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Black History Month 2020 - McCollough

Black History Month 2020 - McCollough

John Arthur Johnson

1878 - 1946

Was born in 1878 and died in
1946.He was famous for
boxing.By the 1900´s, the 8´2
Johnson,who´d become known
as the Galveston Giant, had
made a name for himself in the
black boxing circuit.White
boxers would not fight
him.Burns, who had succeeded
Jeffries as champion, had only
agreed to fight Johnson after
promoters guaranteed him

By Callen

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

January 31, 1919 - October 24th 1972

He was born in 1919 he
died in Oct. 24th,1972.
Jackie is famous for
breaking the color barrier
in baseball. Jackie’s
middle name was inspired
by Teddy Roosevelt. He
also was the first person
to steal home base in


David Ruggles

1810 - December 16, 1849

David Ruggles .He was
apart of the underground
railroad,and helped other
people escape.He was an
abolitionist in New York.
And he even a white
person get help for the
underground railroad.And
he was a artist and drew
this picture.

By Hannah

Robert L. Johnson

April 8, 1946 -

His 6 children are Paige
and Brett. He was born in
Mississippi in 1946. He is
73 years old. He was the
first black person to be a
billionaire. He made it on

By: Maddox

Annie Malone

August 9th 1877-May 10th 1957

Annie Malone was born in
Metropolis, Illinois 1877
and died in 1957.She was
one of the first African
Americans to become a
millionaire.She also was a
mentor and educator for
Madame C.J Walker. She
was also an African
philanthropist.She was
best known for her mail
order beauty care.

By: Brynlee

Michael Jordan

February 1963 -

He was born in 1963. He
was famous for playing
basketball. He has 5
children for 2 marriages.
He held the record for
career regular record
season and career scoring
average play off.

Phillis Wheatley

1753 - 1784

She was born in 1753 her
death was 1784 she was
famous for First African
American poet to publish
a book in the u.s. She
wrote her first published
poem at the age of 13.

By Braylynn

Melvin Carter

1979 -

Melvin Carter was born in
Saint Paul, Minnesota 1979
and he is still alive.He is
famous for being the first
African American mayor of
Saint Paul.He is also
famous for raising the
minimum wage $15 per
hour.A generational deal on
the Ford Site,and is
launching a college savings
account $50 program for
every baby born after
January 1,2020 who lives
in Saint Paul.He is only 41
years old.
By; Katie

Serena Williams

September 26, 1981 -

Serena was professional
tennis player.American
tennis player who
revolutionized women’s
tennis with her powerful
style of play and who
won more grand slam
singles titles (23) than
any women or men
during the open era.

By Amira

Tyler Perry

September 14,1969 -

Tyler perry was born in
1969.he is famous for
singing.he was singing in
studios.Tyler Perry is
best known for his
signature.He is an
comedian and director.

By Emma

Muhammad Ali

1942 - June 3, 2016

He was born on 1942 and
died on June 3, 2016.
Muhammad Ali was
married 4 times and had
nine children. Larry
Holmes defeated Ali once.
Ali fought 22 professional
championship bouts!!

By Ivan

Violet R. Palmer

July 20,1964 -

Palmer was born on July
20 1964. (still alive)
Palmer was the first
female NBA referee. She
has been dealing with
knee problems.

By Cindy

Oprah Winfrey

Jan. 29, 1954 -

Oprah was a talk show
host and now she is a
billionaire in
California. She became
a anchor for the local
CBS television station
she was made a
reporter and co-anchor
for the abc news
affiliate in Baltimore

by Raegen

Jesse Owens

September 12, 1913 - March
31, 1980

James Cleveland Owens
was born on September
12,1913. Jesse is famous
for running his entire life as
a lifelong career. He is also
known for outrunning
Ralph Metcalfe on August
3,1936. He was also named
6th greatest North
American athlete of the
20th century and highest
ranked of his sport by
ESPN!! Sadly he died in
March 3, 1980.

By Michael

Maggie Walker

July 1864 - December 1934

Maggie Walker was born in
1864 and died in 1934.She was
the first African American to
charter a bank and serve as its
president in the United States .
She was a vice president and an
african american teacher and a
business woman. She started a
newspaper for the St. Luke
organization in 1902. She was
the oldest black owned and black
run bank in the United States.
She died at age 70. She had a
kind heart and was a hard

By Rose

General Benjamin
Davis Jr.

December 18, 1912-July 4,

Benjamin was born on
December 18 1912. He
was a famous being a
His dad was a military
office. He died on July 4,
2002. He died because of
the Alzheimer's disease.

By Ahmed

Gabby Douglas

Dec.31, 1995 -

Gabby Douglas is an
American gymnast. She
was the 2012 Olympic All
Around champion.She
was the 2015 World All
Around Silver medalist.
She was the first African
American to win them
individual all around
event. GABBY the end.

By: Tegan :)

Eugene J. Bullard

Oct. 9, 1895 - Oct. 12, 1961

Eugene was born in
October 9,1895 in
Columbus Georgia. He was
famous for being the first
black pilot in World War 1
but he died o October 12,
1961. He died from
stomach cancer at age 66.
His body was buried with
military honors in the
French War Veterans
Section of Flushings

By Evan.

Black Wall Street


Black Wall Street was a
event in 1906. Sadly it
got bombed in 1921.
Greenwood area in Tulsa,
also known as Black Wall
Street,was one of the
most successful and
affluent majority-African
American communities in
the United States. On
June 1st,1921 the Tulsa
Tribune had reported 9
white people and 68 black
had died in the bombing
and riots.

By Emily

Lisa Leslie

1972 -

Lisa Leslie was born in
1972,in Gardena. She is
still living.She is famous
for basketball,Lisa was
the first WNBA winner.
Lisa was a member in the
gold winning U.S.
Olympic teams in 1996,
2000,2004 and 2008.

By Reese

Angela Conley

Angela was voted into
office on November 2018
and represents district
four. Right in the district
she represents. She was a
former recipient of county

By Annie

Maya Angelou

April 4 1928, - May 28 2014

She was born on April 4,
1928 and she died on May
28, 2014. Maya was
famous for a
right and a poet.As a civil
rights activist Angelou
worked for Dr.Martin
Luther King Jr. and
Malcolm X.She was also an
educator and served as the
Reynold professor of
American Studies at Wake
Forest University.

By Brooke

Carole Anne Marie

May 8 1969 -

She was born May 8,
1969 in Detroit she is still
alive. She is famous for
first won the title of miss
Michigan USA in 1989.
She was the first
contestant from Michigan
to win the miss USA. She
also broke the five year
streak of winner from the
state of Texas.
By Isabelle

Walter McAfee

September 2, 1914 - February

Walter was born on 1914,
and died on 1995. Walter
McAfee is known for
being apart of Project
Diana. He is also known
for being apart of the the
Army Signal Corps

-By Sawyer.

Harold Washington

April 15, 1922 - November 25,

He was born on April 15,
1922 and died on
November 25, 1987.
He was the 51st African
American Mayor of
Chicago. Harold was an
American lawyer and
politician. He was a
member of the U.S. House
of Representatives from
1981 to 1983.

By Maksim

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