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Published by Bethany Comstock, 2019-04-24 15:33:05

Antebellum Review Game

Antebellum Review Game

Review Game


What is the meaning of the term

A. Against a war
B. The time after the Civil War
C. The time before the Civil War
D. Before bed time

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Study the graphic organizer to answer the question.

Which title best completes this graphic organizer? Go Home
A Elite Class
B Independent Farmers
C Lower Class
D Skilled Workers

Which cash crop became important to South
Carolina’s economy during the Antebellum period?

A indigo
B tobacco
C cotton
D rice

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Which statement best explains why slaves were
important to planters?

A Slaves could grow many kinds of crops
B Slaves could work in the fields and their houses.
C Having slaves made them feel powerful.
D Slaves knew how to read and write.

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of
the independent farmers?

A owned small farms
B worked alongside their slaves
C lived in one room cabins with dirt floors
D sometimes were able to join the elite class with their

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Who invented the cotton gin?

A Eli Whitney
B George Washington
C Thomas Sumter
D Abraham Lincoln

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Who carried freedom papers?

A Independent farmers
B Enslaved African Americans
C Free African Americans
D Lower Class

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9. Which title best completes the chart below?

A Lower Class Go Home
B Middle Class
C Independent Farmers
D Elite Class

Green Triangle

Which statement best describes the middle class during the
Antebellum period?

A They usually did not own land, had few skills, and

sometimes hired slaves.

B They owned small farms, worked the land, and sometimes

owned a few slaves.

C They were large land owners, owned 20 or more slaves,

and often sent their children to private school.

D They usually lived in cities and towns, may have owned few

slaves, and were merchants, tradesmen, and

doctors. Go Home

Use the following chart to answer the question. Green Square

Which statement is TRUE about the chart?
A The slave population decreased as cotton production increased.
B Cotton production decreased as the slave population increased.
C The slave population and cotton production both increased over time.
D Cotton production increased while the slave population decreased.

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Green Rectangle

Which of the following is NOT a job that a middle
class person would have?

A plantation owner
B merchant
C tradesmen
D doctor

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Green Circle

The invention of the cotton gin led to what?

A the expansion of slavery
B the end of slavery
C the lower class acquiring more slaves
D the middle class moving out of state

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Purple Triangle

Which of the following is an effect of the invention
of the cotton gin?

A less slaves were needed to pick cotton
B more people realized slavery was wrong
C nothing changed due to the invention
D more slaves were needed to harvest cotton

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Which social class probably lived in this type ofPurple Square

A Lower Class Go Home
B Elite Class
C Free African Americans
D Enslaved African Americans

Purple Rectangle

Which was NOT effect of the invention of the
cotton gin?

A slavery expanded west
B cotton production increased
C slaves were freed by their masters
D plantation owners became more wealthy

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Purple Circle

What does merchant mean?
A. Doctor
B. Plantation owner
C. Salesman
D. Slave

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