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Fox Among The Demons
What would you do if you found out you were not human?
What would you think if someone proved to you that magic is real? How would you react if you discovered that supernatural creatures are not just a figment of the imagination and that people from another dimension have been sent to Earth to destroy them? What would you do if you were informed that you are one of them?

When Natasha witnesses a vampire being executed, she finds herself having to answer these questions. At first she doesn’t believe what she is being told; how could she? Vampires and werewolves don’t exist, nor do fairies, dryads or sirens. Magic is just slight of hand or misdirection and people from other realms do not live on Earth. How wrong she was.

Komi is a demon, but not the sort usually associated with evil and hell. He is from another dimension and is on Earth to kill creatures created by wizards on his home world and released on Earth. When Komi first meets Natasha, he knows she isn’t a normal human and he is determined to find out who, or what, she is. Discovering she has no idea that she is a demon, he enlists the help of his family to teach her about the people of Yong, their world and the creatures they are on Earth to kill, not knowing just how much she will affect all of their lives.

Fox is a wizard who refuses to do magic. Curious about her, he reluctantly agrees to be her teacher. As she learns more about supernatural creatures and how to kill them, she is also taught about the world she comes from and how dangerous it can be.

Now that Natasha knows what she is, she needs to find out who, little knowing that discovering the truth about herself will not only destroy her own life but also the lives of those she loves.
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