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Curve Couture
Claire Williams, is a modelling agent to her illustrious supermodel younger sister, Janice Williams. Scouted by an ex-supermodel and renown talent agent, Erin Robertson to join his agency as a plus-sized model, Claire is torn between needing to escape from living beneath her sister’s shadow and needing to escape her unhealthy infatuation with Erin himself.

Erin Robertson dominated the catwalks as the world’s top male supermodel, only to leave that position at his peak. Running his own modelling agency, he had been on the hunt for Janice Williams, along with every other talent agency in town. So what made him shift his sights from the blond, blue-eyed beauty to settle it on her plus-sized, grey-eyed older sister?

Curves Couture is a romance unlike any other. Fresh and humorous, it’s bound to grab the reader’s attention and lead them on the journey of spun web of duplicity, deceit, romance and well-aimed humour.
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