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Golden Home

Golden Home

come TRUE!


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Index About us


At your Service


Commercial Properties


Short Term Leasing




Legal Services


Technical Support


Golden Visa


Investing in Greece




About us


GOLDEN HOME Real Estate was established in 2011 and was based on
three simple yet solid principles: constant training, transparency and
teamwork. Executives from the field of real estate as well as from
other sectors were guided by these principles to create the most tal-
ented and active real estate group in Greece, known for its exemplary
service and solid results.

Development 5

Thanks to its innovative operating system, the Golden Home team
boasts an impressive expansion, having become the leading firm
on the Greek market with seven branches in Attica and many more
coming soon throughout Greece as well as in other countries.

The GOLDEN HOME operating network includes two special sec-
tions, which are both staffed with the most experienced consultants:
GOLDEN HOME Commercial (handling commercial properties), and
GOLDEN HOME Holidays (handling and managing short term leases).

A total of 28 sales teams, numbering over 650 of the most experi-
enced realtors, offer their services by making use of a large, constant-
ly expanding property portfolio, which covers the largest part of the
market’s demands.


Thanks to its firm principles and infinite creativity, the GOLDEN
HOME brand is soon to develop further, both in major cities and tour-
ist destinations in Greece as well as in other countries.

The real estate market demands top service and shall shortly enjoy it
throughout Greece, thanks to new GOLDEN HOME offices, a unique
electronic management system, well-trained staff, as well as state-of-
the-art technology. The big smile on our clients’ faces at the end of
each transaction proves that our efforts were more than worth it!


…at your service

The agents of GOLDEN HOME are constantly aiming to
achieve the best possible results for all their customers, re-
gardless of market fluctuations.

Due to an exceptionally innovative operational system the
company has evolved dramatically and in a very short time
has become the leading real estate company on the Greek

Our agents operate in all seven branches of the GOLDEN
HOME network in order to manage all the real estate de-
mands, as well as our enviable portfolio, which is constantly
expanding and covers the largest part of the market de-

Our experienced and qualified agents undertake:
• The purchase, sale and leasing of properties and land
• The purchase, sale and leasing of commercial properties
• The short-term leasing of holiday properties


g Over 650 Real Estate advisors focus daily
on your needs

g They undertake to promote 280 new properties for sale or leasing every day
g They recommend 350 properties for purchase or leasing to interested parties every day
g They collaborate with the owners and achieve the best ratio between price and size

of each property
g They are informed on a daily basis of any development in the legislation and the taxation

of properties
g They operate according to the innovative Golden Data platform, which is unique

to the Greek real estate market and accelerates the procedures to their maximum
g They handle all the real estate transactions with professional integrity


Management of Real Estate
Properties and Demands

v Up to now, over 320.000 clients
(owners and prospective buyers/
tenants) have placed their confidence
in us

v We accommodate more
than 7.500 clients per month

v We are the largest real estate network
with more than 48.000 properties

v We register at least 1.400 new
properties every month

v We manage 6.500 new demands
every month



Commercial Properties Network

Commercial & Industrial properties for every business!

The expansion of the Greek market has led the company to constitute the
qualified team “GOLDEN HOME Commercial”, with the most experienced
property advisors on the Greek market and the largest real estate net-
work of commercial property, with a portfolio of 9.000 purely commer-
cial & industrial properties.

Our company’s commercial property advisors (C.P.A.) operate in all our
branches, thus forming the GOLDEN HOME Commercial Property Net-
work, and follow the company’s uniform commercial property regulation.


Innovation: GOLDEN HOME Commercial never follows oth-
ers’ rules, but instead develops its own! We are a company that
breaks new ground, daring and attaining accomplishments that
most of our competitors envy, but those that go along delight in!

Our Commercial Team, with its qualified managers and agents,

• The Purchase and Sale of commercial property
• The Leasing of commercial property
• The Purchase and Sale of land in industrial zones
• The Leasing of land for commercial purposes

The board of directors, the managers and the agents of GOLDEN
HOME Commercial are permanently on the alert. Our next step is
the expansion of our activity all over Greece. This will be achieved by
agents that have received an excellent training, using a unique operat-
ing platform. Our final goal: A big smile on our customers’ faces at the
end of each transaction.


Short term leasing

GOLDEN HOME HOLIDAYS, a member of the leading group in the ad-
ministration of properties in Greece, introduces the short term leasing
of all kinds of habitats all over Greece to foreign markets.


We manage properties situated at waterfront or mountain destinations,
but also in urban areas, all year round, offering all-inclusive services and
support to owners, travel agents and travellers who are looking for a suit-
able accommodation for their trips or holidays.
The experienced advisors of GOLDEN HOME Holidays take all the nec-
essary steps in order to handle every short term leasing of property effi-
ciently. On a daily basis they assemble a wide variety of luxury habitats in
popular travel destinations in Greece, they undertake to promote them
globally, they administrate the bookings, and take care of every detail so
as to achieve hospitality and services of a high standard for their guests.

Service benefits towards owners

n Inspection and assessment of holiday properties
n Suggestions as to how to render the property suitable

for short-team leasing
n Professional photos of the property
n Global promotion of the property
n High profit when the property is not used as a summerhouse
n Leasing payment in advance
n Cleaning and maintenance service

Service benefits
towards tenants:

n Organising of the sojourn of the guests
n Basic accommodation free of agency’s

service charge
n Extra services upon request

Special extra services 15

n Organising of excursions and guided tours
n Airport & Port Transfers
n Chauffeur service
n Limo service
n Private chef service
n Catering, Gourmet food & wine supply
n Welcome, host and cleaning services
n Beauty treatment
n Events organizing
n VIP protection & Security services
n Yacht charters


Golden Home

If your cash does not suffice for the realisation of your dream...
If you need to hold back some capital for security...
If you don’t want to waste your time trying to get a loans approval...
... then let the loans executives of “Golden Home Financing” do the
dirty work!

We undertake the loan requests on behalf of our clients without
any cost, any commitment!

Loans for houses and commercial properties

u In collaboration with the largest banks in Greece
u At preferential interest rates
u With fast and simple procedures
u With the highest rate of loans approval


Legal Services Legal Support

Our legal advisors at GOLDEN HOME
deal exclusively with real estate prop-
erties. They are familiar with every
legal and tax development. As a result,
clients that put their trust in them not
only save time and money, but are
also confident that they are receiving
the best possible advice in obtaining a

Legal Protection
for the owner

Every owner has the right to protect
his property during a rental period.
GOLDEN HOME makes sure that
every client that has entrusted us with
managing the rental of his property
receives top quality legal protection.


Technical Support

Our company’s specialized Technical Advi-
sors and Authorized Valuators, undertake:

g Property valuations
g Company valuations
g Feasibility studies
g Machinery valuations
g Valuation of means of transport
g Renovation of properties at the

most competitive prices and
a 1 year guarantee
g Damage registration and budget
survey for the necessary repairs
g Energy certificates

BUY in GREECE - ENTER the E.U. 19


1. Set the standards
2. Choose the real estate property

3. Acquire the «GOLDEN VISA»

Why choose GOLDEN HOME Real Estate? assistance necessary for the acquisition of the
«GOLDEN VISA», without you having to worry
u Because GOLDEN HOME Real Estate is the about any part of the procedure. All you have to
largest Real Estate Group in Greece, with 650 do is choose the property that suits you!
experienced Agents all around Greece.
u Because so far GOLDEN HOME Real Estate
u Because GOLDEN HOME’S Agents manage alone has managed the purchase of real estate on
48.000 real estate properties, all of them updat- behalf of numerous non European citizens, whose
ed, among which you will easily find the proper- purpose was to acquire the «GOLDEN VISA» , and
ty/ies you are seeking to buy, so as to acquire we continue to do so at an increasing rate.
u Because through GOLDEN HOME Real Estate
u Because only WE can undertake, not only to you can buy a property in Greece at the same
find and purchase a real estate property for you, official price as a Greek citizen does.  
but also procure the legal, financial and technical

For a matter of such importance, SHOULD

Visit our website for further information


Invest in GREECE now!

Greece currently presents significant investment opportu-
nities, primarily in the real estate market.

n First of all, it should be pointed out that the real estate
transfer tax in Greece only amounts to 3%. This applies to
any purchase of real estate, except for those sold by the
constructor and whose building permit is issued later than
n In terms of the Greek real estate market’s progress, the
long-term economic downturn has kept the real estate
prices at relatively low levels, however, over the past few
years, we have seen a remarkable stability.
n In terms of buyers, we have seen an increase in demand,
which indicates that the real estate market is showing signs
of recovery.
n At the same time, the fact that the Greek economy no
longer depends on the financial assistance facility distinctly
marks an economic growth, which traditionally begins with
the real estate market.


Don’t think about it twice. Now’s your chance!

A high return on investment rate is now feasible for many se-
lected properties, while properties for short-term leasing, situ-
ated in strategic parts of Athens and in selected Greek tourist
destinations, offer an even higher return!
GOLDEN HOME Real Estate boasts the largest property portfo-
lio on the Greek market. With its:
n 650 experienced Agents
n 7 branches in Attica and on the Aegean islands
n and numerous Agents - Correspondents based at important
destinations all over Greece,
it can provide you with excellent service and can help you save
time and money.




The leading Real Estate Groupionf CGormeecpeanies

Attica area

Athens Southern Suburbs:
122 Vouliagmenis Ave., 167 77 Helliniko, Athens

+30 211 1052600, [email protected]

Athens Northern Suburbs:
7 Granikou St., 151 21 Maroussi, Athens
+30 211 1057900, [email protected]

Athens Center:
44 Vassileos Konstantinou Ave., 116 35 Athens

+30 216 5003900, [email protected]

131 Athinon - Peiraios Ave., 185 47 Piraeus
+30 213 0998800, [email protected]

Southern & Eastern Attica:
76 Kalyvion Ave., Lagonissi, 190 10 Kalyvia
+30 216 5003970, [email protected]


Aegean Islands

Evangelistraki, Mykonos Town

846 00 Mykonos
+30 216 5003980
[email protected]

Messaria, 847 00 Thira

+30 216 5003990
[email protected]

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