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light j

light j


-Interior Design Style
-Favourite Interior Designers
-Favourite Interior designs Brands
-5 Residential Spaces Analysis
-Green Building Research
-Building Codes and Standards
-Materials in (residential or offices)
-Wall Finishes – Paint, Paper, Gesso, Panels
-Floor Covering & Finishes
-Ceiling Finishes
-Ikea – Documentary Movie Report

Interior Design Style Industrial:

chic refers to
an aesthetic trend in interior design
that takes clues from old factories
and industrial spaces that in recent
years have been converted to lofts
and other living spaces.

Interior Design Style Scandinavian:

Renowned for their simplicity, utility, and
beauty, Scandinavian homes have a pure,
pared backed style that is centred around
warm functionality, clean lines, flawless
craftsmanship and understated elegance.

Interior Design Style Eclectic:

"Eclectic" is a popular adjective in interior
design parlance, meaning a decor that
comprises heterogeneous elements — a
mixture of textures, time periods, styles,
trends, and colors.

Interior Design Style minimalist :

a style or technique (as in music,
literature, or design) that is
characterized by extreme
spareness and simplicity minimal

Interior Design Style Contemporary:

Contemporary style encompasses a
range of styles developed .Pieces
feature softened and rounded lines
as opposed to the stark lines seen
in modern design. Interiors contain
neutral elements and bold color,
and they focus on the basics of line,
shape and form.

Interior Design Style Urban Modern:

An urban modern design style is
all about cosmopolitan living, or
at the very least, cosmopolitan
influence. It’s hip, trendy, and
ultimately has a very industrial
aesthetic, but with a much
softer and less edgier side.

Interior Design Style Shabby chic:

Shabby chic style, also sometimes
known as farmhouse or cottage style
and very similar to French country, is
a very forgiving, warm, and friendly
décor style to have. Many people are
drawn to shabby chic styled spaces
because they not only embrace
imperfection, but they celebrate

Interior Design Style Classic :

Traditional design style offers
classic details, sumptuous
furnishings, and an
abundance of accessories. It
is rooted in European
sensibilities. Traditional
homes often feature dark,
finished wood, rich colour
palettes, and a variety of
textures and curved lines.

Interior Design Style Art deco :

marked chiefly by geometric
motifs, curvilinear forms,
sharply defined outlines, often
bold colors, and the use of
synthetic materials, as plastics.

my favorite designers :

The iconic ‘Kelly Hoppen look’ combines clean, precise lines of the East
with opulent textures from the West harmoniously layered on top of
neutral tones, producing elegant, dramatic & immaculate interior that
is world renowned. Kelly guarantees an interior that is impeccably
tasteful & bespoke every time.

kelly hoppen

is a South African
interior designer,
author, and proprietor
of Kelly Hoppen

my favorite designers :

materials and textures tempered with subtle color palettes,
muted tones and impossible lighting. At the crossroads between
classical terminology terminology and contemporary aesthetics,
Jean-Louis Deniot's interiors are serene, elegant and dramatic as
awash with nods to other time periods.

Jean Louis Deniot

French designer
famous in the world

My favorite brand for furniture :

Minotti is an Italian company with a solid reputation at an
international level as an excellent expression of “Made in
Italy” in the field of contemporary furniture design and
ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential
and hospitality segments.

Why I choose Minotti ?
I like the distinctive innovation in their designs,
combining the modern and the luxurious.
Their choice of colors is distinct relative to me.

My favorite brand for furniture :

Pozzi brand specializes in the manufacture of
bathroom furniture and accessories
Distinctive and striking.

My favorite brand for furniture :

My favorite brand for furniture :

My favorite brand for furniture :

Residential Spaces Analysis

Residential Spaces Analysis

Green Building Research:

Building Codes and

Definition: building code (also building control or
building regulations) is a set of rules that specify

the standards for constructed objects such as
buildings and nonbuilding structures Codes

regulate the design and construction of
structures where adopted into law.

Example :Buildings intended for
food and/or drink consumption


one of the biggest advantages of using wood as a
building material is that it is a natural resource, available
and economically feasible. It is remarkably strong in
relation to its weight, and it provides good insulation
from the cold. Wood is also the perfect example of an
environmentally sustainable product. two primary
categories: Hardwood and softwood . Hardwoods are
commonly used in the construction of walls, ceilings and
floors, while softwoods are often used to make doors,
furniture and window frames.


the use of antibacterial plastic nanotechnology in the furniture
and interior decoration industry has a good value. Taking into
account the reasons for the relatively high cost of this material ,
we can put it in the plastic box design door handles , seats with
armrests , table desk , toilet and so easy to contaminated areas
composite plastic furniture and interior decoration will be a very
good development prospects. U.S. scientists have recently
developed a hollow plastic ball material used in the construction
noise abatement , and building this house can be made
soundproof , so that families without outside interference , keep
quiet state.

Glass :

When it comes to using of materials in interior designing, glass
plays a major role as it adds the required amount of style and
sophistication, and is a material that is very much in trend and
widely used in this industry. glass has many uses.
There’s wide range of glass available for interiors that too in
different textures and patterns and it can be transparent,
translucent or opaque!

These are termed as the:

● Clear Glass: The glass that provides a clear view of both
outside as well as inside.

● Tinted Glass: They are light colored glasses. Hence, depending
upon the tinting, the direct glare of sunlight can be dimmed or

● Frosted Glass: It blurs out the images but still transmits light.
Therefore, a glass used for visual privacy.

● Reflective Glass: This type of glass has a mirror-like coating on
its exterior surface. It reflects heat and radiation from sunlight but
still allows the natural light to come in.

leather :

leather takes the form of not only
upholstery but also flooring and wall
coverings. Inherent flame retardancy and
acoustic absorption are among the
advantages leather brings to interior
spaces, from homes to hotels, office
spaces, museums, galleries, boutiques,
and commercial buildings. Leather
outlasts the most durable fabrics and will
remain hardy through exposure to sun,
heat, and years of wear. At the same
time, leather becomes more supple and
develops character as it ages, which
makes it a wise investment indeed. Both
real and faux leather come in many
different forms, shapes, and colors, which
makes them easy to incorporate into just
about any decor style or installation.
Leather can be found as a finish material
in chairs .

textile Finishing: is any operation that

improves the appearance and/or usefulness of fabric
after it leaves the loom or knitting machine.
Finishing is the final series of operations that
produces finished textile fabric from grey goods.
Textile finishing usually includes treatments such as
scouring, bleaching, dyeing and/or printing, the final
mechanical or chemical finishing operations .

Wall Finishes

Paint There’s a basic rule of thumb to follow when choosing paint
sheens: The higher the sheen, the higher the shine — and the
higher the shine, the more durable it will be.
Flat paint has no shine; high-gloss is all shine. In between are
eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss, each with its own practical and
decorative job to do.

High gloss is a good choice for area that sticky fingers touch —
cabinets, trim, and doors.

Good for rooms where moisture, drips, and grease stains challenge

velvety. Its biggest flaw is it reveals application flaws, such as
family rooms, foyers, hallways, kids’ bedrooms.

Flat or Matte
A friend to walls that have something to hide, flat/matte soaks up,
rather than reflects, light. It has the most pigment and will provide
the most coverage, which translates to time and money savings.
However, it’s tough to clean without taking paint off with the
bedrooms .

Wallpaper is a thick decorative paper applied to walls with glue.
know that rooms with higher humidity, such as bathrooms and
kitchens, are generally not advised for wallpaper.
Repeated moisture exposure can damage the finish or make the
paper curl or pucker. However, it will depend on your home’s exact
conditions and ventilation, as well as the product. They have a lot
of designs and are mostly used in residential.


• Made by combining gypsum powder and hide
glue, the gesso is applied hot in multiple layers
then sanded between each layer to achieve a
perfectly smooth material base that supports
various hand-applied finishes including water-
gilding, natural lacquer and cracked wax
polished surfaces.


• The panels are glued to the wall.They are
made of wood, concrete or tiles or any type
you want.Tempered hardboard can provide a
durable and paintable surface for your walls.
you can easily install it anywhere you need a
durable wall surface that you plan to paint.
The ease of installation, affordability and


Floor Covering & Finishes…

substances applied or fastened to, or laid upon, the level
base surface of a room to provide comfort, durability,
safety, and decoration. They have many type:


Ceiling Finishes

some of type of ceiling:

Coffered ceiling
Suspended ceiling
Conventional ceiling

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