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Published by trameshiaa, 2019-05-15 19:40:54

T Lash Studio Project

T Lash Studio Project

Mission Statement
Recommendation letters

Business Policy
General Health safety/Aftercare

Consent Form
Table Set Up
Model Pictures
Salon Prices

T’Lash Lounge is located central Houston. Our mission is to exceed your
expectations and to provide the highest level of customer service to
each client. We pride ourselves in educating our clients about
extensions through our professional knowledge in a comfortable clean
environment. The salon provides luxurious eyelash extensions and a
variety of products to enhance the eye beauty. Our service is
completely focused on you.

May 6, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Erika Anderson and I am a client of Trameshia Anderson.

Trameshia has installed eye lashes on me three times since she has been a student. Each time, I
thoroughly enjoyed the process. She is gentle, professional and extremely thorough with the cleaning
process. Beyond that, she has a very calming personality.

Her knowledge and expertise of lash techniques is an advantage for first time lash wearers like myself.
She really put her skillset to work when informing of my lash options.

Along with her undeniable talent for lash installing. Trameshia is an absolute joy to work with. She is a
true professional and manages her time well. I know she will be a true asset to the beauty world.

Without a doubt, I would absolutely recommend her and her professional lash services. Please feel free
to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss Trameshia’s qualifications any further. I
would be more than happy to expand on my recommendation.

Thank you,

Erika Anderson

 Late Arrivals
o Please be sure that you are on time for your appointment to be sure that you
receive the allowed time to apply extensions. If you are 15 minutes past the
appointment time, your appointment will be rescheduled. Initial_______

 Early Arrivals
o Please be on time to your appointment. If possible, please arrive at least 15
minutes early. Initial_______

 24-Hour Cancellation Fee
o Please be sure that if you have to cancel/reschedule an appointment that we
receive a 24-hour notice. If cancelations/reschedule is not done in a timely
manner, there will be a $25 cancelation fee. Initial_______

 Deposit
o Please be aware that all services require a deposit to save the time slot. Deposits
amounts are based on the services received and can range from $25-$50.

 Make-up removal Fee/Lash bath
o Please be sure that all makeup is removed prior to service. Also, please be sure
not to wear stripes or mascara at least 48 hours prior to service. If makeup is not
removed or debris (ie. Adhesive, mascara, eyeliner) is left on the lashes the client
will be charged for a lash bath and/or the amount of brush and remover. At the
point, the brush and remover will be clients to take home. Initial_______

 Cell Phone
o Please be sure that cell phones are off or volume is low while receiving services.
Also, if ear phones are in while receiving service please be sure they are low and
does not interrupt services. Initial_______

 Extra Guest
o Please be sure no extra guest is in the salon while receiving services. NO KIDS
ALLOWED!!! Initial_______

T’Lash reserves the right to refuse service.

Eyelash extensions may not be for everyone, prior to application please be sure to notify
your extensionist if you have recently or frequently experienced any of the following:

 Unusual sensitivity of skin irritation to cyanoacrylate-based adhesives.
 Moderate/severe/seasonal allergies in coordination with abnormal eye

 Any eye disease or medical conditions (ie. Pink eye, allergy eye, recent laser).
 A compromised immune system due to cancer treatment, hepatitis, advanced

AIDS or medication.
 Any type of cancer.
 Alopecia or any skin disease.
 Any metabolic or endocrine disorder
 Blunt trauma in or around the eye area.
 Intoxication or impaired motor skills due to medication, alcohol, or any other


Client name__________________________________ Date___________________

 Please be sure to thoroughly wash/clean/condition lashes daily. Please be
sure to use a soft cleansing brush to gently wash your lashes.

 Use water-based makeup and makeup remover.
 Be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional lash technician to

have lashes removed.
 Please schedule your touch-ups every 2-3 weeks as necessary.

 If possible, try not to wet lashes at least 24 hours after service.
 Do not worry when you lose an extension; extensions will shed with

natural lashes during its normal growth cycle.
 Do not use oil based eye products, creams, or mascara.
 Try to avoid pulling extensions or rubbing eyes.
 Do not use a manual eyelash curler, it can possibly break or loose lashes.

1. I understand that eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. I understand that the lasting
beauty effect are variable and are dependent on my normal hair growth cycle, my use of
cosmetics and skincare products, and my adherence to the instruction for the
maintenance and care.

2. I have fully read and understood all of the information on this form and others. I have
been given the opportunity to ask questions about products, the application procedure,
and any risks and hazards involved. I understand that any uncured cyanoacrylate-based
adhesives or removers in contact with my eyelid or eyeball can cause temporary or
permanent eye damage, including loss or blurred vision. The extensionist has fully
explained the procedure and answered any questions to my satisfaction. I have
sufficient information to give informed consent.

3. I do not have any condition as noted, or any other condition, which I am aware, that
would affect the general use of application of eyelash extensions.

4. I understand that touch up appointments may be necessary for any additional fee.

I __________________________________________ [print name] hereby consent to the
procedure and authorize Trameshia Anderson to apply the products to my own eyelashes

Signature____________________________________ Date_____________________________

Adhesive remover is placed on natural lashes to remove extensions and
prevent natural lashed from prematurely being removed. Because the
remover is placed near the eye area, your consent is required.

I __________________________________________ [print name]
hereby consent to the procedure and authorize Trameshia Anderson to
remove extensions from my eyelashes.


Salon Prices

CLASSIC (Full Set) $150

CLASSIC (Refill after 4 weeks is considered a full set) $70

CLASSIC (2-week refill) $50

Lash bath $15

Lash removal $30

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