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The Fated
An ancient love won’t be abated
For they two are the Fated

A long held secret. A mysterious stranger. A revelation that changes everything.
Quiet bookworm Bethany Hall is just a normal teenager, living in the sleepy town of Stonebridge with her sports obsessed twin brother Ryan and their unassuming parents, Jonas and Saria. On the surface, Beth’s life seems a mundane routine of school and homework but the twins know their mother is hiding a secret that they are determined to uncover.
Then the handsome Lukas Castle arrives in town, captivating Beth’s attention. With him comes a whirlwind that rocks her safe world to the core as all of her family’s long held secrets come tumbling out...
Suddenly caught in the cross fire of a centuries-old family feud, it falls to Beth to discover the truth before it’s too late to save the people she loves the most.
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