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Twisted Fidelity
by H.J. LIZA
When Tilly Jones, an accountant in her late twenties decides to give up on dating she finds herself unwittingly thrown into a world where the man of her dreams may finally be in reaching distance.

Drake Hemming, a famous actor and sort after bachelor returns to London and comes to her rescue after Tilly is cornered into a dangerous predicament. After Drake being in the right place at the right time their relationship soon blossoms into one of heated passion, but he isn’t the only one Tilly is falling for...

Drake’s best friend, Shaun, a strong and stunning man, who is working for Drake while he tries to get over his past also attracts Tilly’s attention, leading to some sizzling confrontations. Her decision to choose between the two men is stalled when she's thrown into a dangerous game of crazy stalkers, threatening her life and those of her family and friends’. Will Tilly's two hunky heroes be enough to protect her from the danger lurking in the shadows?

A thrilling, suspenseful, erotic and passionate plot full of twists and turns, secrets and kidnapping. Can Tilly find the happily ever after she had almost given up on, in between a web of intimidation and crime? If so, will it be several shades darker than the typical innocent one she'd envisioned? One thing I’m sure of, love in the Big Smoke has never been so lethal and hot!

Please note that the contents of this book are intended for mature audiences due to some explicit language and sexual content.
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