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Her Mother's Sins (The Arina Perry Series Book 1)
Blindsided by sinister revelations that her life is at stake, Arina doesn’t know who to trust when dark mysteries dating back to the Second World War reveal a betrayal of the worst kind. She learns some people will do anything to get their hands on those secrets, as well as the murder of anyone who gets in their way. Including her.
Wearing the sins of her mother on her sleeve, she initially returns to her hometown all set to quell ugly rumours and restore the old family motel. Unaware of the secrets her motel holds and single-minded, she rejects the advances of Matt a handsome stranger, but the magnetic pull messes with her hormones, and she finds she’s not sure if he’s friend or foe. She learns things the hard way when she’s trapped in a life threating position where escape is impossible.
Will Arina survive her own naivety as she delves into the sinister mysteries surrounding her family and will she solve the puzzle as she puts the pieces together? Scroll up and buy the book to find out.
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