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The Chronicles of a Windstorm Makaila's Story

In order to survive I had to become someone else. I was Born Makaila Lily Windstorm, but if you ask around no one will know me by that name. Sadly, that woman doesn’t exist anymore. She is a secret that I must keep in order to survive out here in these streets. Makaila had a rough life. From the day that she was born, her life has been filled with hardships. A drug addicted mother was just the beginning of the chaos. There were far too many situations of abuse leaving her feeling broken and alone. I am the keeper of those secrets, the stronger woman who refuses to back down. No longer a victim of circumstances, I rise above the drama in order to live out my dream of a better life. And living is just what I am doing. Well that is until the lines between what was my past aka Makaila’s life and the new identity I have created starts merging together. The secrets I have been keeping come back to destroy me and everything good in my life. How will my relationships continue to exist, when all the people around me find out who I really am and what I have done to survive? Will they forgive me and understand or will they turn their back on me? The bigger question is will I be alive to see what happens after the dust settles? With secrets like mine they are destined to have you buried six feet under the ground or at least living in a 4x4 cell.
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