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Heaven Before Hell (Heaven in Hell, Book 1)
Twenty-year-old Lee Walker is too busy to pay attention to news reports of people exhibiting bizarre cannibalistic behavior. She has to come up with bail money for her sister and figure out how to refuse a drug lord’s indecent proposal without endangering her family. Just when she thinks life can’t get more complicated, she is blindsided by the confession of a friend who wants to take things to the next level.

Struggling with her conflicting feelings for him, Lee is unprepared when those around her transform into flesh-eating monsters. Battling for her life in a world rapidly devolving into hell, she must make a desperate attempt to rescue her sister. However, it’s not just zombies standing in her way. The drug lord has sent his most lethal men after her and they’ll stop at nothing to deliver her to their dangerous leader dead or alive…
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