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General Plan PBTC 010

General Plan PBTC 010

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Goals 1. Help transform healthcare in USA and worldwide with the use of “revolutionary,” fast acting healing
and pain relief medicines that will help millions, with little/no unwanted side effects.
(~ 50 million patients worldwide are suffering from hard-to-close wounds, also, for burn wounds:
Technology rapid pain relief and accelerated healing, presently represent unmet medical needs.)
2. Dominate the wound dressings (that stop pain, accelerate healing) marketplace in USA/Worldwide
3. Profitably become one of the top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in world within 10 yrs
1. Patented homeopathic medicine, AHEALON® Topical and/or internal use
2. Proprietary Super Nanotized CBD (S-CBD) Topical and or internal use

Cash Flow Both above are non-opioid/opioid free medicines, per President Trump initiative

3. Super-Nanotizing Technology; ex: SANI-FREE-FOR ME may be a unique safe topical spray to
create sterile surfaces that need no wash downs; uses standard sodium metabisulfite

Establish immediate cash flow (CF): Develop, market, sell, private label, license products, such as
1. License AHEALON® use in wound dressings for pain relief and accelerated healing
This could be $300 mil - $1 billion + royalty/profit sharing + cost material
as this is expected to dominate the wound dressing industry USA/Worldwide
2. SANI-FREE FOR ME/NANOFREEandCLEAN: for safe sterile surfaces not need wash down; industries:
Method/s hospitals, nursing homes, airlines, food service, child care, sports mats/surfaces/accouterments, etc.
3. (S-CBD) Beverage Taste Enhancement; for companies such as Nestle, Constellation Brands
4. (S-CBD) Chocolate/Gummy Taste Enhancement; 4.B. Food/Cereal Taste Enhancement
5. Energy Drink/s; 6. Testosterone enhancement; 7. SNOOZZIE™ sleep enhancement

8. Mosquito and BUGS GO AWAY; 9. STOP A HOT FLASH; 10. ACNE AWAY; 11. Female Sexual
Enhancement 12. HANGOVER BE GONE 13. Menstrual Pain be Gone 14. SINAHEAL (sinus)
15. Thunder-Doggie™ Topical Spray safely stops dogs from being afraid of thunder and loud noises
16. Establish a Shopify website; sell above and more
17. Medical Tourism
18. Use AHEALON® and or S-CBD as a medical adjuvant to increase efficacy of a medicine/s

1. Conduct a Study that shows [S-CBD or AHEALON] stops/relieves/heals [Cancer Pain: type/s: _______ ].

2. Form a Strategic Alliance with a [COMPANY] to License [worldwide or ____] [S-CBD or AHEALON] for

[Cancer Pain] and to immediately conduct [USA FDA] Clinical Trials

License fee $______, royalty _____%, cost raw material $_____/, estimated time____yrs___mo/s
Goal: Obtain FDA Approval ASAP, Get 3rd Party Payment,

Dominate this Therapeutic Marketplace, could be >$1 billion/year

3. Repeat 1 and 2 above ASAP for the following (possibly pain relief first, then accelerated healing) :

Arthritis Ocular: Pain, Dry Eye, etc.

Burn Wound Pain Low back pain

Diabetic Ulcers/Neuropathy Depression

Psoriasis Headache, Migraine

Eczema Venus Stasis Dermatitis

Cellulitis Sinus

COPD/respiratory disease Pressure Ulcers

Phantom Pain Animals: Large, Farm, Pet

GI/Crohn’s Disease, IBS (more)

4. Align with vested interest groups to support efforts directed towards: 1 and 2 above.

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5. Our cGMP FDA Approved Lab (Princeton Laboratories)to supply products to Licensees USA/Worldwide

6. Establish Non-Profit/Philanthropic Enterprise to promote wellness worldwide

Notes 1. USA FDA recently approved a GW Pharmaceuticals CBD Orphan Status medicine;
3rd party payers pay ~$36,000/year per patient in USA.

2. Other CBD products from different companies are working their way through USA FDA
Clinical process; such as Insys Therapeutics:

“Although glioma tumors affect less than 200,000 Americans, recent FDA approval sets a precedent
for natural remedies, and could lead to a revolutionary way to legally treat many forms of cancer
with natural cures. In justifying preliminary approval of utilizing CBD to treat brain and spinal cancer
tumors of this kind, Insys Therapeutics provided the FDA with the scientific rationale for CBD’s
benefits, including human experiences with the natural remedy, evidence discovered through in
vitro studies, and preclinical animal testing.” Recent Internet article

3. GW Pharmaceuticals licensed their CBD product for cancer pain relief to the Japanese
pharmaceutical company, Takeda, but Takeda did not succeed in their FDA Clinical
Testing to prove efficacy.

4. No homeopathic product has ever received FDA approved status, . . . yet; but the deck seems
stacked against passage of such a medicine
Wound care
5. No 3rd party payer has ever paid for a homeopathic drug, and even if FDA approved such
a drug, there is no assurance that 3rd parties would pay for it.

6. There has been an engineered antipathy towards homeopathy in USA and worldwide;
of note, the AMA was formed 2 years after the American Homeopathic Association was
formed, because homeopathic practitioners were “taking away their business.” This
mind set is still prevalent. Also for herbology/practitioners.

7. Constellation Brands, Inc. (a Fortune 500 company, an international producer and marketer of beer,
wine and spirits, headquarters in USA, revenue $6.028 billion/2018) purchased 10% of Canopy, a
Canadian CBD company for $191 million.

8. Acelity L.P. Inc., Smith & Nephew, ConvaTec Group, Molnlycke Health Care AB, Coloplast Corp,
Derma Sciences, Inc (Acquired by Integra LifeSciences), Scapa Healthcare, 3M Health Care,
Hartmann, Johnson & Johnson are some large wound care companies; advanced wound care market
estimated to be $34 billion by 2026.

9. Smith & Nephew in 2012 purchased Healthpoint for cash, $781 million

10. One of the world’s largest wound care companies is about to gain a new owner. At press time, Kinetic
Concepts Inc. agreed to be acquired by a consortium put together by Apax Partners, a private equity
interest group who will put up $4.98 billion in cash, and assume $1.3 billion in additional debt, which brings
the total acquisition cost to nearly $6.3 billion. KCI stockholders will receive $68.50 per share.

KCI’s portfolio includes negative-pressure wound-therapy products, including its VAC Therapy System,
which is used to treat chronic and large wounds. The unit accounted for about 70% of the company’s
$2 billion in revenue last year. KCI controls more than 80% of the worldwide market for negative pressure
wound therapy. Device maker Smith & Nephew is its largest competitor in this area.


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Wound care Analysts noted that KCI was an attractive target for private equity because it offers a stable cash flow but
continued has had trouble growing. Kinetic faces increased competition in its key business — products that use
negative pressure technology, or a vacuum, to promote wound healing. The company also manufactures
technology for tissue regeneration.

KCI previously was taken private in 1997 by company founder Dr. James Leininger and two investment firms
in a deal valued at $850 million. KCI subsequently went public again in 2004. From the founding of the
company in 1976 to 1988, the revenue of KCI grew to US$153.2 million. The growth in revenue allowed KCI
to go public and trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1988.[16] KCI stock was traded on the NYSE
until 1997, when the company went private. In February 2004, KCI became a publicly listed company for the
second time and was listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol KCI.[7][17] By the late 2000s the company's
revenue was over $1 billion and reported an increase of 17 percent in 2007 to $1.61 billion.[18]Revenue for
2008 was $1.88 billion, increasing to $1.99 billion in 2009[19] and in 2010 increased to $2.02 billion.[20] On
November 4, 2011, the company went private again at a price of $68.50 per share. KCI is owned by a
consortium consisting of Apax Partners and controlled affiliates of the Canada Pension Plan Investment
Board and Public Sector Pension Investment Board.

11. Overlooked Advanced Wound Care Market Catches Attention of Healthcare Analysts, Investors

However unpleasant it is to think of chronic wounds, the medical advances that have been developed to

treat these serious ailments offer an appealing area for investors. Indeed, healthcare companies

specializing in addressing these serious wounds caused by diabetes and the related issue of obesity provide

a still undiscovered investment opportunity. Predictably, several healthcare analysts and some savvy

investors have started paying attention to this niche market. There are about 50 million reported cases

globally of patients suffering from hard-to-close wounds, according to published reports, including some

15% of diabetic foot ulcers in the U.S. that eventually required amputations. The cost burden to the U.S.

healthcare system has been so severe that the Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services has changed the

reimbursement policy for wound care, providing economic incentives for hospitals to improve care and

reduce costs.

====================== CASH FLOW ASAP:

1. Since AHEALON® has a USA FDA NDC Number 52793-700-02, can we IMMEDIATELY sell AHEALON for

(example) $6,000/60 ml bottle? This equates to $75.00/therapeutic application. For burn wounds, average

price/patient = $1.6 million; if 15 bottles needed/patient = $90,000.00. AHEALON® should dramatically

reduce healing time and costs; note if insurance companies are operating on COST PLUS, they may not

appreciate these savings, in this case we could charge more. An AHEALON® toxicology report would show

a saline solution with some silver and sea minerals, that is “safe for its intended use” (topical application).

Of the 400,000+ people in world with burn wounds, if sold to to 3% = 12,000 x $90,000 = $108 million/year

Strategic Contact Shriners who have significant political power and have a vested interest in burn would pain relief

Alliances and accelerated burn wound healing. Also: St Barnabas Burn Wound Center; Cleveland Clinic, others.

2. AHEALON® and or S-CBD could be used as an adjuvant, combined with an existing drug, to give the

existing drug more (possibly significantly more) efficacy. List advantages to company/s with these drug/s.

3. AHEALON® and/or S-CBD could be used for MEDICAL TOURISM; candidates: Ireland, Dubai, China, ____

Cash License for $ _______ + royality %_____ + cost for material solution. This could become a multi-

billion dollar enterprise that helps many patients who presently cannot get adequate medical care for

their maladies, because they do not as yet exist. To operate for as long as it takes to obtain USA FDA

approval status for AHEALON or S-CBD for _______________ or ________________.

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4. License AHEALON® to wound dressing company/s ASAP, best candidates? See Notes 4 above.
Estimated time/s to conclude?
A “strategic license” to a company should garner a larger license fee. A larger HERTZ type company
might want to license one or a number of our products and then sit on them to protect their present
business, compared to an AVIS type company who tries harder, and will work hard to carve out a
significant market share. From NOTES SECTION 8 above, possibly choose a potential licensee

5. AHEALON® or S-CBD? What has a better/faster/less $ chance to go through FDA for FDA drug approval?
Pros and Cons each.

6. From METHODS SECTION 1, 2, 3 above select potential licensee candidate companies to approach from
each category.

7. Cancer Pain. Presently speaking with someone who has access to cancer patients with pain, and wants
samples to quickly determine if topical AHEALON® and or topical S-CBD will work to rapidly stop/mitigate
this type of pain. See above NOTES 3; our formulation is believed to be significantly more powerful that the
CBD used by Takeda/GW Pharmaceuticals.

8. Burn Wound Pain Relief to go through FDA Drug Approval first. This should be easy to evaluate: same
pain, less lain, or no pain, for what time duration; safety should not be an issue, as silver/saline solutions
are used worldwide to clean burn wounds [AHEALON®] or S-CBD is already FDA approved for ingestion,
ours would be topically applied in very dilute form; then go for FDA Approval for accelerated healing of
[burn] wounds. Then for antimicrobial effect. Then for anti-inflammation.

Universal Medicine
Difference between old medicine and our new medicine full spectrum
Reasons pro/con to license each therapeutic market to a separate company with integral knowledge of this
market segment
Taste Enhancement



Micro Nebulizer

For Super Nanotized CBD

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