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Tyler has the worst day of his life! Read to find out what happens.

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Published by Alexis Jerve, 2019-05-08 10:13:50

The Bad Day

Tyler has the worst day of his life! Read to find out what happens.

Have you ever had a bad day? Has your car
ever broke down and started on fire? Has your
phone ever died at the worst time it could ever
die? Well, if you think your bad day was bad,
listen to Tyler's awful day. I think he has it worse.
His whole day started as an ordinary day. But
before we get into that, I will tell you about Tyler.

Tyler is 25 years old. Tyler is very elegant. He
has very good manners and always behaves. Tyler
is always saying please and thank you. He has blue
eyes that are as bright as the ocean. Tyler's eyes
twinkle when he smiles. He is very tall, about 6’5.
Tyler has light brown hair. He had a hard life as a
child. His parents got divorced when he was 12
years old. That made his childhood difficult. Tyler
always had to pick sides between his parents. But
he always tried to make the best out of any
situation, no matter what. He is always very

Tyler had always had a passion for football. He
played as the quarterback for his school football
team in high school, The Thunderhawks. He was a
very good football player. Football was Tyler's
favorite thing to do.

Tyler is now a head coach for the Minnesota
Vikings. He has been a coach ever since his injury at
his homecoming game when he was a senior. He
flat broke his left leg and had to get a metal rod in
that leg. He has a game today, so he woke up early
and got everything ready for the game. The game
is at 6 o’clock pm. He lives in Montevideo. The game
is in Minneapolis. He has to drive 4 hours to get
there. So he left.

After driving for 2 hours, he had to go to the
bathroom. He stopped at an old abandoned gas
station in Hutchinson, MN. The gas station only had
one working restroom on the side of the building.
There was nobody for miles. The only thing in the
parking lot was his rusty, old, orangish grey pickup
that used to be his great grandfather's and has
been passed down to Tyler’s grandpa, to his dad,
and now to him. When he got out of the restroom,
he got in his pickup. Tyler tried to start it, it wouldn’t
start. So Tyler tried again. The pickup wouldn’t
start. The sounds the pickup made were as it was
telling him that it's dying. BAM, Tyler heard
something explode in the hood of his pickup. Tyler
got out of the pickup and opened the hood. The
engine was aflame!

Tyler pulled out his phone from his back pocket.
His boss was calling. His boss is a crabby, mean,
stubborn young lady. Her name is Katrina. She is
very feisty. Nobody knows why she's always so
crabby. She's 25 and has long blonde hair. She’s as
short as a puppy. She’s about 5’2.

When the boss called she said “Where are you?
The game starts at 6! That's in 1 hour!’’

“I’ll be there, but my car broke down. I have no
ride there.’’, said Tyler.

“Your FIR-” Katrina started, not able to finish
her sentence. Tyler’s phone died. So Tyler decided
to walk. He would have to stroll for 2 hours to get
home. It’s snowing and -5℉. As he was wandering,
he thought about how he lost his truck, job, and
his phone. He was all alone.

After 2 hours of walking, he finally got home.
When he walked in his door, his boss was standing
there. She told Tyler how she felt bad for firing him
so she brought the game to him. Tyler walked
outside to his backyard to see the football players
standing there on a field made of white paint. The
paint was new and as white as snow. They were
having the game in Tyler's backyard. He got his job
back AND his boss surprised him with a new truck
that looked exactly like his old one except newer.
Everything was alright again and the Vikings won
against the Packers that night. Tyler was never
late to work again.

Tyler lived a long life. He never regretted
anything that happened in his life. He was very
hopeful and never took anything for granted. His
boss, Katrina, quit her job as Tyler's boss, so she
could be a hockey player. Now her and Tyler are
friends. Tyler’s married and has 3 daughters.
Sparky ended up having 5 puppies that lived long
after him!

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