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Contraception (birth
control) prevents

pregnancy by interfering
with the normal process of

ovulation, fertilization
and implantation. There

are different kinds of
birth control varying on

believes and culture.

Methods of contraception
Method 1:

contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills are used
to suppress ovulation by the

combined actions of the
hormones estrogen and


method 2:implants

A birth control implant is a
type of hormonal birth
control. It releases progestin
hormone into the body to
prevent pregnancy.

method 3: condom

The male condom is rolled
onto an erect penis before
intercourse and works by
forming a physical barrier

which blocks semen from
entering the body of a
sexual partner.

method 4: intrauterine
contraceptive device (iucd)

An intrauterine contraceptive
device (IUCD) is a small device
made from plastic and copper

which sits inside the womb
(uterus). It is also known as "the
coil". Two threads are attached
to the IUCD and pass out through
the neck of the womb (cervix) to
lie in the vagina. These allow the

IUCD to be removed easily.

method 5: vasectomy

vasectomy is an elective surgical
procedure for male sterilization

or permanent contraception.
During the procedure, the male’s

sperm duct are cut and tied or
sealed so as to prevent sperm
from entering into the urethra

and thereby prevent
fertilization of a female through

sexual intercourse.

method 6: ligation

A ligation refers to the tying of an
anatomical structure, such as a blood

vessel or other hollow structure
during surgical or other medical
procedures. Ligation is performed, for
example, during surgery to reduce
blood loss, to tie off fallopian tubes
or seminal ducts during a tubectomy or
vasectomy, and in the treatment of


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