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Seal Dana is a long forgotten surfside town. During the recession families and businesses fled the city in search of better times. Haven Gray knew this all too well. Her father was one of the many people that fled. Unable to accept the fact that her father left, Haven’s mother
becomes an absentee parent and an alcoholic.
Haven isn’t the only kid that had been left behind, but that’s a story for another day.
With the loving support of her long time Neighbor, Ms. Grace. Haven graduates high school with the hopes of moving to Huntington Beach with her best friend since Kindergarten, Sam.
When Sam leaves for the
summer with his boyfriend, Jessie, to New York, Haven is left alone for the summer. With plans to make a skateboarding team in Huntington, Haven decided to use her summer practicing her tricks to increase her odds of making a team.
Haven’s whole world gets shaken up when Tristin moves to town. The tall gorgeous blonde moves in with his aunt, Haven’s one, and only neighbor, Ms. Grace. Tristin has never been in love
before or had a steady girlfriend. None of the girls he has met had ever been able to hold his attention for long. When Tristin’s dad gets deployed, he is sent to his aunt’s house in Seal Dana. He is absolutely sure that his summer has reached rock bottom once he gets to the small
rundown town. That is until he runs into Haven.
She is the hottest chick he has ever seen and the fact that she skates make her even more
attractive. Tristin has one set goal in mind. Make Haven his.
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