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Smart GML Ocotber 2019

Smart GML Ocotber 2019

Vol 4: Issue 4
October, 2019

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Be that difference, that ........... UNNEES BEESKA FARAK

GML, a magazine of RID 3142 October is designated for Economic & Community Development

A Lifetime of Smiles

The Doonmoon Connections 2


In the recently held Smart Medinova seminar, the tagline was the pi of life. And how true it is
– drawn artistically when reversed become . The value of pi if brought down to 3
decimal places is 3.142 although its actual value is infinite. First we had a connotation
that 3+1+4+2 = 10 = 1 - hence 3142 became Numero UNO. Now we realize that if
the connotation is pi – the reach is infinite, the status omnipresent. Pi is a standard
constant in many calculations. If we paraphrase the same, the end realization in its
relationship with Rotary is illuminating:


Here r = REACH. When you try to measure your extent or circumference of influence, you
realize that the point that where you start from is at which point you end . . the point is -
that’s yourself. If diameter = 2r, you realise that you have just doubled your reach. In Rotary,
reach is vital - necessary to have the penetration with the powers to be to have networking.
Your Networth is your Network. Penetrability into the community is essential to create
credible options. In another explanation 2piR = twice the PR ie Public Relations. Here too,
the reach is important whether it be with the CSR donors, the media or the beneficiaries.


Now getting into the area of your circle, here r = Rotarian. So what would pi r squared mean

- it symbolizes r x r meaning the extensive relations of one Rotarian with another which

translates into the fellowship of a Rotary Club. If the reach was arithmetically progressive,

the fellowship is geometrically progressive. One RC ties up with another – a district comes

into play. Few districts become a zone, then a region, then the Rotary International. And our

area is focused on 6 parts – .


The height of the cylinder is what defines its altitude, if one may say so. Our Aptitude and
Attitude decides our Altitude. Our aptitude is our being the leader in the vocation, business
or profession and securing an invitation into Rotary. Our attitude is Service Above Self ,
so the altitude, we can reach or should reach is restricted to the limits of our imagination.
Another way of looking at it is r = Rotarian and h = HOPE. So we have r x r = a bunch of
Rotarians in a Rotary club, with all their thinking, talent and time, giving h = HOPE or h =
HELP to the underprivileged.


Here we go further r 1 = Rotarian, r 2 = Resources and r 3 = Reach, the volume of work done
in Rotary - of wiping a tear, seeing a smile, feeding a hungry child, preventing disability by
giving two drops of polio is truly stupendous and satisfying. Doing good in the world is the done thing.

One might wonder what’s with so much geometry- something that had been pleasantly left behind in school many eons
ago. Well, no knowledge is ever wasted, especially if applied properly. We are students for life and if Rotary Connects
the World and if a bit of geometry can connect, then why not ! Going around in circles probably takes you nowhere, but
going around in Rotary circles takes you everywhere. That’s the smart way of doing things – by being that difference .

Dr Mohan Chandavarkar
Chief Editor & District Governor

Published by Dist. Governor, RID 3142, Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar | Edited & Designed by Sandeep
Sawant | For Private Circulation Only | Printed at Online Prints, Thane. All Editorial & Advertising
matter should be submitted to DS Dinesh Koregave at [email protected]

3 Veena’s Wishful ivaSva


At GETS 2018, First Ladies of all the districts had a separate session to discuss the
concept of the First Lady Initiative. All of us were encouraged to take up one project
that could be executed by the spouses of Presidents. The task seemed impossible.

One day I read a report of a fire in Mumbai. In it, a 10 year old girl had guided 15 panic stricken
adults to safety. She had earlier undergone a fire safety awareness session in her school.

Mentos ki Bati Jali! That’s it! We, like this girl could be productive citizens of tomorrow. OSD
Rtn Neha Nimbalkar roped in Mr Girish Zalke, a passionate officer of the TMC Fire department.
Anaesthesiology societies were already doing COLS– Compression Only Life Support. Joining
the two concepts, the die was cast. Main akela hi chala tha jaanib-e-manzil magar, Log saath aate
gaye aur karwaan banta gaya. Rtn Dr Oak (Avenue Chair) and (Mentor) PP Rtn Dr Katkade, PDG Dr
Kolvekar, Rtn Dr Surekha Patil, FLN Anjali Warke, Smart Team, Presidents and Rotarians of D 3142
- all joined the bandwagon and embraced the project with their stake holding and ownership.

The basics of these essential programs, is in equipping us with knowledge and skill. We can be
prepared in being resourceful, in being helpful. We can do our bit till the authorities come and
do their job. This butterfly effect could help in setting up regular fire drills like in the western
world. It is my prayer to the Almighty that we do not have to face any calamities.

But if we do – at least we should and would be prepared. So Smarties, lets go for it by
spreading knowledge and awareness wherever and whenever we can. So what began as a
Smart initiative needs to be done well, and done continuously so that our whole district is
covered in the years ahead.

Let’s hope that our RCs believe that this project is good and can be taken by all as a permanent
one. That’s when our DG and I will say - Yes! You are the Difference that Unnees Bees Ka Farak!

Dr. Veena Chandavarkar
(First Lady - RID 3142)

CONGRATULATIONS Gathering Momentum Editorial

On October 1, 2019, Shekhar Mehta of RC The smile on the child’s face Such an effort shall definitely broaden the
Calcutta-Mahanagar, India was confirmed as and gratitude on mother’s/ scope of gathering Funds. Exploring the CSR
President Nominee of RI. Shekhar & Rashi father’s face after the opportunities are also there for the taking.
were welcomed by President Mark Maloney/ paediatric heart surgery at
Gay and PE Holger Knaack/Susanne at the Jupiter hospital – a joint Through our service projects in the first 100
entrance to One Rotary Center. initiative with Rotary Clubs days of the Rotary Year we have already
of D3142 and few NGOs made me feel proud shown our sincere commitment to the society
as a Rotarian. It is indeed a wonderful feeling and generous support to TRF. We can now
to treat young yet ailing hearts and touch many start our preparations for a festive season in
more, by serving communities, establishing Rotary in this part of the world with ROTAL
understanding and bettering the connectivity starting from 16th November. Let’s make it
between people. a great fellowship event to showcase our
talents in singing and dancing.
“Kuber: the TRF Seminar, has already set the
tone for coming months, to strengthen the I would like to thank all SMART Presidents
Foundation and establish new records “in for their timely responses to the GML and as
giving”. Reaching out to more and more of inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of our DG
our near and dear ones with the mammoth Dr. Mohan, who himself is a SMART craftsman
work of the Foundation, shall give our newer and synthesiser of old and new ideas.
clubs more Donors and prospective members.
Sandeep Sawant

Cover Story 4

A Lifetime of Smiles

Healing children born with congenital heart defects to give them a chance of a life

Around 1,75,000 children are born in India every year with Congenital What are congenital heart defects?
Heart Disease (CHD). They are added to the existing pool of children
born with CHD between 0-8 years. Only about 15,000 heart surgeries are Congenital heart defects are problems
done every year on children in India. Out of these 30 % need surgeries in with the heart’s structure that are present
their first year, otherwise they will not see their first birthday. There are at birth. These defects can involve:
very few centers to cater to these requirements and mostly are situated
in private hospitals. • The interior walls of the heart
• The valves inside the heart
In Jupiter Hospital, Thane, the department of paediatric cardiology • The arteries and veins that carry blood
was started in 2013. But very soon they realised that there is a large
population of patients which are underprivileged and they would not to the heart or the body
afford heart surgeries and some of them even would not afford the cost
of diagnostic services such as echo-cardiology etc. Congenital heart defects change the
normal flow of blood through the heart.
Though there are few government schemes for underprivileged patients, There are many types of congenital heart
it is still insufficient to cater to the huge population. As of 2013, an defects. They range from simple defects
estimated 18,000 patients in Maharashtra were screened to have heart with no symptoms to complex defects
ailments and were waiting for the surgery. Heart ailments among little with severe, life-threatening symptoms.
children are often very lethal and usually, they wouldn’t have survived
the waiting period at government hospitals. Many of these defects are simple
conditions. They need no treatment or
are easily fixed. Some babies are born
with complex congenital heart defects.
These defects require special medical
care soon after birth.

The diagnosis and treatment of complex
heart defects have greatly improved over
the past few decades. As a result, almost
all children who have complex heart
defects survive to adulthood and can live
active, productive lives.

Most people who have complex heart
defects continue to need special heart
care throughout their lives. They may
need to pay special attention to how their
condition affects issues such as health
insurance, employment, birth control, and
pregnancy, and other health issues.

5 Cover Story

Typically heart surgery in a child would cost anything
between Rs. 1.5 to 3.5 lakh depending on the complexity
and the nature of heart defect. Among these, around 80%
would require a single operation which would be sufficient
for life long and heart decease can be cured. So, Jupiter
Hospital decided to focus on this 80% population where
the benefit to the patient would be maximum, even with
one single surgery or intervention.

The hospital reached out to several Rotary Clubs
to organise the funding for such patients. Other
organisations and NGOs were also roped in since the
costs were huge. The model of funding worked out with
Rotary Clubs and NGOs was a part basis. Most common
NGOs who came forward to help were Mumbai based
“Have a Heart Foundation” and Delhi based “Genesis
Foundation”. Rotary Clubs or an individual who donate
through the Clubs contributed Rs 30,000/-; the balance Rs
70,000/- was donated by NGOs.

Thus the basic minimum cost of operation was taken
care of and above 1 lakh cost was buffered by Jupiter
Foundation. The hospital also gave a discount of around
50% and the operations were carried out at no-profit basis.

Under this new initiative, in the first year (2014), the Paediatric Heart Surgeries Sponsored by Rotary Clubs
hospital carried out 8 surgeries on underprivileged
children. Out of these, 3 surgeries were funded by RC How the funds came in till 2017 Total Contribution
Thane Premium. All the people who donated for these 18,00,000
heart surgeries were enthusiastic and they became Name of trust 12,50,000
catalysts to help build further momentum. In the Jupiter Foundation 4,00,000
second year, the hospital carried out 14 congenital heart RCTP + other clubs 3142 2,50,000
surgeries; third year 50 and fourth year i.e. last year, Genesis foundation 2,50,000
around 85 children were operated. In the last Rotary year, Unfold foundation
around 14 Clubs participated to help in 61 surgeries. Have A heart foundation

This year many Rotary Clubs have promised to contribute Contributors from D3142
for these surgeries and even Birla Foundation has
donated generously (around 15 lakh). • RC Ambernath West • RC Thane Green City
• RC Dombivili Uptown • RC Thane Hills
The target for this year is 100 children. It will be done • RC Dombivli East • RC Thane New City
under three phases. The first phase is from June to • RC Dombivli West • RC Thane Northend
September 2019. The hospital has already carried out • RC Hiranandani Estate • RC Thane Premium
10 operations on September 19-20 and over the next two • RC Kalyan • RC Thane Suburban
months they will finish the first phase of 30 children. The • RC NM Sunrise • RC Thane Uptown
second phase will start in the month of December 2019 • RC Thane • RC Thane Urbania
and the third phase will begin on March 2020. • RC Thane Downtown

We appeal all Rotary Clubs of D 3142 to donate
generously to heal children born with congenital heart
defects and give them a chance of life.

The Rotary Foundation 6 of giving: the TRF Seminar

The TRF Seminar “ of giving” of charities in the United States. The “Vinda Karandikar, a Marathi Poet
organised on September 22, 2019, at Foundation earned the recognition for had once said this: “Denarya Ne
Ambrosia, Satkar Residency, Thane was demonstrating both strong financial Det Jave; Ghenaryane Ghet Jave;
graced by Chief Guest PRIP K.R. Ravindran health and commitment to accountability Ghenaryane Ghet Asata Ek Divas
and Guest of Honour RRFC Vijay Jalan. and transparency. Denaryache hath Ghyave!” What it
Among the other prominent dignitaries means - the person asking...keeps
include (3141) PDG T.N. Subramanian. RC The Rotary Foundation transforms your on asking; one who is giving...
Thane Lake City was the lead host along gifts into service projects that change keeps on giving, but a stage
with 51 clubs across D3142 co-hosting the lives both close to home and around the comes when the person who is
event in Platinum (27) & Gold (24)category. world. Since it was founded more than asking takes the hands of the
DS Vinit Shah was the convener, Sanjay 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent donor and he starts giving!” DG
Jain the co-convener and SPC PP Dinesh more than $4 billion on life-changing, Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar.
Mehta was the aide to PRIP K.R. Ravindran. sustainable projects. It helps to make
lives better in your community and “There is a universal principle one
DG Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar welcomed around the world. must remember, that what you
all dignitaries in his opening remarks get back. By giving...
and applauded efforts of all Rotarians The mission of the Rotary Foundation of our balance sheet increases,”
who have contributed to The Rotary Rotary International is to enable Rotarians RRFC Vijay Jalan.
Foundation. to advance world understanding, goodwill,
and peace through the improvement of
IPDG Dr. Ashes Ganguly elaborated on D health, the support of education, and the
3142’s performance on TRF support. In the alleviation of poverty.
past, we have contributed US$ 330,000
(16-17), and 690,000 (17-18) while last PRIP K.R. Ravindran in his address
year (18-19) we crossed the million mark elaborated on the performance of the
(1.15 million). We have always been Rotary Foundation.
receiving, but today 3141 & 3142 we have
grown to become net donors. Today there are 970 AKS, 34,582 Major
Donors and 1,724,832 Paul Harris
For the 11th consecutive year, The Rotary Fellows. For Rotary Foundation, the
Foundation has received the highest number 1 giver in the world is the USA.
rating “four stars” from Charity Navigator, India has become the number 2 giver
the largest and most-utilized evaluator followed by Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

7 The Rotary Foundation

The World Bank estimates that in 1981 who still have AIDS and among them, D3142 TRF Donors
there were 190 crore people lived in 2 million are youth below 15 yrs of age. Paul Harris Society Members
abject poverty. That constituted 42% of There are 300 to 500 million people
the world. Today, this number has come who have Malaria. So this is the world in Milind Chaudhari RC Ambernath
down to 76 crore which is 11% of the which Rotary tries to find understanding,
world. and connectivity between people. The Rajesh Kadam RC Dom Diamonds
foundation plays a very important role
Though there is an improvement, there in changing the way we look at our Nikhil Dhoot RC Dom Downtown
are many people who find there is no approach and deal with these problems.
room on the table for food, there are Abhay Kulkarni, Kaustubh
many who will not find shelter to protect
them from animals, there many who live Kashelkar, Radhika Gupte,
without hope if they become destitute.
Unfortunately, around 80% of the world Raghunath Lote, RC Dom East
Sachin Dekhane,

Shambhaji Kokitkar, Sushil

Soni, Vijay Saheta

As one gets up in the morning, he or Prakash Shah RC Dom Ind Area

she may get bowled out thinking how to Anuradha Deshpande, RC Dom Saudamini
deal with these problems. But with our Ashwini Sane, Kirty

collective strength, we can go huge things. Vinesh Nair RC Dom Suncity

still lives under $10 or Rs.700/- a day. Arch Klumph Society Members Sudarshan Patil RC Kalyan Tigers
Around 2 million children die due to (cumulative giving of US$2,50,000), Major
preventable diseases like Diarrhoea, Donors (> US$10,000) and Paul Harris Nitin Shah, Shailendra RC Navi Mumbai
Pneumonia every year because they Society Members (promised to give Apte
don’t find a proper medication. Infectious US$1000 annually in perpetuity) from
diseases still plight a major part of the D3142 were felicitated at the seminar. S. P. Dhanapal RC Satelite City NM
world. There are 36.7 million people
Anindya Dasgupta, Nilesh RC Thane Hills

Ganesh Darekar RC Thane Lakecity

Atul Wadhawan, Deepak
Oak, Mahesh Gupte, Milind

Charity Navigator Ratings Nagare, Rajesh Kumar, RC Thane North
Rajesh Paranjape, Santosh

Rotary Red World Save The Bhide
Vision Children
Foundation Cross Ashok Sharma, Naveen RC Thane Urbania
Agrawal, Swapnil

Rating **** Kalbande, Vinod Menon
Overall Score & *** *** ***
Rating (out of 100)
Major Donors Level 1

84% 80.4% 82% RC Dom East

Madhav Chikodi

Net Assets $1.12bn $1.5bn $205mn $240mn Viral Vira RC Dom Sun City

“We must be multiplying our 90.6% Abid Nagaria RC NM Seaside
resources. We must network; 2.8%
we must be able to leverage our Rotary Foundation Financial Performance Metrics 6.5% Nagesh Soparkar RC Smart City NM
skills, our passion, our velocity Programme Expenses (% of total expenses spent on the $0.06
and make our 10 dollars given programs and services it delivers) 7.4% Kailash Jethani RC Thane East
into 100 and 100 into 500 and so Administrative Expenses 10.1%
on,” PRIP K.R. Ravindran. Fundraising Expenses Dr. Sanjeev and Aparna RC Th Green City
Fundraising Efficiency Walunj, Prasad Tendulkar
Program Expenses Growth
Liabilities to Assets Anindya Dasgupta RC Thane Hills

D3142 TRF Performer Atul Wadhawan, Dinesh RC Thane North
Koregave, Yashpal
Sharma RC Thane Northend
RC Ulhasnagar
Ramesh Natarajan & Sapna Garden
Bhuma Pallavoor

Anil Sahajwalla,
Suresh Roopchandani,
Vijaypratap Pandey

Club Name Per Capita Rank AF Per Capita Club Comittments

“Even when I am a level 4 donor, RC Thane Hills 1 $731.59 RC Dombivli East USD 25000
I never carry the pin with me. I RC Ulhasnagar Sapna Garden 2 $512.13 RC Thane Hills USD 25000
believe that I give because I am New Bombay Seaside 3 $478.46 RC North End USD 25000
Rotarian and it is my duty to give
as much as I can and to whatever 100% TRF Giving 100% TRF Giving EREY Club Endowments
extent I can for serving humanity. TRF Giving EREY
My father had imbibed in me that Club Name TRF Giving EREY RC Thane North - Northstar Endowment Fund
10% of your earnings should be Dombivli City TRF Giving EREY - USD 25000
donated for good cause” PDG T.N. Thane Downtown TRF Giving EREY
Subramanian. Thane Greenspans CER
Thane Premium
EREY = Every Rotary Every Year Century Textiles India Midtown Ltd through
RC Thane Midtown - USD 80,000/-

Directed Gift of USD 30,000/- Milan

Service Projects 8

RC Thane’s Dialysis Centre

Chronic Kidney Decease (CKD)
affects all sections of our society.
The only way to permanently treat
the disease is a kidney transplant.
Till then, one has to manage to have
periodical dialysis (2-3 times a week)
which filters all impurities from
the blood. This is a heavy financial
burden on the less privileged persons
suffering from CKD.

Looking at the need of the Maestro Hariharan and with the Jain Hospital in Hazuri, Thane. The
community, in 2012-13, RC Thane help of generous donors like the RC centre is state of the art with no
under the leadership of the then Garden City, and after overcoming compromises on quality. It has 16
President Vilas Bhandarkar donated many hurdles, the dream came machines with ancillary systems
6 dialysis machines to a charitable true. In Smart President Achyut such as its own R.O. system. All
institution in Mumbai. With the Damle’s tenure, in September Rotarians are welcome to visit the
response that we received, when 2019 a charitable dialysis centre centre and the newly opened charity
serving DS Nitin Jadhav became the was inaugurated by DG Dr Mohan hospital which compares with the
President in 2016, RCT decided to set Chandavarkar in Shree Mahavir best of high end hospitals.
up a dialysis centre in Thane.

After a successful fund raising
event of a musical concert by

All India Dance Competition

On the occasion of Guru Purnima
Utsav, RC Thane Midtown organised
“Kalanjali: Katha to Kathak“
depicting history of Kathak. It was
an all India dance competition held
on September 15, 2019, at Kashinath
Ghanekar Auditorium, Thane. The
programme was a grand success
with over 4000 people attending it.

DG Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar was the Midtown for his efforts in organising Narendra Lindayat for helping him
chief guest. He inaugurated the event the event on such a large scale. He organised the event. Rtn. Milind
by lighting the lamp along with Dr. reiterated the importance of arts in Ballal, the chief editor of Thane
Satish Kamat, Founder, Asha Cancer life and congratulated parents and Vaibhav, also congratulated all the
Hospital and Rtn. Narendra Lindait children for excelling in this field. winners of the competition and
of RC Thane Midtown, founder, Art emphasized the importance of such
Connect and Synthesis Foundation. Smart President Rajendra Zende cultural events for the community
thanked Bhavana Lele and Rtn and culture.
The students of the year awardees
were felicitated at the hands of DG
Dr. Mohan. Speaking on the occasion,
he applauded Rtn Rajendra Zende,
President, Rotary Club of Thane

9 Rotary Unsung Heros

Sadhana Vaze

- As narrated to Rtn Nilesh Likhite

From a humble family in Vile Parle,
Ms. Sadhana Sathe was married in
the family of Vaze, and relocated
to Mulund in 1987. She joined
Innerwheel Club of Thane West and
thus began her journey in Rotary.

The blind character portrayed by Rotary Indian Literacy Mission is education and knowledge for
Nasiruddin Shah in hindi movie running a project of Happy Schools. visually impaired children, Rtn
Sparsh was engraved in her mind in Rtn Sadhana has launched a project Sadhana Vaze was honoured by
such a manner that learning braille of donation of set of 20 braille books various institutions, few of them
became an inseparable aspect of her in Marathi, Hindi and English language being, National Federation of the
life. Knowing that the braille can bring to the blind schools and associations. Blind, Maharashtra, Blind Persons
the light of hope in the lives of visually The prime objectives is that no blind Association, Gayatri Dynan Prachar
impaired persons, Rtn Sadhana Vaze person/student should be deprived Kendra, Haridwar, Louiswadi Senior
got into the details of braille minutely of getting the knowledge and he/she Citizens Association, Rotary Club of
and converted 25 poems of Poet should get the same level of education Thana West, Best Member trophy by
Niranjan Uzgare into braille. like any other ordinary person. Innerwheel Club of Thane West and
Mrs Kamaladevi Gupta Trophy by
This first set of selected poems For her noble work of promoting Innerwheel District 314.
converted in braille after lot of errors
and efforts, was gifted by her to Sadhana Vaze’s engagements in brief
Kamla Mehta School. Since then, she
has converted more than 50 books • Member of Innerwheel Club of Thane West for last 20 years and 3 times
in braille including the stories from
great epics Ramayana, Mahabharata, president for 1991-92, 1995-96 and 2007-08
music, Trimurti Natyachhata, Netaji
Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma • Member of RC Thana West since 2002 and President in 2012-13. Currently
Phule, educational syllabus books
for 3rd to 6th standards of history, is Smart Jt District Secretary
science, Achyut Godbole’s Nadvedh, G
N Dandekar’s Maharashtra Darshan, • Trustee of Seth J T Thanawala Education Society for Deaf, Thane
Elgar by Suresh Bhat, Geet Ramayan • Vice President of Thane Branch of Marathi Vidynan Parishad
by G D Madgulkar, famous play • Contribution in other community service activities
Natasamrat, study books of SSC on
history and civics, study material of –– Guidance and contribution to Rotary’s virtual eye project
MS-CIT, books on environment, etc. –– Botanical garden project at Thane district level for students
–– Project for prison inmates – Valyachi Sheti and got this project
She started educating the visually
impaired children on space, associated with a company and encouraged the small scale industry
spacecrafts, first-aid, diet, health, etc
through Marathi Science Summit. –– ‘Vidynan Jagruti Upakram’ since 2004 for school students on various
She has donated braille books
on ‘Science through Postcards’, subjects run at various villages and cities.
stories about scientists, sound
pollution to the blind schools all over –– C aretaker of ‘Arjun’, a panther living in Sanjay Gandhi National park.
Maharashtra and this noble work is
still continuing.

Service Projects 10

Positive Health

RI Directors Dr Bharat Pandya and Kamal Sanghvi have 2. Spreading awareness campaigns with talks, videos,
started an initiative Project Positive Health - Stop NCD for pamphlets and brochures.
South Asia. NCD (non-communicable diseases) epidemic
are responsible for 60% of deaths in Indians, who indulge a. Awareness among Rotarians and community
in high-calorie food, rich in salt, oil and sugar. The most
common killers are Diabetes (DM), Hypertension(HT) b. Awareness in schools and colleges
and Heart disease(IHD), cerebrovascular accident CVA
(stroke) and Chronic kidney disease (CKD). A National Rotaract Clubs can help in the social media campaign
Committee has been set up to take the ‘Stop NCD’ project and spread awareness in schools and colleges.
forward. The tagline for the campaign is ‘Ek Chammach
Kum, Char Kadam Aage’. It means one spoon less of salt, 3. Advocacy role: Rotary with other NGOs will form an
oil and sugar (SOS) and 30 minutes of exercise daily. advocacy group which can push the agenda of NCD
control and the narrative on healthy living to take
1. Know your numbers campaign: All RCs to conduct center stage with the government. Advocacy can be
regular ‘Know your Numbers’ camps to monitor by ensuring food labeling especially salt and energy
THREE main health numbers, organize camps which content, statutory warnings on unhealthy foods similar
are inexpensive and easy to organize. to cigarettes, restrictions on advertising of junk food.

a. WEIGHT Body Mass Index <25 There are 11 National Committee Members. Dr Indumati
Gopinathan (D 3141) is assigned to oversee D 3141/3142..
b. BLOOD PRESSURE <120/80 and
c. BLOOD SUGAR Fasting <100; Post-lunch <140.
Avenue Advisor DGN Dr Mayuresh Warke RC Ambarnath
DISTRIBUTE brochures on control diabetes, BP, heart Avenue Mentor Dr Anil Tambe RC Thane
disease, stroke, kidney failure and on healthy diet. Avenue Chair Dr Alok Modi RC Thane Skyline
CoChair BHIT Dr Suhas Kulkarni RC Thane Hills
GIVE Health talks or a panel discussion on NCDs. CoChair THAN Dr Ajit Burad RC Thane Garden City
Co Chair KABU Dr Rajendra Wankhede RC Kalyan Riverside
DO FOUR common pan India health camps besides CoChair DOMB Dr Makarand Ganpule RC Dombivli Midtown
the regular camps and awareness programmes. CoChair NAMU Dr Bhushan Patil RC Navimumbai Hillside

2019: Nov 14 - World Diabetes Day/Childrens Day

2020: Feb 23 - Rotary’s Anniversary

April 7 - World Health Day

RCTN Table Tennis Tournament 19-20

The 5th State Ranking Table Tennis tournament 2019,
was held from 18th till 22nd sept 2019, at the CKP Hall,
Kharkar Ali Thane. RC Thane North partnered CKP Social
club & CKP Trust to host this event.

933 nos of participants from 33 Districts of Maharashtra
took part in this 5 day event. Eight India ranked players, 32
National mens/youth category players and 26 Womens/
girls category were part of this major event.

Matches were telecast live on the Mobisportz youtube
channel. This event generated great interest in the general
public with total footfall of approximately 3500 plus.

The event was a great PR/PI event for Rotary & also
supported the RI’s cause of Growing & Supporting Local
economies! The total cost of the project was Rs 3,00,000.

11 News

IGNITE Each year a national leadership Kolkata on 16th & 17th September
training program on literacy known 2019. A seminar on T.E.A.C.H
India has 1.5 lakh Rotarians spread as IGNITE is held in different cities to and Positive Health Project was
in every part of the country. After the discuss the T-E-A-C-H program, it’s conducted by RILM by RI Directors Dr
success of eradicating Polio from latest developments, various issues, Bharat Pandya and Kamal Sanghvi.
India, Rotarians in India have taken challenges & success stories. This PRIP Kalyan Banerjee and RIPN
up the holistic program T-E-A-C-H year IGNITE was held at Swissotel Shekhar Mehta addressed the DGs
to achieve Total Literacy & Quality and their District Literacy Committee
Education in India. Chairs with their pearls of wisdom.

How to achieve complete Literacy
in India with multipronged multi
institutional methods was the main

RCTLC receives largest Global Grant

RC Thane Lake City executed the RCTLC that the Rotary Foundation much required super-specialty medical
largest Global Grant of the District found their application flawless and needs of the middle & lower middle
amounting to US$ 533,820 by approved the grant without any query class sections of the surrounding
providing equipment for six Operation or objection. The hospital provides the areas at very nominal cost.
Theatres, Ophthalmic Department
and Diagnostic Equipment to the
Shree Mahavir Jain Hospital at Thane.
The entire Global Grant process was
executed to perfection and grant
received in 45 days from the date of
application. It is to the credit of the

Congratulations Miss Smriti Haresh Bathija, one of the
Rotary Annets of RC Ulhasnagar Sapna
Six Rotary family Garden has won Miss India International
members are being title and will represent Miss International
honored as People of Japan Pageant in 2019.
Action: Connectors
Beyond Borders during Dr. Namrataa Srivastav, Smart President
the 2019 Rotary Day at of RC Hiranandani Estate, won MRS INDIA
the UN, which focuses WEST 2019 & MRS INDIA GLITTERATI
this year on the global QUEEN 2019, at a recently concluded finale
refugee crisis. of MRS INDIA 2019, held in Chennai.

1. Bernd Fischer: Rotary Club of Berlin, Germany Rotary eClub of Thane Smartcity member
2. Lucienne Heyworth: Rotary Peace Fellow Rtn Shilpa Serigar won the Bronze in
3. Ilge Karancak-Splane: Rotary Club of Monterey Commonwealth Judo championship at
Cannery Row, USA
4. Hasina Rahman: Rotary Club of Dhaka Mavericks,

5. Ace Robin: Rotary Club of Mataram Lombok, Indonesia
6. Vanderlei Lima Santana: Rotary Club of Boa Vista-

Caçari, Roraima, Brazil

People of Action 12
RC Ambarnath - Smart Pres Deepak Rewankar
RC Badlapur IA - Smart Pres Yogendra Jawadekar

Felicitated Nine teachers from various schools of Ambarnath who An Inter School Chess Tournament was hosted by the Club in
has completed 25 years of his/her career in this noble profession. The association with Badlapur Buddhibal Sanstha where 16 schools from
function was held on September 11, 2019. Mrs. Rekha Maid graced the Badlapur and Ambarnath participated in the tournament. This was the
occasion as Chief Guest. eighth consecutive year of the tournament.

RC Dombivli - Smart Pres Dr. Amit Patankar RC Dombivli City - Smart Pres Sanjeev Joshi

An interview of actor Sumeet Raghavan was organised in association On 2nd October the Club inaugurated its Women’s Digital Center at
of Vedh Academy on September 22, 2019 at Shubhmangal Hall. The Dnyan Mandir School, Dombivli. The center is a long-term sustainable
actor expressed his opinion of how the childhood should be. Around project for empowering women through computer education to help
350 Dombivalikars attended the programme. them participate in the Digital India and Digital Economy.

RC Domb Diamonds - Smart Pres Rajesh RC Domb Downtown - Smart Pres Jimmy Joseph

An Evening of Poetry & Shayari to explore the world of poetry and to Fire Safety and Burns Prevention seminar was organised at St. Mary’s
know several aspects of the artistic manifestation was organised on English School, Dombivli West on September 17, 2019. Dr. Khusboo
September 18, 2019 at Varad Hall, Dombivli East. Gazalkar Anand of National Burns Centre gave presentation to 118 Std IX students
Pendharkar & Singer Mahesh Deshpande enthralled the audience. followed by an informative Q&A session.

GoGreen Ventures

Shop no 3, Sangeeta aptr, opp.Viniyak Medical, Nr.Ganesh Cinema, Charia, Thane (w)

MNRE / MEDA empanelled Solar Vendor

We reduce your electric bills to ZERO by installing SOLAR NET METERING
systems for high-rise buildings, Residential Complexes, Schools, colleges &

bungalows with 30% Subsidy from the Govt.
GoGreen Ventures has been given a National award by LIMCA Book for hybrid Solar system | Vijay Wani 8097666000

13 People of Action
RC Domb Midtown - Sm Pres Sanjay Patil
RC Domb Ind Area - Sm Pres Prakash Sinkar

A Blood Donation Camp was held on September 21, 2019 at K.V. “Samanvay” - a unique exhibition cum sale of handicrafts prepared by
Pendharkar College, Dombivli East jointly by RC Dombivili Industrial adivasis from Thane district was organised. Around 23 stalls displayed
Area, RC Dombivli Uptown, NCC & NSS Students, Chidanand Charitable good prepared by them.
Trust and Pendharkar College. 91 students donated blood.
RC Dombivli Uptown - Smart Pres Sachin Athavale
RC Domb Saudamini - Sm Pres Anuradha Deshpande

Exhibition and Sale of products by women entrepreneurs was Women Empowerment Center in association with Prakash Vidyalay,
organised for consecutive third year on September 28-29, 2019. About Dombivli East was started with free of cost courses in Sewing &
45 stalls displayed products varying from garments, purses and bags, Mehendi for poor & needy women. The club also donated 5 sewing
gift and novelty articles, jewellery, thread work etc. machines to the center.

RC Domb West - Smart Pres Deepali Pathak RC Kalyan - Smart Pres Jitesh Kariya

An eye check-up camp and distribution of corrective eyewear was RC Kalyan in association with Astra team organised a mega camp on
conducted on September 20, 2019 at Zilla Parishad school, Davalpada, LN-4 & Jaipur Foot at Mapusa, Goa on September 29, 2019. 116 people
Badlapur Pipeline Road. 102 school children, 6 school teacher & 4 benefited from this camp where 9 LN-4 hands, 3 modified LN-4 hands
parents of students took benefit of this camp. and 104 artificial foot were distributed. Total cost - Rs. 5,80,000/-.

People of Action 14
RC Kalyan Riverside - Smart Pres Partik Gujar
RC Kalyan Tigers - Smart Pres Bhupendra Kale

40 Cataract surgeries, 2 Cornea Transplant surgeries (costing Rs Eye & Dental Awareness camp was organised at Shaskiya Madhyamik
40,000 each) were conducted at Isha Netralaya, Kalyan and 2 blood Ashram Shala, Chaphewadi, Karjat Taluka. Food and clothes were
donation camps in association with KEM hospital blood bank was held distributed to flood affected Shirol villagers in Kolhapur district and a
on Aug 15 and 28 where a total of 538 blood bags were collected. health check-up camp was held for flood affected Titwala residents.

RC Mumbra Elite - Smart Pres Nadeem Dalvi RC NM Bayside - Smart Pres Seema Verma

A medical camp was conducted in association with Prime Criticare Dr. Anuja, Dr. Sharanya and Dr. Gurminder of Dr. D. Y. Patil Hospital,
Hospital on June 30, 2019 at Holy Crescent English High School where Nerul conducted a session of Compression Only Life Support (COLS)
doctors examined 192 patients including 115 children. The camp was at Dr. D. Y. Patil University School of Management, CBD, Belapur on
held to create awareness on water borne diseases in rainy season. September 27, 2019. The session was attended by 81 students.

RC NM Garima - Smart Pres Priya Pillai RC NM Ind Area - Smart Pres Madhu Bathija

‘Universal brotherhood day‘ was celebrated by organising a medical On the installtion day (July 21, 2019) 10 new members were inducted
camp for 200 people in Airoli, where blood check for haemoglobin, and a free medical camp was held, at Lotus Hospital, Vashi. Free
general body check-up, bone densitometry, gynaecological medical consultation & distribution of free medicines to around 75
consultation and chronic pain consultation was provided. needy persons were done. 17 Rotarian attended the programme.

15 People of Action
RC NM Sunrise - Smart Pres Biswaranjan Sabat
RC NM Palmbeach - Smart Pres Manoranjan Gupta

Donated 3 Suction Machines, 1 Fridge for Medicines, 2 Set Fetal RC NM Sunrise & RC Milinnieum City organised first joint daud on
Doppler and 2 sets of Nebuliser to NMMC’s Mother and Child Hospital topic “Council of Legislations - Rotary Parliament & its importance’
at Belapur. on September 01, 2019 at Kharghar Valley Golf Course. Total of 40
members from both the clubs attended the session.
RC Palava - Smart Pres Chaitanya Bulusu
RC Parsik Hills - Smart Pres Madhavi Kulkarni

RC Pawala & RC Dombivli Midtown jointly with the help of KDMC In association with A N Consultancy, IAWA Ms and Mrs India fashion
conducted vaccination of around 40 street dogs in Casa Rio and Casa show was organised on September 28, 2019 at Club Mumbai for
Rio Gold societies in Navi Mumbai. awareness of Breast and Cervical cancer in women and girls. At the
function 10 wellknown personalities were felicitated.
RC Smart City NM - Smart Pres Padmapani Tilwe
RC Thane Angels - Smart Pres Anirudha Nakhawa

An Eye Check-up camp was held at Karawe, Navi Mumbai for screening “Voice of Thane” - a contest for singers of different age groups for the
& treatment to the underprivileged communities. 86 villagers were music lovers in Thane was organised on September 21, 2019 at the
screened during the camp where 8 potential Cataract Patients were Shayog Mandir Hall, Ram Maruti Road, Thane West. A total of 110
detected which will be referred for further Check up and treatment. contestants from the Thane district participated in the competition.

Peole of Action 16
RC Thane Central - Smart Pres Mansukh Waghela
RC Thane City Centre - Smart Pres D. Huprikar

A Fire Safety Awareness Program was organised on September 18, One month grocery of 90 kg wheat, 15 litres of oil, 10 Kg Toordaal, 10
2019 at Thane High Court. Around 200 people benefited from the Kg Moong Daal was delivered to Gharkul...a residential arrangement for
presentations. The club also sponsored Mid-Day Meal for 1 Day for mentally challenged people run by an NGO Amey Palak Sanghatana at
1000 Kids of the Twins School in Manpada Thane. Khoni, Dombivli.

RC Thane Creekside - Smart Pres Sandeep Sharma RC Thane Downtown - Smart Pres Rajesh Mittal

Compression-Only Life Support (COLS) and Organ Donation Awareness An Eye Check up Camp was organised on September 22, 2019 at
drive were conducted for the residents of Kolshet Road. Dr. Sunita Anusuyatmja Matimand School at Igatpuri. 106 students & staff were
Oak’s team provided CPR training training to 40 guests and around 15 screened by Rtn Dr. Tushar Muni. 14 students & a staff were provided
participants pledged all organs donation to Mohan Foundation. spectacles and on one student Cataract operation will be done in Oct.

RC Thane Green City - Smart Pres Prachi RC Thane Paradise - Sm Pres Pradeep Jaid

RC Thane Green City in association with RC Thane Lake City launched Organised Camps for Blood Donation (39 bags blood collected), Blood
a mid day meal program at Adarsha English School to provide around Pressure & Haemoglobin Check-up (250 persons checked), New Born
112000 meals a year. DG Dr. Mohan and first lady Dr. Veena enjoyed Hearing Screening test (50 infants checked) and Meditation and Yoga
the hot Khichdi with children and sang “Mile sur mera tumhara”. for Ladies (250 ladies attended) in the month of September 2019.

17 People of Action
RC Thane Suburban - Sm Pres Sameer Sharangdhar
RC Thane Skyline - Smart Pres Sanjay Sharma

The Braille and Hellen Keller day was celebrated at Geeta Hall Bhandup On the occasion of Independence Day, Ramkrishna Netralaya
where Cheques totalling Rs.1,15,000/- were distributed from the Charitable Eye Clinic was inaugurated at the hands of DG Dr. Mohan
money donated by the club members and guests for the education Chandavarkar. Senior Journalist Sandeep Acharya was Guest of
fees to 11 children of blind parents. Honour. Rtn. Dr. Nitin Deshpande, took a lead to start the hospital.

RC Thane Uptown - Smart Pres Jyoti Chavan RC Ulhasnagar - Smart Pres Nanda Sawant

Eco-friendly Ganpati making workshop was organised for the RYE Conduct a Menstrual Hygiene Session under the Youth Education
students along with the Interactors of Vidya Prasarak Mandalachi Programme on September 26, 2019 in Deaf and Dumb School of Palavi,
Shala, Balkum, Thane. 8 RYE Students participated in the workshop Ulhasanagar. Dr Nanda Sawant, a Gynaecologist delivered the lecture
and all were just fascinated by the idols they made. to 60 students, 13 teachers and 6 staff.

RC Ulhasnagar East - Sm Pres Mahendar Hingorani RC UL Sapna Garden - Sm Pres Mahesh Sukhramani

14 bunk beds (3 Children can sleep on each) were donated to Jeevan The Annual Teachers Day celebration was done in a grandeur way
Samvardhan Orphanage. Total cost of the project was Rs 2 lakh. on September 08, 2019. Teachers and meritorious students were
Around 42 Children will benefits from these bunk beds who were earlier felicitated in an attendance of 750 audiences. Life time achievement
sleeping on the floor. award was given to Retired Principal Pahlaj Ahuja.

Multifarious 18

Perfect District Awards Ceremony 13 Rotarians
from D 3142
registered till

The District Awards Ceremony for the Perfect Year
(2018-19) was organised on 28th Sept at Hotel Satkar
Residency. Over 250 Rotarians and Anns attended the
programme. PRID C Basker was the Chief Guest and
DG Dr Mohan Chandavarkar was the Guest of Honour.
Awards in 22 categories were distributed. A total of 288
applications were received from 40 Clubs for the awards.

19 The Last Page

Smart Performers My Rotary Moment

Total increase in the membership of RID 3142 is 100. by PDG Dr Venkat Gadwal

Best increase in membership up to August 31 In a span of over five decades of
membership in Rotary, there are
1) Ul Sapna Garden : 20 SP Mahesh Sukhramani several moments to remember.
The one I am sharing now is
2) Thane Suburban : 11 SP Sameer Sarangdhar most significant and impactful.
That is when in early 1990, during
3) Dombivli East : 10 SP Santosh Bhanage a workshop on ‘Polio’, the then
Deputy Chairman of the National
4) NM Seaside : 09 SP Stuti Sensarma Polioplus Committee PDG Sushil Gupta hailed our
dedicated and innovative efforts as VENKAT’S ONE
5) Thane Skyline : 07 SP Sanjay Sharma POINT PROGRAMME. Bearing a pioneering look he took
this phrase as a marketing tool to the rest of the country.
Best contribution to TRF up to September 30
Of course, we did work in all avenues of service. I
RC Thane Midtown (SP Rajendra) | RC Thane North gave, as DG, topmost priority and motivated the Club
(SP Rajesh) | RC Thane (SP Achyut) | RC Thane Presidents, Polio Coordinators and the main committee
Greenspans (SP Senthil) | RC NM Bayside (SP Seema) at the district level. The results were fantastic and very
rewarding. The immunisation levels went up from a
Please donate generously to TRF mere 65% to more than 95%; over 3 lakh children were
immunised. No slum was spared.
Rotary Youth Exchange Update
Our work attracted the attention of Rotary Headquarter,
”Shankhsadhana” a work- whose representative came to see our work. A team
shop on conch blowing from Japan also visited. Important dignitaries across
technique & it’s benefits the country also visited.
was conducted by Shri
Yogesh Walujkar for the The enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication of our
RYE students with the clubs were superb. We set the ball rolling when Rotary
support of Rotaract Club in India was trying to involve the Government.
of Thane Midtown on
September 20, 2019. No looking back; the rest is history.

The RYE students were
taken by the ROTEX for
a Mumbai Darshan on
September 22, 2019.

Inner Wheel Projects Upcoming Events

IWC Borivali Happy School IWC Bombay Pier • Polio Workshop at Navi Mumbai ................................... Oct 17

• IWC New Bombay Ind Area organised a seminar • Literacy Seminar ………………………...................................... Nov 02

on how to handle Medical Emergencies to enhance • Felicitation of RIPN Shekhar Mehta at ITC Grand........ Nov 09

knowledge and be more alert, aware citizens. • Bharat Ke Veer - Flag Off from Gate Way of India ........ Dec 10

• IWC Borivali inaugurated ‘The Inner Wheel School’ • OCVs in October: 19th - Thane Uptown

on 30th August at Yojana Vidyalaya, Borivali East. • OCVs in November

• IWC Bombay Pier organised a camp at Umerkhadi 3rd – NM Sunrise | 6th – Badlapur Ind Estate | 8th – Dombivli
| 15th – Dombivli Ind Area | 16th – Navi Mumbai | 17th – UL
Remand Home, Dongri covering Physical/Mental Midtown | 20th – Dombivli West | 21st – Dombivli Midtown
| 22nd – Thane Central | 23rd – Bhiwandi Ambadi Area +
well being, Vocational & Recreational activities for Bhiwandi BKC + Bhiwandi Rural + Bhiwandi Central + Bhiwandi
South | 27th – NM Hillside | 28th – Dombivli Saudamini
350 Children and staff. | 29th – Dombivli City


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