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Vampire Hunters
Vampires really do exist.

Craig is a vampire hunter. He risks his life regularly in order to keep humans safe.

JD is his trainer. He is a hard task master, but his training keeps his students alive and has turned them into the best hunting team in the area.

Sarah is Craig’s best friend who, until now, is oblivious to his nocturnal activities. When Craig tells her the truth about himself, she wants to know more. When JD agrees to train her, little does he knew how much she will affect his life and disrupt the lives of everyone living at Sanctuary 14.

As she learns the fighting skills she will need if she is to survive a hunt, she also finds out more about vampires, the hunter society and how to keep her two worlds separate.

When one of the team is bitten, they know becoming a vampire is inevitable. It is a hunter’s sworn duty to kill all vampires, but how can they kill one of their own?
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