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Immortal MC (Book 3, Bartholemeu's Choice)
Nadia Orlov is an eighteen year old girl in the summer of 1994, when a series of events changes her life irrevocably. Beginning with the arrival of Bartholemeu just in time to save her from a marauding group of dark bikers, and continuing with the dangerous magic and evil she witnesses as he tries to save her from a past she didn't know she had; Nadia finds herself ensnared in the dark world of Mobius from the beginning. When she loses herself to the darkness; can Nadia fight her way back in time to save her daughters?
And when she is reunited with Bartholemeu, can she continue to love him as she once had, or will the darkness destroy everything they had worked so hard to save?

Bartholemeu the Immortal has survived a thousand years of wars and women; only to find his entire existence come crashing down when he saves the beautiful Nadia from a dark evil that had found its way to her sleepy home town. What connection does Nadia have to his enemy, Lastly, and how will their choices shape the lives of those whom they love they most?
And when the darkness comes calling yet again, will Bartholemeu choose to lose everything in order to keep those he loves safe from a dark plan a thousand years in the making?
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