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The Legacy #3 (The Fire Chronicles)
Think true, fly free and use your powers wisely.' - Lord Thunis
Wise words are always easier said than done...
And growing up isn't easy, even in an idyllic realm - particularly for Lord Luminor's hybrid children, who exhibit new powers no one yet understands, and whose coming-of-age must be forged by the unforgiving hand of Fate.
Despite suffering a mysterious illness, Luminor's benificence must now stretch beyond the bounds of the Known World.
The Morvians, now allies of both Gaian and human races, are sorely in need of rescue.
Beyond the Impossible Mountains, Morvian kinsmen suffer unspeakable atrocities at the hands of a barbarian horde. Without assistance from the Ancient Realm, it might be impossible to rescue many of their number.
Driven by destiny, courage and love, Luminor's intrepid daughter, Espira, must reconcile with her rebellious brother, Ardientor, and summon all her nascent powers to join the quest.
It is time for her to come of age, and regardless of her many talents, she will not escape the agony of love and loss.
There are precious lives to be saved, the Alliance to uphold, and Luminor's life-long vision, his legacy, awaits fulfillment...
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