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it is about a day that everthing was bad

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Published by Mikyla Dockter Olson, 2019-05-08 10:15:10

Kanes bad day story

it is about a day that everthing was bad

​ KANES BAD DAY !!!!!!!!!

Kane had a concert that night and the concert started at
7:00 PM, so he had 13 hours to get ready and to get
them to the place where he was performing tonight and
he had to do the sound check and set up the stage and
that takes a few hours.

Then he had to do his meet and greet before the
concert, yet so he had to get ready kind of fast so he could
start driving the tower bus. He could make it on time, so
he got ready fast and then he was on the road.

He was like a block away from the place where he
had to perform that night, and then the bus” broke down.
He was like” Come on. This cannot happen He had all of
the stuff to set up on stage and stuff on the bus in a
trailer behind the bus so they had to push the trailer to the
place the concert is at.

First, they tried to get the bus started again, and they
got the bus running. It lasted till the place where they had
to go so that was good for them. They were on time for
everything there and Kane does not like being late for
anything. He is happy he is not late so When he got to the
Place he seat up the stage and then he had to change
clothes in to his concert close and then he had to go to
the meat and greet for his fans for 1 hour and then he had
to go to the concert and the song he sang lose it, found
you, heaven, Good as you and all of the songs on

Kane is done with the concert He goes off stage and after
that he plays with his dogs back in the tower bus because
he had them come on stage because he is
singing a song about them and then his wife took them to
the bus when Kane was done with them and then he does
Instagram posts of his concert.

and then he packs his stage and his drums and mic and
everything he has that he brought so he can set it back up
the next day so he can perform again but her forgot part
of the drums so he was like what am I going to do but he
figured out he forgot he had another drum set in his trailer
for if he forgot the other drum set.

So early in the morning, he will have to go back to the
place he performed at before and get the drums and then
go to the next place he has to go to and perform up and
then heads to the next town or state that he performs at
that night so he sets it all up but then when the show
started the curtains he puts up at the beginning they did
not come down for some reason when they were
supposed to so he was like am how are they supposed to
see him for his first song and how are they going to see
the drumset and all the other things they want to see so he
said sorry for the inconvenience we need to try to get the
curtense down we are so sorry it will not take long

but when he said that the curtains fell,so Kane had to get
on the stage. Then the whole night was perfect after that.

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