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Published by Trinity Villanueva, 2018-12-13 09:35:43

Undergraduate Portfolio

Undergraduate Portfolio


December 2018

Trinity Villanueva

[[email protected]]


[email protected]

3207 Discovery Lane, c: 832-360-7633
Conroe, TX 77301


Tomball Lonestar Honors College

A.S Honors Degree with anticipated specialization in Geological Engineering Fall 2019

Thesis: “Rhetorical Analysis of Democratic and Republican Platforms on Climate Change from
1970 to Today”

Worked 30 hours per week for HEB and babysitting

Tomball High School

Graduate in class of 2018. GPA 3.8. Mary Roach Wilkerson Scholarship; Tomball Lonestar
Honors College Merit Scholarship; and Tomball Scholarship Foundation Scholarship recipient.

Committed 15 hours per week for both Legacy Soccer Club and Tomball High School Girls
Soccer program.

Participated in UIL Social Studies and UIL Current Events.

Worked 25 hours per week for HEB


HEB Magnolia, TX

Cashier and Petroleum Attendant September 2017 - present

Performed exemplary customer services and hospitality. Earned approval for petroleum
certification; as well as learned how to manage a major department.

Nanny August 2018 - present

Coordinated weekly schedules with extracurriculars and schoolwork for two children.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Tomball, TX
Manager and Shift Leader March 2017 - September 2017

Managed 10 employees as well as the store. Coordinated special events such as Fourth of July
Sale and New York XL Fridays.

Languages: Conversational Spanish
Interests: Guitar, electric bass, philosophical literature, hiking, dystopian films, running, driving.


Trinity Villanueva

Contact Information: 3207 Discovery Lane
[email protected] Conroe, TX 77301


Environmental, Geological, and Mineralogy sciences as well as trigonometry. Renewable
resources exploration and sustainable energy innovation.


Tomball High School; Tomball, TX ; Diploma August 2014- June 2018

Class of 2018, GPA of 3.8.

Lonestar Tomball Honors College; Tomball, TX; AS Science August 2018-Present

Conduct undergraduate research and participate in undergraduate conferences. Independent
scientific studies and experimentation on Carbon Dioxide storage.


Tomball Scholarship Foundation Scholarship recipient, Mary Wilkerson Roach scholarship
recipient, and Tomball Lonestar Honors College Merit scholarship recipient.


Rift in Conservative Views on Anthropogenics: Nixon versus Trump


Subway; Pinehurst, TX July 2016- March 2017

Sandwich artist, food preparation, and store maintenance.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza March 2017- September 2017

Store manager, sales, and employee training. Learned how to manage a business and established

am effective employee training system.

HEB; Magnolia, TX September 2017- Present

Established strong customer service and perfected improvising to best fit the customers needs.
Certified Petroleum Gas Management in July of 2018. Learned how to manage a division of the
store with no supervision and trusted with complete self-reliance.


Reflective Essay

EDUCH has given me valuable information that I was not taught when I was in high
school or by my own parents that I consider crucial for my future and career path. I’ve learned to
communicate with my peers, assemble my accomplishments into a resume and vitae, as well as
how to sell my worth to future employers. However, the most important lessons I’ve learned is
how to balance my education with my life that will not drive me insane.

Time management has always been extremely difficult for me; learning how to plan a
schedule by 30-minute intervals including, when you wake up, go to school, work, and a time
destress is important for success as a student. The destress period is the most difficult
modification I need to make because when I arrive home after being away for 10 hours of the
day, I immediately go to my bed and switch between the same 3 social media apps for hours
instead of doing anything effective to relax. However, I bought a planner to plan my day in the
morning when I wake up and carrying the planner wherever I go if there is an unusual
circumstance that forces me to alter my daily schedule. Completely changing my spontaneous
personality and live by a schedule that plans out ever hour of my day is difficult but beneficial
therefore, I can finish all my assignments on time. Destress time has been majorly changed from
sitting in bed for 3 hours, to driving and listening to my favorite true crime podcast, watching
two episodes of Designated Survivor before bed, and spending more time with my family at the
dinner table talking. This has made me feel more self-aware of my emotional well-being rather
than looking at everyone’s lives on social media and caring about what they do. This has
tremendously helped me with my school by turning in my assignments on time, finishing my
labs, and all around becoming a more accountable and active student in the Honors College
which I still hope to improve with my following semester.

Presenting my accomplishments and self-worth in resumes has also been a large lesson
I’ve learned from EDUCH. Gathering all my academic, leadership, and management
accomplishments has taught me how to use them to my optimal advantage when building
resumes, 30 second commercials, and curriculum vitae. Distinguishing that my current draft is
going to be edited throughout my years and will not look the same as it would from each
semester has been the most influential lesson to me. This helps me when applying for
scholarships to help pay for my tuition since I am having no outside financial aid except for
FAFSA and loans. A well organized a carefully planned vitae gives me an upper hand with
competing with other students wanting the scholarship I am applying for. I am a better Honors
College student because of I am utilizing the opportunities the Honors College provides me. It is
one thing to be in the program but another to use and participate in the program to the best of my
abilities to build crucial experiences that will help me stand out. Building my research and using
it for next semester to participate in next fall Honors Day is a great addition to my resume
because showing undergraduate research and presenting in conferences as a freshman is a great
advantage to transfer. The best way I can continue to improve with selling my accomplishments
is adding to them by participation in school, volunteering, and revamping my resumes.

This class has taught me how to be the best student I can be within the Honors College
and how to utilize my opportunities within the program to help with scholarships, transferring,
and leadership building. EDUCH has provided many helpful tips I plan to carry out not only in
Lonestar but the rest of my educational career.

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