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Immortal MC (Book 1, The Return of Marcus)
Forensic Investigator Tatiana Storm finds herself swept into a world of gun-toting, leather-clad Immortals when her sister is kidnapped by a masked man one fateful day; leading her down a dangerous road with the President of Mobius Motorcycle Club, Marcus. What connection does the mysterious stranger have to her family, and can she survive a dangerous world of dark magic and demons in order to hold on to everything that matters to her the most?
What will she do when her love and unquenchable desire for him threatens to open up a terrifying world of everlasting blood and darkness that she cannot escape?

Marcus the Immortal had vowed to never return to the town of Bear Hills after losing his first real love to his closest friend and club president Bartholemeu, but fate and an old enemy leads him directly into the path of Tatiana Storm. The twenty year old beauty is the eldest daughter of his now deceased best friend, but the biker finds that she is a dangerous and untamed element that threatens to undo a thousand years of the warrior brotherhood her father built with his own hands.

Will Marcus risk losing everything he is in order to save his beautiful Angel from a fate he feels ultimately responsible for?
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