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The Guide (Tor's Quest Book 1)
Prince Tor of Remeny never wanted to take part in the quest to claim the throne after his father’s death and now he has no choice but to continue. What started off as an adventure, a chance to make new friends and catch-up with old acquaintances, has turned into a deadly nightmare.

Tor is only part way through the quest, but already he has lost companions and witnessed the death of one of his brothers, making him realise how serious the quest really is.
Follow the journey of Tor and his band of men, women, wizards, elves, dwarfs and sprites as they use all of their wits, skills and magical ability to find and solve the remaining clues before any more of them are killed.

The latest clue requires them to seek "a guide from another world". Finding the person is the easy part; persuading them to risk their life for a group of strangers will be a bigger challenge. And what will Tor do if the ‘guide’ refuses to help?

This is not the usual type of fantasy novel where Good versus Evil and it all ends in a big battle. It is the journey that is important, not the final destination. As you get to know the characters, and they get to know each other, you will grow to love or hate them and will find yourself eager to know what happens next.
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