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2022: Big Changes are Happening

2022: Big Changes are Happening

Brought to you by the:

ABL Communications,
Marketing & Digital Committee

April 13, 2022


From the Chairmen’s Desk


It’s 2022 and ABL turns 5!

During this five-year journey, we’ve accomplished so much with many learnings and successes had along the
way. We remain steadfast in accomplishing our goals to provide an environment for African-American
employees and their allies, to grow culturally, develop personally and professionally and to becoming the
lab and employer of choice for Black people in all the communities that we serve.

One of the keys to our success has been driving unity through dialogue, education, inclusion, diversity,
equality, equity, and most importantly, allyship. And, as we consider allyship, we know that it requires
intentionality, so throughout 2022, our focus will be executing on our 5S mantra of allyship to strengthen
our unity:
United we Serve
United we Stand
United we Succeed
United we Support
United we Sustain
The future is bright!
And that future starts and ends with this commitment to allyship, which in turn helps drive and deliver a
renewed vision that includes:

• Becoming a major player in the external community;
• Helping to increase diverse representation at the senior levels of Quest;
• Mentoring programs that support opportunities for growth and development;
• Programs that provide supplemental health and wellness support;
• Driving stronger partnerships amongst all I&D focused Quest entities;
• Providing safe spaces and platforms that allow Black and other employees to voice their shared
experiences, allowing them to bring their whole self to work;
• Delivering more intentional outreach efforts to ABL members who may be in need.

As announced earlier this month, this is our final newsletter as Co-Chairs as we transition our ABL leadership
roles to Destiny Johnson (Co-Chair), Damian Redden (Co-Chair), and Natalie Richardson (Vice-Chair),
effective May 2. In the meantime, we celebrate ABL’s five-year anniversary and look ahead to the future with
exciting changes along the way that will continue transforming ABL into an even more formidable, agile, and
innovative organization. We welcome you to delve into and enjoy this Thrive newsletter edition, as it continues
to be a critical asset in helping us to continue the march towards inclusion, diversity, equality, unity, and

Kind Regards,

Koko and Osei
African American Business Leaders (ABL) network


2021 Big Changes are Coming

In this Issue

From the Chairmen’s Desk………….1

Message from ABL Thrive


Change is Gonna Or click here to watch the video


Rebirth of Black Wall


Top 5 of 5………..…………..…….…...5

A Conversation about Allyship..…...7

Health in Your Hands –
Chaunte Lowe’s Patient Story….…..9

ABL 2021 Regional


Get Involved with ABL…………..…..14


Change is Gonna Come
owned businesses for example Black owned

Please note: This brief article would be best food trucks. Again, ABL has been eating very

read with the following video playing in the well.
background, preferably with a lit candle made Bookbags and supply drives are helping our

of cocoa butter: youth prepare for the school year tooled and
ready. Our Year-End annual scholarship will
Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come take place in the Fall just as local toy drives will
(Official Lyric Video) - YouTube run concurrently.
We look forward to this year’s celebrations and
Happy Birthday ABL! It’s been 5 years and events. Once again, Happy Birthday and to
look at how you have grown. During rush week growth.
you added more than 100 new members.
You’ve been eating very well, figuring out how
to take steps and learning to run. It hasn’t been Gerry Colas
easy but with focus and direction we’ve been Analyst, WFM Traffic
Vice Chair, ABL Communications
able to help ourselves and others think and
rethink our thoughts about current, past, and
future events.
Let’s celebrate this achievement for this entire
year. Let’s continue to bring in new members
with innovative ideas and perspectives. Let’s
continue promoting allyship and unity for 2022
through education, forums, and collaborations.
Not only for ourselves, but let’s see how it can
be done throughout Quest Diagnostics.
ABL 2022 five “S” Mantra: United We Serve,
United We Stand, United We Succeed, United
We Support, United We Sustain will be our
North Star as we improve the lives of our
colleagues and our communities. ABL has
plans to expand Mentorship and start financial
literacy programs with the help of Fidelity
Investments. If one thing Covid shutdowns
have taught us, it is the importance of human
connections and how valuable, they can be.
For that reason, ABL will continue to promote
Quest’s Mental Health initiatives all year in
The ABL Book and Movie clubs are expanding
in membership and frequency of events
For this upcoming Juneteenth holiday, just like
Black History Month, all Regions will promote
many local and national events. Plans for
offsite and hopefully on-site events will take
place with the inclusion of vendors from Black


thrived with every business imaginable from
Rebirth of the Black Wall Street
banks to movie theaters to hotels and even law
Street enforcement… all Black-owned.
In 2020, we released a special edition of the
ABL Thrive newsletter titled, “Race In Today, Black Wall Street was given new life in
America,” which spotlighted a number of the form of a shopping center located in

topics from great achievements of Quest Stonecrest, Georgia. This “New Black Wall
employees within the Black community, civil Street” was unveiled in November of 2021 and
unrest sparked by reports of unfair policing in serves as a symbol representation of the

minority communities, and shining a much former Greenwood District of Tulsa,
needed light on our underlining health Oklahoma.
conditions. The special edition also introduced
to you the book, Black Fortunes, which tells of
historical accounts on people of color who
became millionaires during the time period
between 1830 and 1927.

“The New Black Wall Street Market, located in
Stonecrest, Georgia, is a destination for family
fun, entertainment, retail, gourmet grocery

This book teaches us about successful Black shopping and fine dining. Set among
business entrepreneurs and hearing about beautifully curated common spaces, there are
their rises to millionaire status, but what is even 100+ shops and restaurants located inside this
more impressive is learning that all of their new and exciting development.
successes took place during a time period in
America where racism and segregation were
still quite rampant in society. There was a clear
distinction of treatment between blacks and
whites during this time so it was rare to think
Black people could become millionaires and
create businesses who’s successes span
across history and into modern times.
Black History is not a mandatory subject in
school. Most African-American history comes
as either an elective in college or knowledge As an extension of the Allen Entrepreneurial
that is passed down through family and friends. Institute, the New Black Wall Street Market
I can speak from personal experience that I shares its mission: to increase the size and
never even heard about the events that took number of minority and women-owned
place in Rosewood, Florida until I saw the businesses throughout the United States and
movie “Rosewood” starring Ving Rhames and Globally. This new retail experience fosters
Tulsa, Oklahoma. But rather than discuss the operational excellence in areas such as
tragic end of the Greenwood district in Tulsa, I product offerings, systems utilization,
feel compelled to discuss the successful presentation and customer service. Training /
business district labelled “Black Wall Street.” acceleration, marketing / advertising and online
Before it’s destruction, Black Wall Street sales support are some of the features


available to merchants inside the Market.” - Top 5 of 5 ABL Milestones
Watch this video: A tour of the Black Wall
Street Market near Stonecrest Mall
Over the years, there have
been a number of exciting
events, webinars, leadership
changes, presentations and
achievements within the ABL
that we would like to take a
look back at as we celebrate
our 5-year anniversary.
Here's a look at the top 5 of 5 milestones for
ABL since 2017!

Founded by, philanthropist and businessman, 1. 2017 ABL Launch
Lecester “Bill” Allen, founder of the Allen
Entrepreneurial Institute, the new market is a
wide variety of shops and restaurants ranging
from clothing stores, beauty salons, grocery In 2017 in
centers, art galleries, jazz clubs, and more. Madison,
The development was inspired by the original New Jersey,
Black Wall Street, a thriving Black the African-American Business Leaders (ABL)
neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was the employee business Network (EBN) was
site of a race massacre a century ago. The launched with a goal to provide African-
venue has space for more than 100 retail American employees and their allies a platform
operators. Off the main walkthrough on for collaboration and empowerment in ways
Bourbon Street, you’ll find the art galleries on that could extend beyond their daily tasks and
Art Alley, clothing retail on Choctaw Ave., responsibilities here at Quest. ABL is more
insurance and financial guidance on A. G. than a network of employees, we are a family,
Gaston Lane, and beauty supplies on Madam a diverse group of individuals building on
C. J. Walker Blvd. respect, aligned values and support for one
The rebirth of the New Black Wall Street is a another and our communities. On September
representation of successful Black businesses 5, 2017, the first in a series of ABL meet and
that thrived during hard times and now serves greet events took
as a bright outlook to promote and support place at our lab in Irving, TX and was attended
entrepreneurship in Black communities today. by 30 employees.

Written by
Shamar Armstrong
Sr. Multimedia Specialist
Co-Chair, ABL Communications


how delicious a dish is! Now, while we love
2. 2018 ABL Celebrates Diversity food, we cannot leave out that some foods can
contribute to health conditions that also
strongly impact the African American
community. So, in 2019 when ABL member,
Nisa White decided to bring together ABL
members, a love of food and a desire to offer
healthy recipe substitutions into a collective,

we got to see just how strong an impact “our”
cuisine has. ABL Members were able to share
To close out a month of celebrating Black their family favorites, individuals’ specialties
History, the ABL held a special networking and tips on cooking with healthier ingredients,
event celebrating the group’s 1 year and from that you get what Nina referred to as
anniversary, bringing together a diverse group a “labor of love” in the “Now We’re Cooking”
including everyone from sales representatives Cookbook.
to Senior Management. Highlighting the
accomplishments over the first 12 months of 4. 2020 Special Edition Thrive Newsletter –
the employee business network. At the time, Race in America
ABL celebrated a membership that exceeded
1,000 employees, collaborations with other
EBNs, having held over 25 events, the We reflected on
establishment of a mentoring program and incidents of hate
developing a partnership with Kaiser and racial
Permanente. It was discussed by the executive prejudice and
sponsor at the time, Everett Cunningham, continuous
former SVP, Commercial, how investing in our feelings of
colleagues is critical to the future of the anger, fear,
company. As of today, the ABL stands at 1,434 frustration, sadness and empathy. We were
members strong and growing. witness to various acts of hate that played out
in the news and in our communities. ABL
3. 2019 “Now We’re Cooking” leadership collaborated with our CEO and
ABL Cookbook Senior Management Team to work towards
sustainable change both within and outside of
Quest. ABL developed a strategy to help
accomplish the efforts of the organization to
make a lasting and impactful change here at
Quest and in our local communities. The
newsletter was in line with a significant piece of
the strategy which was to provide education on
racism and prejudice. The newsletter touched
Food is a staple in the African American on Systemic racism, Allyship, having open
culture. Food brings us together as family, dialogue about racism and prejudice in the
friends, and a community. We share recipes, workplace, reiterating that Black History IS
we guard Grandma’s secret ingredients with American History, Juneteenth, Black Wallstreet
care and when you hear phrases like “Ooh, and remembering the Black lives taken unjustly
they put their foot in this!” or “It’ll make you (Say Their Names).
smack ya momma?”, that is just a testament of


Quest for Health Equity, about the Q4HE plan
5. 2021 Quest for Health Equity (Q4HE) for the future and how employees can support
this initiative.
In August of 2020 Quest announced a
commitment to invest more than $100 million to
expand access to testing and address health
inequities in underserved communities across
the country. In November, we officially
introduced Quest for Health Equity (Q4HE),
along with a dedicated team backed by SMEs
representing critical functions throughout the
organization. This speaks to how serious we
are about walking the walk and leveling the
playing field for those in need.
Since launch, the Q4HE team has been hard at

Q4HE is Quest's long-term commitment to work on some exciting programs in
utilize testing and information to address the collaboration with key organizations, while also
root causes of health issues such as heart developing new processes, workflows, and
disease, diabetes, and COPD that materials to help fuel the initiative. More about
disproportionately impact underserved this can be found on
In January 2021, Quest’s Corporate
Communications team conducted an Samiya Evans
Senior Provider Enrollment Specialist
interview with Mandell Jackson, VP/GM, Co-Chair, ABL Communications


A Conversation about Allyship

“Our lives begin to end the day we become Madhuri S. Korimilli, National Co-chair of The

silent about things that matter” Pan-Asian Leaders Employee Business
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Network (PAL) added “Allyship is the lifelong
process in which people come together to
My son walked in on me trying to brainstorm on create a culture of inclusion and increase
what to write for our African American awareness… that requires active listening,
Business Leaders (ABL) networks 5 year reflection and courage”
Anniversary. I had a few ideas jotted down on
paper but sat with staringly out into the open Both definitions include people working with
without any focus. With curiosity he asked me people and acting. Allyship is a noun. It takes
what I am writing about. I told him I’m writing effort to be an ally and at times being an ally
about allyship. He asked me “What does that can cost more than just the work done. It’s this
mean?” I had to think about the reply to risk that takes an amount of bravery which
simplify the answer where a 10-year-old would should be admired and encouraged. The next
be able to understand. It dawned on me that two EBN demographics are ones where during
keeping it simplified would make it easier to your lifetime you can become part of that
grasp and understand, not only for a 10-year- demographic through health, incident and or
old but for everyone. becoming a parent.
Allyship, it’s what we had training for When asked about how allyship pertains to
companywide. It’s a word that I see more often their specific EBNs Linda Behmke, Employee
now than in the decade of 2010. Allyship was Experience Manager and DiverseAbilities’s Word of the Year for Employee Business Network Lead shared
2021. As defined by them, Allyship (noun): the “Disabilities are one of the few demographics
status or role of a person who advocates and that can be completely invisible to others, so by
actively works for the inclusion of a advocating for those that you know have
marginalized or politicized group in all areas of disabilities you will become accustomed to
society, not as a member of that group but in advocating for those that you may not know
solidarity with its struggle and point of view and have them as well.”
under its leadership. Allyship would mean Lisa Zajac and Cathy Bates National Co-Chairs
different things to different people during of the Caregivers EBN wanted to share a 2014
different times. quote from then President Obama “A whole lot
I’ve reached out to a few friends asking for of fathers would love to be home for their new
them to describe allyship and how it pertains to
their Employee Business Network
(EBN). Quest has 10 EBNs that are open to
all employees, ABL being one of the 10.
Tara St-Pierre, Executive Director, Human
Resources and one of the leaders of Women in
Leadership Employee Business Network (WIL)
defined allyship as “When a person works in
partnership with another person to help take
down the barriers that challenge the latter’s
basic right, equality, and ability to thrive”


baby’s first weeks in the world,” at a White relate to and one that you are not familiar
House Summit on Working Families. This EBU with. This will take action and effort, but I
is continuing to advocate for parental leave believe we will all be better for it.
policies that will benefit all genders I told my son that Allyship is speaking out for
Eng. Rafael Irizarry Rodriguez, Corporate those not heard and standing up for those not
Director, Quest for Health Equity and Hispanic seen. Simply in concept but the brave will take
Latino EBN Co-Leader points out that “The on this challenge. I left it open for his
best example of Allyship is when someone interpretation. For now, it might mean standing
finds a way that they can help support the up to a bully at school but later in life it might
needs and uplift the voices of the Hispanic & be him standing up for me.
Latinx community. HLEBN efforts like others in Below are the 10 EBUs with descriptions from
many organizations to educate on the culture, the EBN home page:
struggles, and perspectives of that community The African-American Business Leaders
are undoubtedly evident at Quest (ABL) Employee Business Network was
Diagnostics”. founded to provide African-American
From our own National Co-Chairs, African employees and their allies unique opportunities
American Business Leaders (ABL) network, to collaborate, develop, and influence.
Koko and Osei. “Allyship is deliberately The Caregivers Employee Business
supporting, giving a helping hand to, speaking Network was created to provide support for all
up for, and standing alongside others. As we caregivers and parents in the Quest
at ABL strive to achieve equality and provide Diagnostics family, regardless of their area of
avenues of success for our black colleagues need.
and friends, our allies play a pivotal role in that DiverseAbilities Employee Business
journey, as their voice, and deliberate Network is an open-door network that
partnership help to open pathways that may be welcomes all supporters of its mission; whether
otherwise closed to us. And in turn, ABL members self-identify as someone with a
stands as an ally with our brother and sister disability, have friends or family who have a
EBN networks.” disability, or are simply interested in learning
Like most behaviors, a habit of being an ally more.
will strengthen your ability to be an ally. I With a focus on the Hispanic/Latino
greatly appreciate the diverse inputs and views community, the Hispanic Latino Employee
from EBN leaders and look forward to more Business Network (HLEBN) aims to support
collaborations as we flex our allyship and encourage employees’ understanding of
muscles. I would like to challenge readers to our diverse backgrounds and develop our
exercise this action of being an ally by being a cultural competency, while helping Quest
part of at least two EBNs. One that you can become a recognized leader in improving the
health and well-being of the communities we
The Pan-Asian Leaders Employee Business
Network (PAL) celebrates Pan-Asian culture
across the company while providing Pan-Asian
American employees
opportunities for collaboration, professional
development, and enrichment.


The Pride Employee Business Network at Quest’s Oncology team had the honor of
Quest Diagnostics is an all-inclusive resource interviewing Olympic high jumper, Chaunte
group for our LGBT employees, straight/cis Lowe, at the National Sales Meeting
allies, parents and family members of LGBT ‘Accelerate’ in 2021.
individuals. Chaunte is a four-time Olympian (2004, 2008,
Quest Community Action Network 2012 and 2016), she is the 2008 Olympic
(QuestCAN) empowers our employees to bronze medalist, the 2005 World
support their local communities and nonprofits Championship silver medalist and the 2012
through volunteering, donating goods, and World Indoor gold medalist. She initially
philanthropy. finished sixth in the 2008 Olympic high jump
The Veterans Employee Business Network final but was promoted to the bronze medal in
is on open-door network and an all-inclusive 2016 after three competitors were disqualified
resource group that welcomes all supporters of for doping. She is the American record holder
our mission, whether they be a Veteran, family in the women's high jump with an outdoor
member of a Veteran, or just wants to support clearance of 2.05 m in 2010 and holds the
Veterans. indoor record with a clearance of 2.02 m in
The purpose of Women in Leadership 2012.
Employee Business Network (WIL) is to build She shares her story with us about what it’s
and expand our leadership pool, creating a like training to be an Olympic athlete and how
competitive advantage for Quest Diagnostics focused she is on her health which ultimately
by enabling women to reach their full potential. led to her seeking professional medical
WIL cultivates an effective, diverse, and attention when she found a small lump in her
sustainable organization by building a breast. This is a story from her perspective as
community of gender diversity and increasing a patient and receiving her diagnosis. Chaunte
educational and networking opportunities for explains how she was very turned off about
women. how seemly dismissive her physician was to
The Young Professionals her and downplayed the seriousness of her
Employee Business Network (YoPro) aims to condition. After the physician ended the
develop the future generation of leaders by consultation with her telling her to check back
providing opportunities to network, collaborate, in another 6 years, she decided to get a 2
and develop personal and professional skills. opinion and with proper testing she was
diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Health In Your Hands: at the age of 35.
Chaunte Lowe’s Patient Story What Is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?
Triple-negative breast cancer is a kind of
breast cancer that does not have any of the
receptors that are commonly found in breast
In the interview, Chaunte discusses how she
felt discriminated against by the doctor who
dismissed her initial consultation by stating
how fit and healthy she was and that there was
no need for a deeper examination because of
her athleticism. “I think that he predetermined
that I didn’t fit the stereotype of someone that
would be susceptible to breast cancer,”
Chaunte explains. “I think because I was


toned, I was fit, I didn’t smoke or drink. But he and uneducated. I’ve also learned not to
never asked me the questions about my assume that it’s not necessarily an intentional,
genetic history. He didn’t ask me the questions racial act. It’s how people have formed these
that would make me susceptible – especially norms over the years and you’ve hit it. The
being African-American – which I didn’t even assumption is ‘you’re Black, you’re Brown and
know those risks. So I think he prejudged and I this is the approach I’m going to take.’ If you’re
think it was a little bit reckless but I’m glad that anything other than Black or Brown there is
I knew my body well enough to go back and another patented approach.”
not listen to that advice.” Towards the end of the Q&A segment,
This is a powerful statement because we are Chaunte explains how she has modified her
just now beginning to scratch the surface on lifestyle by changing her diet and maintaining a
African-American genetic history. We typically healthier outlook on the road to now being
tend to downplay the symptoms of a serious cancer free.
illness or accept them thinking the outcome in Watch the full interview by clicking the image
inevitable, especially at a young age. “It is what below or go to the ABL Stream Channel to
it is.” But if there isn’t much focus on this view other interview.
problem it will only get worse. Mandell Watch Chaunte’s full story
Jackson, VP/GM, Quest for Health Equity,
Marketing & Foundation Support, chimed in
with his own statements, “Your message is
powerful for a number of other reasons. People
forget what’s happening because of race.
Education does not dismiss racial filters and
influencers,” he says. “There are a lot of Brown
and Black people across the United States who
are very educated, but they’re not informed.
The dismissal is just as quick if you are poor


Celebrating our 2021

Regional Accomplishments

Great Midwest Region

January February June
Senior Leadership Black History Month Celebration Juneteenth weeklong
participation, Matt Hamlin, celebrations partnered with our
with our MLK celebration SE region

August December
ABL hosted a back-to-school partnered once more with WIL
drive partnering with WIL, and Pride hosting a grocery give
Pride and QuestCan. We were back. The grocery give back
able to donate over 115 back included holiday staples such as
packs filled with school stuffing, cranberries, potatoes
supplies. All supplies were and other canned goods. We
donated by Quest employees. donated over 100 grocery bags
benefiting Quest families.

North Region
Celebrating our 2021

Regional Accomplishments
ABL Open Forum Discussions Martin Luther King Day Black History Month 2021 –
2021 – Member discussions Newsletter 2021 · ABL North 1 Year anniversary
on various topics · Online Activities, games,
raffles, and trivia all week long.
· Discussion on biases and · Guest Speaker Michael Curry,
microaggressions in the President of Massachusetts
workplace League of Federally Qualified
· Discussion on black hair and Health Centers - Presentation
its impact on everyday life.
“Quantum Leap”


North Region

Juneteenth Celebration 2021 Frontline Foundation Fridays – Excellence and Achievement
- Onsite at Marlborough MA Virtual presentations allowing Series - Monthly Newsletter
Campus platform for local organizations spotlighting amazing
· Games, raffles, packaged to highlight their impact on the achievements of lesser-
snacks and beverages community known heroes throughout
· A word from our GM/VP · My Brother’s Keeper 617 history.
Karthik Kuppasamy · Massachusetts Coalition to
· Very well attended Prevent Gun Violence
· Gained 25 new members at
Monthly Health Series –
Spotlighting Health Awareness

· See attached for newsletter
from November 2021 (Diabetes
Awareness Month)

East Region

February June September
Official launch of the ABL Onsite Juneteenth celebration with East Region EBN fair held onsite
Book & Movie Club. Reviewing guest speaker, Dr. Tangela Purnell in the new lab in Clifton, NJ
Walking with the Wind: A from John Hopkins University
Memoir of the Movement by
John Lewis
November December
ABL East hosted the ABL Movie ABL East sponsored a holiday
Club review of Just Mercy. give back to all employees
onsite at all three main lab
Multiple new membership drive locations in the East Region
held throughout the year. (Baltimore, Clifton & West

Participated in two holiday
charitable donations
fundraisers- to JBWS (Jersey
Battered Women’s Society as
well as the House of Ruth in


Celebrating our 2021
Regional Accomplishments
Celebrating our 2021

Regional Accomplishments

Southeast Region

Black History Month Presentation: Live Virtual Tour Hosted ABL BHM – Black
Celebration: Owned Business; Coffee
HBCU NCAT – North Speaks & Tea Talks w/ Arlene
Carolina A&T w/ Janiya History in The Making Brooks
Williams - Human Lactation Campaign – Highlighting
Pathway Regional Employees and their Hosted ABL BHM Tour –
NCAT Reflections w/ Host accomplishments Tribute to Hank Aaron w/
Natalie Richardson; Guest Cynthia Treadwell & Pearlette
sponsor Mandel Jackson Walker
Celebration of Juneteenth:
Significance of Juneteenth: Presented: Covid Webinar with
Launched: SE Region Past, Present, Future Host
Mentoring program

Sustained and celebrated a 9-
MLK Day Celebration member Core Leadership
Hosted Webinar: All Things
Covid w/ Dr. Andrew Young Team

Served The Selma Area Food Designed and Launched
Hosted Conversation with Bank Impact Scholarship
Mayor James Perkins – (Reg/Nat ’l)
Selma, Alabama
Quarterly SE Newsletter
Joined the Board Meeting of
Served at the Annual ‘The Lupie Girl’ Organization
Holiday Breakfast for and Presented Donation
My3Sicklers – Sickle Cell Hosted Sickle Cell Awareness
Event Campaign
Hosted ‘Development Hour’ w/
Ebony Davis (Live Zoom)
Established Partnership Matching Gifts for Dollars
with “Be The Match Doers Program; Supporting
Foundation’ Feeding America


ABL Committee Contacts

Communications, Marketing & Digital

Shamar Armstrong [email protected]
Samiya Evans [email protected]

Gerry Colas [email protected]


Kim Harris [email protected]

Alnisa White [email protected]

Health & Wellness

Adrian Russell [email protected]

Tina Phillips [email protected]

Membership & Regional Operations

Latoya Brown-Clark [email protected]

Traci Rochon [email protected]

Networking & Development

Joy Redman [email protected]

Karthy Bhatt [email protected]

Andrea Paal [email protected]

Nicki Sylvester [email protected]


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