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Immortal MC (Book 2, Emerick's Demon)

As Katrina Storm retreats to a quiet hospital to recover from her kidnapping and possession; she finds that her demon may not have been so easily defeated. With the Immortal Emerick by her side, she searches for answers as the duo makes their way to her father's old cabin in Cade's Cove. Can she withstand the darkness long enough for Emerick to find a cure?
And what will she do when the demon inside her desires the biker as greatly as she does?

Emerick of Gwynedd could never remember his past; though his years with Mobius had left the hardened warrior longing for a simpler life. When a simple task to bring his old MC president's daughter to the hospital turns into an all out fight for survival, will he risk life and limb in order to remain by her side?
And what connection does the demon that reside in her have to the brutal and violent destruction of his family all those years ago?
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