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Published by Adam Gilmour, 2019-12-06 15:55:05

_Flip Book by The Bears looking for eat

_Flip Book by The Bears looking for eat

The Bears lost and
looking for food

By: Adam Gilmour

Chapter 1 begin the story

Once Upon of Time there was a four bears
Two adult and two children
They tried to find a food for the children
They went to the woods for the foods.

They went long way for finding foods in the woods
But the two bears saw something in the woods
They found something for a long time
But the two bears didn’t find any foods
but they sure saw something
But they found a bug in the woods but it was a bee.

Chapter 2 in the woods

The bears still walking to the woods
They still looking for foods
But they found a lot of bugs and other animals.

The bears still looked for the foods they walked slow
The bears was hungry and stare until they found foods.

Chapter 3 they finds foods

They found a foods now it was hiding for the bears
It was hungry but they still found it
It was hunny for the bears and the children.

The bears was so happy they found their foods

So even the children so happy with their mom and dad

So all the bears was happy they found foods.

Chapter 4 The Bears Are Going Back
Home So all Four bears went back home

The two bears were so happy they found their foods.

The bears would share the foods with the children.

So the children said “i love food even bugs but i do like them

Chapter 5 At the Cave

The bears are like the warm place at the cave

The children bears love warm too.

The bears likes the journey in the woods
So happily ever after.

Chapter 6 the end

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