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The Final Frontier
Its every being's dream and desire to achieve a sense of belonging. The Final Frontier unfolds around Sim Chawley, a bio-engineered being that was abandoned by her creators on the planet Johua. Alone in a planet that was home to the supreme beings of the universe, Sim is faced with an upward challenge right from the start, searching for her place amongst rest, searching for a home she could belong in.
Placed in a prestigious school by an unknown benefactor, Sim is driven to achieve but her unique genetics draws unwanted attention then pushed by circumstances to give up all she knew, Sim goes on a run, leaving Johua and all she had ever known behind for worlds unknown. But the fates were not done with her yet and neither was her absent creator.
Sim embarks on a journey across the galaxies to Earth. She joins forces with the Ovions to stop an inter-dimension breach that could rupture the space time continuum and on this journey of self discovery she discovers friends, family and an understanding of her unique genetic make-up. It is every beings desire to know ones purpose to exist. Sim undertakes a journey to find out hers.
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