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We are dedicated to responding quickly for disaster reconstruction in Pinehurst to protect a residential or commercial property from further damage. Hire us to enjoy our services!

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Published by centuryconstructionmagnolia, 2019-11-19 00:22:02

6 Tips for a Successful Business Remodel

We are dedicated to responding quickly for disaster reconstruction in Pinehurst to protect a residential or commercial property from further damage. Hire us to enjoy our services!

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6 Tips for a Successful Business Remodel

Making the decision to remodel your business can be both exciting and horrifying all at once! It is a
major investment that could cause a few hiccups in the short term, but really pay off down the road.
However, it is important to make good decisions along the way.

Just like building a house, it is important to acknowledge your expectations and understand what it will
take to make those expectations a reality. Spend some time thinking about areas where you might be
willing to sacrifice a top-of-the-line finish in return for an upgrade elsewhere. Also, think about how to
use the remodel to make your business more efficient, and your customers and employees happier and
more comfortable in the environment around them. Also, consider the time of year you’re hoping to
make the remodel. After all, some months in Pinehurst are hotter than others – some are wet, some
dry. While we can’t tell Mother Nature what to do, we can try to beat her at her own game!

Okay, so we already laid out a few tips for remodeling success above. Now, let’s dive a little deeper.

Contain the construction areas

If you are going to be open for Business Remodel Pinehurst, it is a good idea to have the area being
worked on contained if it is within sight of the general public. While not always necessary, Century
Construction can rather easily create barriers to keep dust and debris out of customer service areas, or
even offices where computers and electronics may still be in use. Containment may also be a good idea
to keep customers and others out of areas that are under construction.

Remodel after hours

Right off the bat, it’s pretty likely you are going to pay more to have a crew working after hours.
However, choosing this route can help keep your customers happier during normal business hours,
especially if you run a business where it is important to have less chaos and noise. Having work done
after-hours also allows the crew to work a bit more efficiently and freely than they can during business
hours, meaning the project could potentially get done sooner.

Do your research

Any time you’re doing any kind of construction project, it is likely permits are going to be involved.
While Century Construction can handle a lot of this for you, it might help for you to do a little research
on necessary permits so you understand what all the paperwork coming your way means, and why there
might be a slight delay from time to time waiting for a certain permit, inspection, etc.

Stay organized

Before a single tool is lifted, be sure you have a plan to keep your business organized during the process.
That means putting important documents in a secure area, having a workflow in place for whatever new
work may come in during the project, and even having traffic flow planned out for your employees and

Be a good neighbor

We cannot emphasize the importance of being a good neighbor! If you’re in an office building, strip
mall, or other location where you have adjoining neighbors, please be courteous and let them know
before the project gets started. Century Construction crews work very hard to keep works areas as
clean as possible, and vehicles, tools, and other items out of the way – but there is still going to be a
pretty obvious buzz of activity at your business that may inadvertently affect those around you.

The last tip we have for you: don’t stress, and communicate! We will be communicating with you
constantly throughout the project so hopefully, you never feel in the dark. However, if you have a
question or concern, do not hesitate to speak up. Communication between you and your contractor,
you and your staff, and the contractor and their crew are all vitally important to pulling off a successful

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