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Smart GML Dec 2019 - for print

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Smart GML Dec 2019

Smart GML Dec 2019 - for print

Vol 4: Issue 6
December, 2019

[email protected]
Be that difference, that ........... UNNEES BEESKA FARAK

GML, a magazine of RID 3142 December is designated for Disease Prevention and Treatment

The Doonmoon Connections 2


24th November - an eventful day. In the music, Rtn Col. Azeem Syed, held the mike
morning, at a medical education session at and crooned a soulful song. Even as he
Reliance Hospital, Koparkhairne, a specialist did it, suddenly collapsed. One moment
told Rotarians of the trials and tribulations he was there and in the jiffy of another -
of modern day urban living. Stress, he said, he wasn’t. The incident sent a shocked
plays an important role in making us do shiver up everyone’s spine. The daze was
things, but it is the way we cope with it that omnipresent. As the moments passed, the
decides whether we land up with BP, sugar fragility of what we call life flashed before
or depression. He stressed - we need to all of us. Do we take our life for granted?
take time out for ourselves for preventive
maintenance. Less salt, oil and sugar. More The gnawing hollowness hammered in
exercise. As we left, a concept haunted us - the message - Life is so so short. We don’t
Do we take our health for granted? have enough seconds to Serve Above Self
and Do Good In The World. Can we afford
Then to a prosthetic LN 4 camp meant for a to squander it on petty, selfish, egoistic
few, turned into a deluge of a thousand. The thinking and bickering. Smart Rotarians of
police had to come to restore order. Even 3142, as a first amongst your equals, I exhort
as we did much, in terms of the need, we you to Look Beyond Yourself, Kindle The
were not the tip of the iceberg, but just on Spark Within and Reach Within to Embrace
it. The massive demand for prosthesis was Humanity as we continue our journey of
benumbing. Veena asked me - Do we take the 2019-20, trying to be that difference that
wholeness that God has bestowed upon us for Unees Bees Ka Farak - and make the most
granted? of the moment granted to us - whether it be
at regular meetings, for TRF, Projects, Bharat
ROTAL - The last few senior singers were Ke Veer or Discon ! Lets seize that moment
to perform. A dear friend of Rotary and and just do it !

Dr Mohan Chandavarkar
Chief Editor & District Governor

doonmoon Nitrous Oxide In Rotary A wise man once said.....

Beloved, Charming, Handsome and
Dedicated, Committed, Effective and Cool
Descriptions of Rtns is this Khichadi byfar
Chawal Das Paiseka, Masala Rupaye Ka

IPP to PE : Listen to me ! Then only you’ll not repeat my mistakes.

Published by Dist. Governor, RID 3142, Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar | Edited & Designed by Sandeep
Sawant | For Private Circulation Only | Printed at Online Prints, Thane. All Editorial & Advertising
matter should be submitted to DS Dinesh Koregave at [email protected]

3 Veena’s Wishful ivaSva


When we started our nursing home In the late 80’s, a young non-SSC, unskilled
in 1985, we realized that the medical boy came to Apeksha. Amidst teaching him
curriculum never taught administration, soft skills, and ways of human interaction,
taxation, dietetics, communication skills, one thing I had insisted on, was that he learn
financial planning, HRD or training of staff. how to ride a bicycle, so that he could ride
We took the plunge in at the deep end errands for us. A while later, he left for better
and thrashed around for survival. What prospects. A few years down, he visited us.
we learnt was in online training on the Beaming, he said – he had applied for a
shop floor. Seeking, identifying, recruiting, police job. Amongst other things, they asked
training, and molding personnel then just candidates to ride a bicycle. He was one of
happened. Selfishly, we turned raw unskilled the few who could. He got the job. Wow!...
recruits into efficient, need based health knowledge or skill is never wasted.
care personnel - the by-product: many girls
and women transformed into nursing aides Aanchal Trust looks after mentally challenged
and mowshis. And we persisted even as individuals. They make them make rakhis,
we developed our own tag line Apeksha ... diyas, files, envelopes, bags, mats. But that
laboring to deliver excellence since 1985. produce needs an outlet, to generate income,
for the inmates to live a life of dignity. We
As I reflect, I am grateful that we could lend try to help do that, in a small way. I was
a hand in giving many, the opportunity to wondering, how we can collectively use our
lead a life of dignity. Today, skill development skills and knowledge to supplement their skills
seems to be one of the highest priorities by scaling up the model. Wouldn’t that be a
if we want to leave a legacy for the young knowledgeable and skillful Service above Self
demographic dividend of India. to the needy and underprivileged!

Dr. Veena Chandavarkar
(First Lady - RID 3142)


Getting through the busy season

After a colourful festival of Rotary Institute “DARE TO DREAM”
lights, our fellow Rotarians in convention organized from 6th to 8th Dec
D3142 were immersed in the in Indore saw top brass of RI and from all
festival of music and dance. zone of India to share information, exchange
ROTAL had not only kept host ideas, innovations, and changes within
club completely tied down for three weeks but its framework. “Challenges for the Rotary
also kept Rotarians from participating clubs Movement” elaborated by RI CEO Gensec
busy in singing and dance practices week John Hewko will ponder your mind about its
after week as the competition progressed. No relevance in the current environment.
doubt that highs and lows of this competition
are the main highlights of this issue. Besides, we had some interesting seminars
and projects such as Kuber II (TRF Seminar),
The second highlight is the convention on RYLA, Food Sensory workshop, LN4 project
19th Nov were global leaders convened at the and a host of service projects done by various
“Reaching the Last Mile” forum in Abu Dhabi clubs that have been featured in this issue.
to affirm their commitment to eradicate polio
and pledge $2.6 billion as part of the first I thank all smart presidents for their interest
phase of the funding needed to implement and timely response to GML.
the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s Polio
Endgame Strategy 2019-2023. Sandeep Sawant

Cover Story 4

World leaders pledge $2.6 bn for polio’s Last Mile

Countries and partners announce commitments to vaccinate 450 million children
against polio each year and to overcome barriers to reaching every child

Gates Foundation Chairman Bill Gates and TRF Trustee Chair Elect K R Ravindran are seen in this picture of global leaders at The Last Mile event in Abu Dhabi.

Several world governments and philanthropists pledged said PRIP and Chair Elect of The Rotary Foundation K R
$2.6 billion towards funding a worldwide polio eradication Ravindran. He led the RI delegation at the event and was
plan that has taken decades to reach what global health accompanied by IPPC Chair Mike McGovern and member
specialists say is now the “last mile”. The total amount Judith Diment, and Polio Director Carol Pandak.
required is $3.27 billion to support the Polio Endgame
Strategy. The “much-awaited pledging moment had world leaders
pledging a total sum of $2.6 billion,” he added. Apart from
The event, attended by global leaders, was co-hosted by the Gates Foundation’s pledge of $1.08 billion, Sheik
Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Zayed pledged $160 million. Other large sums came from
and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and was held the UK government pledging $514.8 million and the US
at the magnificent Louvre, the largest art and civilisation government $215.92 million. Rotary advocacy played a
museum in the Arabian Peninsula built in collaboration major role in persuading several governments to support
with the French Louvre. The meeting was organised the cause and pledge funds,” Ravindran told.
to express support in a tangible manner towards polio
eradication through the forum titled Reaching the Last Bill Gates endorses Rotary’s polio battle
The principal role played by Rotary in the End Polio
“It was a solemn one-day event open to only invitees initiative was endorsed by none less than Bill Gates in
and sans any frills such as entertainment and other an interview to Forbes magazine where he was hailed
diversions. It focused solely on the subject the whole as “both chief funder and fundraiser” for polio. Crediting
day, with authoritative presentations and discussions by Rotary International for leading the effort at fundraising
global experts on fields related to healthcare and polio,” internationally for ending polio, Gates said, “In almost

5 Cover Story

every country, Rotary has members. And that’s very, very The United Nations & Rotary
helpful to us. Those members have this commitment
that goes all the way back to 1988, well before the Rotary day at the United
Gates Foundation had any involvement in the polio fight. Nations is an important
Rotarians in India, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, United reminder of the historic
States and the United Kingdom had been effective in relationship between our
writing to and showing up to speak to their political organisations. We are building
leaders. And in those first few years, of course, things up to the 75th anniversary of
went really well and people thought we were getting close. the singing of the UN Charter
So, it’s great they’ve stuck to it, even as it’s proven to take in June 2020. Rotary played
longer than we first expected.” a critical leadership role in
the San Francisco Conference that formed the United
Making a pledge of $150 million on behalf of RI, Nations in 1945. Throughout the World War II, Rotary
Ravindran said, “As a spearheading partner of the Global published materials about the importance of forming
Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary has been working to such an organisation to preserve world peace.
eradicate polio for over 30 years. Rotarians around the
world have contributed more than $2 billion to immunise Not only did Rotary help influence the formation of
more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries. On behalf the UN, but our magazine - The Rotarian - played
of all Rotarians, I am thrilled to announce our continued, a leading part in communicating its ideas. Rotary
unwavering support and pledge an additional $150 million educated members about plans to create the UN
to the polio eradication effort.” through numerous articles in the Rotarian and through
a booklet titled From Here On!
What is the need for fund raising for Polio?
• Priority no.1 for Rotary International & Rotary When the time came to write the UN charter, Rotary
was one of the 42 organisations the United States
Foundation is to End Polio. invited to serve as consultants to its delegation at
the San Francisco Conference. Each organisation
• India can only be Polio free by continuous surveillance, had seats for three representatives, so Rotary
International’s 11 representatives served in rotation.
routine immunization & active NID participation.
We have a deep and lasting relationship with the UN
• T o make India polio free we have received generous that deserves to be celebrated and appreciated. To
recognize this relationship, Rotary will host five special
contributions world over, it’s now our turn to support events between now and June: Rotary Day at the UN
Afghanistan and Pakistan to be polio free. in New York on the 9th of this month; three presidential
conferences next year in Santiago, Paris and Rome; and
• I n 2017 the total numbers of polio cases in a final celebration just before the Rotary International
Convention in Honolulu.
Afghanistan and Pakistan was 22, for 2018 it was 33
and in 2019 it has already crossed 88. It’s time we The focus on the UN in the year ahead is not only about
deploy resources to eradicate polio forever. the past; it also lights a path to our future. There are so
many parallels to be achieved, but only if undertaken
• On 19th Sept 2019, Philippines declared an outbreak of with the same long-term commitment and tenacity that
Rotary understands so well.
polio. 2 cases were reported, both caused by vaccine -
derived polio virus type (VDPV2). Alone, we cannot provide clean water for all, we cannot
eliminate hunger, we cannot eradicate polio. But
• We need funds to immunize more than 450 million together with partners like United Nations, of course we
children in 60 countries every year.
Mark Daniel Maloney
• F unds required to pay for approximately 1,50,000 RI President

polio workers and surveillance activities in around 70

Fund Raising Goal: The goal for the year 2019-20 is 50
million USD. Each District would contribute 20% from their
surplus DDF. Each club would receive a Special Polio fund
raising scheme at the earliest wherein they try to achieve
1500 USD at the least.

The Rotary International 6

Dare to Dream

. . . 2019 Rotary Institute, Indore: 6th - 8th December 2019

The cool breeze that went across the seminar & dinner were held. but light each one’s candle to dispel the
wintry warm sunlight, made it the perfect gloom.
venue: Indore, the erstwhile capital of the The top brass of RI was represented
Holkar dynasty, was the chosen venue by RI President Mark and Gay Maloney, DGN Dr Mayuresh & Anjali Warke
for the 2019 Rotary Institute. The city RIPN Shekhar and Raashi Mehta, TRF were aides to RI Gen Sec John &
has also been declared as the cleanest Trustees Seiji Kita, Jennifer Jones, and Marge Hewko, PDG Dr Chandu & Ruta
city in India for the last three years in Gulam Vahanvaty, Past RIPs Raja & Kolvekar were aides to Dr Prakash &
running. Convened by RI Director Dr Usha Saboo, Kalyan & Binota Banerjee, Dr Mandakini Amte. PDG BM Sivarraj
Bharat Pandya, Chairman PDG Raju and K & Vanathi Ravindran, supported attended the District Trainer training
Subramanian, and coordinated by by a galaxy of past, present and future and DGE Dr Sandeep Kadam & Dr
D3040, at the Brilliant Convention Centre, district governors. Chairman Raju Ranjana completed graduation at the
a state-of-the-art facility that could welcomed everyone saying… may all who GETS. In the pillarless, acoustically
comfortably accommodate around 1000 come here as guests leave as friends. sensitive, aesthetic auditorium,
delegates from 40 South Asia districts RID Dr Bharat Pandya enunciated new delegates were seated in well-arranged
of RI Zone 4,5,6,7 and RI/TRF invitees. innovations added to the continuing round tables. The momentous occasion
District Rotaract Representatives (D ones in the zones - Koffee with Bharat saw many an interlude Kathak fusion
3142 DRR Nikita Ghamande was one and Rendezvous with Kamal: tête-à-tête dances by Ragini Makkar’s troupe,
of the invitees) were also registered, with DGs, monthly webinar sessions, tie along with side attractions of European
complimenting the RI BOD decision to up with Fairfax Foundation for dialysis acrobatic gymnasts, quick change
elevate Rotaract as part of RI, and not machines. District International Service German artistes and the Duo Kvas from
be just a program of RI. Prior to this Chair Seminars, Regional Coordinator Ukraine. Torchbearer DGs 2019-20
Governor Elects Training Seminar, Mid- meetings, the 2 Drop-2 Dollar initiative, batch (including DG Mohan& Veena)
year DG review, DGN orientation and TRF and the Positive Health Project. He sang We are the World inaugural song.
exhorted all not to curse the darkness RID Kamal Sanghvi introduced the

7 The Rotary International

Kochi Institute which had a finale dance activist worth Rs 400 crores), when he thinks about how to increase
by Torchbearers 1st Ladies (which Ravishankar Dakoji (Kotinati - Rs 1000 Rotary membership. Tongue in cheek
included 3412 Dr Veena). crore tree plantation drive), Rescue he referred to the 2 Indian directors as
Foundation, and Sadhvi Bhagwati the good cop - bad cop - which one is
Smriti Irani, Central Cabinet Minister for Saraswati. Panel discussions were which, you decide he said. 2018-19 RI
Textiles and Women & Children, Madhya held on RI, TRF, Rotaract and Regional awards were given. D3141 IPDG Shashi
Pradesh, Chief Minister Kamalnath coordinators. Across the audience Sharma picked up a fair share of them.
and Mayor of Indore Malini Gaur, everyone had reservations regarding IPDG Dr Ashes Ganguly accepted the
addressed the audience. PRIP Raja the drastic changes that are being TRF trophies for - Rank 2 Maximum Per
Saboo was given the Selfless Service contemplated about Rotaract. Capita Annual Fund Contribution and
to Rotary award, PRID Ashok Mahajan 100% Club Participation on behalf of
was bestowed upon with the Polio Plus In his address, RIP Mark Maloney D3142.
Pioneer Award. Rtn Shekhar Mehta was dealt with TRFs six focus areas, the
felicitated for his RIPN status. Dream Strategic plan, Grow Rotary concept, Overall a beautifully designed, well
Awards were given to many unique and role of family involvement. He envisaged, brilliantly executed and
individuals - Vikram Agnihotri (double appealed to all Rotarians to use their satisfying time for all delegates. Many
hand amputtee car rally driver), Uttam power to harness the connect with the of them, beside the Institute went for
Sanjel (creator of a host of affordable community. His best times in Rotary the famed Maheshwari saree shopping,
schools), Manasi Joshi (Gold medallist is when he meets Rotarians and takes assorted sweets and farsan as street
Badminton - Paralympics), Dr Prakash pictures with them. His worst - when he food at Sarafa at night and celestial
Amte (Social Changer), Dnyaneshwar must deal with lengthy election issue visits to jyotirlinga sited temples of
Bodke (revolutionary organic farmer emails. He said he has sleepless nights Mahakal (Ujjain) and Omkareshwar.

Challenges for the Rotary Movement

RI CEO - Gensec John Hewko’s talk at the Rotary Institute, Indore

Handling staff of 800 in 8 offices internationally (RISAO Delhi is one such), a USD 450 million annual budget and assets of USD 1 billion, CEO/
Gensec John Hewko (hails from Ukraine) was grilled on the hot seat by RID Dr Bharat Pandya. He eruditely came out with clear thinking, straight
forward, hard hitting, down to earth, practical and sensible critiques. Here’s an adaptation - as to what he said were the challenges of the future:
SIX - Relevance, Speed of Change, Discontinuity, Vacuum after Polio, Regionalisation and How to make Rotaract inclusive.

RELEVANCE: Every organisation begins, grow, progresses, thrives, plateaus and declines. We seem to be on the decline, if not at the plateau.
Corrective actions are needed lest we face the same fate as Kodak - who couldn’t adapt. Today Rotarians seem to prefer the grime of hands on
work against the speaker driven regular meetings.

SPEED OF CHANGE: The world is changing rapidly as technologies sweep in. What used to take 5 weeks now is done within 5 minutes. Adaptability
is the key - social media, political scenarios, community needs are altering at incredible paces. Are we nimble enough to deal with it?

DISCONTINUITY: The USP of Rotary fundamentally is annual change - the president, the BOD, the outlook - in short discontinuity. Every new
team reboots the system. But continuity is necessary to thrive. So can we find a balance?

VACUUM AFTER POLIO: The Polio campaign right from conception to delivery was stupendous. As Polio leaves is left a vacuum - now what?
Can Polio continue to stimulate and thrill the Rotarian. If not, what will?

(Chief Editor: South Asia seems to be in sync with reality, with an eye on the future : Eradication of Illiteracy though RILM - Rotary International
Literacy Mission; Solving water, sanitation and hygiene issues through RIWM - Rotary International Water Mission and addiction issues through RIDM
- Rotary International Deaddiction Mission)

REGIONALISATION: We are a one product worldwide company. Can we continue to believe that one size will fit all. Regionalism, cultures,
modes, taboos, language, biases play out their role. We have RYE / Fellowship / Global grants/ Internationality - but is that glue enough to hold
the fabric of Rotary?

(Chief Editor: eg Rotaract is in the eye of a storm. Western thinking believes that the age limit be scrapped, Rotaractors to pay fees, they come into
RI data base, they can form clubs without RC supervision. Almost all South Asia believe in just the opposite. In India, Rotary is thriving, elsewhere
seems to be declining!)

HOW TO MAKE ROTARACT INCLUISVE: How are we going to operationalize the Rotaract movement change? How do we circle the squares?

(Chief Editor: We in Rotary seem to be at a crossroad, very much like Hamlet in Denmark, Evanston struggling - To Change or Not To Change)

Smart Event 8


This festive season D3142 saw enthusiastic
performers from different generations
completing in an enjoyable battle of dance and
singing at ROTAL 2019 that spanned over three
weeks. Over 300 participants made it a great
fellowship event to showcase their talents.

ROTAL, an innovative platform
devised by PP Deepak Patkar of RC
Worli in 1993 offered every Rotarian
and his family an opportunity to
showcase their talent in the field of
singing and dancing. Late Ashwini
Tambe RC Thane was instrumental
in making ROTAL a huge success
over the years. After RC Thane other
clubs including RC Thane Hills, RC
Thane Premium, RC Thane Skyline
shouldered the responsibility of
successfully hosting ROTAL. And for
2019, the baton was passed on to RC
Thane Green City (SP Prachi Vaidya).

AC Sucheta Rege (RC Thane Hills) our DG Mohan and First Lady Veena
has been a part of ROTAL organising on a peppy number. The first day saw
for many years and was aware of all a record 70 performances in solo,
the intricacies involved in ROTAL. She pairs and group dances out of which
made the team understand and assess 28 made it to the finals.
all pros and cons involved that helped in
boosting the confidence. The convener Then came the Antakshari were
Rtn Prasad Tendulkar (RC Thane Green participants battled over 2 hours
City) spent many sleepless nights to through 8 rounds. The team members
make the event a success. were chosen randomly by lottery from
the list of registrations and few spot
Some of the achievements of this entries.
year’s ROTAL hosting was that all
registrations were done online only. Meticulous planning by Rotary Ann
Secondly, Antakshari was introduced Tejal with support from Rtn Aparna,
for the first time in a different format Rtn Poonam saw the event going
which required not only knowing through smoothly.
songs but an in-depth knowledge
about Bollywould, actors, actresses,
movies, and much more.

Inauguration - 16th Nov

The inauguration ceremony was
marked by a dance performance of

9 Smart Event

Singing Elimination - 17th Nov
Managing schedules of over 220
participants for singing was a
challenge. There were some brilliant
performances, emotions ran high as
the competition was underway. At the
end of the day, the host team could
finish around 190 performances and
around 15 were pushed to 24th Nov,
just before the semis. Around 100
made it to the semis.
Singing Semi finals - 24th Nov
Despite the best efforts to stick to
the timelines, the day dragged on
for 2 hours beyond the schedule. In
another shocking incident towards
the end of the day, Rtn Colonel
Azimuddin Syed in the middle of his
performance collapsed due to cardiac
arrest. He was rushed to the nearest
hospital. However, while setting up
the Antakshari Finals, we got the
sad news that Azimuddin Syed was
no more. DG Mohan called off the
program for the remainder of the
day. The next day his Club members,
members of the Rotal organising

Smart Event 8

committee and other Rotarians Judges
helped the family to complete the last
rituals. RIP Rtn Azimuddin Syed, our 16th Nov Dancing Sangeeta Londhe & Vaishnavi Agnihotri
deepest and heartfelt condolences to
his family. 16th Nov Antakshari Vicky Jadhav & Raja Ranade

Antakshari Finals - 29th Nov 17th Nov Singing Mohan Sinha & Sangeeta Shembekar

The Antakshari finals turned into a 24th Nov Singing Shriram Narsule & Shruti Kale
roaring success with over 80 people
in audience. SA1, GA, DHA and SA2 29th Nov Antakshari Vicky Jadhav & Raja Ranade
teams competed right till the end
with DHA team led by Mandar Joshi 1st Dec Singing Shurjo Bhattacharya & Sonali Dhapre
declared as winners and SA1 led by
Neha Nimbalkar close on their heels 1st Dec Dancing Dipti Vohra & Sanika Purohit
coming in second.

Finals - 1st Dec
Links for photographs for 16th Nov and 1st Dec Pics
It was a fantastic show put up by
the finalists. The best singers and
dancers from across District 3142
put up a show worthy of the SMART
ROTAL 2019. All dance participants
had really worked hard on practising
their moves as well as their costumes
and there was a colourful array of Musicians
Rotarians who set the stage on fire.
Vkeys Media & entertainment. Mr Vikas Jadav (Event organiser)
There were special prizes in memory
of the Late Ashwini Tambe sponsored Sudhakar (Marathi keyboard player)
by the host club and Late Azimuddin
Syed sponsored by his home club RC Faraz Shaikh (Hindi keyboard player)
Satelite City Navi Mumbai for the Best
Emerging Talent (Female and Male). Sahil (Guitarist)

The award ceremony had DG Mohan Matloob (Dholak/Tabla/pad player)
Chandavarkar, First Lady Veena, DGE
Sandeep Kadam, DGN Mayuresh Hasmukh (Drummer)
Warke and other senior Rotarians
including Kailash Jethani, Vikram Rohan (Drummer)
Mane, Neha Nimbalkar who gave
away about 85 awards in nearly 42 Rajnish (Sound Engineer)
categories of singing, dancing and

9 Smart Event

Winners - Singing


Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Male 6 to 12 Yrs Shreyas Marathe (Th Premium) Suraj J Patil (Domb West)
Kevin Manjaly (Thane)
Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Male 13 to 18 Yrs Hrishikesh Kumbhar (Domb West) Mandar Joshi (Thane)
Satish Kamat (NM Indu Area)
Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Male 19 to 35 Yrs Rigwed Madhiwale (Th North End) Akanksha Mendon (Th Hills)
Garima Gayakwad (Th Paradise)
Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Male 36 to 50 Yrs Rahul Deshpande (Th West) Rachna Kelkar (Th Midtown)
Deepali Mahapatra (Domb West)
Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Male Above 50 Yrs Shrirang Dante (Th Hills) Sharmila Madhiwal (Th North End)

Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Female 6 to 12 Yrs Aditi Koyande (Th Angels) Shrirang Date & Deepashree Shanbag (Th Hills)

Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Female 13 to 18 Yrs Aditi Khandelwal (Th North End) Rahul Deshpande (Th West)
Pushan Vaidya (Th Green city)
Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Female 19 to 35 Yrs Deepashri Shanbag (Th Hils) Vidya Krishna Patil (Domb West)
Apoorva Puranik (Thane)
Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Female 36 to 50 Yrs Kavita Talekar (Th Horizon) Jayashree Athawale (Domb Uptown)
Dhanashree Sabnis (Th Hills)
Light Vocal-Hindi Solo Female Above 50 Yrs Ameeta Damle (Thane) Namrata & Shrirang (Th Hills)

Light Vocal-Hindi Duets Up to 35 Yrs Pratik and Kevin (Th Hills)

Light Vocal-Hindi Duets 36 Yrs & Abv Rahul Deshpande & Sagar Jaywant (Th West)

Light Vocal Marathi Solo Male 19 to35 yrs Rigwed Madhiwale (Th North End)

Light Vocal-Marathi Solo Male 36 to 50 Yrs Mandar Joshi (Thane)

Light Vocal-Marathi Solo Male Abv 50 Yrs Jagdish Chaphekar (Th Midtown)

Light Vocal-Marathi Solo Female 13 to 18 Yrs Garima Gaekwad (Th Paradise)

Light Vocal-Marathi Solo Female 19 to 35 Yrs Deepashri Shanbag (Th Hills)

Light Vocal-Marathi Solo Female 36 to 50 Yrs Deepali Mahapatra (Domb West)

Light Vocal-Marathi Solo Female Abv 50 Yrs Sunanda Gokhale (Domb West)

Light Vocal-Marathi Duets 36 Yrs & Abv Jagdish & Geeta (Th Midtown)

Group Song - Hindi/ Group All Ages Thane Midtown, Thane Angels, Thane North
Marathi end, Thane Hills

Winners - Dance & Antakshari


Dance Solo Male 6 to 12 Yrs Kiaan Chatrath (Th Skyline)

Dance Solo Male 13 to 18 Yrs Abheer Kulkarni (Th Newcity)

Dance Solo Male 19 to 35 Yrs Srujan Palaskar (Th NewCity)

Dance Solo Male 36 to 50 Yrs Amit Chaudhary (Th Hills) Dr. Pratil Sathe (NM)

Dance Solo Male Abv 50 Yrs Rajendra Zende (Th Midtown)

Dance Solo Female 6 to 12 Yrs Chaitali M Joshi (Thane) Sanika Sharma (Th North End)

Dance Solo Female 13 to 18 Yrs Hitanshi Hinduja (Th East) Pradnya Gorpekar (Domb West )

Dance Solo Female 19 to 35 Yrs Shalaka Wani (Th North end) Prajakta Purohit (Th Green City)

Dance Solo Female 36 to 50 Yrs Varsha Khedekar, Anjali Joglekar Sandhya Lad (Kalyan Riverside)

Dance Solo Female Abv 50 Yrs Poonam Sudeep Lama (NM Bayside) Anju Nardekar(Th Skyline)

Dance Pair Up to 16 Yrs Akanksha Khandale, Pradnya Ghorpekar (Domb West) Aishni Kadgaonkar/Sanika Sharma (Th North End)

Dance Pair 17 to 35 Yrs Noopur & Subroto (Th Hills) Saili & Rahul Shah (Th Noth)

Dance Pair 36 Yrs & Abv Pushan & Poonam (Th Greencity) Ranish & Pranjul Jaiswal (Th Hills)

Dance Group Up to 16 yrs Anuja Dnyaneshwar Patil (Domb West)

Dance Group 17 to 35 Yrs Noopur & Grp (Th Hills) Karishma & Grp (Thane)

Dance Group 36 Yrs & Abv Aparna Walanj & Grp (Th Greencity) Mandar Joshi & Grp (Thane)

Antakshari DHA group: Mandar, Geeta Chaphekar, Madhavi Kulkarni, SA1 group: Susha, Neha, Nita Palani, Shreyasi Mulye
Ashish Vaidya

Service Projects 8

Food Sensory Workshop for Visually Challenged youngsters

The study has proven that compared with the normal division and our Rotaractors helped the Visually challenged
sighted, visually challenged or blind have increased participants. Around 15% of children were identified as
thresholds for taste detection and taste identification. The SUPER TASTERS. This was followed this with an intensive
psychometric data further indicate that blind more strongly workshop and training by Ms. Priti Sabarwal from TagTaste
rely on internal hunger and satiety cues, instead of external India and Chef Varun Gulati from Newly Weds showcasing
contextual or emotional cues, to decide when and what all the elements of food sensory and description with
to eat. This could open new vistas to visually challenged practical examples for all children. The final round was
youngsters to find suitable jobs in the food industry. supported by BURGER KING India by providing 120 Paneer
burgers for tasting and evaluation. Total 90 Participants
To bring these opportunities to the doorsteps of Thaneites, were given certificates.
RC Thane East (led by SP Sudha Shankarnarayan) with
support from NEWLY WEDS (a Multinational American
Food Seasoning and Flavour company), collaborated with
Tag Taste (a food research and marketing company) to
conduct a new vocational workshop on Food Sensory
for visually challenged yousters on 16th Nov at Vaze
College. Three Trainers flew in from Delhi specially for the

Snehankit founder Mrs. Parimala Tai and Mrs. Rita
from NAB along with their students participated in the
program. 40 PG students of Vaze college Perfumery

LN4 Project by RC Hiranandani Estate

Taking lead for the Smart Project of LN4, RC Hiranandani Hiranandani Foundation School, Holy Trinity English High
Estate (led by SP Dr Namrataa Srivastav) in association School ,Hiranandani Administration Team, Thane Police,
with RC Poona Downtown & supported by RC of Kalyan (led Sankalp Exports, Innerwheel club of Hiranandani Estate,
by SP Jitesh Kariya) conducted a camp for LN4 Prosthetic Rotaractors, Interactors, Technical team, family, friends &
Hands on 24th Nov 2019. A successful propaganda was well-wishers for their unending association & FM Rainbow
made through an apt video (done by RCHE PP Roopali 107.1 to take us on air, our camp moments.
Deshpande) that went viral on social media and the club
surpassed 100+ pre registrations on first cum first basis in
the first two days itself. Calls never stopped and saw 500+
beneficiaries walk in on the day of the camp which was so
overwhelming. 327 LN4 hands were provided on the camp
day. In an attempt to serve all deserving, the club collated
the waitlist data of 200+ and have arranged to reach
them after the camp. The club owes a heart felt gratitude
to Ellen Meadows Foundation-USA, team from RID 3131
RC Downtown Poona & team from RID 3142 RC Kalyan,

GoGreen Ventures

Shop no 3, Sangeeta aptr, opp.Viniyak Medical, Nr.Ganesh Cinema, Charia, Thane (w)

MNRE / MEDA empanelled Solar Vendor

We reduce your electric bills to ZERO by installing SOLAR NET METERING
systems for high-rise buildings, Residential Complexes, Schools, colleges &

bungalows with 30% Subsidy from the Govt.
GoGreen Ventures has been given a National award by LIMCA Book for hybrid Solar system | Vijay Wani 8097666000

9 News

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a program • SP Dr. Surpriya Chincholkar, RC Thane Premium
which seeks to provide the youth with an opportunity to
develop their skills and character while exposing them conducted a quiz
to Rotary’s values of service, high ethical standards and
peace. D3142 SMART RYLA - CHAK DE was hosted jointly • Ms. Rajashri Rajashekhar spoke on ‘gender neutrality’
by RCs Bhiwandi Central, Bhiwandi Rural, Thane Mid Town • Sr. Police Inspector Mr. Rajput and Panvel Zone RTO
& Thane Suburban, and co-hosted by Thane East ,Thane
Premium and Thane Skyline under the expert and able officer D. Shinde shared their views
advice of JDS Satish Bhojane, from 31st Oct to 2nd Nov 2019
at Atasa Resort, Nere village, Panvel. 101 participants (Age • 7 RYE students participanted
14-19) took part in the Adventure & Activity based RYLA. • Evening entertainment of Karaoke singing, campfire,

The highlights of RYLA: talent hunt & skit

• Rock climbing, Rappelling, Burma Bridge activities • Exciting prizes and titles of RYLA King, RYLA Queen,
• DG Dr. Mohan address on ‘leadership’
• Team games for developing teamwork, communication RYLA Best Leader, Stars of RYLA were awarded

skills, self-confidence, personality & leadership skills

• SP Dr. Namrataa Srivastav, RC Hiranandani Estate

shared her journey and lessons on life

• Dr. Lucky Kasat’s impactful presentation on ‘Agneepath

- The road to success’

IW D314 – Golden Tapestry: A Woven Vision

Inner Wheel District 314 entered its Golden Jubilee year
which was celebrated in an event aptly titled “Golden
Tapestry – A Woven Vision” held at The Renaissance,
Powai on 19th & 20th Nov under the able leadership of DC
Dr. Devangi Vakharia with IIW President Phyllis Charter as
the Chief Guest, Association President Mamta Gupta as
the Guest of Honour. PIIWP Dr Pallavi Shah as Convener
and PDC Jyoti Doshi as Co-Convener.

All the Past District Chairman and dignitaries were speaker Smt Smriti Irani, Union Cabinet Minister for
felicitated for leading the District and their continued Women & Child Development and Textiles. The evening
service to Society. DG of D 3141 Mr. Harjit Singh Talwar ended with Good wishes by Chief Guest IIW President
and of D3142 Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar attended the Phyllis Charter and Guest of Honour Mamta Gupta and a
evening celebrations and while felicitating the IW District Bollywood based Odissi dance performance by Jhelum
314, announced their contributions to the District projects. Paranjape & Troupe.
District thanks them for their presence and support. The
members enjoyed lively interaction with the keynote

TRF 10

Kuber 2 . . the art of giving

awards ceremony to a nicety. He introduced the concept of
Super Smart President (refer box). Chief Guest TRF Trustee
Gulam Vahanvaty recognised all the stalwarts of D 3142.

Rotarians braved chaotic traffic to reach the Metro Mall He then with a ppt took D 3142 onto the swot analysis and
junction, Kalyan - the venue of the TRF Seminar. Under how we can outshine and outdo ourselves. Many SPs took
the able guidance of the Forum Leader DGN Dr Mayuresh the opportunity to announce EREY status, while dildaar Rtns
Warke, and convener PP Manish Joshi, RC Ambarnath walked up to announce Paul Harris Society membership.
with SP Deepak Revankar at the helm had made wonderful The road to giving ... is bright as D 3142 awakens to
arrangements to have conducive discussions on TRF. make its mark in the Rotary World. The seminar was co-
sponsored by 15 Rotary clubs.
The proceedings begun with the DGN Dr Mayuresh Warke
giving a quick glimpse of the programs of TRF. Smart DG Anant Drishti - 2020 Discon on 1st Feb will recognise a Smart
Dr Mohan Chandavarkar making a fervent emotional appeal President who achieves the status of
to all, regarding the need to develop the feeling to give, SUPER SMART PRESIDENT in Rotary Foundation (any two)
enunciated by heart touching acts of kindness, especially of 1. Make a personal contribution of USD 1000 (without matching)
D 3170’s 1st Lady Sandhya Masurkar. IPDG/District Trainer 2. Convert the RC into a EREY Club (all members contributing with
Dr Ashes Ganguly (stepping in for DRFC PDG Dr Ulhas
Kolhatkar) expanded on the upward graph performance of club per capita of USD 100)
D 3142 in general and the USD 1 million plus contribution 3. Convince a member of the club to become a Major Donor
of 2018-19. Adorned with urdu couplets, in his stimulating 4. Motivate the RC to be a 100 % Paul Harris Fellow Club
inimitable style, PRID Ashok Mahajan educated the SUPER SMART PRESIDENT in Membership (any one)
audience on the macro picture of giving for doing good 1. Addition of 10 members or Net Growth of 20% whichever is higher
in the world. AC TRF Support PP Viral Vira conducted the 2. Sponsoring Formation of a new Rotary Club
3. Addition of 5 Rotaractors with dual membership

11 Rotary Unsung Heros

Suresh Gupta

help of RC Ambernath East Charitable several companies started coming to
Trust which is still functional today. The the placement centre for candidate
students, parents and nearby villagers selection. Even placement agencies
are taking full benefit of this facility. started praying on the centre’s
database. Hundreds of people placed
One word that can define Rtn. Suresh His signature project was “Rotary through this centre have made big in
Gupta is ‘Karmayogi’. A humble Employment Centre”. At one of life.
manufacturer of EOT cranes, he started the rotary functions, he met Rtn.
his stint with Rotary in 1994 as Charter Jaipal from Kalwa, a transporter by Since the beginning in July 1996,
President of RC Ambernath East. In profession, who seeded the idea of the Rotary Employment Centre has
the first year itself, he started three employment centre in his mind. He was registered 27,732 applicants, 6,917
initiatives that are still going strong running a small employment exchange employers have been registered and
and has borne fruit of his selfless on his own and wanted to take it on 7,531 jobs have been allotted. The
commitment to do good for others. the Rotary platform. Mr. Gupta started monthly average of registrations has
the Rotary Employment Centre at his reached 220, while placements reached
The first to mention is the school for factory premises at Anand Nagar MIDC 22 to 25 every month. Mr. Gupta is
Adivasi children in Ambernath. Today, Ambernath. planning for the digitalization of the
the school has 300 plus students up to Employment Centre for the benefits of
8th standard and almost 4000 students Initially, it catered to around 250 employees and employers of Rotary
have passed out from this school to industrial units. The publicity was Dist. 3142 as well as from all over India.
date. Secondly, a dispensary was through word of mouth. A form was A website will be launched soon.
started on the school premises with the developed and the database of youths
seeking employment started building Recently, Mr. Gupta has started a
up. The centre provided jobs to around free legal consultancy in Ambernath
2-3 per month in the initial period. with a few of his friends with legal
As the MIDC started growing, the background. We wish good luck in all
placement rates stated climbing-up. that comes your way in the future.
Over a period, HR representatives from
- by Rtn. Sandeep Sawant

Celebrating 50 years in Rotary

PDG Venkat Rao Gadwal was his life. DG Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar
felicitated by his home club RC shared some of the moments and
Thane for his long stint of 50 years in experience with Mr. Gadwal.
Rotary on 26th Nov at a function held
at Sahyoj Mandir, Thane. Mr. Gadwal Mr. Gadwal became the President
joined the RC Thane in 1969 and is in 1975-76 and then the Governor
still enjoying with the same club. In of District 314 in 1990-91. The most
his address, he shared his moments significant and impactful moment he
of enjoyment in the illustrious journey had during his tenure as DG when he
in Rotary and how it became a way of worked on ‘Polio’ initiative.

People of Action 14
RC Domb North - SP Amit Shrivastav
E Club Thane Smart City - SP Prajkta Deshpande

To develop scientific temperament on Solar Eclipse amongst children, Conducted an EQ awareness workshop in partnership with Equpkids
RCDN has conducted several special sessions to reached out to for parents at Podar International School, Thane. The project aims
underprivileged students and have provided them free goggles for to create awareness about the psychological impact the lifestyles of
viewing the eclipse on 26th Dec 2019. today’s era of our young citizens and the methods to deal with them.

RC Mumbra Elite - SP Nadeem Dalvi RC NM Jewels - SP Prabhash Mahapatra

Career Guidance seminar on careers in Financial Accountancy for An eye screening camp was conducted in collaboration with Laxmi Eye
students of Asadullah Khan Jr College was organised on 26th Nov Hospital, Panvel, covering 146 underprivileged school children. Vision
2019. More than 150 students attended the seminar. The event was support devices, specs were provided free of cost to those identified
graced by club member Rtn Heena Pawaskar as a guest of honour. with defective vision.

RC Regency Estate - SP Yogesh Khadke RC Thane Angeles - SP Aniruddha Nakhawa

A medical camp was conducted on 26th Nov in Kidland English School, Participated in the plastic cleaning drive organised by TMC
Kopar Road, Dombivli. Around 500 students benefited from the general Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal on 2nd Oct. SP Aniruddha & PP
health check-up and dental check-up at the camp. The project was Mukunda represented Rotary at the inauguration of TMC’s Plastic
supported by IDA with well-equipped and efficient team. Collection Centre.

15 People of Action
RC Thane Greenspans - SP Senthilkumar Pillai
RC Thane Creekside - SP Sandeep Sharma

Conducted tree plantation at Murbad Farms by planting fruits and A mixer grinder, an exercise cycle and hygiene products like Dettol
vegetable plants including Mango, Chickoo, Palm, Coconut, Rose, bottles, soaps were donated to GHARKUL, home for mentally challenged
Kadipatta, Nimbu etc. Club members have taken the pledge to maintain people run by the Ameya Palak Sanghtana in Khoni, Maharahstra. The
them and have engaged local gardener. club also donated RS. 30,000/- to the welfare of these special children.

RC Thane Hills - SP Radhika Bondve RC Thane Metro - SP Amrita Koli

Hosted the 3rd edition of Saevus Eco quiz to promote ecology, nature A Diabetes check-up and awareness camp was organised in association
and wildlife amongst school students for Thane district on 23rd Nov. with Circle of Diabetes supported by Torrent Pharma medical team.
Students from 15 schools participated in the event. Totally 300 people Dr Akshata Nemawarkar & Dietitian Shreya Shah conducted the camp.
attended the event including students, teachers, parents and Rotarians. No of beneficiaries: 100; Project cost: Rs 1.50 Lakhs.

RC Thane North - SP Rajesh Paranjape RC Young Dombivali - SP Somnath Vishnu Rasal

Rotary Chess Tournament (ROCHESS) 1920 under TDCA was held on Health Check-up camp was organised on 20th Nov at Wadeghar in
the 17th Nov at Shrirang Vidyalay. ROCHESS saw total participation 284 Jawhar Taulka. Various medical check-ups including blood sugar, blood
students from areas of Thane, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and even from pressure, diet advise, BMI were done. Free medicine worth Rs.12,000/-
Nashik & Pune. Cost of Project: App Rs 1,86,000/-. were distributed. No of beneficiary: 162, Project cost: Rs.21,000/-.

Multifarious 18

Congratulation Congratulation 19 Rotarians
DS Vinit Shah Rtn. Ajay Jhalani from D 3142
registered till

DS Vinit Shah has been Rtn. Ajay Jhalani from RC Navi
appointed by RID 3142 Mumbai was bestowed with
as District Rotary Peace prestigious Times Leading Icon
Fellowship Subcommittee Award on 27th Nov 2019. The
Chair with immediate effect. event was organised by Optimal
This TRF program is a vital Media Solutions, a Times
one in the internationality of Group company, to celebrate
Rotary. the vision and victories of
entrepreneurs in Mumbai.

19 The Last Page

Cruel Hand of Fate ... My Rotary Moment

Colonel Rtn Azimuddin Syed Rtann Purnima Shinde by PDG Dr.Ulhas Kolhatkar

In the last few days, all Rotarians of D 3142 were There are moments of utmost
immersed in grief as the unpredictable jaws of death joy, deepest sorrow, frustration,
snatched two wonderful people from us. Colonel Rtn severe shock or ecstasy in
Azimuddin Syed, (RC Satellite City NM) and member everybody’s life; but a Rotarian
of IFRM Navi Mumbai chapter, collapsed while he was is privileged to have a special
pursuing his passion - music, on the ROTAL stage on ‘Rotary Moment’ in his/ her
24th November. Rtann Purnima Shinde, an ever smiling, life and it expresses multiple
infectiously enthusiastic woman, better half of RYE emotions simultaneously, joy of
AC PP Rajendra Shinde (RC Thane Downtown), also service, sense of achievement, having found purpose
Vice President IFRM D 3142, lost in her brave struggle of your existence in the World, etc. etc.
against an intractable disease on 6th December. May
the Almighty grant the family of the departed souls, and My ‘Rotary Moment’ came to me when I had a
we, the extended family, the courage and patience to privilege to serve, the then our district, 3140, as
trudge through this moment of bereavement. May their Governor, in yr.2007-08. We had multiple Training
souls RIP! programs local and international community service
projects, vocational and educational activities,
Upcoming Events projects targeting children and women; all with
huge participation and therefore the yr. was aptly
• Josh PrePETS……………................................. Dec 20-22 nicknamed by Rotarians as ‘Action007’ yr. But a real
‘Rotary Moment’ happened to me on that eventful
• RC Thane Royales Folk Dance Event.......... Dec 25 evening in October 2007 at ManMohadip pada in
Jawhar Dist., in presence of tens of Rotarians and
• Bharat Ke Veer Agaman–Upvan Lake, Thane .. Dec 26 hundreds of villagers and tribals.

• Bharat Ke Veer felicitations........................ Jan 12 In the afternoon on that eventful day, we Rotarians
had an opportunity to see a ‘biogas fuelled’ kitchen at
• Rotary India Centennial Summit 2020 (Kolkata).. Feb 14-16 Pragati Pratishthan, thanks to RC Thane North and
Pragati Pratishthan, Jawhar; not to forget Dist. Action
OCVs 007 team, RC Thane North and it’s leaders and Pragati
14th - Smart City NM | Thane City Centre | Thane Metro | Thane By evening, we walked thro’ Jungles, uncharted
Sunrise | Parsik Hills dusty and ditch filled Roads, crossed Rivers, before
we reached ManMohadip pada. Hundreds of tribals,
January males and females and children, half-clad, were
01st - NM Palm Beach | 03rd - Kalyan Riverside | waiting to receive us. They welcomed us, had some
05th - Link Town Airoli | NM Jewels | 08th - Vithalwadi | rituals of garlanding, etc. then Pooja and then came
10th - Thane Garden City | 11th - New Bombay Seaside | the Moment!!
13th - Dombivli Heritage | Dombivli Regency | Dombivli
Smart City | 15th - Diva Thane | Dombivli Crown City | I switched on ‘the solar street lights’ and 40 household
18th - Ambarnath North | Ambarnath Smart City | solar lamp units in their hutments. Typical tribal ‘Tarpa’
Ambarnath West | Badlapur | Titwala Dance began on the street and villagers were ecstatic.
The faces were lit not only with light but also with joy
and gratitude towards Rotary. One lady of the house
exclaimed “sir, you have brought light to our life”. The
place is just 130 km away from Thane city and it was
’60 yrs.’ after the independence of our country, they
were getting one basic need satisfied.

No eyes were left dry and I had My ‘Rotary Moment’!!

Vibrant, Robust

Near AantjuGnoaaBeach LATIM’s high quality coloured / pre-painted galvanized / galvalume steel coils can be used for
various Applications - Roofings, Claddings, Crimping, Warehouse, Cold Storage, Furnitures,
False Ceilings, Shutter Doors, Vehicle Bodies, Decorative Container & Trunks, etc. Ideal for
Interior and Exterior Applications.
lColoured / pre-painted sheet in various profiles available
lAvailable in various thickness, sizes and colours

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