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Oregon Green Clean provides house cleaning services using eco-friendly products - safer for your children, pets & the environment! Maid Service Portland OR.

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Published by oregongreenclean, 2015-10-14 01:21:41

House Cleaning Salem

Oregon Green Clean provides house cleaning services using eco-friendly products - safer for your children, pets & the environment! Maid Service Portland OR.

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House Cleaning Salem

Green House Cleaning

Oregon Green Clean uses Eco-Friendly Products which are safer for your
children, pets & the environment. Do you like the look & feel of a clean home
without the harsh scent of traditional cleaners? Natural cleaners & essential oils
will leave your home sanitized and smelling fresh!

Professional Quality

Oregon Green Clean will send a team of one or two Experienced House
Cleaners to your home. We provide Regular Cleaning Services as well as
Vacancy Cleanings and Spring Cleaning. We are insured, bonded & accredited
by the Better Business Bureau.

Reasonable Prices

Regular Service for only $120 for our Basic 4-Hour Cleaning. Deep Cleaning and
Move-Outs for only $40 per hour. We accept checks, credit & debit cards, PayPal
and Gift Certificates.

Our Green Cleaning Products

Benefits of Using Green Products

Would you like to keep your home clean and sanitized without using harsh
Did you know there are natural alternatives that are safer for your children,
pets, and the environment?
We use eco-friendly products which are biodegradable and contain plant-
derived enzymes and essential oils.
These non-toxic ingredients are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, while
acting as natural degreasers and cleaning agents.
Imagine replacing the odors of bleach and ammonia with fresh citrus and
floral scents!
Please ask in advance if you would like us to use a non-scented product.
Of course, we also use plenty of "elbow grease", a renewable resource :)

Developing Green Practices

Like many individuals and organizations, we are searching for methods that are
kinder to the environment. This is a work in progress and we seek your ideas!

Reducing packaging: Our most-used cleaning products are purchased in bulk or
concentrate form, then dispensed in re-usable bottles.

Reducing carbon emissions: To reduce employee driving, we try to assign
employees to customers close to their own homes. We also try to schedule customers
who live close together for service on the same day. We appreciate your cooperation
with this effort!

Reducing paper: We use paper that is chlorine-free and produced with 100% post-
consumer recycled materials. We then re-use it as scrap paper, and finally recycle it.
(Pages with customer information are shredded then recycled.)

Reducing plastic: We use gloves and bags that are biodegradable, compostable, and
made with renewable resources.

Reducing water pollutants: We launder our towels with non-toxic, non-phosphate
detergent and chlorine-free bleach.

"Basic" Cleaning - 4 Hour Service

Bathrooms & Kitchen: Clean all fixtures & surfaces
Bedrooms & Common Areas: Dust & spot clean
Carpets & Floors: Vacuum & mop
"Maid Services": (On request) Bedding, dishes,
laundry & trash

First Service $160; Repeat Service $120

"Deluxe" Cleaning - 6 Hour Service

All "Basic" services, plus One of these Add-Ons:
Larger Home: 2000+ sq ft, 3+ bathrooms or extra
Windows: Clean windows, glass doors, blinds, frames
& tracks
Deep-Clean Kitchen: Clean inside the oven,
refrigerator and/or cabinets

For more information please visit

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