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Lord of Fire #1 (The Fire Chronicles)
Epic adventure perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings or the Last Air-bender.
Gaians have stayed hidden from the eyes of humankind for centuries, but there is change in the air...
The sign has appeared, a deadly threat, spoken of in an ancient prophecy that must be fulfilled, and the young lord Luminor must take up his title and save his people.
A raving lunatic turns up in the main square of Splendo, dying of burns in front of a large crowd.
Most say he is mad...but is he?
Victims continue to arrive from the north and the desperate human council calls for volunteers to deal with the problem.
Luminor's secretive clan of Gaians risk everything by coming out of hiding to take up the quest in return for an alliance - not only the fulfillment of Gaian prophecy - it is also their only chance of survival.
Luminor alone possesses unique power which can assure victory.
With his small band of warriors, he embarks on a twisting, turning adventure, as he grapples with his destiny as Lord of Fire, falls deeply in love and overcomes betrayal, all testing his mystical talents to the limit.
Can he truly establish the Alliance and claim his soulmate?
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