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 Announcement atau dalam bahasa Indonesia
pengumuman merupakan suatu bentuk
penyampaian informasi berupa tulisan atau lisan
kepada semua orang atau sekelompok orang.


 Berikut adalah beberapa ciri-ciri yang terdapat ada

 Adanya judul atau jenis kejadian.
 Menggunakan simple present tense atau bisa juga

menggunakan simple future tense.
 Menggunakan conjunction (penghubung).
 Terdapat tanggal, waktu, dan tempat pada

announcement tersebut.
 Adanya alamat dan contact person.
 Adanya event atau peristiwa.


 Berikut merupakan beberapa jenis announcement.
 Pengumuman orang hilang.
 Berita duka.
 Acara pernikahan, ulang tahun, peresmian dan

 Pengumuman pemenang.
 Lowongan pekerjaan
 Iklan.
 Laporan kegiatan atau acara.
 Pemberitahuan atau himbauan dari pemerintah.


 Struktur dari announcement adalah :
 Title
 Title atau judul pengumuman adalah bagian paling

penting pada sebuah announcement karena title
mewakili keseluruhan dari isi pengumuman tersebut.
 Explanation
 Explanation adalah penjelasan lebih lanjut mengenai
isi pengumuman. Umumnya terdiri dari informasi
dasar yang mencakup jenis kegiatan, waktu, tempat,
alamat, partisipant, dan contact person.


Singing Competition
Announcement !
Our school will have a Singing Competition that
will be held on 12 May 2017
Registration will be held on 6th-9th at OSIS
room. Free registration and full of prize!
Contactperson : Octa (0838 1234 5678)

Latihan soal

This Thursday is August 17th, the Independence day .
Don't miss the Independence Day festival!
The festival begins at 08.00 in every district In Jakarta.
Gather in front of our school at 07.30 to see the parade with the
Don't miss it! And Join many contests at school.
Free registration, full of prizes!
1. What does the text tell about?

A. Independence day festival
B. Gathering in school
C. Parade with the principal
D. School contest
2. What time will the festival start?
A. 07.00
B. 07.30
C. 08.00
D. 09.00

The school drama is going to organize "Mega-Mega" drama cast audition. For those who are
interested to join the audition, please come to our office on Monday, 4 August, at 2 pm. to
The requirements are as follows:
• Your latest photograph of post card size (2)
• The registration form (get it at the office) The audition will be held on Sunday, 10 August
at 9 am.
The list of the selected candidates win be announced in a week. We appreciate your
Thank you
The Committee No charge for the registration form

3. Where should the participant go for registration?
A. School
B. The committee's office
C. Cast audition hall
D. The stage

4. These information are included in the announcement, except ....
A. The place Mega-Mega drama will be staged
B. The audition time of Mega-Mega drama
C. The price to register in the audition
D. The requirement of cast

5. he announcement is released by ....
A. School drama committee
B. Mega-Mega
C. Students association
D. Student committee

To. All 9th Gradeers
We are approaching the end of our days at SMP Nusa Bangsa. Soon, we will leave the school we
love very much. Let's leave something memorable for the school and for the students in need. Do
not ruin your uniforms by spraying them with paint. Do not throw away your books. Donate your
books and uniforms to the seventh and eighth graders. You might never know that your books and
uniforms are badly needed by some of them. Give the stuff to Mrs. Katmiati at the staff office. The
school is going to distribute the stuff to the needy students. Come on pals, don't be foolish, let's do
something useful.
Mariana Hartati
Chief of Students Organization

6. Why did Mariana Hartati write the announcement?
A. To throw away their books
B. To ask her friends to remember SMP Nusa Bangsa
C. To inform their friends about leaving the school son
D. To persuade her friends to donate their stuff to the needy

7. What should a students do if we wants to donate his uniform?
A. He should meet Marina Hartati
B. He should give them to Mrs Katmiyati
C. He should come to the Students Organization office
D. He should distribute them to the seventh and eighth graders

8. From the text we can conclude that the nineth graders are going to ....
A. Donate soon
B. Graduate soon
C. Visit Mrs. Katmiyati
D. Go to the staff office

English Convertion Club (SCC)
is opening registration for new members
join us and improve your English!
Every Thursday from 16.00 to 17.00 at the school hall
For registration, please contact
Danang (VII A)
Amel (VII B)

9. When do the members have meeting?

A. in the morning
B. on thursday afternoon
C. on thursday morning
D. in the afternoon at three o'clock

10. Where do they have the meeting?

A. in the ECC's meeting room.
B. in the VII A classroom
C. at the school hall
D. at the cafetaria

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