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Autumn Magazine 2019 website

Autumn Magazine 2019 website
Autumn Magazine 2019

The Autumn Feasts Celebrating Jesus Congregation
of the LORD in the Festivals of Israel Updates


The Autumn Feasts of the LORD 1-2
Congregation Catchup 5-8

Beit Eliyahu Messianic Congregation 9-10
Celebrating Jesus in the Festivals of Israel 15-18

Asaf Pelled from CWI tells us how 19-20
Pray and Not Faint 23-24

A Study on Luke 18 by Keith Parker

The Sudanese Outreach

Yoyakim and Debbie Figueras

The Blessing of Gifts

Cana Baptist Church

Prayer and Bible Conference

Notes of the experience

Book Review and PFI News

PFI Shop

Prayer for Israel (PFI) exists to: encourage prayer for Jewish and Arab believers in The Land
and for the salvation of all Israel.

PFI is an international, non-denominational Christian fellowship of believers linked together
to bring the good news of Jesus to the Jewish and Arab people, encourage and support
believers in a Biblical understanding of God’s end time purposes for Jesus’ Jewish brethren,
and to pray to that end. It also acts as a channel for gifts from prayer partners to enable
practical support to be provided to local congregations and ministries, as well as relieving

hardship and distress in Israel and elsewhere (Romans 15:27).

Prayer For Israel is a Registered Charity No. 326132 in England & Wales
Address: PFI PO Box 190, Telford, Shropshire TF2 2DB

Telephone: 01952 604207 Email: [email protected]
Thank you for your partnership in prayer.

Editorial By Derek Rous
The Autumn Feasts of the Lord or
“Moedim” conclude the annual cycle resources at its disposal.
of celebrations or “remembrances” for But equally, everywhere else you look today -
God’s People recorded in the Bible. the nations are also experiencing unprecedented
political, social and civilizational upheavals.

They are the last reminders in Scripture, of the Even in nations who have enjoyed generations

Faithfulness of God in the yearly “redemptive of settled government, protests and strife are

calendar”. The last Feast of all called Tabernacles increasing with alarming frequency.

or “Succot,” especially points Israel as well as

all Gods people to the Hope of God’s willing In Luke’s gospel of Jesus, the Messiah spoke

desire to come and dwell among Man – and all of “…nations rising against nation, earthquakes

His creation – on the earth. occurring, famines, plagues and fearful sights.”

(Luke 21:10) It is not that they are happening

Ever since the trauma of expulsion from the but that they are happening in every nation and

Garden recorded in Genesis One, man has had affecting the whole world. But in it all, “What Is

to endure separation from the presence of God. God saying to Israel and how are Gods people

But the Feast of Tabernacles points vividly to responding to these global shakings?” Is the

the reversal of that terrible event with God answer by the nations turning to Israel or by

Himself coming to dwell amongst His people. turning to God?

The events that lead to Tabernacles however,

are not incidental and instead seek to emphasise Their cry for a solution will in the end depend

the conditions that have to be addressed before on who can deliver it. The Bible speaks of one

He will come. First, Israel has to be awakened to who will offer a solution – deceiving all in his

the serious impact that Sin has had in their lives. pathway to power. Paul said in 2 Thessalonians

Second, Israel must hear and know the critical 2 verse 9 that he will be one “whose appearance

need for true repentance that comes from a is after the working of Satan with all power and

heart of sincerity. This means that no amount signs and lying wonders.” Even Israel will think

of Synagogue attendance or doing “Mitzvot” or he is the Messiah because he sits in a renewed

good deeds, can atone for sin. Temple, although in the end he will turn against

them. But this is not the end – only the end of

It has left a permanent stain and only the Blood the age. There is much more to follow for them

of Yeshua can wash it away. Yom Kippur could as promised in the Autumn Feasts. When they

be a day of receiving real forgiveness for every “Look unto Him whom they pierced and mourn

pleading soul, leading to true rejoicing and not for Him as for an only Son” Zechariah 12:10.

just a day to endure. That is why those days are

known as “the days of awe.” But for too many “God’s plan is redemption
it’s only the beginning of a new year of “hoping and because of the promises
for the best, and avoiding the worse” contained in the Feast of

Israel has always faced an existential threat. Tabernacles, Israel and all
Quite naturally its response has been and still is the nations will know it”
to seek to defend itself with all the considerable

Autumn Magazine 2019 Editorial

The Autumn feasts
of the LORD

Introduction All the Feasts of the Lord are
The Calendar of Gods Appointed Times is important
His way of making sure we do not forget Leviticus 23 talks of the Feasts of the Lord.
They are not Jewish Feasts or Feasts of
1His benefits. We are a forgetful people but Israel - but appointed times of the Lord.
the Jewish calendar of cyclic festival is Time out to spend with Him. All seven form
God’s way of helping us remember history. a timeline which tell the redemptive story
So, what is the significance of the Autumn of God’s dealings with Israel. Romans 11:17
Biblical Feasts? Where do they come from -25 We all need reminding because we so
and what is the message to us as believers? quickly forget.

Biblical Connections Rosh HasHana
For Israel the Autumn Feasts are not a First of the Autumn feasts celebrated as the
one-day wonder. The Feast of Trumpets Jewish new year. A common custom is to
is followed by Yom Kippur, the Day of say “L’shanah tovah”, which means, “May it
Atonement or Covering which culminates in be a good year.” Another custom is to eat
Succot - the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles. apples dipped in honey. The apples and honey
It all starts on 1st Tishrei (Beginnings). represent God’s provision and sweetness that
Tishrei is the first month of the new civil He will manifest to us in the coming year.
year. The Jews certainly know how to We read about this feast (Yom T’rooah) in
Leviticus 23:24 – “Speak to the sons of Israel,
2celebrate. They have so much to be thankful saying, in the seventh month, on the first of
for and have so much practice through the month (Tishri), you shall have a rest, a
the year. The key to the Jewish feasts was reminder by blowing of (shofars) trumpets.”
‘regularity, generosity, purity.’ The sounds of the shofar represent crying,
and are intended to bring each individual
God is a God of order and toward deep introspection and repentance.
works to a timetable
Psalm 102:13 says “You will arise and have Yom Kippur
mercy on Zion; for the time to favour Second of the Autumn feasts is the holiest
her, yes the set time has come.” Israel day of the year. We can read about this feast
is restored physically but what about in Leviticus 16, 17 and 23:27. The High Priest
spiritually? God is working to a timetable would carry the blood of the bull and goat
and Romans 5:6 says, “In due time Christ through the veil and into the Most Holy Place
died for the ungodly…”; 2 Corinthians in the Tabernacle- the Holy of Holies. The
6:2 “Now is the time for salvation” and so High Priest of the Israelites would then pour
Galatians 4:4 “… in the fullness of time God the blood onto the altar over the Ark of the
sent His son”. Covenant and, in doing so, make atonement
for the children of Israel (Lev. 17:11).

1 Autumn Magazine 2019

Sukkot Features of the end times
Third of the Autumn feasts. This feast is Remembering God’s Promises and
a joyous and happy time of giving thanks thankfulness will be a rare commodity in
to God for His provision. We read about Last Days. Linked with ungratefulness and
this feast in Leviticus 23:34-42 “On the a people more concerned with rights than
fifteenth of this seventh month is the Feast responsibilities. “For men will be lovers
of Tabernacles for seven days to the LORD… of themselves, lovers of money, boasters,
You shall thus celebrate it as a feast to proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents,
the LORD… It shall be a perpetual statute unthankful, unholy,” 2 Tim 3:2
throughout your generations… You shall live
in booths for seven days.” The Autumn Feasts are about
fruitfulness & thankfulness
3How was thankfulness & A farmer who sows without expecting
fruitfulness to be expressed? a large return isn’t much of a farmer.
1. Throughout the Bible in a life offered up Similarly, if he sows with few seed, he will
to God. Ephesians 5:18-21. quite naturally get a poor return. God wants
2. A life filled with the spirit of God instead us “…to be fruitful in every good work.”
of this world. Colossians 1:10, Hebrews 13:10 But what
3. One whose sacrificial offerings were does this mean? “Keep therefore the words
meant to cost something - whose whole of this covenant, and do them, that ye may
life was given as a living sacrifice to God. prosper in all that ye do.” Deuteronomy
Romans 12:1 29:9; 23:6; 28:29. It is a declaration that
4. Offerings were to be perfect, the best, God wants us to be a truly ‘blessed’ people
without blemish. Not our castoffs or things who have enough for our lives and enough
we do not need anymore but the very best. left over to bless others. But we also need
5. Living sacrifices were not dead - obvious! to sow carefully in accordance with the
Burnt offerings were required by the Law Relevance of all the feasts of Israel, All
and 205/210 references to offerings and seven tell a story of God’s dealings with
535/547 refs to offering are OT. But this Israel. Rom 11:17-25 They provide a timeline
repeated offering of animals was never to remind the people of Gods dealings with
going to take away sin Hebrews 10:11 but His people from beginning to end. Let us
there would be someone who in his own too be reminded that - thanks be to God, He
blood offered himself for sin once and for has grafted in us who were wild olives into
all. Hebrews 9:28; 10:14 Hebrews contains the root stock of Israel. We need reminding,
much information about offerings and the because we forget.
limitation of offering for sin yet we are to
be perpetual living sacrifices. What does
that mean for earthly ambitions?

Autumn Magazine 2019 2

Congregation Catchup
Beit Eliyahu Messianic Congregation
Latest updates and events.

Led by Shmuel Awida, Beit Eliyahu meaning ‘House of Elijah’ is
a messianic congregation situated within Haifa, Israel.

Yom HaZikaron Prayer & Fasting

Yom HaZikaron is a Memorial Day for This past Shabbat, we set aside the day for
soldiers and those who were murdered fasting and praying for the Muslim people as
by terrorists. The day is a solemn day to the month of Ramadan comes to a close. We
remember those who gave their lives, and heard from two brothers in the Lord of how
that we can experience God’s goodness. A God is at work in lives bringing those who
lot of Israelis attend a formal ceremony at hate Israel and the God of Israel to know His
the grave of a dear one that was taken. For love and grace through His Son, Yeshua. The
me, it is a very hard day. For the past 16 reality of the spiritual battle we are in was
years, I have been going to the ceremony at so clear as they spoke.
my old High school.
You could say that we were praying for
The high schoolers march onto the field to our enemies, but it’s the really the spiritual
a military drum beat. Once everyone is in battle between Satan and God. May these
place and the lines are straightened, one people be released by God’s love and grace
person is called to step out and leave the from the chains of hatred and fear that Satan
space empty for those who are missing. it is has wound around them.
always very moving. We thank God that by His love and grace to
our country and to us, we can still be here
After the ceremony, I join the Litle family at and live without fear.
the grave of Abigail Litle that was murdered
in a suicide bombing 16 years ago. She was
the sister of my best friend. She loved the
Lord and loved to listen Shmuel’s sermons.
It’s really sad to remember her and not enjoy
her presence.
But we thank God that although we are in an
ongoing conflict that is at its core a spiritual
war against God’s people, we know that He
is in control and will fulfill His promises.

3 Autumn Magazine 2019

Yom Ha-Aztmaut

Yom Ha’Atzmaut is Independence Day in

Israel. It begins in the evening as Yom HaZikaron
ends. We go from sorrow to celebration on the
same day. We know that our Sovereign God
fulfilled His promise and gave the land to His
people and that He who does not slumber or
sleep will continue to protect Israel.

Alongside that truth, we honor those who gave
their lives and those who continue to sacrifice
with a lot of sweat and hard work so that we
can live safe and peaceful lives. The day is filled
with airshows, visiting naval bases or to go out
and celebrate with one another, usually with

Here at Beit Eliyahu, we join with families and

friends in the garden to have a BBQ together
and spend time and fellowship. This year we
also had time for singing and a short fun quiz
on Israel! What fun!

Blood Drive &
Second Hand sale

Every 6 months we organise a blood drive with
MDA Blood Bank. This time we expanded the
drive with a second-hand sale to raise funds
for people in need within our congregation.
The city of Haifa allowed us to publicize these
on their sites. The event was received well!
Forty-seven units of blood were donated and
about 9000 shekels (around $2500) of
goods were bought. There were many people
who came, both believers and non-believers.

They were a couple of fun days preparing and

working together! Please keep praying! People

are coming and going and they will always be

in our hearts and prayers, please keep them in

yours as well. Pray for our leaders, our many

home groups that will start up again in the

fall, our youth to grow in Love with their God

and His Word, and please pray that we would

be able to support those who need help in the Written by Shay Pinhassi @ Beit Eliyahu

congregation. (June-September 2019 Update)

Autumn Magazine 2019 4

In the Festiv

Asaf Pelled is a messianic Jew, “As a Jewish believer, I
working with Christian Witness to see the feasts pointing to
Israel. CWI is an evangelical society, Jesus, as their fulfilment
commited to sharing the Good News and reality”
of Jesus the Messiah with the Jewish
people. Asaf tells his story on how he Inviting Jewish friends to celebrate the feasts
celebrates the feasts as a messianic with us is so special because it an invitation
Jew with Jews in the Netherlands to something which is very familiar and
accepted. At the same time, with Jesus at the
My Story center, these feasts also challenge my Jewish
contacts to think about the true meaning and
Growing up in a kibbutz in the south essence of the celebration.
of Israel. My upbringing was secular,
Zionist and socialist. In my teenage
years, I later found a New Testament
in our home (my parents received
it from a Christian volunteer in the
kibbutz, but never opened it). It still
took several years before I came to
full saving faith in Jesus as Lord and
Saviour. I left Israel and was born
again in the Netherlands and started
attending a church there.

I became passionate about sharing the
gospel with others. I grew up believing
that a Jewish person couldn’t believe
in Jesus. But having come to faith in
him, I realized that was all wrong When
a Jewish person comes to the God of
Israel through the Messiah of Israel,
he doesn’t forfeit his Jewish identity…
rather, he fulfils it! At the heart of my
job is the commitment to share Jesus
with the Jewish people and disciple
those who come to faith in him.

5 Autumn Magazine 2019

ing Jesus
vals of Israel

Celebrating the Feasts

Over the last couple of years, I have
seen more of my Jewish friends come
to our home to celebrate the feasts!
some even unannounced (as is the
way with many Israeli’s!). I invite
both Jewish believers and those
who don’t believe. This way the
witnessing is not only done by me,
but also by other Jewish believers.

At the start I would typically explain Hamantaschen cookies for Purim
something about the feast and how it
speaks to us about the salvation that
God provided through his Son. And
then, during the meal, that’s where
the real witnessing goes on. The
joke goes about the Jewish feasts
that they’re all the same: ‘They tried
to kill us, God delivered us, now
let’s eat!’

In the celebration, I stick with

the classic structure of the feast,

with the main benedictions and

traditions, usually throwing in a

mix of traditional Jewish songs or

hymns and Messianic songs. During

the celebration, we always have a

meal, usually with the traditional

foods of the feast. At the start I

would typically explain something

about the feast and how it speaks

to us about the salvation that God

provided through his Son. And then,

during the meal, that’s where the

real witnessing goes on. Asaf and family eating together

Autumn Magazine 2019 6

How do you reach out Asaf’s outreach work to Jewish people
to Jewish people? Sabbath Meal

The saying goes, ‘Where there are two
Jews, you will find three opinions’ - we
are quite a diverse bunch! So, there’s not
a ‘One-method-fits-all’. However, wherever
I meet Jewish people, after I share the
gospel, I invite them to come and see what
it’s like to be Jewish and believe in Jesus.
‘It’s one thing to say that’s natural,’ I tell
them. ‘Living life as a Jewish follower of
Jesus is the real proof of the pudding.

What do you discuss?

Looking back on the Shavuot (the feast of
Weeks, or Pentecost), where we had some
Jewish friends and family over, I explained
the connection between the feast of Weeks,
which in Judaism commemorates the
giving of the Law and its fulfilment in the
New Testament, in which God gave us his
Holy Spirit and with it the power to live
according to God’s Word. I make it a point
not to be too wordy, but to give clear and
short witness of the essence of the feast
and how it relates to Jesus.

What does your job Involve?

I often go out to Amsterdam or other
cities for evangelistic outreach, whether
on the street, door to door or by creating
opportunities to encounter Jewish people
and have a conversation with them about
the gospel.
But as much as I love those moments on the
street, the heart of my ministry, of my job,
is in meeting Jewish people in everyday
life. This makes for a very varied job, as my
Jewish friends come from all walks of life
and we meet each other during the highs
and the lows of life.

7 Autumn Magazine 2019

What effect does this What do you like most
have on the people you about your work?
share it with?
There are moments, when after
Obviously, I am longing to see my investing a lot in a friendship, a Jewish
Jewish friends come to Jesus, but in the person is happy to open Scripture
meantime, I am happy to see how Jesus with me. I explain why I believe that
has become ‘kosher’ to several of them. Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and what
To give you an example of this, one of he can do for them. I enjoy meeting
them, Yochanan, has started to use my other Christians who would like to
terminology when speaking of Jesus. partner with us in prayer, it’s really
encouraging for me.
It may sound like a small thing, so let
me explain. Even though Jesus’ Hebrew To support the works of Asaf and
name is Yeshua, when Jewish people Christian Witness to Israel, please visit
refer to Him they speak of Yeshu (which
was originally meant as a curse), which
obscures the fact that his name means To keep up to date with Asaf Pelled’s
Salvation! journey and outreach, you can subscribe
to the CWI mailing list, just email
My friend Yochanan, although not a
believer yet, fully realizes that and he’s [email protected]
still happy to speak about Jesus with his
actual name: Yeshua!

Another Jewish person, after attending a
Hanukkah celebration with us expressed
his appreciation of how we did it but also
of how I connected Jesus with that feast.
‘But,’ he added with certainty, “I bet you
can’t pull that off with Passover or any of
the major feasts!”

He was in for a surprise! Some time later,
he was with us as we celebrated Passover,
a feast speaking of the deliverance of
the people thru the blood of the Lamb.
I happily told him: ‘I don’t need to ‘put’
Jesus in this feast, he just leaps of the
page here!’

Autumn Magazine 2019 8



A study on Luke 18 by Keith Parker.

18:1 - The Persistent widow Israel they say, is promised
This parable is loved by those who know ‘the time of Jacob’s trouble.
they ought to pray. It tells us never to stop Israel will probably fall for the anti-Christ’s
crying out to God. attempt at peace making in the last days,
We begin with a widow: someone who has so can we really pray for wisdom for her
no husband to support her and is therefore leaders, protection for the nation, salvation
vulnerable. An adversary has somehow for her people? In addition, as far as
been exploiting her, and her only hope is Britain is concerned, how can we resist the
an appeal to the law, but the magistrate is prophesied entry into the ‘revived Roman
corrupt and lazy. ‘Why bother with a widow, Empire?’
from whom I can expect no kickback?’ he
thinks. Concerning the Church, isn’t it true that the
But this lady has one weapon: her tongue! end times will be full of deception? If this
And she uses it to make the judge’s life a is so, will we oppose the prophetic word
misery. Finally he stirs himself to give her of God if we pray for the protection of the
justice, simply because of her persistence, Church?
in fact: ‘wearing him out!’
There is always hope
Jesus applies this teaching in Just before he died at the stake, William
two ways. Tyndale, well known for his translation of
1. He tells his hearers that God is attentive the Bible into English prayed aloud, ‘Lord,
to the distress of ‘his elect, who cry to him open the king of England’s eyes!’ Within
day and night.’ What an encouragement! It a year the king had changed course and
has nothing to do with our perception of ordered a copy of the Bible to be placed in
what God’s will is. We just have to cry out every English Church building!
to Him!
2. The Lord puts an intriguing question: Sometimes we imagine we have an
‘When the Son of man cometh, shall he find encyclopaedic knowledge of what will
faith on the earth?’ What is the relevance? happen in the end times. I rather think that
What can it have to do with the widow? What the widow had her eyes on just one thing:
connection has it with praying? the intervention of the judge. So when we
Have you ever noticed that many believers pray let us keep the main points in view.
become fatalistic, and think that because ‘The darker the times become the more we
the end times are marked by unbelief and should pray, trusting the One who hears
rebellion, there is no point in praying for the cry of ‘His elect.’ And we are His elect!

9 Autumn Magazine 2019

18:9 Pharisee and Publican ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all
Here we are told with what spirit we these things shall be added unto you. Fear
should pray. The Pharisee was self- not little flock for it is your father’s good
righteous and thought that God owed pleasure to give you the kingdom.’ (Luke
him a favourable answer to his prayers. 12:31-32) God often works through a small
In contrast, the Publican saw himself as remnant.
unworthy. He asked for mercy, and did
not demand his rights. This is the spirit in 18:31 - Jesus predicts His
which we should pray. death
At the heart of the chapter we read Jesus’s
18:15 - Little children prediction of His imminent death. On
Jesus commands: ‘Suffer the little children three main occasions, Jesus foretold this,
to come unto me, and forbid them not, Peter rebuked Him for it! His disciples
for such is the kingdom of God’. The ones ’understood none of these things: and
who have instant access to God are those this saying was hid from them.’ The main
who are childlike. How does a child pray? purpose of the first coming of Jesus as the
He simply comes to his father. If a child suffering servant was to ‘give His life a
doesn’t fully understand, he still comes ransom for many.’ (Mark 10:45)
and asks. Like the publican in the parable, we must
not rest on our own righteousness, but we
18:18 - The Rich young ruler do have a ground on which to pray. It is
When all the verbage is stripped away it the atonement which Jesus accomplished
becomes clear what this man’s problem at the cross of Calvary.
was. He put his trust in his bank-balance,
not God. Even though it is a flood, we ought always
If we are to be men and women marked by to pray and not to faint. Remember that
the habit and practice of prayer, we need he has atoned for both the Land and the
to know to whom our faith is directed. ‘It is people, and He will render vengeance on
easier for a camel to go through the eye of His adversaries. (Deuteronomy 32:41-43)
a needle, than for a rich man to enter the
kingdom of God,’ says Jesus. The problem Lessons learned
is not that the man was rich – after all The lessons of this chapter to the
Abraham was rich, and so were many intercessor are so clear. Happy praying!
other Godly men. It is the man’s attitude to But as we apply these principles to our
possessions that caused the problem. own lives, let us also adopt them into our
praying for Israel.
18:29 - Jesus comforts His While the time of Jacob’s trouble is yet to
disciples be a little way ahead, there is no question
by saying: ‘There is no man that has left that the attempt to annihilate Israel and
house or parents… etc. If we trust God we the Jewish people is gathering huge
shall always find His provision. We are momentum.
reminded of the earlier words of Jesus,

Autumn Magazine 2019 10

The Sudanese

Yoyakim and Debbie Figueras, live in Arad, Israel. They’ve been living in
Arad for the past 20 years. Yoyakim was the pastor of a Hebrew speaking
congregation in Arad for about 16 years, until God called him to step down
and concentrate on youth and children. They’ve been doing outreach work
to the Sudanese refugees in Arad and a door was opened to reach out to the
Bedouin youth from a nearby tribe.

The Sudanese Refugees Planting the Seed

The Sudanese had run away from the war We knew we have to look out for the
in Sudan to Egypt, from there they escaped Sudanese that remained in Arad. We used to
into Israel. At that time, about 200 Sudanese bring them to the congregation on Shabbat
were escaping daily into Israel. Egyptian every week, and every so often we would
soldiers were shooting at them at the take food boxes over to the families in need,
Israeli-Egyptian border, as they were trying or second-hand clothes. But there was a
to climb over the fence. Finally, those who bigger need, a need to teach the children
managed to cross, arrived in Eilat, Arad, about Jesus. That’s how the idea of having
and others landed even in Tel Aviv. a weekly activity with the Sudanese kids
was rekindled. Their parents who are from
Christian background were all for it and the
kids were only too happy to get attention.

The Israeli government decided to send
some of the families back to Africa. That
same couple that came to the congregation
the first time with their 6 kids, and some
other families whom we knew, were
ordered to leave Israel. They were given
some money and lots of promises, and were
sent back to Africa, That broke our hearts.

11 Autumn Magazine 2019

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A helping Hand 12

Peter, one of the Sudanese kids, had
problems with his eyesite. He was
crosseyed, and was constantly reminded
of his condition.
We wished we could help him, and prayed
to God. There was no money, but God
always knows what to do and who to send.
A friend we met years ago in England,
had arranged a fundraiser and wrote to
us, saying that we are free to do with
the donation as we liked. We immediately
wrote back, told her about Peter and his
situation, how we would like to help him
and thanked God for her help.

Seeing is Believing

We made an appointment with a top expert
eye surgeon, who decided Peter needed
eye surgery. When we explained Peter
had hardly any medical rights, and the
operation would be covered by donations,
he cut the cost of the operation by 30%,
From having no money to help at all, we
now had more than enough, with which we
can help others in need.

The operation was in July, Peter’s eyes are
perfectly straight. We went for a check-up
a month after the operation, and Peter can
see perfectly without his glasses. Praise
God, He takes care of everything. Our God
is amazing.
a month after Peter’s operation, we drove
up to the clinic for the last check up. Here’s
a picture of Peter with the surgeon. His
eyes are straight, he sees perfectly without
his glasses, Thank God.

Autumn Magazine 2019

It’s the Little thing’s

Exciting excursions

This summer was full of activities with the
Sudanese kids. We travelled almost every week
and took them to places they had never been
to before. For most of them, the trip to the sea
was the first time they’d ever been to the beach.
You can imagine their anticipation before and
the excitement once we got there. One of the
kids, who’s 7 and abandoned by his mother,
refused to leave. He watched the sun go down
and wouldn’t go into the bus until he was
promised we would return! Another highlight
was the train ride, most of them had never been
on a train.
Last month we took all the Sudanese kids that
could come to Ein Bokek, down to the Dead
Sea. We had a ball of a time, we all thoroughly
enjoyed ourselves. The children spent time
styling Yoyakim's hair and enjoying the water!
Simple things make them so happy.

13 Autumn Magazine 2019

Tours and teaching 14

One of Yoyakim’s friends from the Tour-
Guide course offered to show the kids how
they used to get water out of a well, for
drinking and watering the donkey’s, camels,
etc. The kids all wanted to pull that rope,
and watched how the water came gushing
out to fill up the pool underneath. We did it
again and again, it was so exciting for them.
Then we all took a group picture together.

Our son, Elhai, especially got us all the
same shirts for the different activities
we go out to “Love the Lord your God”,
“Love your neighbour” form a circle, then
it says “With all your heart” in the middle.
Designed by his friend.

Love conquers all

Sometimes on his way back from work,
Elhai, our son will walk through their
neighbourhood. When they spot him, they
come running to him and jump all over him.
The same will happen with Khen, too, who
is on our team. The kids are so thirsty for
attention and love. It’s so good for them
to know they are accepted and loved.
Sometimes they will say that they’ve been
laughed at and taunted, we immediately
step in and assure them they are absolutely
beautiful, clever and loved.

It is such a privilege to work with these
kids, we thank God for making this possible.
Even if we have no strength before we go
out, the moment we see them we are filled
with motivation and joy. Accompanying
them in their childhood brings absolute joy.

Autumn Magazine 2019


Led by Pastor Hani Billan and wife Shifa
Cana Baptist Church is a messianic congregation situated
within Kfar, Israel.


The work of Cana Baptist Church started in 1957 as a mission of the Baptist church in Nazareth. In
addition to the ministry work with youth and kids, they gathered people for bible studies in a rented
small flat or under a nearby fig tree.
As the ministry continued, the Lord expanded the vision. In 1959, the time came to build the Baptist
centre, a small meeting place for youth and women’s gatherings. This was followed with the addition
of another small room and kitchen in 1987. In 2002, we saw new families joining and home visits
became a new ministry tool for outreach in the village. This was a great start to the new millennium
and we quickly realized that we would need a larger meeting space to accommodate all of the growth
we were experiencing. In 2009, we started building a new space on the rooftop. Since then, God has
been doing some incredible work here. We have been amazed at the continued church growth over
the years. This has brought great joy to us, especially since we are seeing a large number of kids and
youth joining every week.

15 Autumn Magazine 2019

Growing Pains

We have seen God continue to bless and grow
our ministry. After we expanded, we added
a floor in our current building. However,
this extra space is still not enough to meet
our needs for the ministry to the community
of Cana. This new property allows for the
expansion of the ministry to reach out further
into the community. It is very beneficial for
the many special programs that we run for
Easter and Christmas, which require more

An Expansion Needed

When the congregation at Cana Baptist
Church were praying for the need to
expand their facilities, the Lord guided
their hearts to purchase a piece of adjacent
land. During that formative time, Prayer
for Israel provided a gift to encourage the
congregation and get the project planning
started, as well as more widely projecting
the vision.

Prayer The piece of land in question, sitting adjacent to
the Church (Circled)
Pastor Hani writes, “While we were praying
for a bigger place for an extension to the
church, the Lord guided our hearts to this
piece of land. We felt that it was very
suitable, as the only thing that separates it
from the existing church is a wall.
In addition, the owners haven’t put up a ‘for
sale’ sign on the land and have given us 12
months to raise funds for the purchase.
The location is perfect for us, being beside
the main street of the village and easily
accessible for the community.

Autumn Magazine 2019 16


Currently the vision is to use the new
building as a kindergarten and a school for
music teaching. Classrooms can be used for
tutoring lessons for school students and
kids. We’d also like a place where marriage
vows can be renewed, especially for those
visiting the Holy Land. It will also give us
space to accommodate youth activities,
summer camps and double as a car park.
Our goal is about building connections
with the people around us, both Jew and
Arab. We keep our doors open to share the
Gospel of Christ.”

To serve local people

“This new building will serve the needs of
the people in Cana, who still don’t know
Jesus. That includes Muslims and nominal
Christians, as well as our brothers and
sisters from Jewish communities outside of
the village. Our desire is to serve everyone
through this place.

Vacation Bible School

This is a significant community outreach
that introduces young people and their
families to Jesus. During the summer of
2018, we had over 150 kids attend. We
did not have enough room in our current
building for everyone, the lack of space
made organising difficult to run. Having
extra space would not only help us run a
better program but would allow for more
kids to attend! Our Vacation Bible School
has been running for almost 60 years. We
hope this serves this current generation
and many more to come!

17 Autumn Magazine 2019

Generosity $250,000

“We firstly announced the project vision $550,000
to church members and started a fund to
collect specific gifts for the project. 18

The owner of the land has approached us
with a desire to sell the land to the church
for $1.6 million dollars. He has agreed to
give us 1 year to raise funds for the initial
We were able to collect $50,000 in cash
with a further $200,000 donated from local
friends and friends of the church in Israel.

In total we have raised $250,000!
This leaves us with around $550,000 to find
by the end of this year (2019),


This land is going to stay for the ministry
of the coming generations that are rising
from the church. Our vision and our dream
is to prepare everything for them in order
they are able to serve God and others, and
to be the light and the salt of this earth.
This piece of land is one of these ways to
fulfil the dream.”

“The prayers of PFI prayer partners
are very important, and we are sure will
help quicken the process of getting the
gifts needed by the end of this year” “At
the end of the day, we trust the Lord, and
we believe that all that seems impossible
to us is possible to Him and through Him.
We know that He’ll provide us with all our
needs, and even better.

We thank you from the bottom of our
hearts, may God bless you, with His
endless blessings.” Pastor Hani

Autumn Magazine 2019

Prayer for Israel - Prayer and Bible Conference @ Felden Lodge

Notes of my experience - David Tomlinson (PFI Staff)

The theme for the week was ‘Romans 11:22;
“Consider the Goodness and Severity of God”
After the technical set up, we began with worship from guest musician Nathan Hayward.
PFI director Derek Rous gave an introduction to the Conference and we held prayer for
the restoration of the Jews and to open the eyes of the blind!
Bob Waughmann, guest speaker and PFI prayer coordinator spoke on Romans 11v22
Considering the kindness and sterness of God, and the olive tree. How in scripture,
the olive tree always represents the spiritual life, and the fig tree represents the
natural life of the nation of Israel.
Bible study and meditation were held every morning, with group prayer twice a day.
Nathan Hayward led the first session on Hebrews 1: God’s Supreme Revelation.
A reminder of God’s power and what He has given to us!
Later that day, our guest speaker Israel Naftali from Israel gave us an insight into the
struggles within Israel and the works of his fellowship. Also, the events happening
within Antalya, Turkey, outreaching to the Iranian community. After holding worship
meetings with Israeli musician Joshua Aaron, they had baptisted 23 Iranian believers in
just one session, an amazing blessing.

Studying within the main conference Israel Naftali - Congregation leader

19 Autumn Magazine 2019 from Israel

‘G and M’ Identities hidden upon request Nathan Hayward - Messianic Testimony

‘G and M’ our guests from Holland are Bible missionary workers, who have spent most
of their working life distributing Bibles to people all over the world. They told their
story on how they met the Lord and how they worked within Afghanistan. While over
there they were thrown in jail for a day by the Taliban, with claims of them being spies!
They continue nevertheless!

Keith Parker, who works closely with PFI led a sermon on Romans 9 and the ‘Goodness
of God’. The Church in Rome actually began as a Jewish entity, so why did Paul write to
the Romans? Emperor Claudius created a decree, expelling the Jews from Rome!
By the time Paul sent the letter. the Jews had returned; they had to come back because
the economy was suffering without them!

Nathan Hayward our guest musician, gave us an insight into the organisation he works
with; Messianic Testimony, with an aim to reach Jewish people throughout the world.
Nathan told us how in London he and his colleague distribute information to Jewish
people to get them talking about Jesus! Please pray that the information will reach
the right people and plant a seed.

With a busy time of prayer, bible study and worship the Conference was coming to an
end. Keith Parker left us with the verse “Do not be con formed to this world, but be
transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and
acceptable and perfect will of God” - Romans 12:2.
Thank you to all who attended, residents, day visitors, volunteers and guest speakers.

Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

God Bless you,
David Tomlinson PFI staff

Keith Parker - Guest speaker 20

Autumn Magazine 2019

Book Review;
For the Love of Zion - Kevin Crombie
By Jane Rice - PFI Staff

“This book has a desire and an insistence
£10.50 on satisfying the reader, and it really does,
OC: 200/0018 For The Love of Zion’ is worth the read”

‘For the Love of Zion’ was first brought to my attention at a PFI Prayer and Bible day, when
Derek Rous held this book aloft, extolling its virtues. My interest was aroused. This book
has a desire and an insistence on satisfying the reader, and it really does. The downside has
now been penned, let me show you why ‘For Love of Zion’ is worth the read.

‘For Love of Zion’ centres it’s reader in Jerusalem, as you would expect. However, the story
begins back in Britain in the late 1700’s, early 1800’s where God was raising up godly men
and women, who knew, loved and believed His prophetic word of the Old Testament in

I loved the way Crombie unfolds the book to reveal key people whom God used. Men
like Joseph Frey who were instrumental in forming The London Society for Promoting
Christianity to the Jews (LJS). They believed the scriptures concerning the restoration of the
Jewish people to Eretz Israel and the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

Over forty years elapsed, with much opposition and difficulty, within Eretz Israel and
outside, before the building was completed and consecrated in 1849. The church in
Jerusalem which was known then and now as Christ Church is part of the central theme to
the restoration of the Jewish people to Eretz Israel.

The pages of Crombie’s book are crammed with facts, dates and characters, which at times
are difficult to digest, but one can’t help but marvel and esteem these men and women who
persevered in their desire to complete, as they were able, the fulfilment of God’s prophetic

Interweaved into this historical book are even some funny little stories, which I loved, one
of which the reader can find on page 153. As Kelvin Crombie moves into modern history the
reader is rewarded with the wondrous hand of God bringing to a climax His purposes. The
Battle of Beersheva, The Balfour Declaration are events which most of us are familiar with,
but still bring rejoicing to my heart. However, I want you to discover and revel in God’s
goodness. To reveal anything further would be detrimental to your enjoyment.

21 Autumn Magazine 2019

PFI News

Israel Trip
Please pray for the upcoming Leaders Tour to Israel this month. This will be the third such
tour, aimed at Leaders or Pastors of churches or leaders of ministries that need to see first
hand what God is doing in the Land. Pray too for Ted Walker who will be our guide, our
link to leaders and driver. It is designed for small numbers (maximum 5 at a time) who
will be visiting congregation and ministry leaders across the Land of Israel from “Dan to

The visit is designed to be as economical as possible for the applicant. PFI is paying at least
50% towards the cost so the individual contribution is £500 max. The only request is that
they never forget the people they meet - and do everything they can to open the eyes of
others by teaching and preaching the whole Truth of God’s Word.
Pray also for the next tour in the planning for March/April 2020.

Please pray for the ongoing work in Ethiopia. Gerald Gotzen had been our contact with the
people for nearly 40 years. But with Gerald’s death in December 2018 and his wife, Elly in
September 2018, it has been a very difficult time for those pastors and leaders of the work.
Pray particularly for Pastor Kassahun and Senait who lead the relief work in Addis Ababa
at Beit Shalom. Pastor Zemichael and Haimanot Tesfaye in Gondar and lastly, Shifraw Gule
at the House of Abraham community in Kitchene, Addis Ababa. Please pray also for the El
Shaddai TV Ministry in London headed up by Pastor Abera. Gerald was on the Board of
Trustees and is sorely missed here.

We have had a very positive response over the years since we’ve released our website.
Prayer partners from all over the world have registered and have taken advantage of the
resources available to them. News reports of the latest happenings within Israel are updated
three times a week, which helps keep you up to date with the most trusted news sources.

Thank you to all those who have been praying for us to find extra help and potential new
leaders who can help carry this great ministry forward. To date we are still looking but
perhaps for more than one person who has a care for the gospel and ability to manage
and teach, and an understanding of Israel. That’s probably a big ask of anyone but we are
grateful for contacts being explored already with more than one potential candidate. We
are grateful for good relations with leaders from other ministries across the world. Keep
praying especially for the older and infirm among us who have served faithfully.

Autumn Magazine 2019 22

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2020 Calendar

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Autumn Magazine 2019 24

Prayer and Bible Conference

Brunel Manor

Brunel Manor, Teignmouth Road, Torquay, Devon TQ1 4SF

Join us for a time of..

Teaching Prayer Fellowship

Enjoy teaching directly from Spend time together in prayer We meet to worship and
the Bible throughout the groups, studying the Bible meet new people, including
day, from our guest speakers and enjoying focused prayer. the leaders visiting from
visiting from across the UK. Our prayer time is dedicated
Meet congregation leaders to the people we support and Israel.
from Israel and hear the WeenjoyMusicandworship
trials and successes they the issues within Israel. throughout the Conference,
experience and how you with classic worship songs
to glorify God from our guest
can help support them.

Monday 3rd - Thursday 6th

February 2020

For more information please contact us on the below

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