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Tenbyzine Issue 12 Winter 2019

winter issue

ISSUE 12 / WINTER 2019 Winter






The Tenbyzine Team & Editor’s Note 1
How To Survive The Harsh Malaysian Winters 3
Popcorn Time 4
How I Became A House Captain 5
Inter House Cross Country 6
KS3 & KS4 Swimming Gala 7
Football Season 9
An Insight On Volleyball 10

Inter House Rangoli Competition 11
Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award 12
KS3 & KS4 PSHE 13
Prom Planning 15
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra 17
Art Expo 2019 18
Year 9 Learning
Music Moodboard 19
Dining At The World’s Best Restaurant 20
Minced Pie Brownies
A Personal Experience With Butterbeer 22
A Christmas Memory 23
A Non Christmas December 24
Tudor Christmas Feast 26
Gingerbread Wreath
The Tempest 27
Isabel’s Christmas In Berlin 29

The Tenbyzine Team

Olivia Tan Ekta Nair

Head of Tenbyzine Head of Tenbyzine

Anusha Ashwin Sharon Tan Alden Teoh

Head of Design Head Journalist Head Editor

Lily Zulfakar Eliot Lee Lee Jeong Woo Fong Seng Junn

Designer Journalist Designer Journalist


Adrianna Maia Zoe Chin Zi Yi Alex Lung Leanne Kong

Fernandez Journalist Journalist Journalist


EEddiittoorr’’ss NNoottee

This issue of Tenbyzine could not have been achieved
without the support of our outstanding team. Most of whom

worked extremely hard to pump out articles and design
pages; trying to keep up with the constant stream of events

occurring within Tenby's campus. We would like to
personally thank the journalists for putting in immense effort

to collect and write the articles in this magazine, from
opinions on everyone's favourite PSHE lessons to

heartwarming winter tales. Thank you to our design and
editing team for putting in time to produce amazing visuals

and content. With that said, we hope that you enjoy this
issue of Tenbyzine!


HHooww TToo SSuurrvviivvee TThhee

HHaarrsshh MMaallaayyssiiaann WWiinntteerr


aa ccoommpprreehheennssiivvee gguuiiddee ooff eevveerryytthhiinngg YYOOUU nneeeedd ttoo ggeett tthhrroouugghh tthhee wwiinntteerr sseeaassoonn!!

As yet another unforgiving, harsh winter dawns upon us, it If distorting reality to your needs somehow still does not
seems appropriate that I write this article in order to help work in combating this period of immense suffering and
some of the less intellectually gifted individuals that lack pain, then I have a final, extreme method that is
the sheer brilliance and overwhelming ingenuity to outwit guaranteed to work for absolutely everyone. As we all
one of the toughest seasons of the year. Below you will
find everything you mere mortals need in order to make it know, us Malaysians take our food seriously, it is no
almost seem as though winter never even existed in this secret that our love of spicy food actually stems from
god forsaken frozen wasteland. having to survive the unforgiving freezing temperatures
of winter. Iconic dishes such as nasi lemak (literally

One of the easiest ways to combat the absurdly low translated as fat rice, this dish was originally invented in

temperatures of this sub-zero arctic hole is to simply the year 1450 by famous Malay cook Abang Ali in order
to fatten himself up to provide more protection against
dress the part. I personally recommend 3 layers of
clothes minimum, excluding the thick winter jacket that the Great Asian Blizzard (GAB) of 1451) or teh tarik (a
must be firmly ON your body at ALL times. “But why 3 steaming hot drink designed to raise our body
layers?” I hear you ask, well as more layers of clothes temperature to prevent hypothermia) will do much to
are added onto your mortal shell, there will naturally be protect you as much it helped our forefathers. 

layers of air in between each garment. It is these
pockets of air that effectively protect your fragile body Above all, as this mind-numbingly cold season nears, we
from the raging animosity that is the dreaded Malaysian must remember that as mere humans, specks in the
winter. Gloves are also strongly recommended in order grand endless universe we reside in, that sometimes it is
to keep the horrors of frostbite at bay as well as hiding okay to succumb to mother nature, that it is okay to
your hideously deformed fingers, hence killing two birds sometimes simply stay in bed, too cowardly to face the
outside world. After all, we are humans, not Russians.
with a single pair of thick woolen stones.
I hope that the above guide has helped you (something
If the above, for some inexplicable reason does not work, tells me it didn’t). Above all, have a great holiday, and try
then certain more alternative methods can also be used in to ignore the onsetting symptoms of hypothermia ! 
order to outwit this natural phenomenon. If the physical

tactics of clothing fails to sufficiently protect you, then

certain more “imaginative” methods may be more suitable

for mentally fragile individuals such as yourself. What exactly

do I mean by this? Well simply put, just pretend winter

doesn’t exist! I know, I know, such a notion is absurd to the

point of redundancy. And yet, research has proven that this

method has been astoundingly successful, with the large

majority of the new generation not even aware of “winter”

and the terrifying cold it brings. As a matter of fact, scientists

have even begun to dismiss the idea of winter ever existing

in Malaysia at all! Some nonsense about an imaginary line

through our earth and “tropical zones”. Despite the clear

factual inconsistencies of this phenomenon, you can trust in

our thoroughly researched and fact-based article in

recommending you somehow deceiving yourself that winter

does not actually exist.


PPooppTTcciiomomrreenn BLACK

Elsa and Anna, the reputable Snow Queen This movie brings the saying, "Keep your
and Princess of Arendelle, partake in an friends close, but keep your enemies
adventure away from their homes and
cross into dangerous territory, dragging closer", very close to home. It tells a story
their friends - Kristoff, Olaf and Sven - of sorority sisters and the threathening
along. messages they received, all taken as a
joke until murder and kidnapping tie in.

The final chapter in the Star
Wars series : The Rise Of
Skywalker. The final battle
RbeesigsitnasnacOes rtfdhaeceres.sutrhveivFinirgst

Based off the historical classic by Louisa May Alcott,
the story of the four sisters, Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg,

comes to life as they reach adulthood in the
aftermath of the Civil War in America. It portrays
strong sisterhood and family into a touching tale.


HHooww TToo BBeeccoommee AA HHoouussee


Hi! My name is Chloe. I'm in Year 11, and recently, I just
applied to become the next dragon house captain. 
The first step to applying is to write a letter to your
Head of House, and in my case, this was Mr. Bell. I
included positive attributes and leadership qualities I
believed I sustained, as well as past experiences that
could possibly display the development of my
leadership qualities, such as my involvement in the
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award in Year 10.
My interview took place toward the end of Thursday
I was seated in the pastoral office, lying in anticipation
for my turn to be interviewed. I was shaking from
anxiety and apprehension, but I was still adamant on
giving this interview my best shot.

Not long after, I was called in to begin my
interviewing process with Mr. Bell and two other
Head of Houses from sixth form. It was a genuinely
nerve-wracking experience. My interviewers held
very serious facial expressions, and their tones were
significantly intimidating. They asked me questions
like, “What makes you stand out from the others?”
and "Why do you think you should be house
captain?" They consistently gave me a range of
scenarios and shrewdly considered my responses.  I
tried to answer the questions as truthfully and
thoughtfully as I could. Before I knew it, the
interviewing process was over, and what felt like
hours was actually five minutes! 
As I left the room with fingers crossed, I could only
hope for the best.


IInntteerrhhoouussee XXCC

Tuesday 8th October


I was really nervous this time around as I wasn't
prepared. Usually, I would've trained at least a little,
but this time, I didn't due to problems with haze and
upcoming exams, so my anxiety was really high. I was
sure I wouldn't stand a chance against Azman and
Aidan. But when the race started, I realised it wasn't
that bad after all. It was actually kind of fun! Although
the results didn't fall in my favor, I had a really fun
experience in the end. 


    I joined interhouse cross country to support
my house since everyone in my house in

secondary seemed to be making it a bandwagon.
However, it was really fun running past all my
friends who cheered me on. I even got to high
five some people! Even though I wasn't trying

hard to win, I felt pressured into running faster
whenever I passed by my peers, but I guess it's

all part of doing a sport! 


The cross country was really fun this year, even if I
could barely walk the next day. As one of the heads of
sport, it was great to see so many people, even if they
weren't cross country runners, show up to support
their houses. The sports department did a very good
job setting up the course and making it more exciting
this year, especially with the supporters on the side to
cheer us on… and guilt us if we started walking.


KKSS44 SSwwiimmmmiinngg GGaallaa

tuesday 15th october

 First thing in the morning at 8am sharp, the torrent of water submerging my body was probably the best
way to wake me up. It was really amazing to see how professionally organised the event was carried out,
with swimmers diving quickly into the water every time the whistle blew. I joined two events: 50m freestyle
and 4x25m relay. As for the relay, it was a thrill to hear everyone cheer for their houses as one by one, each
of the four swimmers plunged into the pool. I'm proud to say Tigers won the relay, and in celebration,
fist bumps and high fives were shared. Although we came in second overall, it was still an achievement
compared to placing last the year before. Since I'm in Year 11 this year, this might be my last year in Tenby,
and I'm thankful that I'm making memories while at it.
It was so much fun to compete with friends and competitors. I might not be the fastest at swimming but
watching talented swimmers going head to head against each other was definitely exhilarating.
Overall, the swimming gala was a good opportunity to put my managerial skills to test as I enjoyed
spurring on my house contenders and finding replacements for missing members' events. On top of that, it
was also an eye opener to the amount of swimming talent our school holds - it was demonstrated through
the fierce competition throughout. I was - still am - ecstatic about the fact that Phoenix managed to pull
through with a victory overall for KS4. I certainly hope to replicate more successes for future house events!
One word to describe swimming gala - amazing. Thanks to the House Captains and thanks to Phoenix
members, Phoenix had won overall. I had joined the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, freestyle relay and
medley relay, and I'm proud to announce that I received ribbons for all of my races. Almost everyone in
Phoenix got a ribbon, which I thought had powerfully represented our unity as a house.


KS3 Swimming Gala

tuesday 22nd october


I started my day normally with running training with Ms. Yulia in the morning. Since it was wet and rainy, we
couldn’t run on the field. We did some leg strengthening exercises on the grandstands instead. My soggy
shoes made me slip and I smashed my shin against the hard concrete step. Even though I was bleeding
heavily, I thought I was okay and carried on doing sprints (painfully) afterward. 

After training, I limped to the nurse's office where she cleaned the wound. I let her know that I'd have
swimming gala directly after training and that I had a waterproof bandage. She insisted that I use my own
because she was worried that her old waterproof bandage wouldn’t stick. And so, I limped my way to the
pool to put on my waterproof bandage before jumping into the freezing water, which actually soothed my

I swam 6 races and still won 4 bronze ribbons. But yet again, directly after swimming gala, I had PE. Luckily, I
had an early break to change into my football attire. In PE, I was put as goalkeeper, and I got smashed by the
ball in the exact same spot of my newly acquired wound. I fell onto the floor screaming.

My experience in the swimming gala was very fun. It was tiring at times but I just kept trying my hardest to
win as many ribbons for my house. The swimming gala was a great way for us to spend some time with our
friends and show our house spirit! 

Swimming gala was a very fun experience as I had lots of teammates cheering each other on, so there was a
healthy competition between my peers and I. Even though my house did not win, I had no regrets
participating in the events I took part in because it was an amazing learning experience. I hope I will be able
to take part in the following events to come! 

The swimming gala was a very fun and challenging experience. It was a great way for me to get involved in a
sport I wouldn't normally do. 


Football Season


As I'm writing this, football season has been extremely unfortunate as most fixtures have been cancelled due
to the weather. Monsoon season comes every year, and this time it has decided to come at the one time it is
an outdoor sports season. Thanks alot nature.
However, we were lucky enough to be able to hold an U15 boys and girls’ fixture at our very school on the
10th of October. Even though our girls did not manage to get 1st place, we’re extremely proud to have such
passionate and dedicated girls represent Tenby International School. Neither did our boys, but I'm pretty
sure the competition was tough. 
U18 girls are having a fixture on the 14th October against MKIS. Winning the “Best U18 Team” award last
year, I do hope we secure the bag this time as well! 
Since its football season, the long awaited time of the year for our footballers have come. KS3 and KS4 inter-
house football was held during the 14th until the 25th.
Anyways, here are some tips to survive football season. But if you’re reading this and it's already over, keep
these tips in mind for next year!
Although this is an obvious one, proper sun protection always comes first. You don't want your skin to peel
anytime soon! (trust me, it is not a fun time)

Be honest. Who likes wearing actual long football socks to training? I know I don't. However, blisters are
likely to appear eventually. Especially on the back of your feet. It hurts, sometimes there's blood. It's almost
worse than having your skin peel off. Maybe it is! So band aids- they’re your best friends now.

Yeah, hearing your football boots hit the ground as you walk sounds pretty cool and athletic, but walking on
concrete with boots on will only damage your boots! Plus, who would want to leave a trail of mud and
grass?? Not sure if this happens to everyone, but my feet become warm after a game. Flip flops are the best
at airing your feet. You also wouldn't want to put your leather school shoes back on would you?? If the
answer to that is yes, well, go ahead. No judgement here.


An Insight Into In August, I was introduced to an open competition for
all schools in Selangor. Of course, my narrow mind
Volleyball couldn't quite comprehend how challenging this would
be - little did I know, this was just the start. Some may
BRIDGET CHONG know that I train with a school called ‘Kwang Hua’. Well
as a matter of fact, they were the first team we were up
It’s that time of the year again. Well for me, it wasn't just a against for this particular competition; and let’s just say
season but all year round. It was two summers ago, where they mopped the floor with us. From my personal
I’d picked up this sport. I didn't expect myself to be so experience, schools from KLISS and ISAC couldn't come
latched on to it - one could say it was addicting. At first, I close to beating them, and this was only just the U14
too hated to play, I was dragged into playing and category.
reluctantly followed my friends to numerous matches. It
took me quite a while to appreciate everything volleyball Usually, after this competition, they would have chosen
had to offer - perhaps after giving it a shot, you could too. players for the state team. Although this time, they sent
out a notice post-competition to whoever interested
After our senior players left, as well as a few of my enough to try out for the state team. During this
friends, it’s quite arduous to fill in the gaps of the team. selection, I met several talented players from a variety
Nowadays, it’s even more difficult to find players and of assorted schools. The first session was just to see your
train them in a short amount of time. After our change of skill, in digging, setting(if you're a setter), spiking(if you're
headmasters, using the volleyball court to train became a spiker) and serving; later they had reduced the players
increasingly more troublesome compared to before. to 24. The session the week after was like hell, the warm-
There isn't a specific time or season for volleyball, as it’s up consisted of a lot of running. At the end, there was
a sport where you have to constantly train for in order some fitness training. During this time, I had met quite a
to improve your technique skillset. Of course, there are friendly Seri Kembangan player who partnered with me.
times where you’d fall into a slump and get lazy; during
those times, whether or not it is volleyball or a different The new year came by faster than I realized - it was now
hobby in general, you have to find out for yourself what to February 2018. It was my first MSSD competition, a
do about it and make it work for you. tournament where all schools within a specific district
My first competition was in May 2017 - KLISS. My friends compete against each other. My friends and I were in
and I had participated in the U13 category - and honestly, I the U15 category while my seniors were in the U18
was terrified. I can’t say that I’m no longer nervous during category. This was also a competition where they’d pick
a match, but over time, my limbs gradually stopped its out players who would later represent the district.
violent trembling, and I was able to calm myself down. At
this time, my seniors had won both of their U15 and U18 One of my seniors who was a spiker managed to get
games which blew my mind. They were incredibly into the district team for U18. The main schools (from
supportive, and I wished I had more time with them before the previous years) who would end up facing each other
they graduated. were USJ 12, Seri Kembangan, Tenby, and Sri KL. This
was normally hosted at Seri Kembangan, and their
courts were located outside under the sweltering heat.

Fast forward a month, it was now the U16 Open. This
was where our coach, Mr. Ng, had recommended us
to Kwang Hua’s coach to join their team for this year’s
U14 team. It was an interesting experience to say the
least. In the beginning, I was petrified of the main
spiker, though she’s become less menacing as we
started training together more often. Fortunately, it
worked out in the end and we had won first place,
which I honestly couldn't believe myself. I was
overwhelmed with pride and joy, but I know not to let
it get to my head (too much). I hope to continue
achieving more successes in this sport that I have
grown to become fond of, as well as make more new
friends along the way.


DDiiwwaallii aanndd tthhee IInntteerrhhoouussee

RRaannggoollii CCoommppeettiittiioonn


Deepavali is a day in Indian culture where we celebrate the victory of Good against Evil. As suc
there is always more than what meets the eye when it comes to these types of celebrations; th
real reason why we celebrate Deepavali nowadays with the decline of mysticism is to reunite t
family as one! It is always the best feeling in the world to have people who love you and care f
you around, even if it’s only for a few days. 

The excitement usually builds up gradually, as the weeks leading up to deepavali grow smaller
more you start to anticipate meeting your family again. During the holiday, many things happe
and it might seem like everyone has something to do, but what really happens is that everyone
ends up catching up about everything that has happened in their lives during the previous yea
big Deepavali highlight is when all family members come together to witness colourful firewor
light up the sky. After all, Deepavali is the festival of lights. With everyone singing and laughin
is the best time Deepavali can be seen in its full glory. Family is first and Deepavali encourages
That’s why I love Deepavali. 


My experience in the rangoli competition was amazing. As a matter of fact, I didn't even sign u
for the competition in the first place, nor did I even think of entering it. One of the group mem
came up to me during lunch time looking for help on making their rangoli, so I decided to join
just to help my house and my friends. I ended up having lots of fun, as being in the competitio
brought teamwork, creativity, precision and effective communication. 

We worked hard with people coming in and people leaving every now and then. Despite who w
working, or who left, or who was in the team, the result was gorgeous, and with the help of a b
collaboration of opinions, we even improvised some last-minute touches to further improve ou
rangoli and to finalise it with our very own personal touch. 

The competition was overall fun and exciting, as it was a new experience. It was the first rango
competition that the school ever held after all. I'm proud to announce that my house had won
competition, and the photograph we took definitely serves as a good memory. 


Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze


It has only been two months since I have started
training for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award,
and I have already learned such valuable skills
that I wouldn't have known otherwise. From
learning how to read a compass to understanding
the proper way to treat a wound using practical
tactics, the breadth of knowledge I have acquired
in this short amount of time is certainly invaluable.
From the experiences we have seen through
thus far, I, as well as my peers, have been able
to hone our development in areas of resilience,
team work, leadership and empathy. All in all,
I am excited and I can't wait for the upcoming
months that will push me out of my comfort zone
and develop me as a person in my process of
completing the bronze stage of this program.


The DOE training on Saturday the 19th of
October was a new experience for me. We set

off at 8 o'clock in the morning sharp to the
Botanical Park in Shah Alam and ended our
journey around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. We
had finished very early since many pathways
were blocked by fallen trees. We tried to take
an alternative path to complete the trek, but it
was unfortunately closed and blocked off as
well. In the end, we just hiked to our other
checkpoints that we had access to and took
pictures there. After we completed our way to
all the checkpoints, we made our way back

down to the entrance of the park and
collapsed due to exhaustion. However, we

were all proud and glad that we got our
training successfully over and done with. 


KS3 & 4 PSHE


I spent my PSHE periods reflecting on the most effective ways to study as well as organizing
my study schedules. Ever since I have taken on the role as a prefect, I have learnt how
to balance my school work with prefect responsibilities and tasks. It has been difficult to
account for all the tasks I’ve had to take on, which is why the idea of using a strict planner
for my daily life has helped me immensely.


During these last few weeks of PSHE, we have been learning about studying strategies,
social media safety, internet safety and more. Sometimes there would also be fun group
activities such as presentations or individual activities such as Instagram vs Reality and
making leaflets. I personally think it is a good session as we learn about various things on a
daily basis that we do not normally find in textbooks. The videos that are usually shown by
our tutors are also very helpful as they help us better understand the topic we are learning.

I am grateful that I am able to learn many new and useful concepts during PSHE. One of my
lessons consisted of discussing the positives and negatives of body image and what a social
media influencer in daily society has the power to do. It turns out that most pictures on social
media are actually fake in order to present themselves in a better light to their audience.


My vertical tutor group and I did lots of projects based on effective communication. We
discussed the importance of effective communication and created posters highlighting its
significance. We also watched videos concerning the methods famous people use to
communicate successfully. Besides that, we partook in some fun and inquisitive quizzes
about socializing.


In my opinion, PSHE allows me to have a good learning experience. It teaches me a variety of
things, such as the benefits of having everything organised, methods of relieving stress,
raising awareness towards other cultures and religions and more. It also gives me the
opportunity to build a better relationship with my classmates, as well as improve my
communication skills in group discussions. I am always given a good environment to work in
during PSHE, so it's easier for me to learn new things every lesson. However, I hope that we
will have more debates and fun games in the future since it helps everyone become more
involved in the lesson. Anyhow, I am looking forward to what new discoveries my next PSHE
lesson will bring.



PSHE - Personal, Social and Health Education. This usually takes place during the first
lesson on Tuesday. All the topics we are educated about are essential towards our well
being and how we can grow as individuals inside and outside of school. For the past few
weeks, we have been learning about the general topic of ‘Learning to Learn’, with multiple
different sub categories which highlight the different aspects of this important area.

The first 2 weeks were about organisation: how we could maintain a clean and tidy
workplace at school and at home, methods to complete homework by their designated
due dates and not over-scheduling. This involved watching various videos with tips on
how to organise our lifestyle and surroundings, this taught us how to ensure we’re not
overwhelmed with the messiness of our learning environment. Other than that, there
have been multiple activities which emphasise the need to maintain a non-stressful
lifestyle, with activities that provide us with hypothetical situations which portray the
effects and impacts an unorganised lifest

Currently, we’re focusing on the sub-topic of ‘Social Media’ and its impacts. Even though
there are a myriad of positive attributes of social media, this also brings forth an inter
esting and captivating array of the ramifications, saying hurtful things or not using social
media for its intended purpose, has. This also educated us on the proper way to utilise
social media and avoid any consequences or unwanted pressure and issues. As teenagers,
we rely a lot on social media to calm ourselves down after a hard day at school or to chat
with our friends, but this topic has shown us what it means to be responsible on social
platforms and off. This also tied in with the theme of ‘Our Lives On and Off the Internet.’

For year 9s, they have added a special course for us to talk and improve on during PSHE,
this is called ‘SRE’. This is an abbreviation that stands for ‘Sex and Relationship Education’.
Even though this is a touchy subject that most kids our age would find repulsive or
unappealing, the teachers have found a suitable and easy method for us to process all the
information about the changes in our body and mindset. There will be multiple lessons on
this over the upcoming weeks and it will be focused on for quite a bit, so we’re educated
and aware of the things that are happening to us. With this, we are more able to fully
understand our lifestyle as growing adolescents and the precautions we need to take
when choosing what’s right and what’s wrong.

PSHE has been a very interesting and educative lesson which covers a plethora of topic
areas: traditional celebrations (Deepavali, Malaysia Day), healthy lifestyles and personal
growth. I believe it is an important subject which prepares us for the future struggles and
hardships that life might throw at us unexpectedly, and that everyone has been given an
amazing learning opportunity to develop and grow.


Planning Prom


Throughout Tenby’s years, prom has been only for a few people to attend.
Most to most, at times, there were a hundred. But as the old year 11s left and their successors filled in their spots,
prom changed for the better.
The social norm is altering, and this has expanded the event each year. Students go with dates, without dates, and
even with their friends. With this expansion, the responsibility for planning and working out the kinks for this
special night was put on the lap of the year 11 prefects, specifically the Events committee.
This is how we, the prefects of 2019, planned Tenby’s (soon to be) greatest Prom.
A group of students began meeting this year in September, just as their Prefect duties had been given to them,
every Monday of every week, in H2 of the humanities department. There, we had started off as the entirety of the
prefect squad, giving ideas and shouting over one another just to have our voices heard. There were 27 of us, so I’ll
leave it you to imagine how we, a large group of different personalities ranging from strong and loud, to shy and
closed, communicated with one another.
Soon enough, the leader of events at the time, Anya Ramachandran, quickly realised that we were not being as
efficient, as some people were putting in much more effort and time than others.
This was our first bump in the road. But you know what they say, “if the road to your destination is nice and clean,
you are lucky. However if you have bumps and curves along the way, you are even luckier, as you learn to pave
your own way.” And that exactly sums up my experience with being in the Prom committee.
Discussing ideas was only one minor thing on the long list of responsibilities we as the prom committee had to take
care of, before the big event. We handled a good majority of the details along with some help from administration
and staff, to help work out more on the financial aspects throughout the process.
The first few meetings were held to group the prefects into different sub-committee’s in preparation of the event,
and our committees included:
-decoration team
-marketing and social media team
-food and location team
-logistics team
-entertainment team
After being separated into our sub-committee’s, everything was pretty much smooth sailing from there.
Some of the things we did specifically as a whole, to get as many ideas as possible, such as picking the theme of
prom, where we had people shout out themes and we wrote them out and had them voted on.
Our choices included: A Golden Gala theme, an Under The Sea theme, Great Gatsby theme, even a CHRISTMAS
theme. We really were confused. However, we had a look at the location, Saujana Hotel, and decided on a Secret
Garden theme, as Saujana has a beautiful botanical area which we could use. As soon as the theme was confirmed,
Marketing whizzed off to create our Instagram page, (@tenbyprom19) and the first draft of the tickets.


One of the most difficult parts of this process was visualising on how to decorate and make
our theme of secret garden to come alive in Saujana Hotel.
Here, the Deco team went on a weekend to take pictures and get measurements of the hall, as
we needed it to estimate how much dressing up the venue needed. We soon figured out that it
was a huge hall, and there were many different pillars that needed adorning as well. The Deco
team were exasperated. We couldn’t furnish it ourselves, we had no idea where to even start!
So a member came up with the idea of hiring an event planner. And that we did.
Entertainment had one of the most important jobs as well, judging the auditions that were
going to be sung or danced during prom. The also had the task of hiring a musical production
company to help with the lights and music on the day.
The most nerve wracking part of this process is planning something that everyone can enjoy,
since there are approximately 200 people that were attending, and in Tenby International,
everyone is diverse, and have different opinions on many things, such as the pricing of the
tickets, the theme, the venue. Some people had problems with it, but we as the prom
committee had to rise up and remain positive. We did have some disagreements and
miscommunications in the start, but all in all we worked miracles, and I feel that we did an
amazing job at planning this event, considering it is our first time having such a big
responsibility being put on us.
I would like to end this article by saying a great, big thank you to all my fellow prom committee
members. Thank you for missing lunchtimes to come to meetings. Thank you for giving up free
time to help wherever needed. Thank you for always trying to be positive, even when we were
in the face of pessimism. Thank you for being prefects.
And lastly, another thank you to the members of staff and administration that helped us, the
crazy sixteen year olds, with an event as big as this. Thank you Mrs Stacey for being our
Lighthouse, guiding us and sticking up for us, where ever and when ever needed. Thank you
Mr Rob, for sorting out the communication between Saujana and all the finer details that were
too much for us. Thank you to Mr Sallis for pulling us out a runt, when we were stuck in one.
We hope that you all enjoy Tenby Prom 2019, as we poured our hearts and souls in it.


MMaallaayyssiiaa ss PPhhiillhhaarrmmoonniicc


symphonic safari


 The orchestra was both mesmerizing and intense. They created music based off of
animal sounds, and all of us had to guess which animal they were trying to convey to
us. Watching them up close was really cool because it's a wonder how they can play
their instruments in unison. I had a very amazing experience. I really enjoyed the


The Symphonic Safari really was an interesting experience. For me as a first timer
listening to a live orchestra was fascinating. The music was so much more clearer and
detailed than on a TV. The orchestra played soundtracks of movies and classical
music, such as Jurassic World, Jaws, Flight of the Bumblebee and many more.
Everything really was an amazing experience. 

indiana jones: raiders of the lost ark


On the 22nd of September, 2019, I attended the MPO rendition of Indiana Jones and
The Lost Ark. It was actually my first time watching the film, and I found it to be a
wonderful experience. I frequently attend MPO concerts, and I can easily say this
specific concert is one of the most memorable ones for me. The orchestra played the
soundtrack to the movie, while the film played on a large screen from a projector,
creating a perfect atmosphere and mood, and building tension and suspense
flawlessly. Live music to a film honestly creates a better movie experience, and
watching a good film with a good soundtrack is always the best, especially if it is live. 


Contemmppoorraarryy,, CCuuttttiinngg

Edge aanndd CCuurraatteedd


The Art Expo Malaysia 2019 hit the high gears this weekend
and I was lucky to be able to pay a visit and enjoy the bold
and thought-provoking exhibition. The AEM is South Asia’s
longest-running international art fair, and it returned this year
with a renewed passion. As with previous editions, the art fair
took place at the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Center
in Kuala Lumpur. Sixty galleries from 22 different countries
participated this year, coming together in a blend of culture and
heritage, some having a rich history dating back to 1871. There
were more than 1500 paintings on display, with prices rangingMalaysian artist Tan Zi Hao’s fibreglass and metal
from RM1000 to over a million. exoskeletal sculpture, the Maraka, loomed heads an
shoulders above the visitors just across from The
The concept and content of the fair flowed seamlessly with Carrier, looking every inch like it had just escaped
the artists’ energy and soul. Alighting our senses and allowingfrom a Hindi Fairytale. Tan’s work, a commissioned
us to be immersed in, and better appreciate and comprehendp, iece for the Singapore Biennale 2016, is based
the vibrancies, of South-East Asian and Global stories throughon a creature from Hindu mythology that is a
a visual narrative experience. This year’s fair had a dedicated half-terrestrial, half sea-animal. Head of a crocodile
South-East Asian curatorial theme, mixing traditional style witahnd elephant, tail of a fish. It may seem like a creatu
contemporary innovation. of your nightmares, but in person, Tan had made th
pieces fit together so naturally like puzzle pieces.
How would you describe looking into someone’s eyes while her
limbs stretched out from under a pile of leather handbags? AsCrowds flocked to the Japanese Pavilion like moths
we entered, we were greeted by Dutch Indonesian artist Melltao a flame. There were many hidden gems to uncov
Jaarma’s wearable sculpture, The Carrier. It possessed an air oinf this space, from Kanae Shiki’s stirring oil on canv
unique unusualness, subtly commenting on the consumerist works to Kunihiko Nohara’s delicate cloud sculpture
culture. I was pleasantly surprised to witness the freedom as I was personally drawn to the peculiar media of
to what goes up on the exhibition walls. Of course, there is noart that were on display. From brass and copper
place better to get an Avant Garde fashion show going on. sculptures to memento mori inspired arrangements
they lined the walls of the labyrinth, hypnotizing yo
with their bizarre shapes and curves.

I was delighted to be able to witness first-hand
alluring paintings from across the world, bathing in
sea of talent and originality. I left the exhibition wit
camera roll full of captivating images that would he
influence my future art pieces, setting a base skelet
for many paintings to come. The careful selection a
placement of pieces have really done the curators
justice, creating an inimitable atmosphere that all
visitors can bask in. I fully relished my short but
meaningful time spent at the Expo, and would high
recommend you to pay a visit sometime!


YYeeaarr 99 LLeeaarrnniinngg


My experience in Year 9 so far has been very In DT, I'm currently in the process of
interesting. making my very own bag with recycled
In English, I've read and analysed the book materials. In Computer Science, I've
‘Ruby In The Smoke’ in detail. In Bahasa learned how to use the function of
Melayu, I've learned about the weather in VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel. In History,
other countries and wrote essays in an email I've explored the 'Roaring 20's' and that
and letter format. In Mandarin, I've been period’s economic boom. Finally in
learning about families and animals. In Maths, Geography, I've been about volcanic
I've learned many things from algebra, and eruptions.
ratios to percentages and many other
different topics. In Science, I've covered
physics, and I'm now currently covering

I will say that so far, Year 9 for me has
been very interesting. I look forward to
continuing my journey in school.

In terms of the arts, in Music I've explored
rock bands and riffs in Rock Music. In Art, I've
experimented with watercolours and acrylics.
We also took a look at Amiria Gale's seashells
paintings, which will be our inspiration for
this term. In Drama, I've explored Brecht's
techniques like stereotypes and third
person narration.


MMuussiicc MMooooddbbooaarrddss


At Tenby, the Music Department provides a wholesome and detailed music education for students of all
musicianship; from beginner to advanced. For our first ever project of the term, my teacher assigned us with the
task of creating a mood board of our favourite musical styles and genres along with some quotes. 

Personally, I am a very flamboyant and zealous person, so I put my all into it and tried my hardest to showcase
my broad range of musical liking and knowledge. Since I am a multi-instrumentalist, I included pictures which
displayed the different genres that I was drawn to and had a thorough understanding of. 

I added pictures which portrayed my favourite broadway musicals and celebrities: ranging from "Wicked" to
Andrew Barth Feldman (from "Dear Evan Hansen"). These musicals and plays actually cover more aspects of
human life than people give them credit for, as some highlight the need to fit in with the crowd whereas some
bring forth the hardships of an abusive marriage and single motherhood(“Waitress”). "Dear Evan Hansen", which
still currently remains as my favourite musical of all time, is about a boy whose need to be accepted into the
public crowd overpowers his morality and basic logic when he sends a letter that was never meant to  be sent and
gets drawn into a web of lies and difficulty of expressing emotions. Broadway has educated me on what can be
going on in the minds of different people and how we can all do our part to spread positivity, as well as proper
singing techniques and the lyrics to exceptional songs of course!

As I can play the violin, piano and a few other instruments, I decided to include some pictures regarding my
hobbies which revolve around music and different aspects of it that I like. This can be shown through the
pictures of famous deceased classical composers and those of more modern artists like Shawn Mendes, as well
as a tribute to the late Christina Grimmie who was faced with an untimely passing. Instead of sticking to the
conventional method of doing things, I used various appropriate memes which would appeal to those who have
experience of being in an orchestra or just generally have musical knowledge. This showcased my personality
more by covering my passion towards music and its wide variety of styles and my bravery to step out of my
comfort zone and experiment with different methods of portrayal.

The quotes I included were mostly inspirational and motivational quotes from my favourite artist and actors of
all time, and of course with a funny one from a pair of violinists on youtube (Two Set Violin). The one which has
really encouraged me to go further and try harder is, ‘No one ever became a star by playing it safe’, from Lea
Michele, the woman who played Rachel Berry on the hit musical show, "Glee," and young Cosette in, "CATS". In my
opinion, these quotes have really impacted various people all across the globe, as they are connected together
with the idea that music makes life what it’s supposed to be.

I believe those are the factors which contributed to my success in this project as a whole. I hope there will be
more opportunities like this where I can combine my different skills to create something that I’m very passionate
about. Music is truly an undeniable aspect of life itself.

My music teacher, Mr Dale, assigned my class of Year 9 students a piece of homework where we had to do
further in-depth research into our personal tastes in music. We had to print out pictures and collect in
formation about our favorite bands, artists and songs, and collage them onto a black sheet of A3 paper. My
poster was surprisingly one of the better ones, and I'm proud to say that it was showcased on the Tenby
performing arts Instagram page. I'm even more excited for my upcoming music lessons because I heard
we'll be learning how to play the ukulele soon. And I've always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele! 



dining at the world's best restaurant


Noma operates in three seasons, focusing on seafood for four months, vegetables for another four, and then
game for the final four. Voted The World’s Best Restauarant in 2010 for 4 consecutive years ‘till 2014,  Noma is
situated on a small lake just outside the centre of Copenhagen. It’s premises had formerly been an ammunition
storage facility for the Danish military, and the sprawling 60 meter complex is comprised of the main restauran
its kitchens, and numerous greenhouses where the produce served to diners is grown. Designed by renowned
architect Bjarke Ingels, the site’s 11 buildings are rustically designed to resemble an old Danish village.

Approaching Noma, once voted the world’s best restaurant in ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ magazine,
one can’t help but feel a sort of trepidation that comes with any trip to a high-end dining experience. Fancy
restaurants are by their nature intimidating places – expensive, filled with wealthy, successful people, and
sometimes, snooty staff.

Noma, is a restaurant that takes immense pride in defying almost every convention in the book. It doesn’t cater
to stereotyping, and makes its point from the very beginning.

Its name is a portmanteau of the words “Nordisk,” meaning “Nordic,” and “mad,” the Danish word for food. The
restaurant’s name perfectly defines its ambitions. Noma and its founder Rene Redzepi have built a culinary
dynasty by focusing solely on ingredients from the Scandinavian region; shunning things like olive oil, focusing
solely instead on ingredients foraged from the restaurant’s own greenhouses, or from local sources. 
Getting a reservation at Noma is much more like trying to get tickets to a famous festival or major concert
instead of a normal restaurant. Noma releases reservations three times over the course of the year, and if you
want to stand a chance of getting a table, you’re going to need to be on the Noma website the second booking
opens. Otherwise, special reservations must be made and arranged at an average of seven months in advance
at price tags of upwards of $1000 USD for a table for four, all paid upfront, no less. 
Describing the food at Noma would be a fool’s errand – not even the masters Shakespearre or Nabokov could
find themselves with a vocabulary sizable enough to describe the wonders that Noma’s delicacies assault you
with. Instead, I’ll make a beggar’s attempt at detailing the delectables that Head Chef René Redzepi creates: 

Fragile. Distinctive. Fresh. Raw. Passionate. Hail, of flower buds. Golden. Green. 
Quirky. Definitely quirky. Unique. Creative, but very much edible. Appetising. 
Luscious. Tempting. Tasty. Rich, but with elegant simplicity. Divine. Delightful. 

If you’re planning a trip to Denmark somewhere within the next 7 months, I’d suggest, using the strongest
possible terms, to book yourself a reservation at Noma. 


MMiinncceedd PPiiee BBrroowwnniieess

In a microwave proof bowl, add butter and chocolate – make
sure the butter is chopped into small chunks and the
chocolate is bashed up a bit. Microwave it for a 30-second
blast then stir. Repeat this process until the mixture is nice
and smooth.

Combine 2 favorites in  Next, add the eggs and sugar into a large mixing bowl and,
this clever mash-up of using an electric whisk, whip it up for a good 8-10 minutes
brownies and minced until you notice the mixture thickens. Pour the cooled
pies. These sweet treats chocolate and butter mixture into the whipped egg and sugar
will prove a big hit mixture and, using a spatula, mix till a nice runny
throughout the festive chocolate batter is formed.
Sieve in the flour and cocoa powder, which should thicken
- 200g unsalted butter the batter.
-200g high quality dark
-chocolate120g Using a 23cm square tin foil bowl, line up the baking
-plain flour60g parchment and add a small amount of brownie batter to the
-cocoa powder base to cover it. Then place the mince pies into the tin evenly
-4 eggs spread out. Add the batter on top, making sure to fill in any
-320g golden caster sugar gaps, and smoothing the top of the tin once done (hopefully
-9 mince piesIcing covering the mince pies). 
Bake in an oven preheated to 160°C to 180°C for 30 minutes. 

Remove the tray from the oven (don't forget your gloves!) and
give it a shake. If it doesn’t wobble, then your brownie is
ready! If it does wobble, bake for another 5 minutes or until
the pie doesn't wobble anymore. The top of the baked
brownie should be a bit flaky like chocolate paper.
 Leave to cool for 5 minutes until it has cooled to room

Slice it up and dust with icing sugar. And don't forget to share
with your family or friends!


A Personal Experience

with Butterbeer


I'm sure you've heard of Butterbeer, a popular drink
they sell in the Harry Potter section of Universal
Studios. And if you haven't heard of it before, well… now
you have.

I first tasted Butterbeer in Universal Studios Hollywood. It tasted like eggnog - why should Butterbeer cost
The smell of it was utterly intoxicating, and no matter USD 7 when you can buy a whole gallon of eggnog for
where you turned, you'd be seeing someone holding a a fourth of that price? It was too creamy - what's the
cup of - what would you have it? - Butterbeer! point of buying the drink when the entire top half of
Butterbeer was even spilling all over the floors as the cup was made up of whipped cream? Just buy
people in the crowds, with a drink in their hands, coffee or funnel cake instead; they have whipped
unavoidably bumped into each other. Obviously, as you cream too.
would have it, I'd follow popular bandwagon and get
one of my own. To sum it all up, I was very disappointed.

Unfortunately, my experience with Butterbeer proved The worst part is that the Californian weather that
unsatisfactory. season made you feel like a melting popsicle. And
Butterbeer in no way helped clench your thirst. You'd
I’m not here to reject the idea of you ever buying your still have to buy a bottle of ice water from the vending
own Butterbeer, and I'm not writing this to spread machine. Butterbeer also only tasted better cold. Once
dissent over this widely known drink. I only want to the ice melts and you're left with a warm brown liquid,
share my firsthand experience of tasting this beverage. all it would taste like could only be described as the
Besides, not everyone has the same opinions - nor taste same as spoiled milk.
Butterbeer was being sold everywhere - from stalls and A definite plus would be bragging rights, though. My
vendors to shops and amusement rides, you name it! friends have never tried Butterbeer before, but I have,
And as luck would have it, my very own Butterbeer so it instantly proves that I have more experience
came with my lunch set menu at the food court. than them. Another plus would be the cup. Though
it's made out of plastic, which is a very poor choice of
Due to its widely advertised name, I had already set high material, it was designed in a very elegant manner
expectations for this beverage.Harry Potter is world- and branded in fancy gold letters were the words,
famous after all, and to have one of the drinks from "Harry Potter Butterbeer". As the typical Potterhead, I
what basically made up my entire childhood in my hand fawned over the cup and its words. They were pretty
was simply exhilarating. amazing...

To my dismay, the taste of Butterbeer was not what I
expected. It was too sweet - did the people making the
drink dump an entire liter of sugar into the drink? You
could get diabetes!


AA CChhrriissttmmaass MMeemmoorryy


Red and green lit up the room. A warm, tingling December 24th, 1914. The day my life

aroma of roasting meat wafted throughout the changed forever. It was the day before

rooms. The warmth from the fireplace brought about Christmas. No one really acknowledged it. Most

a snuggly calm. It was that time of year again! The soldiers received gifts and letters from their

week of family reunions, traditional foods, and where family, but I didn’t. All I got was a parcel from

all children anticipate the opening of gifts that rest Princess Mary, containing cigarettes and sweets.

beneath a lavishly decorated spruce tree. But I wasn’t disappointed, I just felt empty.

Then, in the distance, voices of men were heard.

On this special day, I sit, as usual, on a chair out in We immediately ran to our battle stations,
the front yard, admiring the scenery. The falling snow fearing an attack. Minutes passed… but no
did not make me shiver. I was too busy observing the gunfire. In the distance, from the enemy’s
trenches, we could hear the soft sounds of a
beautiful blanket of snow and engulfing the
heart-warming melody. An hour passed, yet the
refreshing atmosphere of tranquillity.
powerful songs of hope and cozy, warm lights

You notice many things once you're retired. Like how still lined the parapets of their trenches. No
the father in the house opposite the road can’t figure Man’s Land had never felt so full of love.
out what to buy for his children, or how the young Suddenly, Lieutenant Sir Edward Hulse stepped
woman next door was too much of a workaholic to forth, exclaiming, “Men, if the Germans can sing
their Christmas Carols, so can we!”
find time to go and visit her family. It was like the

world rotated around me, always moving, always

evolving. And I just sat in the middle of it all; a

forgotten piece of the past.

It never really occurred to me that I was just lonely. I

just simply thought that I was better off on my own.

Nobody really wanted me anyways. As a child, my life

was filled with fear and terror of war. As soon as I

reached adolescence, I was whisked away to join the

military. I never saw my parents’ faces again.

War times were dark. The damp and dark trenches
stood low, yet haunted my every movement. The
damp floor, the cold, sleepless nights, and the moans
of suffering soldiers - it was all too much for me. The
fear of gunfire, the fear of death, kept me awake. In
the trenches, everything was quiet. Quiet enough to
hear the scuttling sounds of rats with rabies, quiet
enough to feel death’s presence patrolling the
tunnels. The blast of the gunfire… and then the air
brimming with suffocating smoke.


He opened his mouth, and the most beautiful melody of “Henrik,” I replied.
Good King Wenceslas came out. Everybody joined in We smiled grimly at each other, finally meeting
too, making a melancholic harmony of sounds, filling No someone who understood the same pain. All of a
Man’s Land with merriful music. For once in my life, I sudden, there were more sounds of trudging
felt a semblance of peace. Then, feeling a great amount boots...from either side of us. Sounds of happiness -
of determination and hope, I began to climb out of the of relief, swarmed the land, filling our hearts with
trench into No Man’s Land. I heard countless gasps and warmth and hope. Everyone exchanged greetings
whispers, but I felt urged. I wanted to know what was and shared memories about their families. It was
over there. I was basically attempting suicide, but I just truly a sight. It was truly a Christmas to be
knew I had to go. remembered; the day where we put down our
weapons and united through the common
Before I knew it, I stood alone on the barren wasteland. struggles that both sides faced, reminding
Bodies lay everywhere, portraying the most despicable ourselves of the horrors of war, yet consoling each
and abominable graveyard. Slowly, I took out my other with words of encouragement and - albeit
handkerchief, and waved. Fear clutched at my heart. I temporary - friendship. It was the true gift of
closed my eyes, thinking it was over. But in that Christmas that we gave one another.
particular moment, I heard the trudging of feet in the 76 years after that event, in the year of 1990, I sit
snow. on a rocking chair on my front porch, reminding
myself of my favorite memory of Christmas. I
There he stood, a boy around my own age, waving his smiled, and then I frowned. I only met him once,
own handkerchief. In his eyes, I could see a blazing fire and only for a short moment of time, but I
of determination and misery. We walked towards each remembered him to the utmost detail; Ansel. Every
other, trembling. Then, we stopped two feet away from year during Christmas, I would wonder about him
each other. I studied his face. He didn’t look like an and his hopeful grin.
enemy to me; he was just a boy, like me. Scarred with “Grandpa! Let’s go!” shouted the voice of a young
the pain of reality and greed of humankind. Drafted into girl.
service for our country, drafted to die in another land I looked up, seeing a car arriving with my family inside.
you've never been to. I reached out. He was confused at Gleefully, I stood and walked towards them.
first, but then proceeded to shake it. “Dad! It’s freezing outside! Aren’t you cold?”
“Ansel,” he croaked. “Merry Christmas, Grandpa!”

The young girl gave me a card with messy doodles of
what I assume are her and me drawn on the cover. I
smiled at her, gratefully accepting the gift. Then, out of
the blue, the car started.

“Christmas dinner, let’s go!”
As the car whizzed past, something caught my eye. The
wispy silhouette of a young man, waving his
handkerchief at me. On his face, etched a wide,
unforgettable smile.

“Frohe Weihnachten!” he shouted.


AA NNoonn CChhrriissttmmaass



Woah! This year sure flew by fast. I can't believe that it’s Like, his sleigh has to be travelling at 650 miles per hour
almost 2020, and it’s almost that time of year again. IT’S THE which is 3000 times the speed of sound. The lead pair of
WINTER SEASON. reindeer will absorb 14.3 quintillion joules of energy per
second. In short, they will burst into flames instantaneously,
Rain turns into snow, falling down delicately like petals of a concerning the extent of friction and heat they'll be
flower, as I stick out my tongue and allow snowflakes to drop generating, and effectively creating a butterfly effect on the
on top of it, instantly melting into water. Steep mountains remaining reindeer behind them, of which will end up in
lavished with greens were replaced by shapeless slabs of deafening sonic booms. The entire reindeer team will be
snow, compiled along the mountain seemingly like water vaporized within 4.26 thousandths of a second. Meanwhile,
rushing downstream. The wind gushed past my helmet and Santa will be figuratively subjected to centrifugal forces
billowed against my countless layers of clothing as I skied 17,500 times greater than gravity on earth. Prepare to say
down extreme heights and glanced at endless white plains goodbye to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!
with never-ending excitement.
Hence, if Santa Claus is real, that dude must be really tired of
And let's not forget about massive snowball fights at least the same routine every year. It's no wonder people can't
twice a day, building opposing snow fortresses and hurling catch him.
chunks of snowball that definitely won't bruise your best of
friends. (Well, maybe their egos.) Ponds turn into impenetrable Though I still don't celebrate Christmas, I wish I did. Imagine
blocks of ice, and there we are, putting on ice skating shoes all the fun and cheer there would be if you actually
and slipping across the icy surface for fun. Then there's celebrated Christmas. Imagine going to a country with
huddling by the fireplace with thick cozy sweaters while temperatures freezing enough to have snow. Imagine
sipping on a cup of hot chocolate to our satisfaction. chopping down a small fir tree and setting it up with an
assortment of sparkling ornaments, before settling large
Unfortunately, I apologize for breaking this to you, but this is presents underneath the tree, of which would be centered
Malaysia we live in. We only have a small number of seasons - beside a warm cosy fire under the chimney. Imagine having a
wait, let me count. We have summer, rain, summer, the Christmas dinner with your whole family, enjoying your food
occasional haze, and - oh ya, more summer. Forget about and bonding through shared and cherished memories. Now
snow, skiing, skating and hot chocolate. We have acid rain, that - that is my ideal way of spending the perfect typical
flash floods and ice kacang with a truck load of extra ice - Christmas. Christmas is all about spending time with your
making it basically taste like water. loved ones, setting aside the phones and just existing in each
other's presence.
As I write this fifth paragraph, I still can’t believe that this
decade is coming to an end. But what better way to end it with If I'd want to conclude a decade, I'd want to end it with a
than spending Christmas with your family? bang, and by bang, I mean fireworks. Every year, my family
and I would go to a family friend’s humble abode to celebrate
Even though my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, I have New Year's Eve.
woken up with a toy car once when I was young and naive. My
literal reaction was, "Woah, Santa is real. He made my wish Once the timer counts down to 00:00, I'd feel as if I could
come true!" finally relieve myself from odd numbers like 2019,
considering my weird OCD tendencies, and kiss it goodbye.
Dolefully, I have matured, and I now know as of fact that every
present placed under the Douglas Fir Tree of yours is actually There would be good times and there would be bad times in
bought by your parents who worked insanely hard for it. With this year of 2019 - for example, checkpoint - but those
my possession of this knowledge, I sort of despise how we, as difficult times helped me develop into the person I am today.
children, unmindfully claim, “It’s Santa!” I mean, come on,
Santa is clearly a myth, only meant for uplifting children's So…
spirits. I'm sure that there are many gullible kids that pull all-
nighters just to see Saint Nick in person only to no avail. Yet, I Deck the halls with boughs of holly Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la,
must admit that it's really nice to have kids actually believing Tis the season to be jolly blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-
in the idea that there is an old Grandpa decked in red and blah-blah.
white commanding a flying sleigh with reindeer as motor
engines, forced to go around the world in 31hrs, delivering
presents to every single decent kid out there.


TTuuddoorr CChhrriissttmmaass FFeeaasstt


When we think of the Tudor family, rulers of When it came to Christmas, the assortment of
England from 1485 to 1603, we often think of the food available was decreased as the 4 weeks
things that made them well known. Elizabeth I’s leading up to Christmas, a period known as
defeat of the Spanish Armada, Henry the VIII’s six Advent, limited food variety and involved
wives, the infamous burning of Protestants by Mary fasting. On Christmas Eve people were not
I. However, outside of their achievements, often we allowed to eat meat, cheese or eggs, however it
don’t think about how they celebrated traditions is to be noted that fish and seafood wasn’t
and how they ate at the time. I, in search for considered as meat. Salmon, lamprey, lobster,
answers, compiled information about how it was seal, beaver (yes, beaver) and porpoises were
like to dine in a Tudor feast, and what festivities eaten on these days. However, when it came to
were offered when it was Christmas. Christmas day, the restrictions were removed,
enabling feasts to have whatever dishes they
First off, it was important to recognize how wealthy want. Beef, wild boar, gamebirds, hare and
the Tudors were to afford such dining, and how peacocks presented with their plumage were
they were able to do so. For one, the Tudor’s were common on the table, as well as small manchet
very wealthy and spent approximately a third of bread rolls given to high-ranking members and
their income on food, as back then the variety and ale and wine in replacement of water. Turkey
quantity of food served demonstrated wealth; for wasn’t available in England until 1523, where it
example Henry the VIII would’ve spent £6 million became popular as a seasonal dish for the
annually and £3.5 million on meat in modern day wealthy. One dish involving the bird was the
terms. Another thing to note were the kitchens. The Tudor Christmas Pie. Shaped like a coffin, it
factory-like efficiency of the kitchens were able to contained the turkey stuffed with a goose that
produce 1000 dishes in a single day; one visitor was stuffed with a chicken which was stuffed
noted, “There are usually eighteen kitchens in full with a partridge which was stuffed with a
blast and they seem like veritable hells, such is the pigeon. The pie itself was served with hare,
stir and bustle in them… there is plenty of beer wildfowl and gamebirds. 
here, and they drink more than would fill in the
Valladolid river.” During The Twelve Days of Christmas, Wassail
bowls were a common tradition. From Old
English or Anglo-Saxon it translates roughly to
‘your good health’ or ‘be whole’. Wassail bowls
were filled with a gallon of hot ale, sugar, spices
and apples, with the bottom holding a crust of
bread. It was a communal drink; people took
turns drinking from it until all the liquid ran out,
in which the crust of bread would be given to
the highest-ranking person on the table. This
could be where the term of toasting originated


A fruitcake would have been shared on the Twelfth
Night, the last day of The Twelve Days of Christmas,
by the guests. Similarly to today, a coin or dried bean
would be hidden in the dessert. Whoever finds the
coin or bean is to be the Queen or King of the
celebrations for the night. On the other hand,
minced pies (or minced pyes as they were called
back then) were very different compared to now. In
contrast to the small circular pies we have now, the
pies back then were in the shape of a large crib,
representing the crib of Jesus. The filling, mincemeat,
composed of 13 ingredients, representing Jesus and
the twelve apostles. A recipe of minced pyes is seen
from the cookbook “A Proper Newe Booke of
Cokerye” that dates from 1545.

"To make Pyes – Pyes of mutton or beif must be fyne

mynced and ceasoned wyth pepper and salte, and a

lyttle saffron to coloure it, suet or marrow a good

quantite, a little vynegar, prumes, greate raysins and

dates, take the fattest of the broathe of powdred

beyfe, and yf you wyll have paest royall, take butter

and yolkes of egges and so tempre the flowre to A law was passed in 1541 known as the Unlawful

make the paeste." Games Act which forbade any sport, excluding

As seen in the recipe (that is if you could read Early archery which was obligatory by law for every man
to practice, from being played on Christmas Day.
Modern English), back then minced pies also
This law came to be as many wealthy Tudors did
contained meat, being either mutton or beef to
represent the shepherds; which is likely where the not feel like participating in sports at around that
term ‘mincemeat’ came from. The actual pie pastry time.

wasn’t eaten either, as back then the purpose of the
pie was to provide as a serving bowl or as a way to Overall, the royal Tudor family saw many traditions
that are still familiar today, and others that have
keep things fresher for longer. Due to this, more
often than not, the pastry would’ve been hard and changed and adapted to the society over time. They
were an interesting case in history as they were
unpalatable. Instead the filling, mincemeat in this
case, would’ve been scooped out from the pie and dedicated to their dining, which unfortunately
proved unhealthy to them as well.
served by itself. 


gingerbread wreath

Turn delicately spiced, iced Using a small cutter, or the end of a piping nozzle, as soon as it
biscuits into an edible Christmas comes out the oven (you can tie a pretty ribbon through this
decoration - a gorgeous gift to later). Leave to cool on the trays, then transfer to a wire rack to
give to someone special over the cool completely.
festive season.Description: Turn Mix the icing sugar with enough water to make a thick icing.
delicately spiced, iced biscuits Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a small nozzle, then decorate
into an edible Christmas the biscuits as you wish, such as edible glitter. We flooded some
decoration - a gorgeous gift to of the biscuits with pale blue icing and piped white details on the
give to someone special over the others. Leave the icing to dry for 1-2 hours, then use a little more
festive season. icing to stick the biscuits to the wreath. Thread a ribbon through
the hole and wrap the wreath up in cellophane, if giving as a gift
-175g dark muscovado sugar (the ribbon is just for show and may not support a hung wreath).
-85g golden syrup Only keep for 2 weeks.Put the sugar, golden syrup and butter in a
-100g slightly salted butter saucepan. Let it bubble for 1-2 minutes. Stir at the same time.
-350g plain flour, plus extra for dusting Then set aside to cool for 10 minutes.
-1 tsp bicarbonate of soda Pour the flour, bicarbonate of soda and spices into a large bowl.
-1 tbsp ground ginger Add the warm syrup mixture and an egg and mix. Then gently
-1 tsp ground cinnamon knead in the bowl until smooth and streak-free. The dough will
-1 egg feel a little soft for now, but will firm up once cooled. Wrap the
To decorate: dough in cling film and chill for at least 30 minutes.
-blue food colouring paste (optional) Remove the dough from fridge and leave at room temperature
-500g fondant icing sugar until softened. Heat oven to 180°C to 200°C fan/gas 6 and cover
-silver edible glitter (optional) two baking trays with baking parchment.
Cut off half the dough and roll it to the size of a 50¢ coin, then use
a plate or the base of a cake tin as a template to cut out a circle
with a 20cm diameter. Transfer to one of the baking trays, then
use a 7cm cutter to stamp out and remove a circle in the middle.
Roll out the remaining dough and cut out a variety of other
shapes to decorate the wreath (you’ll need about 20-25 pieces –
we used stars and angels) and arrange these over the trays too.
Bake the biscuits for 10-12 mins, swapping the trays over halfway
through cooking. Stamp a hole at the top of the ring


TThhee TTeemmppeesstt

On Sunday, November 10th, the Performing Arts Department in school organized an
outing to watch the play, "The Tempest" by David Glass at the Damansara Performing
Arts Centre (DPAC). There was a small but beautiful Malaysian twist to the play, as it

was acted out by the members of the Kuala Lumpur Shakespeare Players, who
graduated with degrees in performing arts from various countries, such as Singapore

and Australia. 

This piece of drama centered around two brothers - one an overly greedy and
ambitious business tycoon (Antonio), the other an eccentric scientist and loving father

(Prospero). It takes place in a dystopian world, which the former brother has seized
control of, through his exploitation of an addictive drug he developed called 'Faith-
Hope'. We also get to see other layers of personality behind the two contrasting main
characters develop further as the performance progressed, which drew the audience
into the performance that much easier. However, I've got to say that the female lead
of the play stole the show. She played the sole daughter of the eccentric scientist, and

she was the only female in the entire performance. Her acting skills were mind-
blowing as she had managed to play out dual female characters throughout the entire

play - the mother (Hari) and the daughter (Miranda). Most of the scenes in the play
revolved around the female lead of the play. David Glass' spin on "The Tempest"
presented the themes of arrogance, greed, hope and family very spot on. 

There were times that I felt so drawn in by the play that I momentarily forgot we were
still sitting in a theater and not some sort of deserted island! The entire set was made

out of recycled materials, which added a unique touch to the experience and an
interesting aspect to the way you would use props in a devised piece of drama. When

the play ended anticlimactically on a cliffhanger, I saw a few people in the audience
cry heart-wrenching tears (some were from our own school) for Miranda and the way
this story had been finalized. We also had the opportunity to partake in a Q&A session
with the cast, and I was extremely surprised to find less than ten people creating the

entire thing (acting, backstage, carrying props, etc.) 

Even if you might not have a particular interest in drama, I highly recommend you
come for these future outings just like the one I had, to experience the magic and
wonders of a professional performance. You'll definitely be seeing me on the next



Isabel's Christmas in



A sudden gust of cold winter wind sent a chill down my spine. Despite the almost comically
thick layers of clothing I had on, I could still feel the frigid cold creeping up my legs through
my winter stockings. It was barely 5pm here in Berlin, Germany, and the sky was already
pitch black, illuminated only by the occasional twinkling of a distant star. It was a few days
till Christmas and despite the relatively early hour, the streets were almost completely
deserted; most shops and businesses had already closed for the day with workers and
shoppers opting to avoid the cold of night, preferring to stay indoors for a nice warm
dinner with their family. This made the streets seem much colder, and the eerie emptiness
of the absence of anyone else sent another shiver down my spine.

I, however, was out tonight for a personal reason, as I hurried down the cobbled streets,
trying my best to avoid the bumps in the pavement as I went. Buildings in Berlin majorly
looked the same - 1950s Socialist style apartments known as “Gingerbread style
apartments”. I knew that with my poor sense of direction, it would be disastrous if I got lost
trying to reach my destination, especially with the lack of anyone else around to ask for
directions. Still, I had been told it was a relatively easy route, so it would take an incredible
amount of bad luck to lose my way as of now.As I turned a corner between two identical
Gingerbread style apartments, I felt as if I could smell my final destination. Suppressing
a satisfied grin, I knew that for tonight, luck was on my side. As I pressed forward, I felt
a sudden frosty sting on my cheeks. Startled, I stopped dead in my tracks as I lifted a
hand to gingerly feel my cheeks. My hand lifted off my cheek with a wet substance. “Is
this snow?” I wondered while I turned my head towards the dark sky. From above, flecks
of white peppered the air, seemingly frozen in time, illuminated only by street lamps. I
gasped, letting out a puff of fog. It was snowing! I was frozen still by an astounding wave of
bewilderment and amazement. It was beautiful - exactly like I imagined!


I reached a hand out, trying to catch some of the flakes, the delicate crystalline structures
shimmering in the light as gravity had its way with them. My daze was only broken by a sudden
noise on the otherwise peaceful street. A small family approached from behind me and passed
me by. Their pace, brisk and fast, unperturbed by the “miracle” I had just witnessed. Their
voices were spoken in a quiet yet jovial hush with the signature consonants of the German
language. They were most likely headed for the same place I was meant to get to. That seemed
to be the only reason anyone would be willing to be exposed to these inhospitable
temperatures at this time of the night.  Shaking myself out of my trance, I followed behind
them, yet attempting to keep a sensible distance. I was grateful that I did not need to rely on
my own faulty sense of direction anymore in this cold weather. We turned a corner and my
sight was instantly illuminated with bright lights and jeering cheers, a contrast from the
peaceful backdrop of the neighbourhood; the WeihnachtsMarkt - a German Christmas market.

There was a hive of activity, with the stalls set up neatly along a winding path that encircled back
on itself, offering everything from the sweetest gingerbread biscuits to a veritable meat feast of
bratwursts and sausages, all barbequed on an open fire grill of massive size. Some stalls were
selling souvenirs made up of little homemade wooden toys, small engraved necklaces, and even
homemade scarves and woolen hats! In the corner was a large stall selling an assortment of
Weihnachtspyramide, a traditional German decoration for Christmas that consisted of several
different layers of wooden dolls and figures arranged in a conical shape, topped by a large
windmill like structure. At the bottom sat a variety lit candles of different heights and sizes,
positioned vertically by candle holders, which helped the entire pyramid to spin as the heat from
the candles wafted upwards and spun the windmill.

Dotted around the place were also several large cask shaped stalls selling Glühwein, or
Mulled wine in English. These hot, sweet beverages are essentially heated red wine with a
large dose of sugar, a favorite amongst the German people it seemed, as a long line snaked
from each stall with people loitering around them, sipping gingerly from small steaming cups
in their hands. The noise at the Christmas market was indescribable as stall owners peddled
their products, shouting out various offers and discounts for their goods, clearly in merry
moods as crowds bustled throughout the streets. Hordes of people were gathered around
set-up tables enjoying their hot food and warm drinks as conversations became livelier and
voices raised. All of them had a healthy red glow on their faces from the laughter they were
bellowing out, the alcohol they were so casually consuming, or more likely than not, a
combination of the two. I was stunned. This place felt like a home favorite of mine, the Pasar
Malam, yet with a distinctly European and Germanic flair to it, probably influenced by the
cooler winter air. To my shock, I realized I no longer felt cold. Instead, it had become
decidedly warm and welcoming. A large broad smile appeared on my face, as my thoughts
raced with a single repeating phrase, "This is incredible!" I then took a steady step forward,
ready to explore and immerse myself in this most Germanic of German traditions, in this
lovely warm winter night in Berlin.


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