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VJM Journal - May 2019

Volume 33, Issue 3

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VOLUME 33 VJM Journal
Farewell Class of 2019
MAY 2019

Oh very young what will you leave us this time
There'll never be a better chance to change your mind

And if you want this world to see a better day
Will you carry the words of love with you

Will you ride the great white bird into heaven
And though you want to last forever
You know you never will

And the goodbye makes the journey harder still...

-Cat Stevens
Oh Very Young

Page 2 Survey Questions VJM Journal

What Seniors will Miss Most… Favorite Memories
Friends Mini-Thon

The Close-Knit Community Senior Retreat
Spirit Day
Having Fun with Friends
Laughs Prom
Spirit Day
Thanksgiving Feast
Chicken Tuesday Plays

Tamika Winning States
Just ‘Cuz Day
Drama Club
Prom Gym Night
Advice For the Juniors
What Seniors will Miss Least… Turn in college applications early
Nametags Stay on Top of You Work
Don’t Give in to Senior Slide
Putting Away Chairs
The Bathrooms Have Fun
Do Your Best
Annotating Books Don’t Stress
Projects Spend Time on Yourself
Take Classes You Are Actually Inter-
Weekly Words
Calculus ested In
Believe in Yourself
Having to Get Everything Approved Become Involved
Going to School for 7 Hours Straight Study With Friends
Cherish Your Days
Modified Bell Schedules
7:15 AM Meetings Be Kind
The Grading Scale Don’t Take Things Too Seriously
Waking up Early

Senior Poem Page 3

Senior Poem by: Sarah Cahill and the Junior class Madison Buchinski is a master at playing the keys,
She will be a big part of our music memories.
Sam Agnew’s parents live with kangaroos,
If she stays uninjured, her team will never lose. Talia Carey always speaks what’s on her mind
we’ll miss her at Villa since she’s one of a kind.
Meghan Alexander our resident Jeopardy watcher,
When she’s at Notre Dame nothing will stop her. Alley Caro has a laugh you must share,
To see her in a bad mood is extremely rare.
This year's Valedictorian is Anne Jeanette,
Ardito Megan Connelly is the president we will never forget,
Good luck at Saint Joe’s, we know you’re all set.
Her trumpet skills and intelligence you can’t forget.

Jackie Armetta is full of heart and loves to row, Keeley Connor brought an Eagle to our school
She is going Barnard where she will be the star of the We can’t thank her enough for being so cool

show. Maeve Coogan, the best, always pleasant and able,
Good luck at Temple, much love from your PreCalc
On the track Alyssa Austin smiles the pain,
She’ll be a major star when she heads to Duquesne. table!

Arianna Barricelli is the star of every show, Geena DeAngelis loves to play lacrosse,
Off to Broadway she should definitely go. At Clemson, we know she will be a boss.

We thank Grace Borell for her dedication and impact, Erin Devine who is perhaps the sweetest senior of
And we know she’ll be the best Villanova Wildcat. them all,

Jacqueline Brady’s success at Villa is no joke, The hallway will seem less friendly without her here
Every rower knows she is an amazing stroke. in the fall.

With her smile, talent, and wit anyone can tell, Camila Drobac jumps at the tiniest sneeze,
Caroline Brandt will do amazing things at Bucknell. At Wake Forest, she will succeed with ease.

Page 4 Senior Poem VJM Journal

Kellett Fiscus is headed off to Pitt, Kaitlin Lawler is a master of artistic aesthetic,
She’ll do amazing things and never quit. If you try to out-draw her you’ll look quite pathetic.

Holly Gola is Villa’s volleyball superstar, Marina Lazaro with laughs that pour like a fountain,
At St. John’s she will really go far. We know she can conquer even the highest mountain.

Cassie Goldner is always one hoping for a snow day, Everyone know Juls Littley is an amazing setter,
Sometimes her coffee makes her go a little cray cray. We’ve never met someone who hurdles any better.

Brooke Gollmer is never afraid to speak her mind, With Lindsay Long’s creativity and drive,
And when it comes to filming or golf, she’s always on We know at Penn State she’ll thrive.

her grind. Mary Lynskey is off to Catholic U so her faith can
Bridgette Gomes can be trusted to be your M.D.,
Though during surgery, she’ll need a stool to see Hopefully, she’ll continue with her beautiful Irish
Alexis Hagan never ceases to make you smile,
You can hear her loud voice coming from a mile. Victoria Masciulli loves to talk about the highest court,
At E-town she’ll debate other students like it’s a sport.
Tracy Heinze is the most sarcastic girl you’ll meet,
In CYO volleyball, she’s always “bringing the heat.” Toni Mastrocco always has something funny to say,
and she usually sings it loudly throughout the hallway.
Kyley Hillegas really knows how to shoot the puck,
At Monmouth, we wish her the best of luck. Brooke Matteson is continuing her education in PA,
Nursing is her dream and we know she’ll do it, hooray!
Krista Hobbib would love to join the Avengers team,
She’s headed to UConn to follow her dream. Ally McDonald is someone who always prevails,
She is going to do amazing things at De Sales.
Gabby Hocker can throw a mean fastball,
St. Francis is where she will be next fall. Anna McDonald is the most curious girl,
Her smile and presence shines like a beautiful pearl.
Katie Irelan could outrun anyone at any time,
Whatever she does, to the top she’ll climb. Bridget McDonough is off to Immaculata in the fall,
she will wow with her brains and slay the soccer ball.
Akriti Jaikumar’s laugh is contagious,
How she naps on the old lounge couch is outrageous. Everyone here loves our girl Katie McKee,
There is definitely no one as kind as she.
Alexa Johnson will be a Greyhound in the fall,
She is sure to give life at Loyola her all. Nautica Merritt always serves us the best lunch,
We will miss her sweet personality so very much.
Eve Kelly is always up with the new trends,
We’ll miss her here and so will her friends. Cassidy Mihalik wants to be a successful and wealthy
Grace Kennedy loves the fast pace of the city,
At Stevens Institute she’ll succeed because she’s so Maybe she’ll make it a TV show or even a sitcom.

witty. Morgan Morawski is hoping to one day fly planes,
We know she can do it because she has the brains.
Lindsey Kirk likes to give old records a whirl,
At spirit day she was an awesome squirrel. Carolann Mullin is the biggest fan of Chik-fil-a,
We’ll miss you so much and wish you could stay.
Brianna Kling is known by all as BK,
She’s off to PSU, but we’ll miss her every day. Anna Needle would love to marry a Jonas,
When it comes to b-ball she is sure to own us.
We love to hear Molly Kraunelis laugh and talk,
We know she’ll rock out as a St Joe’s Hawk.

Senior Poem Page 5

Mackenzie Newton will be attending Loyola next fall, Sarah Shubert, the only tennis teams senior this year.
Her field hockey skills will be missed by all. Have fun at PSU and with your future career.

Samantha O’Hara is the president of everything, almost, Lauryn Stark is off to pursue a study of Pharmacy,
But she remains humble and is never one to boast. Her diploma will say U-Sciences, but she’d prefer a

As captain of the field hockey team Nicky Oxenford was Dundee.
We hope in your years here you’ve met Clare
Life here at Villa without her smile will be rough. Staudenmeier,

Our amazing superstar Samantha Pawluczyk, Her brains, heart, & talent will surely take her higher.
If you ever need a laugh she is your chick.
Alaina Tulskie is our senior who gets lost in her book,
Tori Petner is fond of smoothies with berry, She will always give you a comforting look.
She is off to Saint Joe’s, we hope that makes her merry.
Who doesn’t love Nicolette Tumasz,
Jenna Pintimalli always makes the whole room laugh, Her success at TCNJ will come with pizzazz.
When she’s at USC, she’ll go the extra mile...and a half.
Caitlin Ushkowitz will be off to ‘Cuse with her Star-
Natalie Puccio is very bubbly and entertaining, bucks,
She is headed to ‘Bama and she will do amazing.
We know she will be a CEO and will live a life of lux.
From the 215, Riley Regan always brings the heat,
Catch her at Chestnut Hill where she’ll be hard to beat. Music lover Alexa Vincze is Loyola bound,
Don’t forget Villa and come back around!
Leah Reso has a sharp wit and biggest of hearts,
She will do amazing things at the U of Arts. Serena Visco has great style, no duh,
She will always end her essays with “So yuh.”
Grace Ridgway will talk your ear off,
But you can’t beat her when it comes to golf. Maggie Wade loves to share her sarcastic view,
She will make lots of friends when she heads to Pur-


Sydney Riley is going to be one of the U Del Hens, Lizzy Wagner was the senior editor of Quintessence,
Don’t forget Villa and all of your fellow Jems. At Catholic U she will be an amazing presence.

Sabrina Rockelmann is always on the run, Macy Wenner will be studying in Philly,
At PSU, she will bring all the fun. Temple is her new home, which is anything but silly.

Alexa Roth is headed to Widener next year,
She’ll strive for success as she continues to cheer,

We will all miss our good friend Giana Santilli,
Full of laughter and jokes, she can be quite silly.

Tara Schmidt is off to the Happy Valley with many Villa

Get excited for the memories because there are many
more to come.

Mackenzie Seewagen is known to all as Egg,
She was in every show so we’d say “break a leg!”

Rachael Senyk will be a soccer star at HPU,
Always do your best and make some good memories,


Page 6 Destinations VJM Journal

Name: Sam Agnew Name: Jacqueline Brady Name: Maeve Coogan
College: Emory University College: Drexel University College: Temple University
Intended Major: Environmental Intended Major: Engineering Intended Major: Marketing
Quote: “I couldn’t even come up Dream Job: World Traveler
Science with a senior quote, let alone an- Quote: “Cool beans.” -- Maeve
Dream Job: Environmental Lawyer
Quote: “There’s nothing wrong with other one”--Me Coogan

having a tree as a friend.” -- Bob

Name: Meghan Alexander Name: Caroline Brandt Name: Geena DeAngelis
College: University of Notre Dame College: Bucknell University College: Clemson University
Intended Major: Chemical Engi- Intended Major: Biomedical En-
Intended Major: Nursing
neering gineering Dream Job: Physician’s Assistant
Dream Job: College Football Ana- Dream Job: Food engineer Quote: “Be a fountain, not a drain.”
Quote: “Anybody have tea?” --
lyst at ESPN -- Rex Hudler
Quote: “It’s the only life you got, Ally McDonald
so you gotta live it big time.” -- Big Name: Erin Devine
Name: Madison Buchinski College: Marywood University
Time Rush College: Penn State University Intended Major: Clinical Psycholo-
Intended Major: Elementary Ed-
Name: Anne Jeanette Ardito gy and Criminal Justice
College: Penn State (Main Cam- ucation Dream Job: FBI Analyst
Dream Job: Costume Designer Quote: “Welcome to the real world!
pus) Quote: “Oh really” -- Alley Caro It sucks. You’ll love it.” -- Monica
Intended Major: Biomedical Engi-
Name: Talia Carey Gellar
neering College: University of Rhode Is-
Dream Job: Film Director Name: Camila Drobac
Quote: “Now I am become sleepy, land College: Wake Forest University
the goer to bed” -- Robert Oppen- Intended Major: Nursing Intended Major: Health and Exer-

heimer Dream Job: Nurse cise Science
Quote: “Just beat the devil out of Dream Job: Physical Therapist
Name: Jacqueline Armetta Quote: “To thine ownself be true.” -
College: Barnard College it.” -- Bob Ross
Intended Major: Farrier Science - William Shakespeare
Dream Job: To be Gabby Hocker Name: Alley Caro
Quote: “Wait! Bill and Hillary are College: Duquesne University Name: Kellett Fiscus
related???” -- Gabby Hocker College University of Pittsburgh
Intended Major : Biology Intended Major: Political Science
Name: Alyssa Austin Dream Job: Physician Assistant Dream Job: Human Rights Lawyer
College: Duquesne University Quote: “Nothing is a failure; it’s or Nicky Oxenford’s Personal Assis-
Intended Major: Forensic Science just not supposed to work out that
way. Because something better is tant
Dream Job: Actress supposed to come along” -- San- Quote: “Just put something down.
Quote: “The only time I set the bar
dra Bullock Good God, child.” -- Ms. McBrinn
low is for limbo.” -- Michael Scott

Name: Arianna Barricelli Name: Megan Connelly Name: Holly Gola
College: Pace University College: Saint Joseph’s University College: St. John’s University
Intended Major: Marketing Intended Major: Communications Intended Major: Actuarial Science
Dream Job: Famous, duh! Dream Job: A professional Crossing
Quote: “You know, I’ve realized Dream Job: A mom
that I’m probably just perfect and Quote: “Be kind whenever possi- Guard
it’s everybody else around me that’s ble. It is always possible.” -- Dalai Quote: ”You played dodgeball? I
love dodgeball! Of, Course I was the

got issues.” -- Scott Disick Name: Keeley Connor ball.” -- Mike Wazowski

Name: Grace Borell College: Villanova University Name: Cassie Goldner
College: Villanova Intended Major: Business College: University of Delaware
Intended Major: Business Unde-
Intended Major: Nursing Dream Job: Business
Dream Job: Nurse Anesthetist Quote: “Do it for me one time. clared
Quote: “Fall in love, stay in love Dream Job: To travel the world
Go Birds.” -- Cre’von Leblanc.

and it will decide everything” --

Pedro Arrupe

Destinations Page 7

Name: Brooke Gollmer Name: Akriti Jaikumar Name: Marina Lazaro
College: Temple University College: George Mason University College: Franklin & Marshall College
Intended Major: Business/Film
Dream Job: Foley artist/bus driver Name: Alexa Johnson Intended Major: Pre-Med
College: Loyola University of Mary- Dream Job: Anesthesiologist
Name: Bridgette Gomes Quote: “I’m sick of this.” -- Me
College: PSU land
Intended Major: Political Science Name: Juliana Litley
Intended Major: Pre-med/Biology College: Lafayette College
Dream Job: Physician Dream Job: Talk Show Host Intended Major: Neuroscience
Quote: “That’s all I got...LOL I was Dream Job: Buffalo wing connoisseur
Quote: “All my life I’ve wanted, just Quote: “Creativity is intelligence hav-
once, to say something clever with- joking.” -- Kyle Kashuv ing fun.” -- Albert Einstein
out losing my train of thought.” --
Name: Eve Kelly Name: Lindsay Long
Robert Breault College: Pace University College: Penn State University
Intended Major: Biology - Pre-
Name: Alexis Hagan Intended Major: Business
College: Penn State University Dental Dream Job: Creator of my own
Intended Major: Economics Dream Job: Makeup Artist
Quote: Is everyone having a good Quote: “Life would be tragic if it makeup line.
weren’t funny.” -- Stephen Hawking Quote: ”It’s now or never so take the
time? -- Jack Hagan
Name: Grace Kennedy chance.” -- Colby Brock
Name: Tracy Heinze College: Stevens Institute Of Tech-
College: Saint Joseph’s University Name: Mary Lynskey
nology College: Catholic University of Ameri-
Intended Major: Biology Intended Major: Mechanical Engi-
Dream Job: Medical Professional or ca
neering Intended Major: Nursing
Actress Dream Job: Head of Mission Control Dream Job: Peds Nurse
Quote: “Hi.” -- Tracy Heinze Quote: “If you can’t take the heat,
at NASA get out of the kitchen.” -- Harry Tru-
Name: Kyley Hillegas Quote: “Life’s tough, get a helmet.” -
College: Monmouth University man
Intended Major: Health Studies - Eric Matthews
Name: Victoria Masculli
Dream Job: Pro Surfer Name: Lindsey Kirk College: Elizabethtown College
College: Penn State University Intended Major: Political Science
Name: Krista Hobbib Intended Major: Biobehavioral Dream Job: Supreme Court Justice
College: University of Connecticut Quote: “The universe has a weird way
Intended Major: Computer Science Health of working out if you let it.” -- Mr.
Dream Job: Marine Biologist or Trav-
Dream Job: Movie Critic Pacenski
Quote: “Part of the journey is the eler
Quote: “This too shall pass.” -- Name: Antonia Mastrocco
end” -- Tony Stark College: Saint Joseph’s University
Name: Gabrielle Hocker Intended Major: Biology
College: St. Francis University Name: Brianna Kling Dream Job: Doctor
Intended Major: Physicians Assis- College: Penn State University
Quote: “Anyone who has never made
tant Intended Major: Undecided a mistake has never tried anything
Dream Job: Professional Roller Dream Job: Billionaire new.”

Coaster Rider Name: Molly Kraunelis Name: Brooke Matteson
Quote: “There’s no need to call me College: Saint Joseph’s University College: Temple University
Intended Major: Nursing
sir, professor.” -- Harry Potter Intended Major: Biology Dream Job: PICU Nurse Practitioner
Dream Job: Pediatrician Quote: “Do small things with great
Name: Katie Irelan Quote: “All truths are easy to under-
College: La Salle University stand once they are discovered; the love.” -- Mother Teresa
Intended Major: Nursing point is to discover them.” -- Galileo
Dream Job: Labor/Delivery Nurse
Quote: “All our dreams come true if Galilei
we have the courage to pursue
Name: Kaitlin Lawler
them.” -- Walt Disney College: Savannah College & Art

Intended Major: Graphic Designer

Dream Job: Potato Farmer
Quote: “This weekend I found out
that Beyonce is the modern prophet-
so that’s good news.” --Mr. Pacenski

Page 8 Destinations VJM Journal

Name: Allison McDonald Name: Anna Needle Name: Riley Regan
College: De Sales University College: Penn State University College: Chestnut Hill College
Intended Major: Telecommunica-
Intended Major: Nursing Intended Major: Biology
Dream Job: Nurse Anesthetist tions Dream Job: Physician
Quote: “Ally,Ally,Ally,Ally,Ally.” -- Dream Job: Executive Producer
Quote: “Hold onto the memories, Name: Leah Reso
Katie McKee they will hold onto you.” -- Taylor

Name: Anna McDonald Swift College: University of the Arts

College: Covenant College Name: Mackenzie Newton Intended Major: Fine Arts
Intended Major: Mechanical Engineer College: Loyola University of Mary- Dream Job: Art Therapist
Quote: “Comparison is the threat
Dream Job: Stealing the Declaration land
of joy.” -- Unknown
of Independence Intended Major: Biology
Quote: “Ring Ring. Who is it? Desti- Dream Job: Geneticist Name: Grace Ridgeway
College: West Chester University
ny?! I’ve been expecting your call.” -- Quote: “When I’m dead just throw
Rhino the Hamster Intended Major: Undeclared
me in the trash.” -- Franklin Reyn-

Name: Bridget McDonough olds Quote: “Be fearless in the pursuit

College: Immaculata University Name: Samantha O’Hara of whatever sets your soul on fire.”
Intended Major: Biology with Pre- College: Villanova University -- Jennifer Lee

Med concentration Intended Major: Biology Name: Sydney Riley
Dream Job: Dermatologist/Pathologist Dream Job: U.S. Army Veterinari- College: University of Delaware
Quote: “Now that’s what I call weird.”
an Intended Major: Business
-- Gordon Ramsay Quote: “The best way to spread Quote: “Just a regular,degular,

Name: Katelynn McKee Christmas cheer is singing loud for shmegular, girl from the Bronx.” --
College: Drexel University all to hear!” -- Buddy the Elf
Cardi B

Intended Major: Finance/Business Name: Nichole Oxenford Name: Sabrina Rockelmann
Analytics College: LaSalle University College: Penn State University
Intended Major: Accounting and
Dream Job: Professional Vacationer
Name: Nautica Merritt Name: Samantha Pawluczyk Dream Job: Journalist
College: Bucks County Community College: West Chester University Quote: “Don’t smile because it’s
Intended Major: Business Market- over, cry because it happened.”
Intended Major: Social Work ing -Dr. Suess
Dream Job: Something that makes
Dream Job: Social Worker Name: Alexa Roth
Quote: “For those who are not here me happy College: Widener University
physically/mentally.” -- Mr. Wisniewski Quote: “I may look like I’m deep in
Intended Major: Nursing
thought but 99% of the time I’m Dream Job: Nurse

thinking of what I’m gonna eat Quote: “Be kind to everyone.” --
Alexa Roth
Name: Cassidy Mihalik next.” Bill Murray
Name: Giana Santilli
College: Bloomsburg University Name: Victoria Petner College: La Salle University
Intended Major: Special Education College: Saint Joseph’s University Intended Major: Nursing
Dream Job: IDK but to be a wealthy Dream Job: Pediatric Oncology
Intended Major: Chemistry
mom hehe Dream Job: Researching new Nurse/Business Owner
Quote: “Have you ever thought
Name: Morgan Morawski medicine you were in love but then realized
College: La Salle University Quote: “Thank you, thank you very you were just staring in a mirror
Intended Major: Business Systems for 20 minutes?” -- Kanye West
much.”--Elvis Presley

and Analytics Name: Jenna Pintimalli
Dream Job: Pilot College: University of South Caro-
Quote: “They misunderestimated
me.” -- George W. Bush lina
Intended Major: Swag

Name: Carolann Mullin Quote: “Eat more spaghetti to for- Name: Tara Schmidt
College: Temple University getti your regretti” -- Unknown College: Penn State University
Intended Major: Undecided
Name: Natalie Puccio
Dream Job: Chick-Fil-A Taster College: University of Alabama

Intended Major: Marketing

Dream Job: Being a CEO

Destinations/Should Have Page 9

Name: Mackenzie “Egg” Seewagen Name: Clare Staudenmeier Name: Serena Visco
College: Ithaca College College: Saint Joseph’s University College: Monmouth

Intended Major: Theatre Studies Intended Major: Accounting Intended Major: Dietetics and
Dream Job: Theatre Company Dream Job: Owning a Bakery Nutrition
Owner Quote: “When one door closes, anoth-
er door opens.” -- Alexander Graham Quote: “We are not held back by
Quote: “I didn’t know Mackenzie the love we didn’t receive in the
was a food.” -- Mary Lynskey Bell past, but by the love we aren’t ex-
tending in the present.” -- Mari-
Name: Rachael Senyk Name: Alaina Tulskie
College: Clarkson University anne Williamson

College: High Point University Intended Major: Computer Science Name: Maggie Wade
Intended Major: Exercise Science Dream Job: Pixar Tech. Director College: Purdue University
Intended Major: Statistics
on Physical Therapy Track Quote: “If you focus on what you left Dream Job: Sports Statistician
Dream Job: Physical Therapist behind, you’ll never be able to see what Quote: “I don’t like to gamble, but
Quote: “Obstacles don’t have to if there’s one thing I’m willing to
stop you. If you run into a wall, lies ahead.” -- Remi Gaillard bet on, it’s myself.” -- Beyonce
don’t turn around and give up. Fig-
Name: Nicolette Tumasz

ure out how to climb it, go through College: The College of New Jersey

it, or work around it.” -- Michael Intended Major: Computer Engineer- Name: Elizabeth Wagner
Jordan ing College: Catholic University of

Name: Sarah Shubert Dream Job: Imagineer America
College: Penn State University Quote: “People say nothing is impossi- Intended Major: Political Science
Dream Job: To be a professional
Intended Major: Business ble, but I do nothing every day.” --
Dream Job: Buyer for a fashion Winnie the Pooh otter hugger.
Quote: “People say nothing is im-
company Name: Cate Ushkowitz possible, but I do nothing every-
Quote: “Some people are so poor, College: Syracuse University
all they have is money” -- Chance day” -- Winnie the Pooh
Intended Major: Business

The Rapper Dream Job: CEO Name: Macy Wenner
Quote: “C’est la vie!” -- Madame Childs College: Temple University
Name: Lauryn Stark Intended Major: Health Services
College: University of the Scienc- -Chapman
Dream Job: Psychiatrist
es Name: Alexa Vincze Quote: “I live and breathe music
Intended Major: Pharmacy College: Loyola University of Maryland how do you spell breathe.” -- Lil

Dream Job: Actress Intended Major: Pre-Dental Peep
Quote: “Race cars don’t need Dream Job: Professional Skateboard

headlights because the track is Quote: “All you scholars do yo home-

always lit!” -- Lightning McQueen work.” -- Lil Pump

I Should Have..

Tried Harder
Spent More Time with Friends
Cherished Every Moment
Not Sacrificed so Much Sleep for Homework
Not Procrastinated as Much
Done More Service
Lived More
Eaten More Cookies
Taken More Pictures
Not Cared What Others Thought
Taken Fewer APs

Page 10 Faculty Farewells VJM Journal

“In 2-0-1-9, the days were fine…….
“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,

your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
and while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,

Yeah, this, is my wish.”

Thank you for representing VJM and the team with tremendous talent, dedication and

Juliana Littley & Sabrina Rockelmann
– you both skillfully hurdled your way through the crowds-

2019 *“sprint”cesses- thank you!
“I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,

and each road leads you where you want to go”

Katie Irelan
- you encouraged the “distance” in the team and your commitment filtered on to the field.

thank you!
“if it's cold outside,
show the world the warmth of your smile”

Clare Staudenmeier
- you were often an unsung hero who worked diligently on powerful individual events,

sharing your talents unselfishly. thank you!
“and if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose,

I hope you choose the one that means the most to you”

Alyssa Austin
- you always shared your dedication, diligence and determination

with a depth of expression. thank you!
“I hope you never look back, but ya never forget,
all the ones who love you, in the place you left”

Samantha Pawluczyk
- thank you for stepping up [quickly] and sharing your amazing talents with the team.

“I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you wanna go…”

Anne Jeanette Ardito, Camila Drobac, Emily Gauker, Brianna Kling,
Molly Kraunelis and Natalie Puccio

*you have left echoes in the heart of this team.
Each day was full of a promise that something special could happen.

I thank you and I will never forget. w/love, Mrs.M.

“But more than anything, Yeah, and more than anything,
Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake,
and always give more then you take.”

Faculty Farewells Page 11

To The Class of 2019

A Farewell Prayer
As you go my friend, you walk upon a bed of love,
On which our prayers are falling softly every day.
As you go, remember that our hearts will hold you close.
You’re treasured, and we will cheer you on your way.

As you go my friend, you travel with Christ at your side.
His light will show a path and be your guide.

As you go, be hopeful that you’re following your dreams.
We celebrate this new season of your life.
-Mrs. Holdren

“Life is amazing. And then it's awful. And then it's amazing again. And in between the amazing and
awful it's ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful,
and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That's just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing,
awful, ordinary life. And it's breathtakingly beautiful.” ― L.R. Knost

You're going to do great things & I can't wait to say "I knew you when!"
Always with love,
-Ms. May

With apologies to J. S. Parker's lovely haiku:

"Think of Villa, dream
of Villa, in colors that

do not exist."

Remember us, girls.
-Ms. McBrinn

I had an incredible first year at Villa and I have my seniors to thank for that. They are an exceptional
group of women and I know they will be successful in the future. Thanks for the many laughs and
- Mrs. Oakley

The years pass by so quickly,
You are ready to take on the world and do great things!

Remember your gifts within ….
I am so very proud of you!
-Mrs. Perez

Congratulations, seniors! We look forward to staying connected with you after graduation via
LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We can’t wait to hear about all of your future accom-
plishments. Stay in touch, and remember to continue to live by the words of Mother Maria: Always

more, Always better, Always with love.
-Villa Alumnae Association

EDITORIAL NOTE Page 12 Faculty Farewells

The VJM Journal is a To The Class of 2019
student publication. It is
created by the VJM Journal As you reflect on the 2018-2019 school year, it is my hope that only pleasant
staff along with the memories and wonderful thoughts come to mind. You have been a very spe-
students of the Media & cial class for me and my favorite senior class ever. Few teachers have had the
Journalism class. The opportunity and privilege to work with such outstanding young women- I con-
opinions present in the sider myself very fortunate. For some of you, I have had the luxury of teach-
paper do not reflect those ing you for two years. I will never forget you. Your class and all your collec-
of the student body, staff, tive efforts and outstanding achievements will serve as a standard for future
faculty or administration of classes. I will miss all of you next year terribly. In the future ahead, make an
Villa Joseph Marie High effort to remain close to Villa Joseph Marie High School. My sincerest wishes
School. Letters and
comments should be sent for years filled with love, health, laughter and happiness. Good luck!
to Mr. Pacenski. -Mr. Fitzpatrick
E-mail: [email protected]

I would like to thank my staff J.M. Barrie taught me - “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going
in Media & Journalism and the away and going away means forgetting.” Well, girls, I will never forget the
entirety of the Junior class for Class of 2019, and I am grateful for each and every one of you. I wish you
helping to put this issue to- smiles and laughter for every wonderful moment to come in your life, and if
gether. It is a tribute to the any storm clouds form and darkness rears its ugly head, just remember, “He
senior class, who are held by rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Quiet now. Be calm.’” I see you, and
all in the highest regard. I’m always praying for you. I can’t wait to see this world changed by your gen-

It is my fondest hope that this uine goodness. No goodbyes, just a heartfelt thank you!
tribute is worthy of the admi- -Miss McKeever
ration you all deserve.
Best Wishes. As you move into this exciting time in your lives, do not forget the steps you
took to get there. All of you found your way and made decisions, and now
Mike Pacenski you all have the opportunity to explore & enjoy the wonderful world that is out
Moderator there! Be grateful for what Villa has provided to you and to those who have
supported you along the way. I know you will all be successful in your future
Staff List
endeavors and remember we are all so proud of you.
Kylie Aquaro Congratulations!
Lia Caucci -Mrs. Bedrosian
Ava Costanzo
Emme Grasela I wish the best of luck to a most memorable senior class. You guys are the
Grace Hughes BEST!
Sara Jacalone
Nautica Merritt -Ms. Brooks
Gabriella Perotti
Natalie Puccio How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
Grace Ridgway -A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh)
Sarah Shubert
Anna Stollsteimer We wish you all the best as you leave these walls and go forth into the world
Rose Vizza that so desperately needs your kindness, talent, compassion, and love.
All our blessings,
Mr. Pacenski -Mr. and Mrs. Wisniewski
- Moderator
I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Remember to focus on creating
VJM Journal a long list of positive memories in life. Keep the not so great memories on a
short list. Do not hide from these experiences though. They help you to see

the best parts of all the items on your long list of great moments. Keep in
touch with your Villa family. Go do amazing things.
-Mrs. Carr

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