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DAF Brand Communication Manual stationery + email banner

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DAF Brand Communication Manual stationery + email banner




2.2 DAF logo

The DAF logo is recognizable everywhere in the same way and the same style. The DAF logo is the symbol of
our organization and is the coordinating mark for our products and services.

The DAF logo is, so to speak, the carrier for our brand and the company identity. It consists of the name DAF,
strongly underlined. The illustrations on this and subsequent pages show the approved version. The DAF logo
must be used according to the guidelines in this manual, whether it is used separately or in combination with
text or names.

Besides the headquarters and branches, the DAF logo may only be used by DAF Dealers™, DAF Service
Partners™, DAF Coach & Bus Service Partners™ and DAF Service Support Points™.

The logo consists of the following inseparable elements. The elements always form a whole.

• The brand name DAF.
• An unbroken horizontal bar, equal to 2/5 of the total height of the logo. This bar runs underneath

the word DAF and is exactly the width of the word DAF. This line must never be lengthened or
made into part of a different design.
• Maintain a space on all sides of the logo which is equal to at least 1/2 the total height of the logo.
• There may be no changes to the relative size or the position of the logo elements.

1/2 x 1/2 x
1/2 x Fvreije zone 1/2 x

APRIL 2014 | 2.2 x

1/2 x
x = height of logo

1/2 x
1/3 x vrije zone

1/3 x
1/3 x


2.2.1 DAF logo and background colours
The DAF logo is composed of blue and red. The most frequently used colour standards for the DAF logo are
given below:

DAF blue DAF red

PMS 287 PMS 485
CMYK Cyan 100% CMYK Cyaan 0%
Magenta 69% Magenta 100%
Yellow 0% Yellow 91%
Black 11,5% Black 0%
RGB R: 0 RGB R: 213
G: 29 G: 0
B: 127 B: 23
Web colour: #001D7F Web colour: #D50017
RAL 5002 RAL 3020

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2.2.1 DAF logo and background colours

The DAF logo colours are extensively covered on the previous page. In this section the applications of the DAF
logo are described with due regard for background colours.

Use of the full colour DAF logo is preferable.
The full colour DAF logo can be positioned on the following backgrounds:

• White background.
• Grey background (0-30% black).
• Transparent background.
• Light metals or metallic background (silver, aluminium, and stainless steel).

The full-colour DAF logo may not be used on any other colour background apart from those
described above.

Strive to design communication materials so that the DAF logo can appear in full colour.

See the table below for use of colours for the DAF logo in combination with different backgrounds.

• If a full colour DAF logo appears on a dark background, the logo can alternatively be placed in a

self-contained white rectangular frame.
• For natural materials and materials that cannot be printed on, such as leather or rubber, use a logo in relief

(stamped or embossed).
• A logo in relief can also be used on more prestigious publications such as annual reports and important


Colour use of DAF logo

Preference: use of full colour Alternative: Alternative:
DAF logo on a white background, Use a black DAF logo on Use a white DAF logo on
or on a background with between backgrounds of 0 - 40% black or backgrounds with 40 - 100% black
0% - 30% black. colour with the same density. or colour with the same density.

In special cases the DAF logo may be used in silver (PMS 877), for example, at exhibitions, on
merchandise and trailer livery. This requires prior approval from DAF Marketing Communications.

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3.1.1 Basic points

It goes without saying that the majority of company correspondence now takes place electronically.
This doesn’t mean that traditional correspondence is completely dying out. On the contrary, in a
number of cases the use of pre-printed stationery is most necessary.
Pre-printed stationery
Examples of pre-printed stationery include: letter-headed paper (with continuation pages), business
cards, compliment slips and envelopes. For making pre-printed stationery locally, templates can be ordered
from the Facility Services department of DAF Trucks N.V. These templates comprise the design layout,
including the correct logo, typeface variants, type size and colours.
When filling in pre-printed stationery, in addition to Helvetica Neue, the Arial typeface may be used, since this is
readily available on most computers and is similar to Helvetica Neue.
Computer-generated stationery
This includes faxes, memos and internal reports (e-mails are in Chapter 6 Electronic media). The format of each
of these documents is held as a template on computer, for instance in the form of Microsoft Word templates.
Templates must not be modified or changed to suit individual tastes and are only made at the request of
DAF Marketing Communications. The typeface used here is Arial.
Some general rules
A full-colour DAF logo must appear on all stationery. Exceptions to this are computer-generated stationery,
where a black DAF logo may be used and in the case of internal use is even recommended.
On all headquarters, factory and subsidiary stationery, the addition of A PACCAR COMPANY* is used. Whether
this is in direct combination with the DAF logo depends on the application and the sender:
• If only the DAF logo is shown, as on an envelope, the DAF logo should be accompanied by

• If in addition to the DAF logo also a name, address and telephone number can be seen,

A PACCAR COMPANY should be used as the last line in the vertical column.

* Dealerships that are not a legal part of PACCAR, may not use the additional text A PACCAR COMPANY.

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3.4 Stationery DAF dealers
The stationery used by the DAF dealers is derived directly from the stationery of the DAF headquarters
(DAF HQ), see also section 3.2 Stationery DAF HQ.
This section deals with only the prevalent versions of stationery for the DAF dealer.
Importers and dealers that are not a legal part of PACCAR may not use the additional text
Exceptions to the layout of stationery can be made based on legal requirements and/or local use. In the first
instance contact the national DAF sales organization for written approval of DAF Trucks N.V.,
Marketing Communications department.

APRIL 2014 | 3.4


3.4.1 Letter-headed paper DAF dealers

Always use (pre-printed)
letter-headed paper with
full-colour DAF logo.

1. Full colour DAF logo,
42 mm wide

2. Dealer name, corps 8 bold
3. Name branch, corps 8 bold

Contact details sender, corps 8
4. Dealer name, corps 17, bold
5. Address: corps 11

Maximum width: 108 mm
6. Reference and date:

corps 9 bold Information
behind: corps 11
7. Letter content (opening lines),
corps 11* Left margin 18 mm
Right margin 12 mm Maximum
width: 180 mm
8. Dealer type, corps 8
9. Space for logos
10. Information Chamber of
Commerce etc., corps 8

* I f the letter content (body text)
does not quite fit on one page,
a smaller corps 10 is permitted.

Grid front page

For more information on layouts/grids for DAF dealer stationery, contact your national DAF sales organization.

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3.4.2 Business card DAF dealers

1. Full colour DAF logo, 5 1
29.5 mm wide 3 2
2. Contact details sender, 6
corps 6.8

3. Name: corps 6.8 bold
Function: corps 6.8

4. Person-related details:
corps 6.8

5. Dealer name, bold
6. Dealer type, corps 6.8

For more information contact your national DAF sales organization.

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3.4.3 Examples DAF dealers



APRIL 2014 | 3.4.3


3.4.3 Examples DAF dealers

Compliments slip

Business card inside Business card outside

APRIL 2014 | 3.4.3



AF Corporate Identity

idelines for the exterior and
erior of dealer premises


Media for correspondence

It is not permitted to include other brands not affiliated to DAF in words or
as logos on media for correspondence. A good rule of thumb for using
media for correspondence is: “For all communication regarding DAF,
always use DAF stationery”. See the DAF BCM for further information.
This page shows examples of correspondence media for dealers and
service dealers.
Note the following:
• The name of the dealer is on the top left.
• The dealer type must be shown on the bottom left. There are different

types of dealers: DAF Dealer™, DAF Service Partner™, DAF Coach &
Bus Service Partner™ and DAF Service Support Point™.
• The words “A PACCAR COMPANY” may only be used if the dealer is
part of the PACCAR organisation (otherwise this is legally incorrect).
Other information, including the name of the dealer’s own company, own
company logos or awards received must be placed on the bottom line.


Letterheaded paper Sales invoice
Compliments card

TITY Business cards


Dealer information on www.da
and country sites

All authorised DAF dealers, including the DAF Servic
listed in the DealerLocator on and cou
a detailed information page is automatically created
The information on this page comes directly from the
Partner Database and is updated once a week.

Dealer information page

The ‘Downloads’ section in the DAF BCM on DA
.html template and a Quick Reference Card abou


Internet Dealer Internet sites

ce Support Points, are Countries have included in the Standards of Excellence that dealers must
untry sites. In addition, have their own up-to-date website that is in keeping with the look and feel
for every dealer. of the DAF Corporate Website. Consult your national DAF organisation
e DAF Dealer & about this.

If a dealer has a website in the dealer’s own company style, then the
following requirements must be observed with regard to DAF information:
• On the dealer website there must be a link via the DAF logo to the

national DAF website. Dealers in countries with no national DAF
organisation must provide a link to
• The dealer must ensure that the use of DAF Corporate Identity and the
DAF logo on the website is in accordance with DAF BCM guidelines.
• DAF product information and photography must be kept up-to-date
(photos are available from
• If a dealer also represents other brands, the identity features of DAF
must be at least proportionate to the DAF activities within the company
and must comply with the requirements for Multifranchise.

AF Dealernet contains an
ut the look and feel of the

DAF Corporate Website.



6.4 E-mail

By far the most traffic with regard to internal and external company correspondence is by e-mail. Maintaining
the DAF Corporate Identity by consistent use of the DAF house style in e-mail is of great importance.

E-mail guideline
As a guideline, everything that applies to normal company correspondence on pre-printed letter-headed paper
must also be complied with for e-mail. Examples of this are, among others: the right opening lines, a correct
sender, send no unwanted enclosures, no indiscriminate CC etc.

The typeface for e-mail is Arial. This typeface is available on most computers as standard and looks like the
DAF typeface Helvetica Neue.

An e-mail signature should be built up as follows:

1 Layout of e-mail 1
Sender’s name: 2

10 pt, bold, black 3 DRIVEN BY QUALITY

2 Sender’s details: 4
10 pt, black 5
3 Pay-off: Arial regular, 12 pt,
capitals, 50% black or 7

4 Sender’s contact address:
8 pt, black

5 Contact address dividers:
8 pt, grey

6 Information: Chamber of
8 pt, black

7 Disclaimer in own language
and English: 6 pt, black

* Optional

APRIL 2014 | 6.4


6.4.1 E-mail banner
DAF banners for E-mail signature
For signing e-mail messages, use can be made of several specially designed DAF banners. They always refer
to a current topic in image and text. This could be a new truck, but also an invitation to an exhibition where
DAF is participating. The templates can be obtained from DAF Marketing Communications.
In order to ensure the uniformity of all DAF messages via e-mails, the banners are carried in a fixed grid for
illustration, design and text. They are always associated with an event, action or specific DAF product.
Deviating from this DAF template with your own design is not allowed.
The powerful appearance of the banners strengthen the DAF brand image. The recurring structure is: the DAF
logo, an image, and up to three lines of headline text in which the theme is clearly communicated to
customers. The banners may be placed under e-mails following the agreement of the Marketing
Communications department, DAF Trucks N.V.


Tailored for every application


APRIL 2014 | 6.4.1


6.4.1 E-mail signature with e-mail banner


Tailored for every application


APRIL 2014 | 6.4.1

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