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Published by ESTEBAN CABANAS-GONZAGA, 2019-09-07 21:34:44

The History of Me

my story

Keywords: what i am

by:Esteban cabanas

The History of Me


When I was 2 years old I went
to Universal Studios. I
remember looking around and
seeing restaurants,stores,and
other stuff. I got on a few
rides. I got on Thomas the
Train, Simpsons,Shrek,Dinosaur
ride,and the tour.


The Invention that has
improved is music. For me,
music is like my life and can
control you in many ways. For
example the music can make you
hype dance,sing,and relax. The
music that I like to hear is
kpop. My least favorite music
is rock.


MY households rules are not to
talk back, be respectful, and
do what you have been told. I
used to break all of these
rules. Sometimes you need a
little reminder about the
rules.This year i understand
what are the rules and why do
i have to follow them. I don’t
know what happens if I get in
trouble because I never had
problems following my house


My chores are so simple,
sometime they are not simple.
The chores I have to do are
reading,homework,wash my
clothes,and do my bed. I also
have have fun chores for
example playing the guitar and
going to guitar class. All of
my house that I mention,I
don’t their money,but every
sunday I go with my dad to
help make furniture, I get
payed $20.

Social thomes

In my family there are 5
members. The members are
iano,and I. What we like to
play as a family is soccer
and baseball. Sometimes we
play ruff but other times we
start scaring each other. My
family gets along very well as
you can see.

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