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Task 3 Digital Product



Presented by Nureen Syafiqah binti Mohd Razi


The uncommon gratitude for my speaker, Madam Noraini Binti Ghazali. The management and
backing that she gave really help the movement and perfection of the coursework for English for
Effective Communication that I do, which is writing an essay about how we become stronger when we
are faced with difficult times.

This assignment project made me realize the value of working hard to finish this task and as
another involvement with how to look through the internet which challenges my mind every minute. Not
to neglect, incredible appreciation goes to the remainder of my friends' companions that help me now
and again during the undertaking. The entire program truly united us to see the value in the genuine
worth of companionship and regard for one another.

To wrap things up, we might want to thank any individual who assists us with completing the task,
particularly my lecturer who guides me to make this assignment awesome. Without her, I can't
complete this venture task.


Life is like a wheel. "Difficulty is the time when we get into trouble and struggle in our
pursuit of happiness. People who have gone through post-traumatic growth have reported
positive changes in their interactions with others, greater respect for life, and new
opportunities in life ( Tedeschi, R. G., & Calhoun, L. G, 2004, p. 8). Overcoming hardship
has certain advantages. Hard times happen when we acknowledge our feelings and feel the
pain. From analyzing our weaknesses, accepting them wholeheartedly, and turning them
into new and better people, such a painful period is a growth spurt for someone who had it
hard. When we start to overcome a hurdle in our life, it takes more than courage and
persistence. So, one tries to be a new and better version of oneself but not everyone is
keen enough to go through everything, and some might give up in the middle of striving for
the best. Therefore, there are a lot of ways on how to become stronger when we are faced
with difficult times, which are to realize what matters to us, start to think positively and
believe in ourselves, and know all the obstacles are part of the process of healing.

First of all, we become stronger when we start to realize what matters to us. We started to explore more about
ourselves, and now we know what problems we need to solve. The problem should be solved by professional staff because
it will help us not get another problem. For example, we have mental illnesses such as depression. From the American
Psychiatric Association article, depression is a typical and genuine clinical ailment that adversely influences how you feel,
how you think, and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of bitterness or, in some cases,
a lack of interest in activities that you once enjoyed. Do we need a psychiatrist to help us? The psychotherapist will know
better what we need to do or what we need to ignore. If you start to know about yourself, you will love yourself more. How to
love yourself? You need to do what you like. For example, doing your favorite hobby is like writing in your leisure time.
Solving the first problem is the most important. From this standpoint, you need to do any work that makes you love (Boldt L.
G., 1996, p. 1). From that, we start to analyze what happened to us and what made us jubilant. So, you will not think about
your problem, and you will be stronger to adapt to all the obstacles that come your way.

Furthermore, we become stronger when we start to think positively and believe in ourselves. It happens when
we have trouble solving a trust issue. So, when we try to think positively about the problem, the problem will not stay in
our minds. ( Bowyer G. R., 2013, p. 8) says that “ thought stopping involve halting negative thoughts and replacing
them with constructive ones”. Bowyer said that we need to stop thinking with a negative mindset and start to think
more positively when things happen. We can never accomplish extraordinary things in our day-to-day existence if we
assume that we have a negative attitude and act skeptical constantly. Therefore, Friskney, A. (2018) we need to train
ourselves to have an optimistic mindset to be a positive person. Form Beginning with we should discourse, wipe out
regrettable expressions like "I can't," "I generally surrender," or "I'm *insert negative adjective*". For instance, we might
have wound up saying, "I'm sluggish. Also, attempt to abstain from whining no matter what. For example, If we are
working with an especially troublesome customer, attempt to see the experience as a positive test rather than a
negative circumstance. This will allow us to maintain a positive attitude while also assisting the customer in the most
beneficial way possible. So, when we started to eliminate all these bad words, we became stronger to face all the
difficulties that happened in our lives.

Besides, we become stronger when we know all the obstacles are part of the process.
The struggle is one part of life that makes us better people. The process of adapting to all
the problems is how we start to release all the things that happened and not be able to do
those kinds of things again. From the article APA Dictionary of Psychology, divorce may
influence well-being, with many individuals experiencing depression, loneliness, isolation,
self-esteem difficulties, or other psychological distress. From that statement, we realized that
all things happen for a reason and we put all the experiences as a challenge to keep moving.
So, if that kind of thing happens to us, we will be stronger and know what things we need to
do and avoid in the future. Have we begun to appreciate and comprehend all that life? We
should appreciate all things that happen and make the process an experience. We also learn
how to control our emotions as a result of all of this experience. As a result, that emotion will
not control us and cause us to do bad things like commit suicide. From the experience, we
become stronger and realize the reality of life.

To summarize, all the difficulties and problems teach us to do better next time
and improve our skills day by day. All the obstacles make us realize what's really
happening to us. Now, we started to know and explore about ourselves. Next, we
become a person that thinks more positively and believes in ourselves when the
problem comes. Therefore, all the obstacles are part of the process of healing. That
means the difficulty is the time to show our strength to adapt to all the things that will
happen for the rest of our lives. We should learn how to improve our skills in problem-
solving. So, these skills will help us in the future. Next, "I’d rather regret the things I’ve
done than regret the things I haven’t done."(Lucille Ball, 1947). Do what you want,
don't make the problem an obstacle to keeping moving forward. All the problems are
part of the process to give us more about life.


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Thank You!

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