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Burning Captivation (An Elemental Witch Trials Novel, Book 2)
Gwen Hensley, elemental witch, is ripped from the fairytale of small town life and her undead, wolf familiar, Sebastian. She is called to work undercover for a ruling fate, Greta, to locate another missing elder amid the chaos and politics at witch’s council. The guise of ambassador for the undead seemed a natural cover, but puts her in a precarious position when her peace and power captivate the realm master, Dmitry.

The danger posed by Nikolay, a vampire uneasy with his master bringing a witch into the inner circle, forces her to draw on powers that make her even more prized and dangerous to their kind. When Dmitry marks her as his mistress the subjugation starts her on a new, darker path. Her attention is pulled between the undead and finding the missing elder, which seem interlaced. The more she finds out investigating council, the more she doubts that she can trust anyone, especially those in power.

Categories: dark paranormal fantasy, witch, vampire, paranormal mystery, paranormal suspense, paranormal thriller, occult, supernatural
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