i.ll8ex9NewspaperAdwMaSrukss.spedxf Co1unt8y/1w7/a18y of4l:i5fe8 .PM
Indian River
High School, 1978; criminal
Vote BucchioniJohn (Jack) Democrat
justice degree from Delaware
Technical Community College
Relevant Experience: Born and Vote Democrat
raised in Sussex County; mem- John (Jack)
ber of Bethany Beach Volunteer
Bucchioni for State Representative -District 20
Fire Co.; Delaware State Police
Trooper, 27 years; coach, board for State Representative
member, Lower Sussex Little
League; Sussex County Plan- District 20 Representative Steve Candidate
ning and Zoning Committee, Legislative Bill Smyk Roll Call Vote John Bucchioni

two years View

Top Reason for Running: To SB 170 W/SA2 (3:50 am July 1,
continue my more than 30 2018) Minimum Wage Increase
Nay Yes
years of serving the people of To 9.25 Hr.
Sussex County. As a lifelong
resident, volunteer and public
SB 165 (6:26 am June 21, 2018)
safety retiree, I believe I can An Act To Amend Title 19 Of
make a difference. The Deleware Code Relating
Did Not Vote Yes
DEMOCRAT To Union Security Agreements Nay Yes
(Stop Right To Work)
Paulette Rappa
HB 330 (March 20, 2018)
Age: 56 C Increases Minimum Purchase

Hometown: Age For Firearms

Long Neck M

Family: Y SB 5 (June 6,2017) Nay Yes
Authorizes Abortions Before Yes
Sons, Aaron CM Nay Yes
The Point Of Viability Yes
and Jared; MY SB 59 (June 30, 2015) Nay Yes
daughters, Authorizes An Undocumented
Abigail and Immigrant To Apply For And Only Nay Vote
CY Obtain Valid Driving Privileges In The House
HB 39 (June 2, 2015) And Senate
Constance; Paulette RappaCMY Decriminalizes Possession Of
stepsons, Mi- Small Amount Of Marijuana Nay
chael, Patrick, K HB 388 (June 30, 2014)
An Act To Amend Title 16 Of
Kevin and Bill The Deleware Code Relating To
Education: Bachelor’s degree, The Treatment Of Drug
communications; teaching Overdose (Use of Naxalone)
certificate in English; master’s SB 97 (June 18, 2013)
degree, educational psychology Priohibits Discrimination Based
Relevant experience: Execu-
tive director, The Way Home, On Gender Identity
Harbeson | Lewes | Milton
a nonprofit that transitions
formerly incarcerated citizens Safe Drinking Water
back into the community; im- Transportation | Fast Internet

mediate past president, Long Career Jobs
Neck Sunrise Rotary; steering
committee for Southern Dela- [email protected] •

ware Alliance for Racial Justice; Paid For By "The Friends Of Jack Bucchioni" HB 75 (April 23, 2013)
serve on two state committees Authorizes Same Sex Marriage
Nay Yes
– Delaware’s National Criminal
Justice Reform Project, hous-
ing committee, and behavioral HB 35 (March 29, 2013)
Requires Background Checks
health consortium family and Nay Yes
community readiness commit- Prior To The Purchase
tee Of Firearms

Top reason for running: I am Paid for by "The Friends of Jack Bucchioni" |
running to promote smart

12 ELECTION GUIDE 2018 Cape Gazette

Unopposed candidates 40th Rep. District public, internal departments,
courts and attorneys.
Recorder of Deeds

The following candidates won create jobs, preserve agricul- addressing important issues Tim Dukes
their primary race and now ture and address constituent in our state through legislation
have no opponent or had no concerns. and policy change. Age: 53 REPUBLICAN
opponent throughout the elec- Top reason for running: I want Hometown:
tion cycle and will serve the to continue moving forward on Laurel Scott Dailey
seat they filed for. important issues that impact
37th Rep. District our quality of life. Focus on Family: Mar- Hometown: Lewes
issues not politics, and results ried to Doro- Family: Wife,
not rhetoric. thy E. Dukes; Deniene
four children Education:
35th Rep. District 39th Rep. District Education: Bachelor's
REPUBLICAN Bachelor's degree, Uni-
REPUBLICAN Tim Dukes versity of
Ruth Briggs King degree, Uni- Delaware
Dan Short versity of Valley Forge Relevant
REPUBLICAN Age: 62 Top reason for running: To experience: Scott Dailey
Age: 68 Licensed real-
Jesse Vanderwende Hometown: Hometown: continue to represent the con- tor; managing partner Statera
Georgetown Seaford Homes; worked for Young Life
Family: Wife, stituents of the district, protect Top reason for running: None
Age: 31 Family: Debra their rights and things they provided
Married to Education:
Hometown: Stanley N. Seaford High value, and provide services Register of Wills
Bridgeville School; asso-
King with two ciate degree, Dan Short necessary to maintain quality
Family: Wife, University of life.
Taylor adult sons, of Delaware; certified health
Jared and consultant
Education: Justin, and Ruth Relevant experience: Owner
Agribusiness their families Briggs King of Short Insurance Associated
degree, Dela- Inc.; Delaware House Leader Sherrif
including six 2012-2016; House Minority
ware Techni- Jesse Whip, 2008-2010; former
cal Commu- Vanderwende grandchildren mayor of Seaford; life member REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN
nity College Education: Master of Science Seaford Volunteer Fire Depart-
in Human Resources ment
Relevant Relevant experience: I be- Top reason for running: None Robert T. Lee Cynthia Green
experience: Farmer and small provided
business owner; worked with lieve I am uniquely qualified to Age: 65 Age: 58
the Delaware Department of represent this district based Seaford Hometown:
Transportation, Department on my experience and success Family: Wife,
over the past nine years in the Family:
of Natural Resources and Lori L. Lee Husband,
Environmental Control and am Legislature. My professional
experience in both the private Education: Lawrence;
involved in many local organi- Bachelor's
zations. and public sectors provides me three daugh-
degree, ad- ters and two
Top reason for running: I have with insight and understanding ministration Robert T. Lee sons-in-law;
of many issues. I am selected
a strong sense of pride in our of criminal and three
community. I will work to pro- to serve on key task forces treasured
and have been successful in justice, from American Univer- Cynthia Green
tect the Second Amendment,
sity, Washington, D.C. granddaugh-

Relevant experience: Seaford ters
Police Department, 25 years;
detective for Delaware Attor- Education: Woodbridge High
ney General’s Office, 10 years; Relevant experience: Worked
Sussex County Sheriff, four
10 years as an elder caregiver
Top reason for running: To Top reason for running: I
am running on my record of
continue to provide excel- keeping taxes and fees low,
lent detail-oriented customer
service regarding document and I oppose a takeover of the
Register of Wills Office by the
service and sheriff sales to the

Declared Write-In Candidates

The deadline for declared Eveland and Peter Todd Farina
write-in candidates was Oct.
1. The following candidates for U.S. Representative: Andrew
state and federal office filed: C. Webb, Marvin Davis and
Paul A. Johnston
U.S. Senate
Matthew Water Stout, Barry Attorney General: Allen Jester


Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund in

October 2006, is a one-stop-shop for election-
related information. It provides nonpartisan information to
the public with both general and state-specific information on
the following aspects of the election process: Absentee ballot
information, ballot measure information (where applicable), early
voting options (where applicable), election dates, factual data
on candidates in various federal, state and local races, general
information on such topics as how to watch debates with a critical
eye, ID requirements, polling place locations, registration deadlines,
voter qualifications, voter registration forms and voting machines

An important component of is the polling place
locator, which enables users to type in their address and retrieve the
poll location for the voting precinct in which that address is located.
The league has found that this is among the most sought-after
information in the immediate days leading up to, and on, Election

Cape Gazette ELECTION GUIDE 2018 13



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14 ELECTION GUIDE 2018 Cape Gazette

Sussex Return Day is one-of-a-kind event

Every two years,
politicans gather
to bury the hatchet

By Ron MacArthur
[email protected]

It's an event like no other. Every elec- GEORGETOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY PHOTO
tion year, politicians gather on The Circle
in Georgetown to bury the hatchet. It's a PEOPLE GATHER AT SUSSEX COURTHOUSE to hear election results during an early Return Day.
tradition that could date back as far as 1791.
It's also a big party where people gather
to hear election results and watch one of Town crier Kirk Lawson will read election results from the Sussex Courthouse balcony.
the biggest parades in the county. Winners
and losers of each race ride together in GEORGETOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY PHOTO Army Old Guard Fife and Drums Corps At the end of the day, the chairs of Sussex
antique carriages and cars, putting an end from Fort Myer, Va., and the Wells Fargo County political parties gather on stage to
to the campaign. Bill Roth walks the parade route with one of Stagecoach. bury a hatchet in Rehoboth Beach sand,
his Saint Bernards. Roth, who passed away in including Don Petitmermet, Republican
Many downtown Georgetown busi- 2003, served Delaware in U.S. Congress from Riding in the stagecoach will be 6-year- Party; Jane Hovington, Democratic Party;
nesses shut down and switch into party 1966 to 1970 and U.S. Senate from 1971 to 2001. old Ryker Lyons and his mother and father, Wolfgang Von Baumgart, Independent
mode for the day. Brooke and Aaron. Ryker was diagnosed Party; and James Brittingham, Libertarian
Return Day events kick off at 9 a.m. when with Duchenne muscular dystrophy when Party.
The 103rd Return Day will take place all county mayors gather at the old courthouse he was 4 months old.
day Thursday, Nov. 8, with entertainment for the hatchet-toss competition. Arts and In addition, people gather on The Circle
that begins the night before. The Circle will crafts and organizational vendors and food The Corps is an official representative to score a free ox roast sandwich, a tradi-
be closed to traffic with detours in place vendors open at 8:30 a.m. of the U.S. Army and averages 500 perfor- tion dating back to the 1800s.
both days. mances a year. The musicians of the unit
Entertainment featuring Sussex County perform in uniforms patterned after those According to the “History of Delaware”
The first official record of a Return Day youth takes place from 9:30 to 11 a.m. on the worn by the musicians of General George by J. Thomas Sharff, written in 1888, Return
celebration – with many of the same tradi- main stage on The Circle. Entertainment Washington's Continental Army. In sup- Day is "one of the customs peculiar to the
tions carried on today – dates back to 1812. continues on the stage until 12:30 p.m. port of the president, the Corps performs people of Sussex, from time immemorial
That's when the General Assembly gave at all armed-forces arrival ceremonies for holding a high carnival on the day when
the state's three counties the right to hold The parade kicks off at 1:30 p.m. The visiting dignitaries and heads of state at the the results of the election are announced.
elections at local polling places. Prior to Circle is a prime viewing location, but White House.
that, residents had to travel to county seats hundreds also line West Market Street. “Booths, stalls and stands are erected
to vote. The parade starts at Sussex Central Middle Col. Terry Austin of Rehoboth Beach, a near the courthouse, where all kinds of ed-
School. Marine Corps veteran who is command ibles, such as opossum and rabbit meat, fish
Back then, ballot boxes had to be taken to chaplain at Arlington National Cemetery, and oysters, can be procured. The women,
Georgetown, and residents would travel to This year's grand marshal is Sussex will give the invocation. who constitute a considerable portion of
the county seat two days later via carriage, County Councilman George Cole of Ocean the crowd, are generously treated to cakes,
horse, or ox-drawn cart to hear the results. View, who is retiring after serving 32 years Parade announcers will be Jim Weller candies and the best the booths afford.
Return Day was born. representing District 4. and Colin Walls, hosts of a show on Dela-
ware 105.9 radio, and the parade master “In the tradition of the 19th century
Today more than 10,000 people crowd Bowden said highlights of the popular of ceremonies will be Steve Hammond of booths, ox roast sandwiches fresh from an
around The Circle for the event. parade include, for the first time, the WBOC-TV. Debby Jones is president of all-night, open-pit barbecue are distributed
University of Delaware Marching Band as Sussex Return Day Inc. to the crowd.”
While many of the old traditions still well as the Delaware State University Ap-
take place every two years, in modern proaching Storm Marching Band, the U.S.
times the reading of results is symbolic.
Everyone who attends to hear results read
by town crier Kirk Lawson already knows
who won and who lost on election night.

As far as anyone can determine, George-
town hosts the only Return Day in the
country. Sussex County Return Day Inc.
Vice President Jim Bowden said as far
back as 1860, the event was labeled unique
in a newspaper article in the New York

“Known only here, it has become an in-
stitution of the county, and is inseparably
connected with its history; it is essentially
the big day, and cannot be approximated,
in point of interest for numbers and no-
toriety, by any other. At early morn of the
day on which Georgetown is to become the
Mecca of citizens from every section of the
country, persons begin to invade the town.”

George Cole is grand marshal

Entertainment the night before on The
Circle includes the Jones Boys, Danny Pais-
ley and Southern Grass, Big Hat No Cattle
and the Funsters. Food vendors and beer
will be on site as well.

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Cape Gazette ELECTION GUIDE 2018 15

Vote on November 6 G ea


District 6 District 36 District 4

Ernesto B. Lopez Bryan W. Shupe Douglas B. Hudson [email protected]

District 18 District 37 District 5

David L. Wilson Ruth Briggs King John L. Rieley

[email protected]

District 21 District 38 FOR REGISTER OF WILLS

Bryant L. Richardson Ronald E. Gray Cynthia Green [email protected] [email protected]

District 14
Daniel B. Short
James C. DeMartino
District 40 Scott M. Dailey
District 20
Timothy D. Dukes [email protected]

District 41 Robert T. Lee

Richard G. Collins [email protected]

District 35

Jesse R. Vanderwende


16 ELECTION GUIDE 2018 Cape Gazette


■ Securing Sussex County’s fair share of CLEAN WATER:
State highway and infrastructure funding Working with local, state and federal
to reduce our traffic problems officials, obtained nearly $500M in funding,
including a USDA loan of nearly $40M, the
■ Fighting for clean drinking water for all second largest ever issued until that time, to
district residents build wastewater infrastructure and install
65,000 central sewer hook-ups from greater
■ Increasing access to medical care/ Lewes and Rehoboth areas and Angola,
medical practitioners Ellendale to Fenwick.

■ Protecting the environment--open space ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP :
and farmland preservation, wetlands and Coordinated the purchase of tens of
waterways protection, renewable energy thousands of acres of open space and
initiatives and a Flood Mitigation Plan for farmland, including the Ponder Tract in
Sussex County Milton and what is now known as the
Botanical Garden near Dagsboro
■ Setting Delaware on course to have a top-
flight educational and job training system EDUCATION AND JOBS:
Collaborated with DelTech Community
I’M RUNNING FOR THE STATE College to establish the Airframe Mechanics
Training Program at the County Airport
SENATE BECAUSE I believe in Sussex
Oversaw a balanced budget in Sussex
EXPERIENCE AND TRACK-RECORD TO County for 33 years, including 15 consecutive
FACE OUR CHALLENGES HEAD-ON AND DO surpluses as Finance Director


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