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Melissa Fligensburg was a very unlucky woman till it came to one decision.

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Published by Trissa Person, 2019-05-08 11:11:48


Melissa Fligensburg was a very unlucky woman till it came to one decision.





By: Trissa Person 


Thank-You to all my friends who inspired me especially my 
best friend, Jaidyn Nelson, and our dream to someday have our 

own bakery.  

Would you like to be stuck in a snowstorm, stuck in the 
cold, or fired from your job? Well, that was the case for Melissa 

It was January 22nd for a quaint town in Minnesota called 
Montevideo. It was the middle of a snowstorm, and it was also the 
day after a brown haired girls´ birthday. Her name was Melissa 
Fligensburg. She had just turned 21 on the 21st of January.

Since it was Melissa's golden birthday she received the car of 
her dreams. It was a Black 2016 Chevrolet Equinox. It had low 
mileage. Perfect for Melissa. Melissa was driving down a tar road 
going to Walmart, thrilled to start her day as an older woman 
with a brand new car. 
Melissa works as a cashier at Walmart, and she wanted to 
buy so many things! She was now out of college, and she was 
determined to find a job so she found one at Walmart. Melissa 
was 20 miles out of town driving to work when……… 
Melissa`s phone buzzed and decided to check it, Melissa felt a 
sudden rush and a gigantic crash. All she could see was black, 
when Melissa woke up she looked around and grabbed at the 
stabbing pain in her neck. She felt like tweety birds were flying 

around her head. Melissa hopped out of her car and saw that it 
was smoking, and she had hit a tree. Melissa also saw that her car 
had slipped on some ice.  

Melissa hopped back into her car, for protection from the 
storm, and looked at her watch. ¨ OH NO, MY SHIFT STARTS 
IN A HALF AN HOUR!¨ Melissa said ¨Shelly is going to fire 
me.¨ Shelly is Melissa´s boss. Shelly is in her mid 30´s, thin, blonde 
hair, and is really mean! Melissa started walking towards town 
and said, ¨ Oh no! It is sale day!¨ 

By the time Melissa got to work, she gazed at the doors and 
there was a ginormous line leading out of the doors. 

Melissa hit the palm of her left hand onto her forehead. She 
walked through the doors ready to face her consequences, 
where Shelly was waiting.  
¨ Melissa, you're late! We have been needing you for the past 
HOUR! You are suspended from working for two months.¨ 
Melissa walked home and told her parents about her job and 
her new car. Melissa decided that she needed some happiness in 
her life, so she went to Caseys and bought a scratch-off ticket. 
Melissa went and checked her card she won……….. 

Melissa used the money to buy a new car and get 
acupuncture for her neck. Melissa bought a Black 2017 Buick 
Enclave. Also with low mileage. Melissa still had about 900 
Billion dollars left so she knew what she was going to do. 

But first, Melissa called the tow truck company. They came 
to tow her car when someone hopped out of the wrecker, Melissa 
finally experienced ‘love at first sight’. 
Melissa quit her job at Walmart and started her own 
business. Melissa´s business is called Tuxedo Cakes, and it is a 
bakery that makes cakes for weddings. Melissa shares her business 
with her best friend, Jennifer. 
Unfortunately, Melissa never saw her so-called ‘love at first 
sight man’ ever again. But about three months later Melissa got a 
message from her high school sweetheart, Gavin. They went out 
for coffee and all went well, soon the dates started to get more and 
more frequent and during a date stargazing, Gavin proposed to 
Melissa. They adopted three dogs when Gavin and Melissa 
bought a house together. They adopted a German Shepard named 
Lucy, a Yellow lab named Hailey, and a Mini Dachshund named 

Savanna. Melissa was not a Fligensburg any more she was now a 
Miller, Gavin and Melissa Miller.  

Their wedding had beautiful white silk curtains and 
tablecloths, lilacs and lavender for the flowers. The cake was Red 
Velvet, with White Buttercream frosting, and Milk Chocolate 
Ganache in between the layers. For Gavin and Melissa`s 
honeymoon they went to the Florida Keys.  

A year after they were married, they had a boy. His name was 
Brendan Kurtis Miller. Two years after that, they had twins. 
Those twins were both girls. The oldest was named Taylor Ann 
Miller. The youngest was named Elizabeth Jae Miller. The girls 
were born twenty-four minutes apart. Brendan grew up to be in 
the NFL and Taylor and Elisabeth grew up to be fashion 
designers. They started their own line of clothing called E.T. . 

Melissa and Gavin had 6 grandchildren 1 from Brendan, 3 
from Elizabeth, and 2 from Taylor. They each lived a very happy 


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